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    Feminazis try to argue girls shouldn't send men nudes

    I can think of 2 examples where females tried to hook me with sex even though made it clear i wanted children and they didn't, they probably assumed i would cave but then they realized i wouldn'f and decided to ghost me. If you dont know here real identity it would be difficult to hurt her in...
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    I wonder what an injection actually feels like

    I suspect you will not actually feel much, it's still kinda scary, usually the entire length will be inserted with intramuscular injections. I dont remember what an injection feels like, i want to do one at one point but i wonder what if anything that will be.
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    [Poll] Do you have any friends?

    What does it even mean to have a friend? What it's a cousin? Online friendships?
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    Submissive horny bitch

    You can recruit people to join for me
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    Submissive horny bitch

    Can you write "i converted to vintologi" on your body wearing only panties, take picture
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    What, you don't like FeminismIsCancer?

    He has a history of being a reliable guy so its not too surprising.
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    Any alphas need entertainment?

    You still need HRT to become a girl
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    Any alphas need entertainment?

    Post a picture of you just in panties and write on yourself "i converted to vintologi"
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    Why we should abandom monogamy

    I would give FiC an infertile female sex-slave as a dictator, maybe even a virgin (AMAB forced to transition). You might be forced to also start on female hormones if you are reduced to property of a male, its a really fun punishment.
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    Most people who tell you their IQ are full of shit

    I usually score about 140 on online tests (if they measure that high) but i have never done a proper test. It would have to be a test thats more designed for the 130 to 160 range, many are essentially capped at 130 and consists of easy questions only. High IQ and lack of success in life...
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    First of it's clearly not just a fetish, it's also the fact that you didn't make it as a male, if you had been successful in life (able to have a wife and children) the situation would be different. You can still try to live a good life as a female since you are likely to pass if you transition...
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    Vintologi memes

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    SJWs offer no path to redemption

    TERF are like this against trans individuals, they dont clearly state what their demands are, instead they claim that trans women are sex perverts as if autogynephilia wouldn't be a valid reason to transition. Their real demand is that you should kill yourself or 1. Do not transition medically...
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    What, you don't like FeminismIsCancer?

    The purpose of the membership program is to offer something to my followers, many of them are very much like to have an official membership. You can be useful to me without converting to vintologi.
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    What, you don't like FeminismIsCancer?

    He is welcome to post on this forum. He is welcome to ask for help with anything but so far he hasn't done that.