Awesome card games


Pot Limit Omaha
This is still not as popular as texas holdem but it is very popular at the higher stakes due to being significantly harder to solve.

In PLO you hold 4 cards of which 2 will be selected for a hand, this will be combined with 3 from the table (of 5). Betting is limited to the size of the pot.

While this is still a relatively simple game it is flawed in the sense that betting has to be artificially limited due to starting hands being too close in equity.


5 suit holdem
A fift suit and an additional card can be added so you select 5 cards out of eight for the following

0. 5 of a kind
1. straight flush
2. 4 of a kind
3. rainbow straight
4. flush
5. full house
6. straight
7. 3 of a kind
8. 2pair
9. pair
10. nothing

In order to make it easier to get a straight flush the following hands can be added


The rules for this game has not yet been finalized. It has the disadvantage of requiring a special deck of cards which most people do not have.


No limit stud
5 cards out of 7 are selected just like with texas holdem. There are no community cards.

preflop: 3 cards
flop: 5 cards
turn: 6 cards
river: 7 cards

The rules for this game has not yet been finalized but it is supposed to have the same or similar betting structure as No Limit texas Hold'Em


No limit draw poker
You are only allowed one draw, if you discard just one card then your first card option will be public, if you do not want that you will get a second card that will not be public.

After the second betting rounds all remaining player will show 3 cards of their choosing.


Best of 3 omaha
Its like normal omaha except now there will be 3 (flop, turn, river) meaning you end up with 3 hands and in order to get the entire hand you need to win at more hands than anyone else.

hand1: won by player 1
hand2: split between player 0 and player 1
hand3: won by player2 with player 0 having the second best hand.

Here the entire pot will go to player 1 but if player 2 would have folded then the pot would instead be split between player 0 and player 1.

This can be played without any limit to how much you are allowed to bet.