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  1. Claire_Lovely

    Holodomor Commemoration

    Hello everyone, I hope that you have been doing well. Recently I was able to attend an event hosted by the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Los Angeles. They were commemorating Holodomor, an event that occurred throughout 1932 - 1933 when the Soviet regime caused the death of millions of Ukrainians...
  2. Claire_Lovely

    Fast fashion - The shady world of cheap clothing I watched this documentary on fast fashion recently and it was very insightful into the exploitive practices present in the fashion industry. While I don't buy many of these brands, I've begun to think further into the supply chain of fashion that I...
  3. Claire_Lovely

    My Plan to End Conscription in South Korea

    I'm going to make a website which will highlight many reasons to end conscription including: 1. It's slavery. 2. It's sexist 3. It's based on unnecessary fear of others. This site will list a strategy to follow, the first step is something that is allowed to be done already in South Korea...
  4. Claire_Lovely

    Platelet Donation

    Hello everyone, today I donated platelets again. My goal is to reach the maximum of 24 times in one year. Platelet donations usually take about 2 hours, this time my platelet count was a bit lower so I think I was there for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Platelets can be donated every week, more...
  5. Claire_Lovely

    The Clarus Compact

    Hello everyone, I wanted to take some time to talk about my purpose and the larger ideology behind my motivations. As many of you may know, there is a lot of strife in our world. Wars, poverty, isolation, and disillusionment. I believe that we live in times that are better than they ever have...
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    Brisbane Knife Attack and My Thoughts Generally when defending yourself with a knife you are supposed to slash the...
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    I may start learning this, it looks very useful.,%2C%20highly%20scalable%2C%20and%20readable.
  8. Claire_Lovely

    The Teen Freedom Movement

    Inspired by Vintologi, I have decided that I will create the Teen Freedom movement. This movement will be about granting teenagers more freedoms so that they can live freely and with purpose. Right now I have a website planned and eventually I will spread the movement onto social media...
  9. Claire_Lovely

    RuneScape OST

    This game has some very good music!
  10. Claire_Lovely

    A Decade Past Reflection: I Was On The Right Path After All

    This was originally posted by Claire Lovely 1 day ago·14 min read In the past, I have actively avoided thinking about or writing about my life from a decade ago. I had regarded that period of my life as embarrassing and something to be ashamed of. I felt that I was in a deep stage of mental...
  11. Claire_Lovely

    The Dark Side of the Online Game Roblox Most Parents are Unaware of

    The Dark Side of the Online Game Roblox Most Parents are Unaware of Sapna M Follow Jun 17 · 7 min read Roblox is making money, in billions, by exploiting our children’s vulnerabilities. Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash Gaming addiction is officially recognized by the World Health Organization...
  12. Claire_Lovely

    Why Lower Birth Rates Are Beneficial: Dispelling Economic Myths

    As birth rates continue to lower across the world, national governments are panicking. They promote the idea that this is a large crisis that needs to be dealt with immediately. High importance is placed on raising the birth rates to sustain the economy. A quote from an article from...
  13. Claire_Lovely

    ‘Consensual incest’ should be decriminalized, advocates say
  14. Claire_Lovely

    Reasons to Donate Blood

    I have been donating platelets every 2 weeks now. I feel that is helps me become more connected to humanity as a whole and the network demonstrates the care that humans can show towards each other.