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Fundamental vintologi beliefs

PostPosted by Administrator » Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:02 pm

• The fundamental laws of nature are universal.

• consciousness has no first beginning or final end.

• there is only one universe.

• quantum 'randomness' is the free wills of the universe make choices.

We regard the following as true
-darwinian evolution
-the most intelligent humans are almost all male.
-ordinary females view most males as unattractive.
-avarage iq: negroes < whites < SE asians.
-femalas are more governed by emotions than males.
-female sexual selection: the body is more important than his personality.
-the probability for reincarnation decreases with genetic distance.
-the earth is more than a billion years old.

We reject
-the concept of objective moramity.
-the official big bang hypothesis.
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Why reincarnation makes sense

PostPosted by Administrator » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:25 pm

Your brain changes with time during your life but your consciousness remains, reincarnation is just one big change of your brain usually resuling in total memory loss and a new body.
The difference in bransize between babies and adults are not that big, if a child get consciouss at age 1 it would only be a loss in brain-mass.
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spiritual vs emotional morality

PostPosted by Administrator » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:32 am

All animals are partly governt my instincts, our morality does not come from any god, it is simply a human construct. Most humans today follow a primitive morality that comes from their emotions, when they experience negative emotion due to a certain event they view it as immoral, these negative emotion can be due to biology or conditioning from society.

The morality in vintologi is instead spiritual, you look at how a certain action affects your future lives and you do not focus on your current emotions with your current body.
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Ben Klassen and his so called religion

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:01 am

Creativity is a religion claimed to be natures eternal religion, a religion simply based on the laws of nature. In reality creativity is not based on the laws of nature but mere assumptions. Currently the true laws of nature isn't known and we can currently only make educated guesses.

According to creativity this life is the only life and i simply cannot accept this view. There is no valid reasons to believe that this life is the only life, for me it is obvious that our soul is eternal and this life is only one in and infinite series. There is only evidence for reincarnation, there is no evidence against it.

I do not agree with the 16 commandments of creativity nor should any other statements be considered holy or unfallable. It is too focused on the white race and there is no focus as all on spiritually or higher goals.

commandment I wrote:It is the avowed duty and holy responsibility of each generation to assure and secure for all time the existence of the White Race upon the face of this planet.

No explanation is given why we should care, according to creativity we only live once on earth and after we die our consciousness ends.

commandment II wrote:Be fruitful and multiply. Do your part in helping to populate the world with your own kind. It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively.

This is a bad idea if you have poor genes, we want high quality offspring.

commandment III wrote:Remember that the inferior colored races are our deadly enemies, and the most dangerous of all is the Jewish race. It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the White Race, and keep shrinking our enemies.

There is no jewish race and and some ashkenazi jews such as Ludwig Von Mises has done some very important work. I might write more about the jews later but there is a very big difference between Ashkenazi jews and Sephardic jews.
commandment IV wrote:The guiding principle of all your actions shall be: What is best for the White Race?

A religion should not be based on race survival, a religion should be about happiness and honor. A religion should liberate and not be a burden. Vintologi offers liberation from false morals and the fear of death, our answers is based on actual science and hopefully we will be proven right on the future.
comandment V wrote:You shall keep your race pure. Pollution of the White Race is a heinous crime against Nature and against your own race.

Mixing the ashkenazi jews with whites would solve some problems and improve the genetic quality of the whites. Race mixing is not always bad, sometimes a hybdrid vigor will be created, we just need hard natural selection. Whites are a hybrid vigor between whites and the neanderthals according to findings by Svante Pääbo.
commandment XIII wrote:You shall honor, protect and venerate the sanctity of the family unit, and hold it sacred. It is the present link in the long golden chain of our White Race.

Monogamy is not natural or desirable, i would reccoment the book "the myth of monogamy". I rather have good genes raised by a single mother than bad genes raised by good parents, research has proven parenting isn't important.

the white mans bible
While the book in general is decent it of course has issues, it promotes racial socialism which i am personallu totally against, the only justificatiln for the state is the stupidity of the masses, we do not want collectivism. Creativity is just nazism turned into a religion and i personally cannot stand it.

The book pointed out in chapter 17 that the weak always hate the strong and it seams to be pretty true, a lot of nazis hate me for being smarter than them and white males in general are hated.

In creativity is was suggesting giving both males and females a certain number of children they will be allowed to have and letting each couple have the sum of that, i am not a fan of government eugenics and regulating just females will be enough(they will reject unattractive males), this idea of having a sum would be messy when people are not totally monogamous.

bashing modern medicine
Ben klassen convinced himself that modern medicine was a scheme by evil jews and this is a very dangerous, the reality is that modern medicine can be very helpful and chemo does actually improve survival rate

It is of course true you might never need modern medicine if you live healthy but i have seen no proof that any diet can cure cancer or that the diet promoted is salabrous living is good. This whole thing reminds me of christ insanity where children die needlessly due to people using praying instead of modern medicine(happens in the US).
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Self confidence and holding on to your beliefs

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:05 am

The dunning-kruger effect is very obvious, stupid people are unable to know their limitations, while being confident can be helpful sometimes it can also be very detrimental for your live and lead to very unpleasant result(worse than death).

If you know your own limitations you may do the mistake of listening to confident people that haven't realised their own stupidity or con artists.

The human brain has many flaws/limitation and one serious one is the difficulty rejecting a precious conclusion despite a lot of evidence it being wrong, if you have this flaw you should be careful with things such as trading, you may end up losing a lot of money.
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The art of trading

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:15 am

First you will have to accept the fact that you have been terrible with your money and that you will continue to make bad decisions until you have trained your brain properly.

91% of traders lose money, it will not be easy to become a part of the winning 9% and you may have to use dangerous strategies such as buying when the price is falling trying to guess the bottom.

The golden rules are
-never risk more than 10% of your total capital(you will then at worst need a 11.11% gain to get back up).
-the price you paid to get it does not matter, once you are in your goal is to sell at a high price.
-it is ok being wrong, it is ok to lose money.

Losing money on trading is less bad than losing money buying products. You should of course stay away from crowdfunding when the reward is a product, it almost always ends badly for the backers and you deserve a good return on your investment as a reward for picking the exception, not a product that you may not even need.

A lot of products such as cars, motorcycles, game consoles, etc are liabilities that ends up costing you even more money after you have bough them. Many products such as game consoles isn't really needed for anything, it is just a way to make money out stupid people(you should play on PC).

Generally you should always minimize your exposure, the less money you can end up losing the better.
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How to manipulate and control people

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:26 am

I would fist recommend reading the book "how to win friends and influence people", that covers how to make sure people like you if that is your goal.
-give then complements that are genuine.
-do not even criticize people when they do something bad.
-reward good behavour.

I personally have very low patience and prefer brute force methods, i simply prefer being hated and focusing on my own wealth.
-make sure people in invest in you, they will have to be nice to you in order to get back what they invested(time/money).
-do not back down if you are in a conflict, make sure the other give up first even if it isn't important at all.
-use punishments to show you are serious.
-punish someone openly to win respect.
-reward people that are loyal to you.

The one being punished may not chang his mind but others will, if the penalty is death the opinions of the one getting punished does not matter. When you ban someone from you forum the opinions of the one you banned does not matter. Females generally respond better to punushments than males due to their more submissive nature.

Humans respect strrenght, being nice is actually a weakness and people in general do not respect nice guys, they finish last.
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You are still a loser virgin unless

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:30 am

Let's take virgin shaming to a new level, in order to stop being a vigin you have to
-deep throat a female.
-fuck a female in her ass really hard.
-make females simultainiously pragnant with your children.
-spank a female really hard.
-receive anal sex.

Yes they like that shit and you should like i too if you have healthy testosterone, if you are not willing to assrape a female you are not truly male and thus cannot belong to the "darwinian vintologi" group. If you get offended by this as a male you are weak and thus you should be weeded out of the gene pool. If the female is of low genetic quality it does not count but how you got the sex(rape, prostitute,being good looking, finding gold diggers when you are rich) does not matter.

For each thing you have not done yet you will get a virgin point, you may want to come up with your own sexual "to do" list. Virgin shaming is about building self esteem by bullying people of your own gender and this is a good thing for both genders. Several females i have chatted with has bragged about their deep throating skills, i like these females. For females the list is
-fully deepthroat a male penis longer than 18cm and volume bigger than 210cm³.
-be fucked in the ass with a cock of circumference bigger than 14cm and volume bigger than 210cm³.
-deliver a baby without pain relief(epidural,etc).
-let a man spank you are much as he wants with his hand and a belt/similar.
-fuck a male in the ass with fingers and dildo.
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About feminism

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:35 am

Feminism often complain about nonsensical/fictional issues such as the wage gap, manspreading, rape culture, female being viewed as sex objects, etc. Feminists are almost always unattractive and this explains why they hate white males, they wish white males were willing to rape them and they want to be viewed as sex objects. In darwinian vintologi it is viewed as natural that females are raped by their husband and that belts/similar are used to hit them many times if they do not comply, maybe they did not do good enough job deepthroating.

Feminists rarely complain about males that are willing to rape them such as muslims, instead they hate white males. Feminists generally want to replace males with the government and they are all very far to the left. Attractive females do not need the government as provider and master since they attract males much more suited for that. Feminism is an ideology that caters to shitty females by offering the government as the helper, a strong female do not need any help from tyrants, strong females are against the government.

Darwinian vintologi and feminism has the following in common
-rejection of traditionalism.
-acceptance of abortion.
-hate towards most males.
-rejection of the christian/pagan sexual morality(especially monogamy).
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Why domestic violence should be legal

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:38 am

A healthy heterosexual relationship consists of a sadistic male and a beautiful women, the male will have to assert his dominance using sadistic violence(hitting with belts, ass-raping, etc) and it will be great. Female will enjoy getting abused and the male will enjoy abusing his wives.

Of course feminists ruins everything good and the relationship between males and females are no exception

Unlike MRA:s i do not care about males getting beaten by females, these pussies deserve only ridicule. The solution is to punish her hard to she wont get any bad ideas(such as calling the cops), do not live in a country that give harsh sentences, Sweden is good in that regard.

Domestic violence should only be illegal when there is a lasting injury, just spanking the ass should not be illegal.
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The science of libertarian morality

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:48 am

Libertarians are often cast as amoral calculating rationalists with an unseemly hedonistic bent. Now new social science research upends that caricature. Libertarians are quite moral, the researchers argue—just not in the same way that conservatives and liberals are.

The University of Virginia social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has done a lot of work in the past probing the different moral attitudes of American liberals and conservatives. With time he realized that a significant proportion of Americans did not fit the simplistic left/right ideological dichotomy that dominates our social discourse. Instead of ignoring the outliers, Haidt and his colleagues chose to dig deeper.

The result: a fascinating new study, “Understanding Libertarian Morality: The Psychological Roots of an Individualist Ideology,” that is currently under review at the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In probing libertarians’ moral thinking, Haidt and his colleagues—Ravi Iyer and Jesse Graham at the University of Southern California and Spassena Koleva and Peter Ditto at the University of California at Irvine—used the “largest dataset of psychological measures ever compiled on libertarians”: surveys of more than 10,000 self-identified libertarians gathered online at the website

In his earlier work, Haidt surveyed the attitudes of conservatives and liberals using what he calls the Moral Foundations Questionnaire, which measures how much a person relies on each of five different moral foundations: harm/care, fairness/reciprocity, ingroup/loyalty, authority/respect, and purity/sanctity. Typically, conservatives scored lower than liberals on the harm and fairness scales—that is, they gave those issues less weight when making moral judgments—and scored much higher on ingroup, authority, and purity.

In the new study, Haidt and his colleagues note that libertarians score low on all five of these moral dimensions. “Libertarians share with liberals a distaste for the morality of Ingroup, Authority, and Purity characteristic of social conservatives, particularly those on the religious right,” Haidt et al. write. Libertarians scored slightly below conservatives on harm and slightly above on fairness. These results suggest that libertarians are “likely to be less responsive than liberals to moral appeals from groups who claim to be victimized, oppressed, or treated unfairly.”

Another survey, the Schwartz Value Scale, measures the degree to which participants regard 10 values as guiding principles for their lives. Libertarians put higher value on hedonism, self-direction, and stimulation than either liberals or conservatives, and they put less value than either on benevolence, conformity, security, and tradition. Like liberals, libertarians put less value on power, but like conservatives they have less esteem for universalism. Taking these results into account, Haidt concludes that “libertarians appear to live in a world where traditional moral concerns (e.g., respect for authority, personal sanctity) are not assigned much importance.”

Haidt and his colleagues eventually recognized that their Moral Foundations Questionnaire was blinkered by liberal academic bias, failing to include a sixth moral foundation, liberty. They developed a liberty scale to probe this moral dimension. Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that libertarians dramatically outscored liberals and conservatives when it came to putting a high value on both economic and lifestyle liberty. Haidt and his colleagues conclude, “Libertarians may fear that the moral concerns typically endorsed by liberals or conservatives are claims that can be used to trample upon individual rights—libertarians’ sacred value.”

Next the researchers wondered, “Might libertarians generally be dispositionally more rational and less emotional?” On the standard inventory of personality, libertarians scored lower than conservatives and liberals on agreeableness, conscientiousness, and extraversion. Low scores on agreeableness indicate a lack of compassion and a proud, competitive, and skeptical nature. Like conservatives, libertarians are not generally neurotic, tending to be emotionally hardy. And like liberals, libertarians scored high on openness to new experiences, indicating that they have broad interests.

Libertarians scored lower than both liberals and (especially) conservatives on sensitivity to disgust. The authors suggest this tendency “could help explain why they disagree with conservatives on so many social issues, particularly those related to sexuality. Libertarians may not experience the flash of revulsion that drives moral condemnation in many cases of victimless offenses.”

Some of the more intriguing results involve the empathizer/systemizer scale. Empathizers identify with another person’s emotions, whereas systemizers are driven to understand the underlying rules that govern behavior in nature and society. Libertarians, unlike both liberals and conservatives, scored very high on systemizing. The authors note, “We might say that liberals have the most ‘feminine’ cognitive style, and libertarians the most ‘masculine.’ ”

The researchers also found that libertarians tend to be less flummoxed by various moral dilemmas, such as the famous “trolley problem.” In the trolley problem, five workmen will be killed by a runaway trolley unless you move a track switch which will divert the train but kill one workman—or, in another version, push a fat man off a bridge stopping the trolley. Typically, most people will choose to move the switch, but refuse to push the fat man. Why the difference? The utilitarian moral calculus is the same—save five by killing one. According to the researchers, libertarians are more likely to resolve moral dilemmas by applying this utilitarian calculus.

Taking various measures into account, the researchers report that libertarians “score high on individualism, low on collectivism, and low on all other traits that involved bonding with, loving, or feeling a sense of common identity with others.” Haidt and his fellow researchers suggest that people who are dispositionally low on disgust sensitivity and high on openness to experience will be drawn to classically liberal philosophers who argue for the superordinate value of individual liberty. But also being highly individualistic and low on empathy, they feel little attraction to modern liberals’ emphasis on altruism and coercive social welfare policies. Haidt and his colleagues then speculate that an intellectual feedback loop develops in which such people will find more and more of the libertarian narrative agreeable and begin identifying themselves as libertarian. From Haidt’s social intuitionist perspective, “this process is no different from the psychological comfort that liberals attain in moralizing their empathic responses or that social conservatives attain in moralizing their connection to their groups.”

I find Haidt’s account of the birth of libertarian morality fairly convincing. But as a social psychologist, Haidt fails to discuss what is probably the most important and intriguing fact about libertarian morality: It changed history by enabling at least a portion of humanity to escape our natural state of abject poverty. Libertarian morality, by rising above and rejecting primitive moralities embodied in the universalist collectivism of left-liberals and the tribalist collectivism of conservatives, made the rule of law, freedom of speech, religious tolerance, and modern prosperity possible. Liberals and conservatives may love people more than do libertarians, but love of liberty is what leads to true moral and economic progress.
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How niceness ruins the economy

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:52 am

When you work without compensation the one receiving your help may not actually need you help and you will waste time trying to help people. If you instead actually charge a reasonable price for your work only the ones actually needing your help will pay and everyone will be better off.

In general being compassionate and nice results in tyrannical democracy with no freedom while selfishness and tribalism results in a nash equilibrium similar to anarcho capitalism. Being trustworthy and reliable is not the same as helping people that do not deserve it.
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Dylann Storm Roof

PostPosted by Administrator » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:57 am

Dylann Rolf killed 9 mostly old negroes, he has been given a death sentence for his actions and he has not a single child currently, what he did was actually suicidal and not at all worth the price he had to pay.
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About the vintologi bible

PostPosted by Administrator » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:12 pm

There is no holy books in vintologi but we are working on a bible for the religion. If the update is minor the document will just be replaced but if a major change is done the bible will be released as a new version. Spot 1 to 4 is reserved for future versions of vintologi, spot 0 is reserved for general vintologi. The latest version is vintologi6:

pdf or odt 42
pdf only 43 44

type: darwinian vintologi
vintologi version: 6
Member approval 1/1
uploaded: 2017-08-14 (swedish timezone).

Table of content:

might is right
Decision making and consequences
Genetic preferences
Sexual selection
Returning to polygamy
How big families benefit children
How we should view children
Early sex and pair bonding
Rape and forced marriages
Restoring patriarchy
Pure elite rule
About government eugenics
Murders and executions
Soul purification
Gladiator games
The value of human life
Abortions and infanticide
The fear of death is a threat to liberty
The futility of limited government
Polycentric law
We do not need a state
Mental fitness
Mass-voting doesn’t work
Objective elite rule
Ruling over an organization or country
Vintologi Churches
Building Vintologi Communities
Living as a minority
Hate & love
War morality
About race
About racemixing

Darwinism and survival
Alternatives to heterosexual sex
Healthy living
Saying no to contraceptives
Hardcore sex
Pain and hardships
Living your life to the full potential
Charles Lindberg

Pushing your brain to the limit
About immaterial property
About high technology
Nature matters
Humans are not that smart
Ignorance and the lemming mentality
Science vs religion
About Ben Klassen and his religion
The Jews

There is no absolute morality

About Nihilism

William Luther Pierce
Decentralized resistance
Anders Behring Breivik
Vintologi symbolism and tradition

Why christianity shall be hated
How to manipulate and control people
The importance of critical thinking
Being a lone wolf

Your personality (the five factor model needs to be covered).

Quantum consciousness

A unified theory is needed
Proving reincarnation
About the big bang and black holes
Interplanetary reincarnation
About past life memories

National socialism
Eye and hair colour

Tax-random vs pure elite rule vs anarchy

How niceness ruins the economy

Accepting vintologi

External text sources

An additional linebreak means the new topic wasn't enough related to the old topic, it it is also is in italic it means the new topic is unrelated. The goal is that each new topic is related to the previous topic, at least for the first 50 pages.
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All forms of christianity suck

PostPosted by Administrator » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:02 am

Some christian racialists turn to "christian identity", they argue that whites are the real jews and reject evolution as a jewish lie, that should be enough to stay away from the nonsense but of course we also have general problems with christianity on top of these issues.

We should not view whites as "gods choosen people" most whites should be discarded as the untermenchen they are, they should be weeded out from the gene pool, the method used for that(Genetic engineering, executions, female sexual selection, starvation, etc) is less important.

Living your life according to an 2000 year old book that has been translated wrongly several times is retarded, sure some of our old life was better(viking girls marrying at 12) but we can arrive at much better conclusions using science and logics. The concept of holy infallible scriptures itself is really flawed, in science you simply use models and with time you improve the models in order to get a better explanation of reality.

While newtonian physics is good enough for some applications more accurate models exist such as general relativity, in science you do not assume something is 100% correct. Vintologi is an ever evolving model similar to science while it also gives life meaning, some parts of vintologi is scientific while other parts are more spiritual or based on common personal preferences.

You are a retard if you
-discard evolution as a "jewish lie".
-believe bible stories to be true.
-do not have sex without being married.

In general christianity is very anti-nature and also suicidal. In christianity your life on earth is discarded as just a test that will determine if you will end up in fictional heaven or hell (i would prefer hell).

If you want to think you will end up in another place after death your best bet is on another planet, this is fully possible and i believe that belief will become a lot more common in the future. I would personally prefer being raped, humiliated and having many children as a female in future life, of course i also want my husband to have a big dick when he deepthroat despite me not being willing at the time.

Christianity is just boring in general, i want to live a good life, have awesome sex, have many beautiful children, etc.
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Homo sapiens superior

PostPosted by Administrator » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:26 pm

In nature new species/races often emerge and outcompete the previous races/species, a superior version of homo sapiens may have the following characteristic.

eye color: green or buy.
hair: red or blonde.
average iq: 125
ethnicity: more than 75% nordic, no more than 2% african.
average penis size: 250 cm³
executive functions: top 10% (no adhd).
beauty: attracts top 10% of nordic females or 3% of nordic males via appearance only.

You have good genes if you satisfy the majority of these(iq>125, erect penis volume > 250cm³, etc).
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Different forms of darwinian vintologi

PostPosted by Administrator » Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:37 am

All forms of darwinian vintologi shares certain goals such as the creation of homo sapiens superior. There is however several path forward for our population. All these alternatives are incompatible with democracy and monarchy.

Anarcho-darwinian vintologi
The goal is natural selection via total absence of government via tyrannical elite rule(an elite oppressing the masses). it is incompatible with Tax-random the "non-agression principle" will not apply to all humans, instead it will only apply to some and this may also include animals such as orcas.

corporate vintologi
The goal is a country governed by the the economic elite 45 and corporations. Ordinary people shall have no power and the goal is to exterminate them slowly via abortions, contraceptives, and absence of government welfare, only the people who do not need money shall get it from the government.

The government may spend money sending people to mars, building infrastructure or bombing brown people but it shall not waste money trying to help the poor in any way. Corporate vintologi is incompatible with pure elite rule

National vintologi
The society will have similarities with the Third Riech, this is a more hardcore version of national socialism, the Riech will be governed via pure elite rule which will results in the citizens having superior rights will non-citizens have few if any rights.

Citizenship will be biologically determined, this will also be the case for the higher citizen classes, you will be born into a position of power or be born without political power and having almost zero chance of getting any, you may of course still be successful in the private sector but without good genes that would also be difficult. National vintologi is incompatible with anarchy.
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awesome card games

PostPosted by Administrator » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:03 am

Texas Holdem and Pot Limited Omaha are both great games where the players has complete information. With your betting you may reveal information about your hand and to combat this you need to be unpredictable by under and over-betting.
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Animal rights

PostPosted by Administrator » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:30 am

I believe intelligent animals(apes, cetaceans, elephants) shall be free, unfortunatily it cannot be fully archived but we shall still work for it. You may get reincarnated as an orca and in that case you want to live in the ocean with your pod, not in captivity.
As the founder of darwinian vintologi i signed

We do not oppose animals getting killed, we view it as natural.

In your current life the welfare of animals is mostly an emotional thing, you are not directly affected by it, in the future it does matter since you cannot be sure you will be reincarnated as a human the next life.

Freedom is an important part of darwinian vintologi, without freedom for animals you cannot have darwinian evolution, freedom does not mean safety, Keiko died after he was released in the wild(pneumonia infection), he probably reincarnated as an orca and hopefully lives a good lives with a pod.

Examples of mammals in captivity that should be set free are
-Matt Hale 45
-Narnia 46
-Anders Behring Breivik 47
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Darwinian evolution is the only solution

PostPosted by Administrator » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:59 pm

Government eugenics and genetic engineering will not solve the issue of low fitness of typical humans, humans have already tried managing breeding with dogs and it has been a total disaster where the easiest solution is to start over again from wolves and kill existing dogs for food.

Most humans simply lacks the intelligence needed to do good choices when it comes to human genetic engineering and breeding in general, thus the only solution is harsh darwinian evolution.

The collapse of our society is the only solution, that includes
-the power grid.
-the financial system.
-the legal system.
-government welfare and services in general.

Without the state meddling in everything the relationships between males and females should improve resulting in a more patriarchal society.
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