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  1. Achathin

    How society creates femcels

    No such thing. Testesterone in men makes every woman attractive to them.
  2. Achathin

    How to get good grades?

    How do you get a 4.0 in high school?
  3. Achathin

    I had no sleep

    I can't seem to sleep tho. When I try to sleep on my desk, I can't seem to get into rem sleep. What a fucking day. My circadian rhythm is fuarked. I don't think I'll be able to function in regular society. I'll just get a 3rd shift job.
  4. Achathin

    I had no sleep

    One of the worst feelings ever.
  5. Achathin


    I think you are an FBI agent
  6. Achathin

    Can people become mod on here?

    How does one become a mod? I noticed that some people had mod under their name. Did they earn it?
  7. Achathin

    Gustavo Rol

  8. Achathin

    Dear CIA agents

    This isn’t an incel site. Probably go to .co is a good place to get a feel for what incels are like.
  9. Achathin

    male to female

    I don't have any desire to be a woman no matter how hard my life sucks. It's my male biology to like being male. Here is an excerp regarding breast development in the case of Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome The normal male pubertal spurt can be quite satisfactorily explained by the...
  10. Achathin

    Have you tried to promote vintologi IRL?

    I have no idea what Vintologi is about. I just come here to shitpost. I only know about this place because Vintologi used to post and promote his website on forums I post at.
  11. Achathin

    My new shitposting home

    What account are you on other forums?
  12. Achathin

    I’m a low effort poster

    Especially when I’m on mobile. There times like these; when I’m just sitting in bed and waiting for my body to wind down and I have nothing better to do. That’s why my posts are low effort. Another reason is my low IQ. I don’t have any topics that I’m well versed in. I just post whatever...
  13. Achathin

    The only people that find forums

    Why do some people find these forums? You could say that they find them because they're not normie and weird. But so many people that are not normie don't find forums like this. You could say its because people like us spend a lot of time on the internet. But people that spend hours on the...
  14. Achathin

    My new forum

    I’m a shit poster don’t you think?
  15. Achathin

    What it feels like to die

    So apparently, when you die, you lose all perception of time and space. It’s hard to even grasp the concept of no time and space because we are beings inside those. We can’t wrap our heads around how it would feel like to be without those.
  16. Achathin

    2019 novel coronavirus pandemic

    100 deaths a day from the coronavirus
  17. Achathin

    Woman dont approach bro

    Women don't approach Chads that they are intimidated by. You can be too good looking. Just look at that Nick Bateman interview.