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    Welcome wonderful

    Welcome wonderful
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    in text file format. some things have been added some things have been removed. a lot of offline chans and sites. I'm not making this list anymore. Just gonna keep it here for you and (((me))) (the individual to see)
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    foids getting what they deserve

    I shear your dream. I'm all for it.
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    Feel good yes i do

    As m I fellow countryman.
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    is morty mcfly a cuck ?

    The ultimate cuck.
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    foids cant cope vs sexbots

    Scubai gives no fucks about you and the machine wifu bots you use. They themselves want attention and we are providing them that attention by listening to there stupid shit and actually replying to it.
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    TV shows

    Damn, we are being manipulated every single minute of our little lives. Our task is to consume and even participate in whatever form you imagine yourself participating in. Is it us or is it the money and fame that is being tied to this type of things? besides infotainment is natural thing in...
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    the four stages of overstaying in cold waters.

    about survival in water.
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    Somewhat useful and multi-hacky garbage such as the folloing:

    #tip .. eat meals. #tip .. when up do snack && circulate blood to wake up. #tip .. use energy drinks, (special-supplements) OR (powerful-salts). [[ IF EATTEN-MEAL ]] "circulation using the YAYOG-Bible" do (arms) wait (12h) do (legs) "repeat" // meal (3h_before) workout && (right_after) workout...
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    Youtube channels

    Speaking of good narrators of news, social political autism alongside whatever taboo history. YouTube is shit when it comes to this topics, they will label you as a miss information spreader and terminate your channel, (no-shit) Here are all sort of ((listed)) alternatives...
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    Feel good yes i do

    A little hand-job at the back of the store maybe? @Creamer stop being gay and just accept it. You are to die alone or swing the other way.
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    A story of a friend

    He have a bit of mental issues alongside with a cool ass story he wishes to shear with us forum guys.
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    Ideal dicksize

    I'm probably going to kill myself too for having a microscopic-peepee
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    the four stages of overstaying in cold waters. Wetsuit thickness and water temperature guide What kind of wetsuit thickness should I get? Water temperature How Long Can You Survive in Cold Water? >> Here is the expected survival time in...
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    About rape

    crying will not unrape you.
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    Ideal dicksize
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    fat red colored haired old retired female customer

    I'm worried for you @Creamer what the actual fuck.
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    the four stages of overstaying in cold waters. ① STAGE-ONE: Cold Shock Response Overcoming Cold Shock Response ② STAGE-TWO: Cold Incapacitation Overcoming Cold Incapacitation ③ STAGE-THREE: Hypothermia Overcoming Hypothermia...
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    Dogs of War.
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    Issues with capitalism