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    About "self-help"

    I am not a moneymaxing expert but these people have a stench of "economic collapse" that is very strong. They make me think they are the vultures feasting on dead carcasses, they try to make a fortune for themselves scamming the masses, which is fine I guess, but I would stay away.
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    About "self-help"

    I discovered that in life only matters status. You can be right as a poor unknown person if you want.
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    are you taking any food suplements?

    I drink boomer energy very often. Take zinc because I was told its good for cooming. I dont know if the supplements work but I like the feeling of taking some pills everyday, if the pills do nothing its even better at least I am not hurting myself much. I took some gymbro supplements almost 10...
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    recommend macbook games

    fortnite is the killer of feminism. - 5 weapons slots - health boosters, pickups, shield - freedom of movement increased (compared to halo or counter strike) - army of 9 yolds love it Fortnite is the key to unlock antifeminist games.
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    Donated $73.31 To Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    yes but I am not very good
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    recommend macbook games

    I think a good game for mac is fortnite.
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    Donated $73.31 To Lviv Vegan Kitchen

    why not donating for me, since I need another soundcard ?
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    if you could recruit any 5 forum posters who would this be

    I was thinking that intolerant socialist was an useful addition for a powerposter, but lately I am changing my mind due to his unwillingness to engage in discussions and his loyalty to the internet right wing that dictates all his views... Here is my list: - Claire lovely could be the trump...
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    I am playing fortnite

    The pros: - you have 5 weapons slots - there are pickups, health and shield, and the speed booster - you can run faster and jump is decent, there is decent freedom of movement, there is also the slide - gameplay is fast and not boring - it is colorful The cons: - the characters scream "I...
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    Platelet Donation

    I donated some money for taboolicious, donated also a couple of bucks for another porn game. But after the bad experience I had I decided to never donate anymore
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    Hey luko

    I am a powerposter too but I dont have much power here. When we are removed by the incelebrities and their circlejerks, we are finished. Unless we create another community and bring all the powerposters.
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    So aids denial is a thing

    I did some whoremaxing but I got no issues from it. Never understood this hostility towards whoremaxing, I would not consider it a great solution but when you are young have balls that need to be emptied. I have nothing else to say. You are young, you need to coomsplode.
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    So aids denial is a thing

    I have heard its fake but I havent investigated. It was probably relevant for genX people, they were told that having sex is bad... not that this changed anything since any form of sex control only hurts incels and favors chads. The genX people can cope thinking that "If it wasnt for AIDS I...
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    'Liberal' dystopia

    I think liberalism can be very totalitarian. First of all liberalism never ceased conflicts. I think american authors of liberalism think like Saint Augustine when they have to justify aggression, something like "we have to spread liberalism and save people from dictatorship", its just a...
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    The hentai first pipeline.

    Hentai first v 1.02
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    Albert Einstein Failed

    Interesting. I found this youtube channel about relativity:
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    I don't understand ppl overreacting to the movie soylent green

    thanks I will watch it tonight
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    what is the best gyarados build for gen 9?

    gyarados should be able to do splash. I am not totally sure
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    which is better ?

    I think the one with longer battery life is better since both will be very good at gayming on poorly optimized games made for android... A random iphone will probably blast both of them away thanks to apple superiority in the appstore compared to lowIQ playstore.
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    virgin forum

    damn bro you will ban me again I am sure of it