About detransitioners born male


When you are born male and want to detrans people don't really care about you or have much sympathy. They are become "loser males" or at least clowns that people just do not care about, that is the consquence of returning to the "male" social category, people just don't care about you anymore unless you are some prominent male.

Often when people born male try to detransition it works out badly for them even if they havn't had any surgeries.

If you had dysphoria that is probably not going away unless you medically transition and if you try to detrans you can expect that dysphoria to return (to the extent it was alleviated by medical transition). If you took the step to transition it was probably that you couldn't deal with the dysphoria that wasn't going away.

To make matters worse people born male who pursue medical transition often have autogynephilia that will be amplified if they go back to male hormones making it significantly harder to repress, you end up having to deal with significant gender dysphoria combined with intrusive sexual thoughts of you being a women and you can fairly easily figure out how that is going to work out for most people who have already before taken the step to transition.


James/elisa shupe
In the case of James (now Elisa) Shupe the detransition was at first social and she only lost access to HRT when the clinics became too afraid to provide that. She also became a mess mentally and got more and more used by transphobes.


She also discovered that when you are born male and want to detrans people don't really care about you or have much sympathy. They become viewed as just another "loser male" and most people will just not care about them.

Eventually Shupe did the right thing by releasing a lot of emails to the public exposing the christian conservatives and TERFs.

If you are dysphoric while born male there will be basically zero genuine support for you if you are not willing to transition, not that support could help much in the first place.


Isaac uncooked
He got a big following on youtube spreading anti-transition misinformation only to eventually crack and start HRT again.



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I cant watch his videos for longer than 10 seconds because the guy or girl, or whatever... basically "It" makes me irritated... Just seeing the face...

But I was thinking this: He has the face of an intellectual, one of those that some years ago could have become a hipster into literature and poetry, he could have gotten laid if he was born 20 years ago when being with his look was considered attractive...

But trannyism ideology got him... if I understand right, first he became woman, then man, then woman... I think he will still get laid, he will get pussy because people like him always get laid and you can do nothing about it... but his chances of getting pussy are severly lowered... just the fact he is taking dangerous hormones makes it harder for him to have a normal sex life... but I could be wrong... I am just saying that this guy got ruined.

In a way, I feel vindicated... and it makes me want to promote transgenderism even more... because if people with his personality traits get into it, then we may have finally found a solution to deal with damned poets and literature pussygetters, we just push them into trannysm and they get rid of themseves.


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In case you are not getting the irony, I introduce bernard shaw for you.

He was one of those poets that women love, and his popularity with women made him very wealthy, and like it always happens people loved by women enter into politics.

he recorded videos and he was part of the fabian society, supported by the wealthiest women in his country... he was well aware of the colonial powers of england at the time and he was thinking of socialism within this context.

At his time, the marxist theories were not cmpletely debooonked like today, and they still had credibility among the upper classes, there was nobody that was not thinking taht marxism was teh future.

This guy here, in his videos, told that it would have been a good thing if we had a tribunal that asked people deemed "unworthy to live" to justify their presence and if they cant, we get rid of them.

I take this poet as an example, to remember the image of an intellectual jerkoff pretentious piece of shit that thinks hes better than me... and I project his image onto all of those who look like him...

The arrogance of the intellectuals, mostly comes from the fact that they are the ruling families of europe, where humanities education was and still is the only education they get.

This is an extreme example to show you the irony... The irony is that the ideology of trannyism is mostly getting people like him, its not getting me or any other poor person.. the irony is that people like bernard shaw now are in front of me and they justify their presence and they have to face existential crysis, not me. Bernard Shaw was wrong, he was in existential threat, not me.


Claire Lovely
He has been active in my spaces for a while and has done both good and bad, eventually we banned him from our discord due to repeated rule violations. He had a habit of ignoring our rules and advice to instead to his own thing.

When he started transitioning he insisted on going to some gender clinic to follow what they said and ignored us when we recommended against spironolactone.

Later he detransitioned and i will now respond to his article.

My doctor who handled the transgender aspects of my care had invited me to a transgender event where I was to help him take pictures for social media. While there, he tried to groom me and attempted to get me to open up my sexual boundaries. He had also revealed that was the true reason to invite me. Additionally, many of the transgender individuals at this event tried to groom me as well, and there was a heavy push to oversexualize me and themselves.
The doctor was likely looking to use his patients to advertise his clinic.
I realized that I could no longer see this doctor anymore or to let him work on my body. I had even heard rumors of him coming onto women while they were on the operating table, but I had in the past dismissed them. Now I realized that he was a predator. He was someone that I trusted and had seen for a while and now I was completely disillusioned.
Why would you need to let a doctor "work on your body" all you need is estradiol injections, you don't need to let a doctor touch your breasts or your balls.
I realized that the process of becoming a woman is just much more difficult than having been born as one. There’s a long process of surgeries and procedures.
Of course it's in the interest of doctors to make you believe that you need to have a long list of surgeries but that's not where the benefit in terms of quality of life comes from


Lab-grown ovaries may be possible in the future, but as of now there isn’t any way to have the body self-produce estrogen in non-cisgender females. This means estrogen must be taken for life and monitored very closely.
No you do not need to monitor the estradiol level. There isn't even any good data on what the ideal level would be in the first place, then what's the point in doing all these blood tests?
Certain surgeries may be able to make realistic body parts, but with genitalia it can be difficult to get these to function the exact same way as in cisgender anatomy.
You shouldn't have genital surgery in the first place, results are bad.

It takes a lot of time and effort to transition, and a lot of problems can occur along the way. For me it may just not be meant to be.
The transition in your case was clearly a bad idea since you were older than 25 and didn't have significant dysphoria/AGP.

Prior I had a misguided view of what woman’s life was like due to overuse of porn and hentai. I had in the past believed that women were actually receiving pleasure in porn and having a good and exciting time. This made me develop autogynephilia and want to be a woman so that I could experience high amounts of sexual pleasure.
Women are recieving physical pleasure from porn and yes some of them do enjoy it. Porn will attract the types of women who want to do these things more but of course there will be cases of women doing it out of desperation/trafficking too.
my feelings of autogynephilia began to fade when I realized that women weren’t living better lives then men. They were in fact subject to large amounts of sexual abuse and violence, and I realized that there were many downsides to being a woman.
Todays societies are bad for people in general and transitioning are not going to just magicially let you escape all the societal issues we face today obviously. Still for many people being a women is a lot more enjoyable for them and often when you are then born male medical transition is beneficial.

I realized that most transgender individuals were fetishized often, especially by men who would have sex with them in private but hate them in public. Most of those who fetishize transgender individuals see them only as “dick girls” or “shemales”
A good way to deal with that is to make sure the guy you are dating is willing to do so publictly.
I realized that there was a complete lack of post-operation porn, and that many predators and pimps just wanted to push transgender individuals to fill this heavily pornified and fetishized role.
Neovaginas look awful in 99%+ of the cases so of course it's not going to be popular on porn sites.
There seems to be an extremely large trans to sex work pipeline. Transgender individuals often are desperate to get hormones or other treatments, and this can force them to go into sex work. They are often times sold the guise that it is empowering when in reality they are experiencing heavy abuse and degradation. I’ve seen many transgender individuals fall into this trap and even promote sex work as a viable option to others. Unfortunately this leads to hyper-sexualization and self-objectification which is very rampant in the community.
Many people who transition want to do these things. They love their female bodies and want to show them off to the world.
Of course, transgender individuals don’t have to do sex work or go on this hyper-sexualized path. The problem is that even if we want to do different things, people will keep trying to push us onto this path, or to just see us as sex objects.
A lot of people who transition are not exactly well adjusted people making it difficult for them to make money in other ways. People who transition often face a lot of struggles and sex-work type of work they can actually perform well.
I realized that even if I got away from the setting of objectification once
Humans are objects and you being a male isn't going to change that, you are still an object, it's just that people don't care for you as much since you are of less value.
I was expecting a similar level of care in transgender care, but I feel that it just doesn’t really exist. There aren’t often cisgender women that are helping to oversee the operations or procedures, but it is often very old men. These old men are usually seeing hundreds of different patients back to back and for them it just seems about maximizing the amount of operations to generate the most amount of profit.
That's because trans people tend to be desperate for official care and the fully legal alternatives available for them tend to be rather limited. Trans people often wait years for official prescriptions, etc even though they could have gotten superior HRT by taking the DIY route, this is another example of the leading figures failing the transgender communities.
When things go well it seems to be fine, but then if there’s complications with surgeries, there’s often little recourse for the individuals. Surgeons sometimes will ignore calls, not share surgical notes with other surgeons, or charge large amounts of money to redo a procedure.
You don't need to have any surgeries.

In you cannot pass without surgery you maybe shouldn't transition in the first place. In most cases with FFS there isn't even much of a difference, people are paying tens of thousands of dollars for very marginal 'improvements'.

During the process of transitioning, I discovered many women who were electrologists that did electrolysis hair removal. They were all very good and I want to continue to see them for electrolysis. However, cosmetic surgery is mainly composed of older men who seem to want to maximize wealth at the expense of patients.
You need to select your surgeon with care since even with FFS you still need to go to the right doctor to get a result that actually improves your life.
failed sexual reassignment or facial feminization surgeries have led transgender individuals to feeling suicidal.
You shouldn't have SRS in the first place.
I’ve seen some transitions that look pretty successful on the outside. One example of a successful appearance after surgery was Remilia. While she looked great on the outside, she was in terrible pain because of her sexual reassignment surgery. She often had to take many painkillers to be able to function. This extreme state of pain is probably what led her to end her life.
That case is tragic which is why we need to warn people against SRS, sadly lefties are doing the exact opposite by deplatforming and banning people for warning about it (especially on reddit).
Even with the possibility of a perfect transition, there is a phase in-between being male and female. These can be some of the most difficult times as dysphoria will likely be extremely high. Outside judgments will also be high and this could adversely effect mental health.
One popular approach here is boymoding but that has other problems unfortunately. Having to try to live sortoff like a male while you are on female hormones is probably not going to be some great experience.
This period may eventually be over, but the time it lasts could significantly impact wellbeing. Even if it is as short as a time span of 6 months, there could be lots of abuse and harassment during this period that could lead to severe suicidal feelings.
In your case you would probably never escape that since you probably had no chance of passing even with FFS.
The effects of estrogen were pleasant, but anti-androgens are also required for transitioning.
No you do not need to take any anti-androgen. Estradiol alone can do the job just fine.

You might benefit from adding progesterone at some point but it's currently unclear if/when it's actually beneficial for trans females.
One that is commonly given is Spironolactone. This medicine often made me very tired. There are also side effects that cause potassium retention, making it dangerous to eat high amounts of potassium.
You shouldn't be taking Spironolactone as a trans female.

If you insist on using an anti-androgen there are better options available such as low dosage bicalutamide (25mg/day or less).




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ok I get it he has personality traits of the slave that follows authority... if the doctor says a thing he does it... this puts him in a condition where people constantly try to take advantage of him...

The example quoted by claire shows that the community tried to tell him "look for info, dont take that drug that the doctor wants you to take", but he listened to "authority", maybe because he thinks its "the right thing to do"... and the doctor was not as honest as he thought he was... this is not to say all doctors are llike that... some are good some bad, some do good some do bad... you gotta learn to recognize...

And as often happens, those with the slave mentality try to blame people who are not in authority, like this guy here... and then you wonder why women are so into people like him? Its simple... hyperconformist slaves are always gettin favors of women... They look "rebellious" on the surface level, but at the end they listen to doctors when its not in their interests they blame poor people for their own doing...


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by the way, you can consider it like in bodybuilding. We are all discovering something that doctors cannot even know... like in body building... Its exactly the same... You dont argue with a fanatic or with a slave, I learned it while meeting many bodybuilders... I met one that was convinced that injecting roids locally makes it so that the muscle grows locally... a lie... but you cant argue with them evne if you are well intentioned.

there is always the fanatic that says "the instructor told me X thing therefore its true"... or also the idiot that says "that guy is big therefore he knows what he is doing" and so on... you dont argue with them you learn to recognize them as bad influences and dont even talk to them.