Countries to flee to


Leaving your country is a drastic and sometimes neccessary step to take. The fact that you leave does not mean you give up on the country you leave behind, now with internet being politically active does not require you to live in the country you are trying to change, living far away is actually safer since the power structure may target dissidents in various ways.

You dont want to be forced to take harmful psychiatric drugs (community treatment order or psych ward torture) or be jailed becuase you fucked a 13 year old girl.

Age of Consent = 14
language = Estonian
imprisonment rate * 100000 = 187
murder rate * 10000000 = 319

Age of Consent = 15
Language = Icelandic
imprisonment rate * 100000 = 37
murder rate * 1000000 = 30

Age of Consent = 13*
language = Spanish
murder rate * 10000000 = 594

* fucking anyone under 18 can still be illegal depending on circumstances

Age of consent = 14
Language = German
Imprisonment rate * 100000 = 94
murder rate * 10000000 = 118

Age of consent = 15
language = Swedish
imprisonment rate * 100000 = 43
murder rate * 10000000 = 114

Psychiatry laws are bad but mentally ill people are still ignored due to lack of resources (including people that want to be taken in).

The swedish culture is rather bad but it may be changing to the better.

The swedish public sector is dysfunctional in general and thus having people close to you that you can rely on is important, the dysfunction does also have significant upsides, you are less likely to get convicted after breaking the law (copyright, Age of Consent, hate-speech, etc).


Moving within the united states
The worst laws tend to be implemented by states and not the federal government.

I will now go over the states with no laws for forced drugging and, this is useful for avoiding brain-damage and other horrible iatrogenic effects. It's expensive to operate mental hospitals and thus you are generally safer if they actually have to take you in to chemically and physically torture you.

Age of consent = 16 (bad)
imprisonment rate = 150
Homocide rate = 200
violent crime rate = 3381

Age of Concent = 16 (bad)
imprisonment rate = 338
Homocide rate = 230
Violent crime rate = 2074

Age of Consent = 16 (bad)
improsonment rate = 584
Homocide rate = 620
violent crime rate = 5411

Age of consent = 16 (bad)
improsonment rate = 343
murder rate = 770
violent crime rate = 8850

Age of Consent = 16 (bad)
improsonment rate = 407
murder rate = 860
violent crime rate = 4687

age of consent = 18
murder rate = 740


How to flee
If you are hit by a community treatment order or are stuck in some other bad situation you might have to resort to simply fleeing because fighting isn't realistic. In Sweden some courts for forced treatment trails side with psychiatrists 100% of the time meaning you have no real chance of winning in court against these quacks.

If you are going to essentially leave everything behind including your cellphone, just removing the SIM card isn't enough to remain safe

Do not talk about this to anyone who can find out your real identity prior to fleeing and do not contact anyone about what happened to you.

Just getting away can be tricky and the price for failure is high. Once you have modified your appearance it will be easier, next step is getting a fake identity.

Of course it will be far easier if you have someone from the outside helping you out but finding someone willing to do that will be difficult.


Surviving once you have fled
A tent can be used for shelter.

There are several ways to get food including
  • Finding edible food that was thrown away
  • Soup kitchens
  • Using money you saved from earlier
  • Using money you made somehow
  • Begging for food directly (this is risky, you want to avoid attention).
If you are female you will probably be able to rely on males for resources and things will be easier for you, if you however are male then you will probably be on your own.

Cash and other valuables can be stored in the ground (under dirt).

You can store valuables in your rectum via a condom.


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Aoc dont mean much when you are an incel.
So to expat what do you need to do?
What are the procedure to get citicenship
Transfer your money
Buy a house
Get a job or secure income
Social security
Studying a new language can take years

But the us is collapsing


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Remain in Europe. I can go visit Ticino, they speak my same language and they know my kind because a lot of sexual tourist buy their services.

It’s useless to be a sexpat if you live in Europe.