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  1. anakin

    Languages are basically big cults

    languages arent in nature. the language u speak affects ur thoughts btw because u would only think about things that have words existing for it.
  2. anakin

    girls need to start having kids at much younger age

    real education doesnt take more than a few years. modern education is 99% waste of time and takes way too long
  3. anakin

    girls need to start having kids at much younger age

    like 13 or 14. im sick of retard society calling every guy a pedophile for their natural male urge to want to reproduce with the most fertile women.
  4. anakin

    Here's an illustration of how the world is unfair

    shes mad because ur smv is so low and u got rejected. if u ended up fucking the girl she wouldnt be mad she would be begging for u
  5. anakin

    why my looks are so bad

    what i done to deserved this
  6. anakin

    why this forum zero posters

    lol at tor. who give a fuk
  7. anakin

    why this forum zero posters

    need more poster
  8. anakin

    Capitalism is a failure

    its not good economics in real world only looks good on paper
  9. anakin

    my genetics are abominable

    rather die than be a disgrace
  10. anakin

    my genetics are abominable

    do they deserve to continue?!
  11. anakin

    Not having a nordic phenotype is rage fuel tbh.

    im south euro
  12. anakin

    whats at the north and south pole

    government is hiding it for sure. how many times u think they r doing secret operations with no logs of it, going under everyones noses discovering stuff and keeping it a secret
  13. anakin

    whats at the north and south pole

    whats the proof other than them claiming its there. what about north
  14. anakin

    whats at the north and south pole

    theres no way its 'too cold' to be explored. wtf is this shit
  15. anakin

    who built the pyramids

    certainly not just human alone done it
  16. anakin

    the earth is flat for sure

    every religion that beleive in reincarnation also beleive in flat earth. round earth only started from jew nasa america not long ago. there is still not any proof of round earth despite there allegedly 1000's of satelites in the sky orbitting earth
  17. anakin

    When you should Lay Down And Rot

    id rather be incel rotter than MTF. i cant put myself in the gay mindset. i would rather be exterminated than resort to getting fucked
  18. anakin

    what about expertise

    the people with top power rnt gonna be experts on every topic and know whats best they can only specialize to be smart in 1 thing or be average or bad in everything whats the deal with this
  19. anakin

    want WW3 to happen

    civilization needs to be destroyed and start over. theres no way this current faulty system will hold up for much longer
  20. anakin

    low iq diet

    GMO's r a big disaster but fructose is not bad at all. the human body prioritizes sugar for energy