Boomer labour leaders in Britain fantasize about shooting Corbyn supporters, call critics 'anti-semites'

The transcripts show that Mr Corbyn’s economic adviser Ali Moussavi said of Mr Corbyn to other senior staff in 2015: “We need to finish him.”
Press officer Sarah Brown responded: “Hanging and burning does seem like overkill.”
Mr Moussavi said: “We can figuratively do that but not literally."

After Ms Brown commented “you don’t get my joke,” Mr Moussavi responded: “I didn’t think it was a joke.”

Then head of broadcasting Jo Green said that any Labour MP “who nominates Corbyn ‘to widen the debate’ deserves to be taken out and shot.”
Then policy communications officer Dan Hogan added that a staff member who “whooped” during Corbyn’s speech “should be shot.”
And senior staff member Sarah Mulholland said she hoped that a young Labour member on the left of the party, who it was acknowledged has mental-health issues, “dies in a fire.”

Then audit director Mike Creighton responded: “That’s a very bad wish, Sarah. But if he does I wouldn’t piss on him to put him out.”
The report states that party staff are expected to act impartially regardless of who the leader is. But it shows that many of the Labour HQ staff who were “aligned to Labour’s right” had worked to directly undermine Mr Corbyn since 2015.

This includes purging his supporters during the 2016 leadership election and working to hinder his campaign in the 2017 snap general election.
The report includes claims that then governance & legal unit director Emilie Oldknow expected staff to “fabricate a case” against people “she doesn’t like/her friends don’t like” because of their political views.

During the 2015 leadership election, her department and others internally described their work as “hunting out 1,000s of Trots” and a “Trot hunt,” which included excluding people for having “liked” the Green Party on Facebook."