Alternatives to medical transition


You might dislike your current sex while not being in a position where medical transition would be beneficial. This is not a very good situation to be in., there is no method that is actually proven to work to effectively deal with gender dysphoria other than medical transition (HRT, surgeries).

You may also be in a situation where you do plan on transitioning but not just now.

Even if you are desperate you shouldn't resort to harmful psychiatric drugs or talk therapy


Dealing with dysphoria if you are born female
  1. you do nothing and just live your life as if you had no dysphora, you hope it will lessen over time
  2. do introspection and try to figure out why you are uncomfortable being female and change what you view as unhealthy thinking to more healthy thinking pattern.
  3. non medical transition (short hair, clothing, etc).
  4. you try to induce autogynephilia
  5. short term testosterone usage
  6. breast reduction (may make breastfeeding impossible in the future).
  7. irriversible medical transition.
If you issue is just gender nonconformity it should be easy for you to find a solution and you and you will not need advice from anyone.

I dont expect my suggestion to induce autogynephilia (common in cis females) to be popular but it's better than having to cut your breasts of or suicide. Taking testosterone will make your sex-drive stronger and thus AGP and AAP will also be stronger.

For genital growth, a 10% DHT concentration, non-alcoholic cream is desired. A typical dosage is 20 mg administered three times a day. Rub the cream onto the glans, shaft and foreskin; it absorbs quickly. A typical length of treatment is three months.

pipermaru84 wrote:

1: I'd further this to say, not just doing nothing but doing the things you love in life, finding things that take your mind off dysphoria, remembering that you are living your life right now and not just waiting for it to start.

2; Good suggestion. I like the visual of picturing yourself as an incessantly curious toddler, asking yourself "why?" over and over again until you find the root of the problem. "Because it's just the way it is" won't suffice for a three year old and it shouldn't for you, either. Interrogate yourself!

Binding might be a short term solution but often exacerbates dysphoria in the long term because you get used to seeing yourself with a flat chest. spend time unbound and get used to the way you look. You don't have to like it, you don't have to think you look good. All you need to do is accept that this is what your body is.

Your brain in neuroplastic so you will adapt over time, thus trying to change your body just to deal with body dysphoria might be counter productive.


Dealing with dysphoria if you are born male
If you are going to try to desist long term your best bet is trying to induce autoandrophilia
  1. regular prostate orgasms (with dildo) where i dont picture myself as anything other than myself.
  2. watch male PoV porn
  3. not watch any other porn than 2.
  4. i will be more politically active.
  5. try to focus on other topics than transgenderism.
  6. take action to improve my general life as a male.
If you instead plan on transitioning soon it's better to go for things such as gender bending anime and crossdressing, you should imagine yourself as a female when you stimulate yourself sexually.

If your issue is being rejected by al females you find somewhat attractive you may have to pay for sex or resort to zoophilia. Some males that are currently being rejected by all females will also be able to escape their situation by making themselves more attractive, this will come at the expense of someone else having to go trans intead to get sex, love and validation.


Giving up your gender identity
Identifying as something you really are not will cause a lot of distress, people may pretend to go along with it but everyone will know that it's really not true. Thus you adoption a gender identity will by itself be a cause of gender dysphoria and may push you to transition.

Gender identity is however not something innate, it's probably the easiest thing to change. You just need to accept the following
  • the notion of brain-sex itself is rather problematic and not yet proven
  • it's very unlikely you actually have a brain of the sex you want to change your body into before transitioning
  • gender identity based on your brain alone (ignoring other parts of your body) is idiotic
  • making gender a central part of your identity itself is questionable.
  • in a lot of cases you dont even benefit from conforming to gender roles.
If you have autogynephilia as a male or autoandrophilia as a female it will be easier for you to discard that gender identity and this will make it easier for you to desist, if you are not motivated by autogenderphilia your dysphoria should be fairly minimal and thus no need to transition anyway.


"just be gender nonconformative"
Many people who oppose medical transition promote gender critical thinking as a solution for people who suffer from gender dysphoria. There are multiple issues with this
0. Often when people are interesting in transitioning it is because of body dysphoria or at least a strong desire to change the body.
1. Being gender nonconformative can cause social difficulties and often it's not beneficial.
2. Often gender roles stem from biology and are not going away.

So what's happening here is that TERF prey on vulnerable people trying to recruit people into their cult offering false hope for people who are uncomfortable with their sex.

Being gender nonconformatative will not change the fact that females as a group are far more sexually desired than males, this is due to biology, males being inherently disposable and the fact that males have to compete with each other for females.

Thinking being objectified is a bad thing might actually cause gender issues in females so believing in feminism might actually cause social dysphoria among females becuase they dislike being a sexual object even though being sexually desireable is arguable a good thing.


FtM transition is a bad idea
My main argument is going to be the fact that a lot of things males historically have offered to society isn't desired anymore. I think males are being artificially overvalued currently due to the monogamy norm but we still have a lot of males with no real purpose in life, this is not really due to feminism, it's simply that technology had advanced to the point where most males are no longer needed in society.

The only thing that could change this dynamic of males being increasingly unwanted (due to committing more crimes, not really needed, etc) is a societal collapse but if that takes place being dependent on testosterone you inject will be far from ideal.

People born female that transition to male will be at a disadvantage compared to people born male when it comes to dating typical females and even if you are able to find a girlfriend as a trans man you will still not be able to make her pregnant and thus it will be more difficult for you to take on the father role.


No they cannot pass easily
Masectomy will leave visible scars that can out them, their faces also tend to have a specific look you can learn to spot.

Creating a convincing fake male genetilia surgically is very difficult.

Difficulties preserving fertility
Males can bank sperm early and then transition fully without holding back

Someone (FtM) wrote but deleted:

Why do these opinions literally never talk about trans men? It's not easy to extract eggs, nor is it cheap to bank them. Forcing a child to go through puberty just for the sake of keeping gametes is ridiculous, especially if other options are available.
There is also the issue that even if eggs are banked you would still need a womb to implant them meaning you probably end up having to resort to surrogacy. You still need a working womb even if you bank eggs

You also need to keep your breasts to be able to properly breastfeed, just breast-reduction can make breastfeeding impossible.

What does the research say?
The following two studies did show worse outcomes for FtM individuals

I predict that future better studies will show that people born male benefit from transition far more frequently than people born female.