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    Why you shouldn't bother with chess

    While chess at first might seem like a game about being smart coming up with traps and smart plan in reality it's very much about memorizing moves for specific situations. So in addition to the needlessly complicated rules you also have to memorize which moves you that are good to make in order...
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    Virgin anthony fauci vs Chad Anders Tegnell

    Fauci tried to prevent the spread but he got cucked by Trump, pushed for policies that just ended up prolonging the pandemic by preventing herd immunity Anders Tegnell went straight to herd immunity killing off a bunch of old people (that were largely a burden anyway) But what about the...
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    Some hope for white incels

    Most could probably father children by moving to some non-white area.
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    So aids denial is a thing

    This illustrate further why liberalism often doesn't work out too well, too many people are irresponsible and this will harm other people too (such as by spreading HIV) Christine Maggiore (now dead) was in prime form...
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    About the right-wing

    If rightwingers were honest they would argue that the killing was justified due to George Floyd being a criminal. This is why rightwingers lose, too unwilling to go hard. I guess it's for the better.
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    Why i will do my best to reproduce

    I know future doesn't look good so my children will be in for a challange, hopefully they will enjoy this, its like a hard videogame except game over is for real. I have high IQ so with some luck one of my children will come out great and possibly turn things around. My survival and...
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    I wonder what an injection actually feels like

    I suspect you will not actually feel much, it's still kinda scary, usually the entire length will be inserted with intramuscular injections. I dont remember what an injection feels like, i want to do one at one point but i wonder what if anything that will be.
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    Mike Pompeo embarresses himself

    Conservatives will always try to gaslight you and hope you will be weak enough to go along with their nonsense, this is nothing new.
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    2019 novel coronavirus pandemic

    The chinese government is taking drastic measures trying to prevent a pandemic, 18 million people are being quarantined in wuhan. The virus has already spread outside wuhan so it's just futile...
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    Senate trial begins (impeachment)

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    There is a common theme when it comes to unplanned pregnancies

    If it results in child-birh its almost always a positive impact in their lives, this is also true for teen parents. People thinking "i dont want a child now" are just lying to themselves. People have been conditioned into going against nature and this causes mental illness.
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    Women who freeze their eggs will be able to concieve 18% of the time The solution is to have children when you are young (before 30) and focus on your career later, we need to give more support to teen mothers.
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    Joe Biden to coal miners: learn to code

    People on the right like to make fun of him but he might be the only candidate willing to beat Donald Trump.
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    Trans girl loses her virginity

    She wtote the following: My girlfriend and I had sex today for the first time and oh my god, it was so fun. I sucked her dick and she played with and fucked my butt after. Then she made me cum and we cuddled a bunch after. I wore a skirt and one of her hoodies (I'm 1.65m and she is 1.88m so it...
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    Iowa man sentenced to 16 years for setting LGBTQ flag on fire I do think this is wrong, 16 years in jail is too soft against people like him.
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    About Donald Trump

    He is simply more skilled at conning retards into voting for him on addition to realizing that the votes of racist neckbeards count more than the votes of new york liberals (due to the electoral collage). He is not that good when it comes to actually leading United States, instead he is mostly...
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    Trump impeached A full house vote will follow and once the articles of impeachment have been passed it will be sent to the rebublican controlled senate that will find him not guilty.
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    Tories projected to win a comfortable majority

    Here’s the exact seat numbers from the exit poll, which predicts a huge Conservative win. 326 seats are needed for an outright majority in Parliament, which has 650 seats. Conservatives: 368 (+50 on the 2017 election) Labour: 191 (-71) SNP: 55 (+20) Liberal Democrats: 13 (+1) Plaid Cmyru: 3...
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    How playstation 3 was hacked

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    Impeachment hearings now (USA)

    Looks like Trump tried to preassure Ukraine into investigating the company Hunter Biden worked on "Burisma" Both Nunes and Adam Schiff sound very convincing but it's still onvious Trump is guilty but it's unlikely he will convicted by senate.