arguing is very strange


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99.9% of the time it changes nothing.

yet people would make such complex arguments trying to convince the other side.

argument for a way of thinking and arguments against another way of thinking.

it is also weird to me people can have such different opinions.

and many times arguments aim to hide hidden agendas.

even arguments that could be settled with ana experiment often results in more arguments and dismissal of the evidence.

many valid arguments are actually silenced with catch phrases and ad hominins.

more questions than answers.
what if people couldn't argue?

I guess the biggest effect would be on detective work and lawyers.

but there is also an argument to be made that observation can effect reality itself. the Berstein bears phenomenon for example.


It's not a good method if the goal is to change someones opinion.

It's mostly good as entertainment. It can be about entertaining some audience or about arguing positions for the lulz (without necessarily believing in it yourself).

Arguing with someone is arguably a sign of weakness since if you had real power you wouldn't need to try to convince him/her in the first place.