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    Beyond me

    Why incels dont study max and dev agi bots. Some say they are geneticly stupid, which is True for currys and nigs. Some say its a cope and they want a virgin Stacy. Still it doesnt add up to me. Dolls are hotter and this is their only option to be loved validated and carry on a legacy. I...
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    incel merch WTF Kek
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    memento design pattern

    edo tensei no jutsu
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    code jizzer

    modifying algPart class + 2 methodes
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    Fuck chrismas

    Fuck marie Fuck the cuck joseph Fuck jesus Fuck the holiday spirit Fuck their songs Fuck their presents Horrors upon them.
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    [java] filter out numbers from a string

    st1 = st1.replaceAll("\\d+", ""); this Ill use to mutate algs
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    review my new filth alg

    vars : mode : Boolean moanPause:int countDown : int final : pauseLim,manualLim, autoLim isCompleted = false failure = failure.ok //final conjurations, finish alg : action(){ //modefy,exit,moan selectcase(ear) case "auto" : countDown= AUTOLIM;mode = 1;//set moan case "manual": countDown=...
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    wanna see something sick ?

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    pffft day in day life of a ricewagey

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    this class is responsible to mutating actions within algorithms. I need to take away the responsibility to limit mutations b4 giveup and grouping actions together from this class and place it on the action part it self. package chobit; //D class responsible for exploring : // learning, mutating...
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    [Potent]Redpill of the month

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    Katie bouman had nothing to do with the black hole images

    Youtube has silenced the truth about this but The git repo speaks different. It shows clearly some cuck wrote 90 percent of the code that cucked the credit over to her.
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    Cult maxing Bet the .co incels would find a reason to call him chad to preserve their black pill. This is a classic case of preselection maxing
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    Future prediction regarding dolls

    Foids had a monopoly of the market. They were the only suppliers of sexual acts. From just looking at them to foot licking, Throat fucking to pussy abusing. Sex dolls broke their monopoly in addition To lowering rape rates which were also a source of income to foids, such as regret rape, work...
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    Woman dont approach bro "You gotta run 5 hour pick up sets buddy boyo, cause woman just dont approach, they Want you to be alpha and approach them first boyo"
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    Tyrone talked to me

    Im at the terminator movie, it hasnt started yet. He and his cum toilete exit the theater And he jokingly says to me Bro, SMS us when the movie starts haha. I give him a lingering joker laugh till he realises i mean business and his gf gets scared and tells him to stop and get away.
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    [cope] ai shoujo
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    I am watching rick and morty !

    fuck you foids !!! rub a lub a dubdub !!!
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    MGTOW vs incels

    Mgtow isnt MSTOW. Simply man who refuse to work the plantation. We can fuck escorts, for cheap, but we prefer dolls. Mgtow is about ending man kind really. I my self was offered to marry some roasties From work, but i was too redpilled to fall for it. Incels just ldar. We make money and gain...
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    Terminator 7 script

    @Leucosticte write along. Supi was an incel. Ignored by foids at his school.