Console gaming is like using internet explorer


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Console gaming is similar to browsing the internet using old outdated internet explorer who never supports the new features.

Gaming on consoles is like being 10 years behind, you see things that for we PC gamers are old and you consider them a novelty.


A good example of this is 120hz

1440p120 has existed for over 7 years but it's only recently consoles started to even support it

both xbox series X and PS5 have good enough hardware to do well at 1440p120 but it's unlikely that it will see any significant support among games because consoles typically sacrifice framerate in favor of visuals (which is idiotic).

If you could install windows on xbox series X it would be a good buy but it's very unlikely they will ever officially support that, instead they will probably do everything they can to prevent you from doing that since they want to have full control over the hardware you paid for.