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    another nigger washed game add this to...
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    why are people forced to put aside money for their 401k?

    why not let them invest it in the stock market themselves? because this way the jews have a bureaucracy wall that ensures a large portion of the money stays with them, and most people will die before making a profit of the 401k or they will die before getting any of it.
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    m3gan movie review

    really an awesome movie. I give it a 9/10 great music, special effects. there view of AI is pretty archaic. the movie views AI as 1 inclusive algorithm that just does all (process,decides, and outputs) but there are many actions they show an AI companion should have in the pairbonding area...
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    how would you define awareness?

    while code diving and looking at some AGI code I had this idea if an AI had this unique skill that has a view of all the emotions and actions the rest of it's brain engages in, that could be awareness. the amazing thing is it would be aware of skills it never even met that are added to it. it...
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    recommend macbook games

    too normie
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    Donated $73.31 To Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    or donate for me to rent escort to OTK spank me !
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    if you could recruit any 5 forum posters who would this be

    who are the posters that can get the most traffic for your site? we are not talking about tiktok, instagram or YT personalities this is about forum poster personalities from any forums. some of my top threads got over 100k views for example
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    Donated $73.31 To Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    money down the sewage drain
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    recommend macbook games

    I haven't found any that don't suck. asphalt 8 is kinda nice but way overpriced
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    So aids denial is a thing

    many incel miss out on getting with an escort at earlier ages due to schools propagating the aids lie
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    So aids denial is a thing

    just think about how many foids a single chad harem contains. it's pretty obvious had AIDS been real, we would have seen deaths of harems by massive numbers. but we don't. because aids is a lie.
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    So aids denial is a thing

    1 aids is a lie 2 chad seems free to have sex. incel are not due to feminist societies and high AoC
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    The Need For Eugenics

    flat chested short foids with big feet are better
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    what is the best gyarados build for gen 9?

    only use for splash is to humiliate the opponent, so it's more suited for magikarps.
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    The Need For Eugenics

    the universe will eventually return to the big bang in an infinite loop another possibility is this is a matrix we can't say the sun will be tomorrow with 100% certainty
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    Platelet Donation

    pure unvaccinated blood sells now for 1k$ per donation
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    are you taking any food suplements?

    started taking zinc and magnesium I feel more energetic and clam. could be a placebo effect but it feels pretty real. I read it boosts electrolytes which help the heart regulate shit, and I had money to waste anyways maybe I'll get more supplements like vitamins and turmeric extract. tho it's...
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    I don't understand ppl overreacting to the movie soylent green

    what's the big deal? why do ppl see that as a problem? food is food, and in the movies world it was legal and the best option they had. why is that a taboo?
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    should waifubots have detective skills?

    how would such skills change the waifubot and how would she differ from a pet? do pets have deduction skills?
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    Rate the Prime Minister of Finland