All religions are bullshit but all are true in some essence that includes mine it is mainly bullshit however it has a part of the truth.


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We are all correct in some sense in this context we are all correct god is the omni god he is beyond all things and he is a immaterial act that much we can get right the rest is dogmatic bullshit and culture has built into us reincarnation is but allegories for the fact you are never the same person you are changing your essence constantly your animal and human nature is fighting constantly their nothing but allegories for this fuck the worship of god rather you think a being all beyond wants worship fuck no worship is a human egotistical idea however if this being is omnibenovlent it fits into its character to help us out think of god as a helper who is their for you but has to be called out to and beckoned to


It is true your religion is false (close to 100% wrong) but this is not the case for vintologi.

Even in it's infancy vintologi was far superior to any other religion and i have spent several years working on the religion. I have several times put vintologi to the test by challanging other people to prove any part of it wrong, every single individual have failed that except for one individual.

That individual is me, i myself look at weaknesses in vintologi and improve these parts to make it more solid. My proof for reincarnation initially depended on premises i lacked strong evidence for but that changed this year and now my proof is far stronger.