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    Version 30 of the vintologi bible has been published

    pdf (viewable online) odt (viewable online) pdf (viewable online) odt (links will usually go to ads instead when viewed...
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    The ideal society

    For the ideal society to be stable and lasting it has to control the entire planet or at least most of the planet. If there are competition between societies you might be forced to implement rather nasty war-time measures just to survive as a society, then you may as well push even harder to put...
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    responding to r/subredditdrama

    Ember16 wrote: Yeah saw that also. I legit cant understand this screed. According to him trans people are mentally ill, but also men should become trans to get the benefits of women, but also people should be forced into being trans as a punishment for not being masculine enough, but also trans...
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    Societal survival of the fittest

    Weak societies will fall and be taken over by stronger societies. Democratic societies tend to become weak and this cannot last forever, you can utilize weaknesses in democratic systems to slowly grab power, after that there will not be any more real democracy. One way to measure how...
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    Why puberty blockers is a bad idea

    Puberty blockers are sometimes used to medically 'treat' precocious puberty in cis people, this is however very questionable. It was only when puberty blockers started to be used to delay puberty in trans people (for no good reason) that they finally came under scrutiny and results are bad...
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    Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty

    Surprisingly all 12 jury members found him not guilty.
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    Did incels get the cause of male sexlessness wrong?

    One prominent incel belief is that males become sex-less due to chads not being monogamous (instead fucking many women) but even today monogamy is still largely the norm. For a while more males reported not having sex the last year but that is no longer the case...
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    Ethiopia is failing after becoming a democracy

    The leader of the country made democratic reforms earlier and won a peace price As you can probably guess this didn't work out too well.
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    Based reddit users

    TransableSJW She is (or at least claimed to be) a cis female very attracted to trans females who also had BIID (hence: "transable" as part of her name). Reddit wrongly banned her and we should never forgive that. Here are all her posts: Uw u truscums are really as bad...
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    What went wrong with the roman empire?

    Rome started out very strong and expanded very rapidly but then the empire started getting more and more issues and the expansion slowed down and later west rome started falling apart. Increasingly the government became oppressive and dysfunctional to the point where people benefited from the...
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    What happened to LG phones?

    I bought an LG G4 at launch 2015 and i am still using it to this day, i never felt a need to "root" the phone, you were allowed to disable apps you didn't like and defaults where good. Unfortunately every phone since LG G4 has been a downgrade in some way. LG G5 got a battery downgrade (down to...
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    About "kämpfer" and "kashimashi girl meets girl"

    Anime like "kämpfer" and "kashimashi girl meets girl" (forced MtF) presents a very appealing idealized version if what it means to be female. If you look at their societies they are essentially ideal, not too high-tech, people having fun actually meeting each other doing cool things. In reality...
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    Sports and videogames

    Things like sports and videogames create an artificial challenge. It can be very effective in giving a false sense of accomplishment such as when you finally manage to beat the final boss in metroid prime. When you are too young to deal with the real world artificial challenges such as trying...
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    Replying to "trancendental vintologi"

    He/she did talk about supposed issues with vintologi (in it's current form) on kiwifarms: Most of the people I have seen in the vintologi discord server don't seem to completely care about the larger picture. Also many have high...
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    Transmaxxing4 manifesto
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    High resolution audio

    CD quality allows you to reproduce frequencies below 22.05 Khz at a a signal to noise ratio of up to 96 dB, this is actually pretty good considering CD was format was released in 1982. It's actually very difficult to fully utilize the Signal to Noise ratio CD offers even today The topping...
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    The talibans are winning in Afganistan

    As expected the dysfunctional democratic state is falling and the talibans are taking over more and more land. This happened because western countries were dumb enough to give power to the Afghan public instead of putting a proper leadership in place.
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    Consciousness & reincarnation

    Why you are experiencing consciousness in your current body now does need an explanation. One explanation is that your consciousness now is a continuation of your earlier consciousness. But why this body rather than some other body? This can be explained by something like reincarnation, the...
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    Version 29 of the vintologi bible has been published pdf(viewable online) odt(viewable online) pdf(download only) odt(download only)...
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    Benjamin Netanyahu finally gone!