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    samsung 980 pro review

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    Trump 'wins' re-election

    Bill Barr did an investigation trying to find voter fraud, of course he found nothing Trump has realized he has lost and will now instead focus on 2024
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    male to female

    unrelated: Darth dangerous experiments: DIY shrink the rib cage with lower rib binding (akin to Kim K "corset diet") WARNING: the following may cause pain, costochondritis, cracked or fractured ribs, reduced lung capacity, lung or kidney damage from floating ribs etc. That's why it's called...
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    PS5 vs PC vs XBOX SX

    The theory that the issue was dev tools has already been debunked by a DIRT 5 dev 35:35 covers the notion that the XSX has better performance potential 38:40 cover the storage performance, he claimed that XSX could load 10GB in 2 seconds meaning its SSD is faster than official specs. 47:40...
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    PS5 vs PC vs XBOX SX

    The increased speed of the L Caches paired with the 64 ROP with 2230mhz clocks hit a very high 143 gigapixels/sec, versus the Series X at 117GP/s. The faster data management most likely scaled massively well with the console I/O throughput. Pixel fill rate is one of the reasons why the UE5 demo...