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    Issues with capitalism

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    About covid-19 lockdowns

    rip the boomer population.
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    ggd: top vr sex games It's really easy to find ngl.
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    if it's not hentai I don't care.
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    inner censor

    I'm not sure I can describe my 'inner censor' It's more of a magma boiling void.
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    post some wikis
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    Is this how the VRC player base will look like in the near decade?
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    daydream fantasies

    >fuck her boifriend.
  10. Majidsdad666

    Have you ever stop to think maybe humans main goal was AI all along?!

    if our end goal is AI, then what is the end goal of AI?
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    netflix enjoys mixing colors. the promotion of multiculturalism is mandatory.
  12. Majidsdad666

    Dogs of War.

    watching them push puts me to shame.
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    VR-CHAT this guy explains it all: It's more beneficial to be on VRC then discord or reddit when it comes down to building/advancing/experimenting your social skills. I heart some real smooth talkers that derive from this community. besides that, everyone is...
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    [spoiler] nathan larson is dead

    now that's creative, @Creamer you two didn't signed up any nondisclosure net agreement, besides that after you infringed on his account he decided to end it with a final spam of CP.
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    Only a cuck site owner allows such posts by human females

    dude, fucking rape culture rocks balls.
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    On my break again

    It is what it is.
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    What i want to do with an escort

    i want lewds but no sex, no scubai shall milk me of my life energy.
  18. Majidsdad666

    [spoiler] nathan larson is dead

    leucosticte was the realest nigga I knew on this forums. you are probably in contact with him and he set you up to type this for the keks.