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She is (or at least claimed to be) a cis female very attracted to trans females who also had BIID (hence: "transable" as part of her name). Reddit wrongly banned her and we should never forgive that. Here are all her posts:

Uw u truscums are really as bad as they say. IF they Identify as faegender that's what they are!! AND you should respect that. People have always been rude to me for being transabled. Ablebodyed people are just privileged assholes. I stopped using my legs to remove ableism. Why cant people just get it? If you are disabled or transabled like me, you are good. If you are abled you are a bigotted, ableist asshole that deserve to burn. And check your privilege!

According to truscums I am valid as I have dysphoria:

I know this is just a joke but you fucking ablest assholes should not be allowed to use my bathroom. Ableist using the handicapped bathrooms are way worse than a man walking into the women bathroom with a camera.

Hi, I just felt like randomly come her to say that I have preferences. And don't want to date you. The fact that I wants you all culled have nothing to do with it, It just a legitimate preferences and my bigotry has nothing to do with why I don't want you.

There is one flaw, you be a man with a girdick! XD
41% joke hahaha trans suicide funny hahaha transes kill themselves hahaha am so controversial and funny please top me daddy shapiro
That just means 59% are trenders!!

They are constantly lurking on detrans to recruit former FTMs. /uj

I think you are being an asshole for not showing your support for her wanting to keep her girldick. Its disgusting how you truscums wants to chop off transwomensd penis because you are insecure about your own. Just because you cant feel 100% female with a beautiful girldick does not mean other cant. The surgery is just a body modification which is valid but, you should remove it because of internalized transphobia.

Hair removal is internalized transphobia. You should be proud of being the woman with a beard that you are!!

What is wrong with my username? Don't you accept transabled people?

JK Rowling is a bigot and a TERF, If read the harry potter books or watch the movies. You are a fucking transphobic bigot. Hogwarts are also ableist, racist and ageist, just goes to show how rotter JK Rowling really are. She is a transphobic white supremacy's. If you liked harry potter you are a horrible person!
You forgot to put /s at the end of your comment.
But everything I said is true.

Stuff that confirm 100% its a fetish: U work at male dominant field. You like girls. You don't pass. Autism. Anime. Post in this sub. Transitioned after 27.
If I only have two of those things, does that mean I'm one of the good ones? please, please let me be one of the good ones, licking boots is my fetish 😜 <3
If you have as much as TWO of them, your definitively a Fetish trans.

After many years and hardships, I have done it. I have found the cure to being a transexual. All you need to do is accept yourself as your current gender and love yourself! It turns out this whole tranny thing was just a mindset! You can thank me never, because I don't want to be see around a tranny! Have a good life fellow trans cis people!
Just ban HRT and surgery, as it is unnecessary. You already who u was meant to be. Also hrt and surgery is just internalize transphobia.
The worst subreddit I've found

Why is this wrong? If transition can improve their life why should they not do it?

they'll just end up regretting it and giving themselves reverse dysphoria
I don't think they will regret it. Its much better to be a woman than a man on average. Mostly it is only ftm that will regret transitioning. Just look on detrans how 95% of them are born female.
They're taking resources from people who need them.
But they are also people who needs them. They use it to improve their life.
If you have dysphoria or not is not the most important aspect of if you should transition. The most important thing to look at should be if transition will improve your life.

if you do not have gender dysphoria transitioning will NOT help you.
Many that have transitioned will tell you the opposite, and what you say mostly only apply to FTMs. As it is vastly inferior to be born male in general. So almost only FTMs detransition.

That's really not true and I have no idea where you're getting that from. It's actually the opposite in many cases, not so much in the western world anymore but in pretty much every other country in the world it's harder being a woman because men have more power.
But that is only because of culture. To be female is better are universally true for every species on eart. They can gatekeep what males get to reproduce. Some kill the males to feed them to the children. Males have to compete to mate. 40% are born unattractive and just meant to die alone. And that's why being male is vastly inferior and just really a cruel joke.
Masculine women are more accepted than feminine men
Being a FTM is like offering your seat away on the lifeboat on titanic. Or voluntary go into military and participate in war. It leads to death, and people will think you are stupid for doing it. But no one will have a problem with it.

That is why every mtf is valid, and they should be respected more than those suckers that stay male.

You just got triggered by facts. Another debate won :)

You should not use the word incel as it is appropriation as you were born female and cant be incel. Anyways I am not incel and cant be as I am female. The superior gender.

you're probably a sad little man who thinks being a woman will get you all the "Chads".
Im not transgender. I was born female. As I already said. Also I have had sex so I cant be incel.

Didn't know female incels existed hahahaha. Anyway you comment a lot about transgender people for someone who isnt trans.
Female incels do not exist. Also I am transabled, so I can understand how it is to be trans.

There are some that chooses to be trans, and they are valid.

But but Disney is known for having subliminal messages in their movies to brainwash kids into becoming degenerates.

Sport is not fair, some are born with advantages over others. Some are born with a body that cant compete. Sport is disgusting in my opinion because it promote ableism, and discriminate against handicapped people. If a girl just happens to be born with the advantage of being born male, it is no different from a girl being born with the advantage of being tall.

This is not funny! You know that there are some trans-woman who get their periods? And that people laugh at them and don't take them seriously when they say so. Putting this joke up here enables discrimination against transwoman who have periods, and it should not be acceptable!! I hope the mods delete your post.

Ben Shapiro is just deep stealth. His way of being anti trans is just the ultimate passing strategy.

I stopped using my legs to remove ableism. Ablebodyed people are privileged assholes.


Transes in 2018 actually im trans and gay. LGB: DROPP THE T!!!

Keep The T
As a Trannychaser I feel that my sexuality is the most oppressed of them all.

"Add the T" its a preference guys. That they want trans people culled, hates them and are transphobic has nothing to to with it. Its just a legitimate preference guys.

Wow look at all those terfs that feel entitled to know your birth gender.

If someone think you should announce your birth gender/past to them, they are entitled, creepy and transphobic.

As a Christian I support u trans right to conversion therapy gays and lesbians.

I wish I could be a transgirl even though I am afab.[/QUOTE]

wow, so triggered by an half bait post. op Is a valid and beautiful transwoman!
Admitting to entering womens sports competitions because you're too weak to enter the mens
Obviously those that do women sport do not actually transition sincerely, clearly just bait from OP. As op is a passing girl that can date straight men and lesbians but not win sports. Those that do sport wants to only qualify for the minimum requirement and they don't care about living as a woman or passing.

I think she is a valid transwoman. Clearly this is mostly bait to piss off terfs, terfs already brigaded the sub and it might get the hate sub itsafetish banned.

They posted this to get the hate subs that you post in banned for brigading.
While making this sub look like a hate sub towards women in the process. Good job OP.
That is your imagination, what hate does the post have? It just tries to explore the possibilities.

transphobes need to disclose before going on dates with normal people

could you imagine if I went out on a date with a transphobe not knowing who they really were? imagine if it went well and we were about to have sex and they were like "I have something I need to tell you... I'm a transphobe." like, come on. at that point, it's just their own fault if they get killed! that's the natural response to the idea of having sex with a disgusting transphobe! it's just basic deception. transphobes 👏 are 👏 morally 👏 required 👏 to 👏 disclose 👏 their 👏 identity 👏 before 👏 going 👏 on 👏 a 👏 date! 👏 otherwise even going to dinner is rape! remember, spread the word, and not your legs, for tranny haters everywhere.
This but unironically. UI/ If they feel entitled to know your past they should announce that they are transphobic before sex.

Looking like female and having females characteristics is whats matter. Obviously you have to talk like a female to, If you talk like a bro you are a man. Those are the things that will make you able to experience life as a woman.

You cant call anyone homophobic when you yourself is trans-phobic. sorry.

Rape by deception what a joke. Your not the only one that can just invent some now form of rape. I can also do that. Just look. When you refuse to have sex with a transwoman you are neglect raping her. Or when you forgot to mention that you were transphobic before sex you were deception raping.

Make Elsa a lesbian I agree. But She should be with a transwoman. To show that you can be a lesbian and like transwomen.

Rape by deception is equally dumb, it just seems like you want to be able to point your fingers at anyone and scream rape. Like if you later regret you can call rape. If you such an extreme world you should also thing about what can happens if the world develops equally extreme in the other direction.
many requiring no body modifications or, really, any discomfort with one’s body at all,
Isn't that just to be happy as your agab, and identify as such.

all I’m reading is I’m a rapist
hmm just, Proving my point. You just want to be able to point your fingers and call those you dislike rapists.

I love being a girl, I just wish I was amab so that I could have a dick. Am I trans?

I just don't understand the just identify as. Especially when people look nothing like what they identify as. To me it is to be cis to not want modifications, you were born the way you wanted to be.

I guess I am not QT then. But I do support transwomen.

Or if underaged person had sex with someone older even without any forcing or rape, they say that person is permanently ruined and say it will have long lasting effects and that whoever that adult was should be put to death sentence.
This is hypocritical. Obviously sex is a big deal and everyone needs to be able to get the time to experiment and develop their sexuality naturally, and not have any creepy grooming going on. Sex between an adult and a child can be a beautiful thing and should be legal. Grooming should be illegal. But the other stuff is just age discrimination against children.

TERF literally claims that not announcing that you are trans is rape by deception.

According to QT they are trans.

By making up word such as deceptive rape you are undermining actual rape, and is a rape apologist in my opinion.

No matter trans or not its pretty clear he deliberately tries to takes advantages exploit and benefit of the woke culture, and people trying to be as open minded and as accepting as they can.

If you are valid or not should be determined if your smv raises from transitioning. Like that it will actually help in improve your life, and attract partners.

I just want trans-phobia to stop. The fight is over when lesbians will date transwoman. No one should tell me I am anything but 100% lesbian when I date trans-girls! And Those that keep their girl part should be viewed as just as valid. And transvestite men should not be allowed to claim a trans identity, Like its pretty obvious if your just a guy that identify and not a real trans-woman.

With the technological advancement the majority of males are becoming increasingly useless and even a burden on society as a whole. Their Bodies are no longer needed for physical work and males as a group do not have any major mental advantages over females.
I think all males should be put on blockers and hormones. I hate men.

You are not entitled to know peoples birth sex. Not telling your partner your was born male/female is 100% valid, and is required as long as transphobia exists.

Thanks I needed this. Truscums told me I cant be a trans girl as I am AFAB, and it made me sad.

Not insane! I think she is a really great mother to support her daughter with plastic surgery. Having surgery and be more beautiful can improve your life significantly. Ugly people earl less, have a harder time to get a job because of looks. Cant attract a acceptable mate. etc. The mother is correct. And should get praised for wanting to spend money on plastic surgery for her daughter.

If AGP is real it does not make you less valid. Having a fetish and getting aroused being a woman makes you even more valid. What you should consider is if transitioning will improve your sex life. If yes you are valid, if no do not transition.

As a female you can also get way less punishment if you get caught with having sex with a minor.

If you get srs you can hook up without revealing your birth gender, and easily have sex with lesbians. This issue can also be fixed if society were less bigoted, its really sad you have to keep secrets because of bigotry.
ng to continue to white-knight for sexual predators then I'm just going to stop because I don't want anything to do with you. Bye.
lol, you were the one that brought it up, even when it was totally unrelated.

I am not pedophile. But I do support them as long as they are not predators.

go into therapy
So you would also support conversion therapy for lgb to then?

You people that are a part of the LGBT should be more open minded.

Some might choose to be trans, and that is totally valid to.

Why do you use a picture of a fucking truscum bigot?

Absolutely disgusting that some call it is called srs or gcs. If you want to keep your girl part you are still a woman. And if you are a girl all your parts are girl parts!
Officially passed my one year mark on hormones! :D [19mtf 1year hrt]
<3<3 <3<3 ;)

How do you know they are trans? Because of the hair color?

Only really the choker is a tell.
12/17/2019, 11:36:57 AM
Also Stop Men from putting female on their dating profiles before they have properly transitioned. As a lesbian I find it really annoying when a untransitioned guys identify as a woman and try to date lesbians.

It also makes me uneasy when I see an actual hot transgirl, as I feel scared that it might be a guy that have manipulated the img with angles and Photoshop. And a man will show up if we go on a date. So please stop this.

regardless of their gender identity.
This is whats makes all this debate pointless. As you have no way of knowing what that person identify as before they tell you. So she would just clearly be a lesbian no debate. As identity is meaningless in my opinion.

But if the trans man actually is a man with a hairy ass and deep voice, they would not be a lesbian at all.

Also there is a accurate word to describe only attracted to natal females: Bigot.
Trans people are more likely on the autism spectrum?

I've heard this many times. Anyone have any anecdotes? Autistic/asperger males have a lot of trouble with dating and relationships. Transition would likely make that aspect of life a lot easier. They can be more passive and if they look good enough being awkward will be seen as endearing instead of creepy.
Your hypothesis is flawed, as most trans-men is on the spectrum to.

An autistic trans man would have an easier time dating as an autistic gay woman than a trans man.
Yes, but for most there is no logical reasoning for transitioning. Its just about how they view themselves. Many FTM end up detransitioning when their life did not improve. As an increased smv after transitioning is what makes you valid as trans, and gives the opportunity to improve life. To actually benefit from transitioning is key to justify it. But we can clearly see many that are extremely non-passing and can never benefit from transitioning, and the reasoning for transitioning is not logical at all, and those non-passing are usually even more likely to be on the spectrum.

Changing your gender is litterateur to change who is attracted towards you. Sex is a big part of gender so having a fetish just makes you even more valid.

So no one can "gatekeep" you as a lesbian but you can gatekeep who is trans?
??? Both are objective terms, nether is something one can choose to identify as in my views. One is based on what you are attracted to and the other one is based on looks or if the transition was a success or a failure.
Also, if you're a lesbian but fiddle faddle a penis on the reg; that's kinda straight of you.
If its on a girl its a girl part.


She claimed to be a trans female who had SRS, i do not share heir views regarding these surgeries (i do not recommend any of these to trans females):

Female privilege. A reality. Does that answer your question?

SRS is not that bad when you get it with a good surgeon and it can ease your dating life and your safety in public as a trans woman.
I'm post op mtf. I'm 14 months out of surgery and I recovered pretty well. I had penile inversion vaginoplasty done with a scrotal graft. I have 7 inches of depth and a beautiful vulva. My clothes fit much better, I retained all of my sex drive, I didn't face any nerve damage and I love looking at my body now when I'm in front of a mirror or under the shower. The vagina just fits much better than a penis. On estrogen you inevitably face erectile difficulties eventually. With a neovagina I can enjoy penetration. I'm bisexual. I love being penetrated by both cis women and cis men. I can wear a strap on if I ever have a desire to penetrate. I don't though.

I often see horror stories about SRS pictured as potential outcomes. While the first few months your vulva is bruised and dilation consumes all your available time, it's not that bad afterwards. Starting at 4 months post-op I didn't feel any discomfort worthy to be mentioned anymore. At 6 months my body was mostly done with healing already and my brains had remapped my perception of my sex organs already by that time. I was penetrated by a young man in his 20s at 7 months post-op and it just felt heavenly. It was very enjoyable for both of us.
I also produce quite a bit of self lubrication from the cowpers' glands. Dilation is not that painful. It's more of a nuisance. It doesn't hurt. Sometimes I replace the dilator with a dildo and it feels amazing to stimulate my vaginal walls.
Orgasms are mind blowing too.

I would say that for me SRS changed my life for the better. It always me to live as close to female as I can. Without this procedure, I don't think I could have had the experience of womanhood I'm having now.

My dating life is much easier post-op. Cis lesbians are willing to date me about 7 out of ten times. They would never have agreed were I pre-op, I'm pretty certain of that. Genitalia play a big factor in dating lives for most people. Straight men with very handsome features are also more likely to be interested in me these days.

My SRS was performed by dr Burin in Bangkok by Preecha Aesthetic Institute. My operation took place in Piyavate Hospital. I stayed in Thailand for 3 weeks until flying back home. I payed 9000 dollars USD for my SRS. I paid 5000$ for other expenses including letters, flights, accommodation and food and drinks, transport and hair removal on my scrotum.

I'm very happy with the results. My vulva looks very natural.

I just wanted to tell my story to tell you that SRS is not as horrific as some people with hidden agendas love to portray it. A well healed result looks quite realistic. Always choose a surgeon with good credentials!

What method did you use for permanent hair removal and what was the process and experience like?
Electrolysis. 20 hours at 100 euro per hour. It was painful but manageable because I was given enough lidocain. I now have no hair growing inside my pussy and it's smooth and soft.

Being a post-op trans girl comes with a lot of privilege.
  • If you pass as a cis woman and you don't have to tell your dates you are a trans woman, they will treat you like a real woman in the bedroom. Trans women who still have the penis are often treated like a cum rag, sadly.
  • If you can keep your trans status hidden and all your documents are updated, you could marry an upper class man and then ask a divorce after a few years and cash out half of his fortune.
  • You can train for sport competitions and actually be better at it than cis women. Your androgen receptors are more sensitive to testosterone so even with low doses of endogenous testosterone produced by the adrenals, you could put on a lot more muscle than a cis woman could. Rachel McKinnon is winning every competition against cis women. She's post-op MtF. You could seriously cash out on prizes and scholarships like that. There's nothing cis women could do about it, since you have a pussy pass.
  • As a post-op trans woman you have easier access to cis lesbians too. You are not obligated to tell them. Contrary to what TERFs tell you cis lesbians wouldn't as easily know that your neovagina is a neovagina and not a cisgender vagina. I'm post-op after visiting Preecha Aesthetic Institute and at 9 months I had a cis woman licking my pussy without having a clue.
  • If you ever commit a crime you will be placed in a women's prison. You will have an easier life than if you were put in a man's prison where you could be subjected to rape.
  • Anal sex comes with a lot of loosening of the colon. That way you will shit your pants easily if you are an androphilic trans girl who regularly has anal sex. If you have a pussy, you won't have to deal with that. He could just fuck your pussy.
  • People will see you as a real woman more easily. As a pre-op / non-op woman people will to some extend still see you as a man.
SRS if done by a good surgeon can look okay and neat.

wow, so triggered by an half bait post. op Is a valid and beautiful transwoman!
Admitting to entering womens sports competitions because you're too weak to enter the mens
Obviously those that do women sport do not actually transition sincerely, clearly just bait from OP. As op is a passing girl that can date straight men and lesbians but not win sports. Those that do sport wants to only qualify for the minimum requirement and they don't care about living as a woman or passing.
Why would someone post such stupid shit if they are a "valid beautiful trans woman"? They are doing so much harm to the trans movement by posting such shit.
To piss off lesbians that neglect rape transwomen. This post might also get the hate subs that you post in banned for brigading.
While making this sub look like a hate sub towards women in the process. Good job OP.
That is your imagination, what hate does the post have? It just tries to explore the possibilities.

To be honest I don't care what you or any other terf thinks. I'm not under any obligation to tell lesbians that I was assigned male at birth. I was horny, she was horny and I made her lick my pussy. That was what it was about to me. If I had told her, she wouldn't have consented because of transphobic beliefs about trans women. So to make her lick my pussy I had to keep my past a secret. I don't regret doing this and I will keep doing it.

Rape in the law is the involuntarily penetration of someone's intimate areas. I do not have the physical means to penetrate someone. I'm physically in an impossibility of raping someone. Sorry to burst your bubble though. Legally I'm not required to disclose my past. If this woman would try to bring me to court, she would have NO GROUNDS to sue me on. She wanted sex with me and she saw me as a woman. The law recognises me as a woman. She consented to the sexual act. End of the story. I won't lose sleep over what you or others think about this. Will gladly proceed.

look at your wording. you MADE someone lick your pussy. to MAKE her lick my pussy. making someone do anything is rape. it’s your own words. how awful.
It's not rape. She consented to lick my vagina. It's not like I forced her to. I just omitted a small detail from my past that is no longer relevant. Big difference. Not rape.

I'm a woman and am recognized as such both medically and legally and on top of that socially. I'm a bisexual woman. My past in the male sex is no longer relevant. She was attracted to my current form. This is who I am and who I am living as 24/7. This is not a costume that I take off after sex. I'm a woman and therefor should not disclose something that is a distant memory. Just like someone shouldn't tell you about a head injury they experienced after falling from their bike at age 10, I shouldn't have to tell about something that is no longer applicable to the person I am today. Thank you.

I'm not lieing. My previous life was a lie. My life nowadays is based on truth. I am female.

The medical establishment and the law recognise me as such. This is not a cosyome that I take off or put on at will. I'm living as a woman 24/7. I'm hormonally, mentally and socially, anatomically a woman. What my body used to look like is no longer of any meaningful importance. Just like you don't tell people about that mole that you had frozen off at age 7, I don't tell people that I had a corrective surgery to correct a defect that is no longer of any importance to the person that I am today. I'm a bisexual woman. The woman that I slept with was a lesbian woman, meaning that she is attracted to women. She was attracted to the person that I am today. Not to my chromosomes or my past that is no longer applicable. Remember: I have been reassigned. I'm a woman for all meaningful intents and purposes. No matter what gender critical thinkers want to label me as, society sees a woman and so did this woman I had a fling with. Thank you.

Looks good.

Did you get lucky with your SRS result or are the clinic just really good?
They are world famous for their pussies. Dr Preecha Tiewtranon started as the first sex reassignment surgeon in Thailand in 1975. He teached all other Thai SRS surgeons. I have full sensation and I enjoy getting fucked deeply in my pussy. It's amazing what they gave me.


He is/was one of the few legitimate mens rights avtivists (instead of being a feminist just opposing the most unpopular excesses of feminism). I am personally not a big fan of his style and his failure to be effective and avoid getting deplatformed. His content were also a bit lacking in terms of quality in addition to reaching some very questionable conclusions.

I still restored his comments since to prevent them from getting lost for good.
The MRM does not have a single platform obviously, but I see this as falling under men's rights issues. To sum up what you said in a slightly different form, laws typically are anti-men, they are typically interpreted in a way that is anti-men, and they are typically enforced in a way that is anti-men. We see this with so many more males than females being imprisoned.

So yes, I see this as a serious issue, and I see it as being a male issue. I am personally prioritizing other issues before this issue, however, because I think that fighting for this issue will only help feminists vilify us. I'd rather get some successes in other issues that are also very serious, build trust and popularity of the MRM in society, and then take on atrocities like these.
Thanks for your well considered response. I can see some merit in what you are saying and I hope you are right that we can address this once the movement becomes more influencial. However, why I keep bashing the sex offender/paedohysteria question is I'm worried that the movement could become "feminised" and I feel a lot of MRAs are failing to see that part of the problem.

America is very bad, however, their puritanism has spread across the world. Every country now partakes in passing crazy sex laws to jail men. Britain for instance is in the midst of a completely mad paedogeddon episode where aging celebrities are lynched and jailed for what will be the remainder of their lives for sex crimes committed half a century ago - without evidence. The only 'positive' thing to come out of it is the media are starting to accuse politicians of being paedophiles too... Maybe that will make them think twice before introducing gas chambers...!
> certainly if attraction to teenagers is considered paedophilia
It's not.

Paedophilia refers to an attraction to prepubescent children.

While everyone has their own tastes, sexual attraction to a person after reaching puberty is natural, especially given that many teenagers can't be distinguished from 18-21 year olds, physically.
The medical definition is prepubescent. The police, public, media and feminist definition is under the very high age of consent - which is set far above puberty. Thus, feminists have successfully defined all men as paedophiles.

Paedophilia is basically just a useless word who's only purpose is in scapegoating. It's no coincidence that it was first coined in the late victorian period during the (puritanical) feminist uprising.

If a 14 yr old and a 40 yr old have sex, the 40 yr old is in a position of authority (as an adult/elder) and may have used that position to make the 14 yr old do something they never wanted to do.
Nope I've refuted the "imbalance of power" argument (amongst many others) here:

Quoting the relevant part:

"There is an imbalance of power in any meaningful relationship. A poor person who marries a rich person is in an ‘unbalanced’ relationship. A person who was educated at Oxbridge and marries someone who never went to university is in an ‘unbalanced’ relationship. A person who is big and marries someone who is small is in an ‘unbalanced’ relationship. The fact is we can go on and on and show that all relationships are infact an imbalance of power and thus ‘abusive’. If there is an ‘imbalance of power’ then that does not mean the ‘power’ is being abused. People should only be jailed for what they have done; not what they might do. It is ridiculous to assume otherwise and completely contrary to the rule of law."

> Also, young kids can't always understand the gravity of sexual acts the way that an adult can. Its been proven that kids' brains aren't fully developed, especially the areas for decision-making and understanding consequences.

This argument is also discussed and shown to be false in the above linked article by me. The section of particular relevance: "The notion that ‘children’ lack intelligence is blatantly false. See for example research on

It suggests that infact intelligence may peak between 13 to 15 and that the modern concept of the ‘troubled teen’ is in fact a consequence of puritanical western indoctrination."

MAP = Minor Attracted Person. It's a more specific term than the common word 'paedophile'. The term MAP appeared because historically feminist groups had created the 'paedophile' word out of nowhere, no one quite knew where it came from, and no one quite knew what it meant. The feminists kept deliberately shifting the term and making it mean different things. Sometimes paedophile meant attraction to small children, sometimes it meant attraction to teens, sometimes it meant consensual sex with teens, other times it meant forcefully raping teens. By constantly using this slight of hand to confuse everyone the feminists were able to get away with making consensual sex with teenagers be legally treated as rape with very little protest.

Hence, the term MAP (Minor Attracted Person) was born to denote specifically someone who is sexually attracted to those under the legal age of consent, whatever the legal age of consent is.

Actually it would go down as the definition of "sexual abuse" would (rightly) be narrower thus resulting in less crimes being committed. The explosion in "paedophiles" being found everywhere has come about entirely due to changes in the law and culture that define consensual sex as abuse. Time to abolish all the feminazi laws. Every. Last. One.

Yes you've hit the nail right on the head. Though I don't think it's specifically a "liberal" thing (whatever a liberal is). The idea that if it's illegal then it's immoral seems to be a very cancerous undercurrent in our society. Perhaps even worse than feminism (!!!!!!!!!). Or perhaps it's actually a symptom of feminism. Perhaps the idea that if it's illegal then it's immoral is just a consequence of people trying to be in self-denial that their government can be as fucking evil and vile as it is. Hmm...

Everyone is selfish. Even Social Justice Warriors like you! Infact *especially* Social Justice Warriors like you! Perhaps you're criticising us because you're secretly a closet paedophile trying to hide your own paedophilia by vilifying others? Or perhaps you're a sexually jealous woman? Hmm...?

Well this woman did: Also many cases of consenting relationships - often destroyed by the police state - are documented on this website:

If she says she likes it in the van then it's not fucking kidnap! How retarded can you be? Of course, you are right, your own brain dead feminazi laws dictate that if a child goes off with a man then he's guilty of kidnapping her even if she agreed to it all along. Which is fucking absurd.

So what is your problem? All of us think you have such an ugly personality that none of us would have sex with you whether you are 13 or 40. But the point is other (more intelligent/mature girls) would ;)

"rape is about power" ahahaha... No it isn't that's a stupid feminist idea put out by Susan Brownmiller in the 70s. Rape is actually about SEX not power.

However a dear friend of mine was killed in prison after he was unjustly jailed for watching child porn and for having a consensual relationship with a 7-year old girl
That sounds absolutely horrific. You should work to get every last fucker in the chain responsible for his death (police officer, judge, jury, prison guards, prison managers etc) convicted for murder!

Sorry. I'm not a helpless 5-year old.
But you have the wisdom of a 5-year old. Sad!

My town is filled with 14-16 year old mother's. No thanks. All of the babies were 'intentional' apparently.
That's why teens should be doing it with older men who are in a better financial position and more responsible. The way age of consent laws are enforced just results in teenage girls grooming ignorant teenage boys who don't realise that they will be placed on the sex offender register and/or raped and killed in prison.

Yup, I know it's a very unPC position to take, but then so was Trump seen as very unPC but then... He got into the whitehouse!
The fuck is your username?
It signifies that there is a 21st century holocaust going on of men being caged in feminist "sex offender" concentration camps. But yeah I agree some people find it confusing/not obvious. There's a poll on my site to rename my blog, feel free to participate :)

Yeah, it’s not great.

Edit: I looked on your blog, you want to abolish the age of consent? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Don't change the name of the blog. Just delete it.
If you support the age of consent then you are supporting violence. The age of consent is wrong and has locked up and destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men & boys.

Spend some time thinking about it. And do some research. Don't just believe the feminist lies & sophistries.

The age of consent protects you people from people like you who think, and I quote, “TeensAreAdults.”

And, by destroying the lives of thousands of men and boys, do you mean punishing them for abusing children/teenagers? If the age of consent wasn’t a thing then it would allow people to take advantage of underdeveloped children who don’t fully understand situations they are in - thus feeling obliged to consent.

It’s not fair that this would be real consent as they may not be able to completely know what is about to happen and how it will affect them.
You are a horrible, horrible person.
The age of consent allows police officers to entrap "underdeveloped children" and jail them on some "age of consent" technicality. The most common age for an individual to be convicted for a sex crime in the United States is merely FOURTEEN. Your arguments are beyond idiotic. Do some reading and use your brain. There are 101 other reasons why your arguments are stupid, many of them discussed in some way on my blog or you can read other writers opinions such as Eivind Berge or Tom O'Carroll both of whom will have different opinions to me but both will agree that the age of consent is too high and sex laws destroy lives.

And btw, you sound like a pretty horrible person yourself. SJW.

What's with the down voting on here? You guys call yourselves "libertarians" and then think it's OK to jail a man for child pornography for the rest of his life.

If you are against child porn (aka FREE EXPRESSION) then you are NOT a libertarian.
Child porn is not free expression. It is the exploitation of a minor.
That sentence is complete and utter rubbish
You are probably complete and utter rubbish.
You are probably complete and utter rubbish.