Console gaming is finally dying


It used to be the case that gaming on consoles was very easy while it's difficult to play on PC but these days it's very easy to play on your phone or on your PC. Consoles dont really offer that much these days with a possible exception for nintendo switch.

You always have the option of building a PC if you want max performance, sure you may miss out on a few exclusives but in return you can play a huge library and also have fun with emulators. When you have a PC you can also use it for productivity.

xbox one x was good for it's price at launch, at least if you want 4K gaming at bad framerate (less than 100 fps) so i suppose it suits some people but if you look at sales number it's not doing too well.

Even nintendo switch is kinda unpractical, it's easier just to have one device (your phone).

xbox one + PS4 + WII U: 163 million

xbox 360 + ps3 + wii: 274 million

the switch is doing well but's it's the only successful portable console now.

Breath on the wild on the switch runs at just 30fps which is unplayable.
Consoles will not die, they are supported by most "casual" to "semi casual" gamers. Basically with a console you pay $400-500 ish up front and don't really have to worry about the system beyond that. You know that all of the games made for it will be able to run even long into the console's lifespan.

PC has a lot of pluses but there are also some minuses. While it can be cheap to build an average PC, a hardcore gaming PC is going to cost a decent chunk of change, much more than the $400-500 you may spend on a console; this is especially true if you want powerful components. Not to mention that you'll probably have to upgrade parts or the entire PC if you want to stay at the cutting edge. These expensive parts can also break (things do happen) and will need to be replaced.

PC is a lot more in depth and with that come more nuances and a higher price tag. Consoles are quite accessible to the masses meaning that they will never truly die unless their price tags start to come into the PC price range. This is all without mentioning console exclusives. This current gen alone PS4 basically built their console of the exclusive titles they boasted. While some Xbox titles are available on Windows, PS and Nintendo exclusives aren't which further convinces people to buy a console.
Most causal players do not buy a system specifically for gaming.

A PC will last longer than a console even if you dont upgrade it, you can just lower the graphical settings, especially if you are willing to accept console settings and failing to hit 30fps.

I am pretty sure wii have more games running at 60fps stable than ps4.


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Choosing PC over console is a wise decision. When you are rotting and bored by all the awesome games you are playing, you can learn cad softwares, 3D modeling softwares and much more.