Are we gonna get some kinda Trumpbucks?


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I heard he wanted to give out $2,000; not sure what the details about that are or if Congress would cooperate. My guess is that the House might vote against it just to spite him, so he couldn't claim it as an accomplishment. If Trump proposes it, it must be somehow racist or fascist or something, in their view. They're going to feel impelled to view it with suspicion and find some way that it represents how he's a failure as a president. Maybe they'll insist that blacks and Latinos get $3,000 or something, as ongoing slavery and detention camp reparations, before they'll vote for it.

Anyway, I'll probably just spend it on college tuition, if I get that money. I already applied for FAFSA but I heard that it would've been better to have applied earlier, because some states spend their available college assistance money pretty quickly.

I also haven't figured out yet whether it's worth going back to school or if it's going to be a waste of time due to ineffective pedagogy in the field of language study.