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So to build an extra site i see 2 main options

1 get a set up like cucksons:
A prq webhost, which starts at the minimum
Of 78nis per month, prepaid i guess
And a domain
Then go through the whole setup.
2 use a2 which would cost roughly 200 bucks a year, but with cpanel, and they have cucked rules, so it would be a minute gain
Of the xenforo which is basically a bunch of badges, reactions and likes, and rounded

I already had a 2nd site with godaddy and no one even registered, it was beautiful, it just stood there for 6 months with me shit posting to myself.

Maybe its more about knowing i have the ability to do it than the thing itself.


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You are learning the hard way how difficult it is to get active users.

@Leucosticte failed a lot before he had success with
He just had luck.
It was ww3, and cho, they posted edgy shit
Than promoted him on reddit of all places.
Than belle and her cuck army promoted him.
Than news cucks promoted him. All luck.
All just so he can be the biggest cuck.
The gines record pedo cuckold.


Actually he followed advice i gave him, this is why his website took off.

btw: now have .se domain for just 5 sek (first year) i think you can use that service as American but i am not sure.


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Configure Server
Hostname: eg. server1( Prefix: eg. ns1( Prefix: eg. ns2( Password:

it want me to fill it, dont know how