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    It's actually hard to find mentors, when it comes to trying to gain useful skills

    Can confirm the whole computer ordeal. Other trades such as languages (even ones such as Japanese) also aren't in high demand due to its low value.
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    My trip to the mental hospital cost my mom $1,400

    Completely agree. Hospitals are there to keep the slaves on the chain gang of life. The more white men die, the less * will be able to control the blacks with free welfare.
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    2019 novel coronavirus pandemic

    The Boomer Remover Coof
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    This is basically me

    I wish I could go and study Japanese.
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    Do you have any success stories of learning another language fluently

    You need a good motivator. Personally, even if she rejects you outright, having a hot teacher online always helps a lot when learning a new language. Unfortunately, you're probably gonna need to shell out extra due to their looks.
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    I was just thinking about the double standards in relationships, with regard to being bossy and/or angry

    Not that it'll tip the scales, but maybe posting what you already know about the women you hate online could be a good way to get back at them.
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    You know why Zesto wanted to destroy this site?

    Another one of his many failures indeed.
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    White women seem to mostly be losing interest in white culture

    Well, seeing as how I'm more into East Asians such as Japanese and Korean women, I'm not going to pretend to miss white women when they've mostly screwed white men over.