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    Version 29 of the vintologi bible has been published

    pdf(viewable online) odt(viewable online) pdf(download only) odt(download only)...
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    Benjamin Netanyahu finally gone!
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    Originally when i started working on vintologi i put it in the "religion" category since at time it was not based on good evidence. Over time however vintologi has become more scientific and categorizing it as a religion is becoming increasingly misleading. We need a category for belief...
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    Young people are smarter than old people

    The notion that teens in general are incapable of making their own decisions isn't based on evidence. The real reason people push for restrictions targeting teens is that they have some ideology and then use "teens...
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    We need a european empire

    For too long europe has been divided and instead of uniting european countries has fought each other in senseless wars. We can do far better than that. We can built a strong European union that is stronger than all other countries on earth combined. Europe should be more like the roman empire...
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    About political ideologies

    One misconception is that politics "is just a matter of opinion" when in reality we can get conclusions regarding what we ought to do given a particular situation. That however does not mean there is one true political...
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    Responding to r/truscum

    They think that transition should just be about treating gender dysphoria and nothing else which clearly isn't very rational. What actually matters is if transitioning improves your life. This is like saying "the only thing that matters is that you get rid of your cancer, not if you live...
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    Transmaxxing3 manifesto
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    Responding to kiwifarm creeps

    Looks like they are trying to doxx me but it's not really working out too great. The thread is not visable unless you have an account so i will not make any more replies there. I have not posted much on incel forums. They didn't like my advice to start on HRT even though that would be likely...
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    Version 28 of the vintologi bible has been published

    pdf(viewable online) odt(viewable online) pdf(viewable online) pdf & odt (links...
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    Current and past human selection
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    NB maxxing manifesto

    The reason for this is due to the many issues that come with trying to do a full transition from male to female which isn't even possible with current medical technology I sent an email to Ksenia asking how to credit her for her work, she...
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    How to connect to this website via tor

    First you should install the "tor browser", install both the desktop version to your PCs and the android version to your phones. Unfortunatily my website does take a very long time to load when connected directly via tor but you can go around that by also using a proxy server (not sure if this...
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    China is really not that different from the west

    In terms of ideology the CCP is really not much different from the western left. China like the left is in favor of giving minorities special treatment such as excepting them from the one-child policy (which was eventually lifted also for han chinese). The general pattern is that CCP really...
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    Someone calling himself pedo asked if he could join vintologi

    Looking at his post history it does seem like that was just a troll comment he sent me but i still gave him the answer to the hypothetical. The position outlined in the vintologi bible is that pedophilia (when defined properly) is a bad thing for you to have since it will severely limit your...
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    Top researcher were denied jobs at Chalmers because he was a man - took his life

    This was published at an unreliable rightwing newspaper (swedish) i have not been able to find any better source for this story (which is why it was published under the low-quality section). A male highly qualified academic at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg was repeatedly...
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    Surveys (by me)

    To verify that my views are correct i will first make a prediction (what i expect most to answer) and then i will see clearly whether or not i was correct. All survery data will be presented raw together with my summary of the data. Of course in many of these surveys it will be obvious what...
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    The overspecialization problem

    Our current society is supposed to function by having people specialize in different fields and then we are supposed to be able to trust the experts in said fields. The theoretical issue with that is that then there will be many points where society can fail since people will not actually be...
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    Fair usage of my texts (copyright and enforcement)

    People are allowed to use sections of my work if they provide a reference to the source of the material. I will enforce violations of that at my discretion. This also include texts by the following reddit accounts vintologi vintologi_se pervert1248
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    Kaizo snooker

    Snooker is a lot more difficult than pool in terms of potting the ball but in terms of positional play there is a lot more options making it easier in that respect (initially 15 reds, 6 colors to choose from after a red). Unfortunatily its now getting too easy for the top players to score a...