Best from Ksenia


Ksenia is an infamous trans female, she has talked about doing self-surgery (FFS) and can react very badly if someone explain why one of her beliefs are false.

Ksenia: Are you trans?

Zesto: I'm a crossdresser looking to boost my estrogen.

But I want my account deleted because I don't want to post on a jizzy coding forum.

Ksenia: Are you on HRT? I am on estrogen.

Zesto: No, I just drink milk with growth hormones.

I like the way traps look, I think trannies end up looking off.

Ksenia: Disgusting. You are not trans nor non-binary. You are a run of the mill submissive gay man.


u/ksenu on reddit:

In Western countries, women are encouraged for being women in everything they do. They are given scholarships just for being women, etc. At this point crying sexism is just an excuse for poor top performance.

We can eat only starting 7 pm until 3 am I am planning to take 100 mg spiro and 4 mg progynova 7 pm and same dosage 3 am

Thats going to be only during Ramadan month ( 30 days only ) after that i will go back to my previous Regimen
Spironolactone is a duirectic, not suitable for use as an anti-androgen. Taking your HRT in a single dose instead of spreading it will significantly affect the pharmacokinetics because oral E2 has a short half life (few hours). Whether it will affect the end result, there is no way to know for sure. What we do know for sure is that beliefs in a personal god is a delusion. You are possibly impairing your transition results for a delusion.

how could HRT help COVID-19??
Estrogens increase immune response. Davis et al. (2017) found that mice given estrogens recovered faster from influenza than mice deprived of sex hormones. They found progestogens to have the opposite effect.

Has anyone used any supplements or topical creams for breast development? I have substantial chest dysphoria but am not in a place to start my medical transition is there anything on the market or available that I can do or take to help mitigate those feelings and help with a little bit of breast growth?? Has anyone tried anything this? If so how did it effect you when you started HRT?
“supplements” is a vague term in this context. It means nothing concrete. It is used by sellers of pharmaceuticals to try to evade regulations for pharmaceuticals.

Order HRT online and buy it in secret. You can hide the changes. Remember, every day you postpone HRT is one day more of masculinizing on androgens.

There are 3 main types of sex hormones: androgens, progestogens and estrogens. Among those, to feminize it is in practice a sufficient and necessary condition to suppress androgens and you have significant estrogens. This is achieved by administering an anti-androgen and an estrogen or a high dose of an estrogen that will suppress androgens on its own.


She (and Trump) was right about Hydroxychloroquine?
She wrote earlier that studies did show it to help and the following doctor reached the same conclusion.



Ksenia has an interest for programming but she never posted about it on this forum. She has talked about having automized matimatical proofs but i have not looked into her works regarding that.

Our relationship was unstable, eventually she just blocked me completely.