Darwinian vintologi


War morality
There is nothing inherently wrong with war. By war, you can expand your borders or your population like the vikings did, strong men will be able to rape females and the strong men will be able to advance in the crushed society. Peaceful societies tend to be dysgenic while war-societies allows for the strong males to impregnate a lot of females. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, no matter how clever the constitution you craft you will eventually end up with totalitarian government, government tend to become more big and powerful over time if they do not collapse.

Currently killing civilians is considered a war crime but this is of course nonsense, why should killing the civilian cowards be considered a bad thing? If anything killing brave capable soldiers is worse. It is important that soldiers get rewarded for their bravery by spreading their genes a lot if they survive, this cannot be fair individually(Breivik is unlikely to get any children) but it can be fair in general.

When you crush the country you invaded they shall all be killed or made your slaves. If she/he isn't desired as sex-slave by hetero/homosexual males of your country she/he may still be useful for medical experiments or target practice. The new slaves shall be given a citizenship of class D, they will not all be treated the same, the ones that fought on your side shall be rewarded with the best form of D citizenship or even C citizenship while the low quality humans that remained loyal to the old government shall be given D-citizenship of the worst kind resulting in them not having any rights at all.

Winning a war requires you to be brutal, the laws of war only apply to the losers and can be used to further humiliate the losers. By using weapons of mass destruction and committing war crimes you will be able to win easier and you will save the lives of your own soldiers. If one hydrogen bomb doesn't won the war why not send 10 more?


About race
While there is a differences between human populations 29 there isn't any clear way to divide humans into races 30

If humans consisted of distinct races we would not see the continuum in the picture to the right, there isn’t any good source for the data in the picture above but the same phenomenon can be seen for most/all characteristics when comparing different groups of humans.

If the population of a race increases the probability to reincarnate into the race will be come larger and the probability to reincarnate from the race to another one will become smaller. If a race become extinct the souls will most likely reincarnate into different human races.

Your soul has no gender or race but you will with time get used to your body(mostly the brain) and be likely to end up with something similar the next life, the probability for reincarnation decreases with genetic distance.

South East Asians have bigger brains and slightly higher average IQ than the average for white countries 31 white people have much bigger bodies and are viewed as much more attractive by males and females. white people instead have much stronger bodies and are a lot more attractive, asian males are very unattractive 32 33 in additional to ugly faces they also suffer from small penis size and weak bodies.

Northern Europeans do not have the highest average iq but we have typically have very attractive bodies and are thus sought after by humans all over the planet.


About racemixing
Egalitarians have argued that people of mixed race are in some ways superior to people of unmixed race, and therefore race-mixing is desirable. This seems inconsistent with their position that there are no significant genetic differences between races, but egalitarians are not strongly committed to consistency.

Due to mutation and selection, the longer a population has been isolated from other populations, the more likely it is to have acquired alleles by mutation that other populations don’t have. Intrabreeding passes those alleles around within the population, so that people within that population are more likely to share alleles than are people from different populations , i.e., that population is more homozygous than is a population formed by combining that population with another population.

Now, when two populations interbreed to form a hybrid population, each parent population has accumulated, over tens or hundreds of thousands of years, a unique set of alleles that is close to the optimum for the particular environment it has been in, and that environment includes the environment its own members have created, e.g., their history, culture, and accumulated knowledge. Inevitably, the two parent populations have lived in different environments, and the hybrid population will live in the environment of one or both of the parent populations. Thus, the hybrid population will not have the collection of alleles that are most advantageous for either of those environments, a substantial loss of fitness, i.e., their likelihood of successfully reproducing is lessened.

When man makes a plant or animal hybrid, he carefully selects which offspring he will let survive and reproduce. Nature, too, selects ruthlessly and destroys thousands of crosses from different populations, leaving few, if any, hybrid survivors. (Patterson, 1999, p. 95). When the Caucasians arose, for example, there was no government aid to the less capable, and those who did not possess the most advantageous traits of both the Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals simply died without issue. The very existence of the Caucasians in Europe proves that they, the hybrids, were more fit in Europe than either the Cro-Magnons or the Neanderthals who begot them.

With miscegenation today, however, few of the hybrids fail to survive and reproduce because food, shelter, medical and dental treatment, and social services are provided for them, whether or not they are sufficiently productive to pay for them. Instead of letting natural selection take its course, as it did when the Caucasian hybrids were born, the state requires the more fit to reduce their own chances of surviving and reproducing in order to enhance the chances of the less fit surviving and reproducing. Any farmer with an ounce of sense knows that all his plants and livestock are not all genetically equal, and so he selects his seed for his next year’s crop from only the best of his plants and animals; only egalitarians tell every seed that with a little manure it can be the equal of any other seed, however unfit it is.


Genetic engineering
The probability for archiving a hybrid vigor will increase with the use of genetic engineering, it makes it possibles to combine desirable traits from two or more groups of humans.

Contrary to popular belief GMO is perfectly safe when done right and it has incredible potential 34 Homo sapiens superior can be created much faster when genetic engineering is used, it will give the parents the option do design their future children instead of relying on luck only.

Beneficial mutation sometimes occur 'naturally' but it is rare and it takes a long time for it to spread, thousands of years years in the case of blue eyes. An beneficial genetic change may require many basepairs to change possibly making the improvement irreducibly complex and thus not archive-able via natural selection.

You only need to introduce a new superior gene once, after that it can be passed on naturally via sex. You may choice to have children naturally probably resulting in less fit children but then your children may have to fix the fitness issue via technology instead, even people with much better genes than typical will have some bad genetics too.

Initially ordinary humans reproducing without genetic engineering will be left behind, they will live miserable lives desperately searching for meaning when there isn’t any. With time it will be harder and harder for unmodified humans to survive and eventually there won’t be many if any old humans left and the world will be a very different place.

The progress will initially be held back by the desire to create humans able to breed with old humans, eventually new incompatible species will be created and some will be many times(if not hundreds of times) more intelligent than the old humans.

Genetic engineering when done in a proper manner will not lead to peace, instead it will accelerate evolution and create new conflicts. A intelligent enough organism will conclude that there is far too many useless humans and decide to exterminate a large number of them if possible, eventually rationality will win and a lot of humans will die.

You are unlikely to benefit from the creation of a new genetically engineered species the next life since the probability for reincarnation decreases with genetic distance, it may even be detrimental since it may result in less bodies of your own genetic type.

Examples of unnatural selection are forced sterilization, the welfare state, executions, selection of sperm or egg when the parents isn't biological. Technology also allows for genetic engineering and selecting the best outcome from several fertilized eggs to avoid genetic disease and disability such as Cystic fibrosis.

Genetic manipulation of humans is very controversial but there is very good reasons for making the population more intelligent by natural or unnatural selection. The goal should not be to make all perfect with iq 160 but to increase the genetic material of humans in general, we still want great genetic variation between individuals and races.

With Genetic Engineering it will be possible to drastically reduce sickness, if implemented properly there will no longer be a lot of people that suffer from cancer, cystic fibrosis, bad vision and other condition where genetics are important.


Survival of the fittest
Making huge genetic modifications to your children does not make sense of an evolutionary perspective since it would be a big difference between you and your ‘offspring’, without natural selection the people that refuse to alter their genetics will replicate themselves and become more and more numerous despite being very unfit.

Pa rants without good genes that hasn’t spent to money needed to create design-babies will see their children left behind without any true purpose in life, this is already the case for many individual resulting in them desperately trying to find a meaning, they will never find a true meaning since there isn’t any.

When the genetic engineering is done in a decentralized manner the result will be more and more powerful and independent thinking humans being created, this combined with artificial intelligence will result in people no longer relying on the state and anarchy will created, a lot of humans will die.

Harsh competition for survival results in bad genes being weeded out of the gene pool and thus a more healthy population. You may realize that you yourself does not have very good genes we still in general benefit from doing our best to survive and multiply, your children might be lucky and end up having better genes than you.

Genes that leads to suicidal behaviour will not last and thus with time in a certain environment suicidal behaviours such as using contraceptives will become less and less common. You should of course never ever use a condom or even worse take pills than ruins your sex-drive, prevents you from getting pregnant now and also have severe risks including death, that is suicidal.

By having a lot of children with individuals that also have good genes you improve the chances of also having good genes in future lives. You have an interest in people with high genetic quality spreading their genes a lot even if you are not closely related genetically, reincarnation to an individual of a different race is possible even though the probability is much smaller.

Humans have already tried managing breeding with dogs and it has been a total disaster where the easiest solution is to start over again from wolves and kill existing dogs for food. Most humans simply lacks the intelligence needed to do good choices when it comes to human genetic engineering and breeding in general. Civilization in general has lead to a lot degeneration among humans similar to what we see with dogs(less intelligence and aggression).

The need for the intelligence of the wolf was not a prerequisite for our domestication of them, we did not need it, and the early portion of the formation of the dog was in a change of eating patterns by pack rejects that started following human settlements and surviving on our refuse.

Diminishing their hunting intellect, by which we further exacerbated by obstructing the natural selection within their species by altering their breeding environment to meet our needs. Dogs no longer died from stupid mistakes because they had humans to aid them, hunting intelligence was diminished because of

food dependence upon humans etc etc. These were all unconscious decisions that led to the regression of the dogs cognitive capacity relative to the natural wolf.


Medical quackery
A lot of people have been weeded out from the gene pool using so called “alternative medicine” which is ‘medicine’ that currently isn’t evidence based. Effective medicine often have side effects that are harmful while useless medicine often lacks bad side effects since it doesn’t really do anything.

Distrust and dissatisfaction with established medicine has driven a lot of people into the arms of quack doctors, some of these are actually delusional enough to believe that their so called treatment actually works wich is very rarily the case.

You can use resources such as https://sciencebasedmedicine.org and https://www.quackwatch.org/ to protect your self against charlatans and other people trying to sell you bad ‘threatments’. In general you can trust the medical establishment since it is based on merits and isn’t very democratic.
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Healthy living
A lot of people want to live healthy but are confused, a diet promoted as healthy might actually be very bad for you. By looking at what humans have eaten during the last in the past you get a decent idea about what food is healthy, you can further improve your understanding by looking at scientific studies.

Not eating enough meat can result in very serious health consequences 35 36 how long you last on a nutrient deficient vegetarian diet will depend on several factors such as your DNA 37

In addition to muscle meat muscle meat you also want to add some organ meat such as grass fed beef liver and foie gras.


Over consumption of alcohol is very damaging to the entire body, especially the brain 38 39 studies showing benefits of small alcohol consumption has been questioned 40 overall even a small amount of alcohol is bad for you. If you are in a situation where drinking alcohol is socially expected the proper solution is to pretend getting a bit drunk, this will also allow you to avoid a lot of dangers.

There are some potential benefits with a diet very low in carbs 41 42 43 but for most humans it's probably ideal to get about half your calories from high quality carbs.



You need to find a diet that contain all the nutrients you need, doesn’t harm you and that you like to eat. If you are unable to stick to a particular diet it doesn’t matter how healthy it is.



Alternatives to heterosexual sex
Humans need orgasm for their mental health and well-being, orgasms are very helpful for processing emotions. Abstaining from masturbation, porn, etc is not beneficial for survival and reproduction since it will cause a lot of mental stress and results in less productivity and success with the opposite gender.

It is getting harder and harder for males to get accepted by females, It will only get worse for most males. Fortunately Heterosexual males can also enjoy sex with other males a lot, this was common in the roman empire and the ancient Greece. When males no longer need females for sex it will be a lot harder for females to control the males via their sexuality.

Sex with females does not even offer males proper relief, a prostate orgasm is needed for true male pleasure but many males are not willing to go there, instead they have boring vaginal sex with females that treat them poorly. If you are not willing to have sex with other males using a dildo for relief is an alternative, additionally this has the advantage of lowering the risk of prostate problems.

The male sex drive is many times stronger than the female sex drive, sex is a male biological need and when most males are unwilling to have sex with other males rape females or substitute the need for female sex in other ways the result is likely to be extreme gynocentrism or feminism.

Alternatives to sex with females may not be an effective way to combat feminism since females today have a lot of options but reducing the power females have over males is a good thing in general 44

There is of course many issues with taking away the female freedom; not many males would be willing to support hard patriarchy, female sexual selection will be eliminated resulting in less beautiful males, who should have power over the female? (often the father is not suitable for that power). If we want females to be free without gynocentrism being rampant we have to accept widespread(cultural) homosexuality and not just biological homosexuality.

STD:s may become is an issue with increased non-biological homosexuality. The current issue with sexually transmitted diseases is to a very large part important and it could be resolved without resorting to strict monogamy or banning homosexuality.

Porn and masturbation has the advantage of zero risk for STD:s while all forms of sex comes with risks, porn makes it possible to see a wide variety of females and sex with little effort, this leaved time for more important tasks. A lot of people have claimed that porn is very addictive but this is very far from the case, gambling are far more addictive and are also unlike porn financially dangerous.

Abstaining from masturbation may be beneficial during short periods but if you deprive yourself of sexual satisfaction too long ít will result in low libido, high levels of neuroticism and also low testosterone for males. Frequent masturbation will also lower the risk or prostate cancer 45 prostate stimulation may also be useful for improving the health of the male prostate.


About contraceptives
Birth control pills are harmful towards females 46 if you are female you should never take them for many reasons. If you are a female you should be selective and only have sex with the best among the males, the losers must be rejected.

If you are not willing to have children with an individual you probably should not have sex in the first place, never humiliate yourself by having so called “protected sex”, by using a condom as a male you are essentially reducing yourself to a cuckold. If a female allows you to fuck you without condom it is likely that she actually likes you as a male instead of just using you as a wallet/similar.

If you are smart enough to realize you do have some poor genetics you should probably still have children since most stupid people are unable to accept their own inferiority, thus you should always have as many children as possible and let the weak ones die when the society collapses.

Anal and oral sex are fine alternatives if you are not currently interested in having children. If you are male you should not care about unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, since it can end up costing you money but that is no big issue, if you are intelligent making money should not be too difficult and there is currently the option of abusing government welfare.


Sex is not just about reproduction, it is also about bondage and pleasure. A good relationship between the man and the females is good for the female and the children, everyone will benefit from great sexual experiences. ideal sex is humiliating and highly degrading where the one being fucked are powerless at least for the moment, a male pervert being able to do anything he wants to a girl.

Ideal sex require a powerdynamics where someone is being constantly himiliated and dominated.

Oral sex
deepthroating requires a long enough penis and a skilled female, if the female is unwilling to perform deep-throating force may have to be used. If a female is new to deep-thraoting abstaining for food a period before the sex is recommended. the saliva in the throat will be useful as lubricant for anal sex.

She shall be humiliated by having cum in her mouth and swallowing, she has to be a good girl or she will have to be spanked or punished on other ways for misbehaving.

Spanking is done with a palm, belt or another flexible object (tubes for watercooling are good). When the female doesn't do a good job deep-throating physical punishment is suitable.

When you look down upon the female you fuck the sex will become good and this is why polygamy results in better sex. With polygamy a lot more females will become wives of good-looking psychopaths and males will be forced to take females they dislike as partners resulting in much better sex(spanking and rape)

Anal sex
Anal sex is even more fun when the female doesn't want to have it. If she tries to escape due to pain she has to be restrained by in some way such as bending over a couch armrest or lying on the floor with the male over her. If she is still able to resist tape or handcuffs can be used to further restrict her movement. You may want to clean your rectum before getting fucked in the ass.

Males can also enjoy receiving anal sex, dildos or female fingers can be used instead of actual males.

She will feel a dick inside her going in and out waiting eventually her pussy will be filled with semen with sperm that will move it’s way towards her eggs, if one impregnation attempt failed she will have to be fucked over and over again until she becomes pregnant, there shouldn’t be any way for her to escape pregnancy and childbirth.

For pussy-fucking a cock of big girth is preferable, too long length may actually be a disadvantage here.
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Pain and hardships
Do we really want to live in a world when no one experience pain or any other kind of suffering?

Suffering and pain is a natural part of your lives, it allows experiencing reality the fullest. We go out of our way to avoid hurt, dodge danger and prevent hardships. Yet, it is the triumph over frailties or challenges that define us as strong, resilient, mature and experienced.

Contrary to popular belief, it appears a little suffering may be good for us. It forces us to solve problems creatively, think differently and explore our own vulnerabilities. What if Bill Gates gave up when his first business failed? What if Rosa Parks had chosen a different seat? What if Bethany Hamilton stopped surfing after she lost her arm in a shark attack?

Jungian James Hollis called suffering a prerequisite for maturation. He says, without it, we have no hope but to stay “unconscious, infantile and dependent.”

Researchers have found that life problems force us to think differently and stay intellectually nimble. Finding a new route when a subway line is down, climbing out from under a mountain of debt, figuring out how to get over an ex — all of these little puzzles are miniature mental marathons.


Living your life to the full potential
The human body has many amazing features. Each life will provide different capabilities, by training you can learn many skills and have great experiences even without having any special gifts.

A lot of females today make the mistake of focusing mostly on career and misses the amazing experience of having a large family. As a male i misses that experience and instead have a provider and protector role or simply donating sperm.

Males have strong bodies for good reasons. Most people today misses the experience of wars and if we do participate in a war it will usually not benefit them in the upcoming lives. In the future males might be able to fight wars that actually makes their next lives good. Dying in combat is not a bad thing.


Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh was a very successful aviator that ended up having 17 children with several females. Lindbergh is a good example of an individual that lived life to the fullest.

Lindbergh was intelligent enough to understand that monogamy wasn't for him and his flying allowed him to impregnate females around the world.

Unfortunately his children was not that impressive as him, probably because he did not pick females of high enough quality.

Lindbergh valued nature very highly, now he is dead but his genes live on via his children and future generation will benefit from having his genes.


Pushing your brain to the limit
Logical puzzles may not improve your iq in general but it can be fun and it is a good way to estimate the intelligence. Kakuro and slither link is good examples of logical puzzles. The typical Sudoku puzzle you find in newspapers offers no challenge but there is some good soduko and sudokuX puzzles on the internet.

Regardless of iq you will always come to a point where you no longer understand. Maths and physics provides an unlimited amount of challenge, there is always problems not yet solved. Try solving the equation 0=9x^6-25x^5+81x⁴+42x³+143x²-145x+55

While there is some challenging board-games such as fischer-random and connect6 you are unlikely to gain much in terms of monetary benefit from getting good at them.


There is several forms of poker such as Texas Holdem and Pot-limit omaha. If you are much better than the people you are playing against you profit from playing poker if you put in enough volume, just being a little bit better than the average isn’t enough due to the high rake most poker sites take out.

Higher stakes has the advantage of lower rake in percent(typically) and it also allows you to make more money despite lower win-rate in BB per 100 hands.

Poker requires a lot of intelligence, the best humans defeated all ai programs until 2017 when libratus finally crushed the meatbags, libratus utilized many strategies that at first seams to be bad(tiny bets or huge overbets) but when you analyse the game deeper these exotic plays(betting 0.1 or 20 times the pot) makes a lot of sense.

Victor Blom has amazing talent but he does not value money much and typically play against the best in the world instead of playing against weak players it is easy to make money from, this has resulted in many devastating losses but he is still fine economically.

Sebastian Sörensson(right) is another successful swedish player that won €987043 in a tournament 2017(he got first place but his monetary gain was reduced due to a deal he made). If he was able to build his muscles without AAS it is very impressive.


Many people spend a lot of time playing videogames and generally it is a waste of time and money, only a few games are actually worth playing. There is some good games for the snes system than can be played using emulators:
-addams family series.
-umihara kawase.
-super mario world series(120hz+ only).
-donkey kong country series(120hz+ only).
-super mario world lost levels(awesome rom hack).
-zelda a link to the past.
-super metroid.
We also have more logical games such as classic tetris, at a high level nes tetris requires risk management, planning and of course very good execution.

You should only play games on pc, consoles are just a huge money sink unlike PC:s which can be used for other productive tasks. There is some good free games on pc such as neverball and hedgewars. PC also allows you to play good game series using emulators such as zelda and metroid prime. Games today tend to be made for the stupid masses and this is especially true for typical console games.

If you actually are going to play games you need a screen capable of displaying 120fps, playing old 2d games in twice the speed(120hz) will provide a good challenge.


About immaterial property
It can be very fulfilling to create something new such as a videogame or a new novel. Maybe you will also be able to improve existing games or get inspiration from a current fictional story. By creating culture you are also able to influence people, this is much more effective than trying to argue with the masses, storytelling is a very powerful way to influence people. The development of AM2R was stopped by nintendo despite the fact that it was very different from the old game.

The main reason to publish material should be to make it available for future lives and to experience the joy of creating culture. Patents currently lasts 20 years and you will be required to publish all important details on how your invention works and this is sensible. Currently copyright lasts 70 years after all content creators is dead and this is insanity. The following reforms need to be made
-no software patents.
-copyright should last at most 30 years, preferable 20 years.
-copyright laws should not cover closed source software.
Currently copyright laws inhibits creativity by making it illegal to do improved versions of 100 year old work, the only winners with the current laws is a few companies with a lot of old material. Complete new concepts is rarely invented, most ideas is mostly previous ideas merged or modified. Innovation is mostly about incremental improvements, competitively new concepts is rarely invented.

Patents generally results in a high technology society where a few companies dominates. Patents may results in quicker technological advancements but we have to ask ourself if we really want the technology that is being developed via patents. Patents gives a company a monopoly protected by the government, this benefit big companies that have the resources needed to fight other companies in the court.


About high technology
Ted Kaczynski wrote an interesting manifesto about the downsides with technology and a lot of what he wrote is true. Technology and socialism currently makes is very easy to survive but it will be difficult in the future, the population of humans has been increased exponentially and eventually it needs to end.

One important factor Kaczynski does not mention is the fact that the difficulty of getting a female has increased with the technological advancements, when females no longer need men they get more picky and a lot of unattractive men get weeded out of the gene pool.

With technology, it is easier for a few individuals to get a lot more power, technology makes armed resistance a lot more difficult and fewer people will be needed to keep up the government.

Advanced technology is a huge advantage in wars and we saw this in the Israel-Palestine conflict. With high technology you can kill your enemies in massive numbers with minimal casualties.

Advanced technology and science has made it possible to understand the world in a way that previously was impossible, this religion could never have been created without high technology and science.

Internet is decentralized in theory and allows for people that are interested to find a lot of good information, unfortunately not many people have the will and intelligence to separate the facts from the fiction. Internet has changes the playing field but it remains to be seen if internet will bring down the current system or if it only will make it worse.

Internet allows us to be anonymous but it also allows for the government and companies to collect information about most people easily, being fully anonymous on the internet requires skill and discipline most people lack. In 2016 the ZK-snarks technology was finally good enough to allow anonymous messages and value transactions.

For a long time the unfit masses has been able to reproduce without major difficulties, this has resulted in a population explosion and a constant drop of genetic average iq.

Technology has allowed humans to exterminate many species and hunt others to the brinc of extinctions, a lot of wale species was almost exterminated due to whaling, before high technology hunting big whales was impossible at any significant scale.


Nature & environment
Unfortunately due to human overpopulation wildlife suffers and species gets exterminated in record numbers, these species will probably be lost forever which is a shame, it will take millions of years for nature to recover from the damage done by humans the last 100 years.

This neglect of our environment and sick focus on human lives has is a result from spiritual sickness, people fail to understand that they will suffer in future lives for their sins against nature. Often hunting is justified by stating that the population of the hunted animal is too big but in reality only humans needs to be hunted currently, we must consider hunting other humans instead of wildlife for meat.

You may want to live as a lion or tiger in a future live but if these animals are exterminated that will not be possible, today there are more tigers in captivity(as pets) than in the wildlife and maybe the tiger will not even survive in the wild, a truly sad development. Some species such as orcas and sperm whales have much bigger brains than humans 47 48


There is no master race
No matter what group of people you look at you do not find anything worth preserving in it's current form. All groups of humans are riddled with genetic diseases, have low average IQ and cannot properly satisfy females sexually.

There is no such thing as an ideal human, the ideal genetics will depend on the environment, what's ideal for earth isn't even close to ideal for living on mars, most likely a sustainable colony wouldn't even be possible.

Humans have come very far when it comes to dominating the planet but we have done very poorly when it comes to colonizing other planets and our civilization isn't sustainable. All our current advances is due to a small elite humans and the rest of humanity have benefited a lot from their work.
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Ignorance and the lemming mentality
Most people are lemmings, they do not spend time to research important topics, instead they trust some authority and this is of course a lot more convenient. Most people are capable of basic reasoning if they actually try.

When a ‘correct’ decision isn’t rewarded it will not make economic sense to spend the resources needed for the decision-making, some people may still do it but most won’t. You cannot expect normal individual to spend time researching austrian economics or racial biology.

There is no shortage of examples of humans acting like lemmings, most people believe in a religion proven wrong by science, a lot of people deny the science of biological gender inequality 49 50


Science vs religion
A religion does not have to be incompatible with science but almost all religions are. As science progresses it becomes harder to construct a religion that is fully compatible with the known knowledge and the need for religion to give a (often nonsensical) explanation will decrease.

Darwinian evolution explains how species evolved without the need for a god. Gravity explains how planets orbits the sun without the need for anything supernatural.

Examples of religious beliefs compatible with science are reincarnation, life on other planets and the beliefs that the our universe is one of many.


Vintologi compared to nazism
There are few similarities between nazism and vintologi, even when goals are similar the methods for reaching said goals are very different.

According to creativity(nazism turned into actual religion) this life is the only life and i simply cannot accept this view. There is no valid reasons to believe that this life is the only life, for me it is obvious that our soul is eternal and this life is only one in and infinite series. There is only evidence for reincarnation, there is no evidence against it.

The 16 commandments of creativity makes no sense nor should any other statements be considered holy or infallible. Creativity in general is simply too focused on the white race and jews. The religion can be summarized with 2 words “nazi garbage”
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The Jews
Despite their small population, Ashkenazi Jews have won more than one quarter of the Westinghouse Science prizes, the Turing Awards, and Fields Medals. 54 percent of the world's chess champions have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Among National Medal of Science recipients, 37 percent have Ashkenazi Jewish backgrounds as are 29 percent of U.S. Jews have won 38 percent of American Nobel laureates in physics, 42 percent of Nobel laureates in medicine or physiology, and 28 percent of U.S. prize winners in chemistry. In the United States, Ashkenazi Jews comprise 33 percent of the student body and faculty at Ivy League and other elite universities, and 30 percent of the U.S. Supreme Court law clerks.

Albert Eintstein gave us the theory of relativity 52 53 but he failed to come up with a more unified theory(many people have since tried and failed).

Ashkenazi Jewish achievements is not only limited to intellectual pursuits, but also endeavors where having a higher intelligence is an advantage such as business and commerce. While some of the jewish domination can be explained by in-group lojality it is very unsufficient as a complete explanation.

According to unreliable sources the Ashkenazi-jews have very high logical and linguistic iq while there spatial iq is a bit lacking 54

The Jews are not a single race, they are very diverse and it is only the ashkenazi jews that have good genes, the rest of the jews are just useless eaters. The flaw in judaism is that an individual is considered to be a jew iff his/her mother is a jew and genetically this makes no sense and the result is a multiracial/raceless identity group.

Since there is some issues with the current elite we need a new better elite that will outcompete the jews that doesn’t belong to the jew elite. The jews ludvig von mises has contributed a lot to our understanding of economics and the issues states have, he has proven that communism cannot work.

The Ashkenazi jews has managed to remain as a destinct genetic group for thousands of years, their psychology has been shaped by them living as a minority for a long time, they seam to prefer multiracial societies since it takes to attention away from them and this explain why a lot of jews favor mass immigration of Muslims that hate jews.

Ashkenazi-jews in the USA and many other countries are now assimilating into the larger culture and they no longer restrict thenselves sexually to other jews(50% mix themselves with whites), if this continues the genetic part of the jewish question will be solved, not by fake shower rooms but simply the fact that the US population doesn't hate jews and accepts them into their society.

Israel is also very far from being an ideal ethnonationalistic country
-no genetic test is required to become an israeli citizen.
-being married to a jew is enough to become a citizen.
-no iq-test is required to become citizen.
-israel has not expanded it borders much besides stealing land from the palestinians.
-arabic jews dominate the israeli population resulting in an avarage iq of just 97.
Thus, Israel isn't a good place for ashkenazi jews, it's a very bad place for them. While judaism is a very racist religion it is unfortunately very primitive and not compatible with science, defining jewishness after motherhood is just stupid and the pedophile mutilation ritual “Metzitzah b'peh” is just wrong on all levels.

The general concept in judaism is to do what’s best for the jews but unfortunately for the jews judaism is a very primitive religion not adapted for our modern society and knowledge. Some more intelligent jews has instead adapted a scientific but still artificial morality such as libertarianism.


There is no absolute morality
Humans in general have a need to be told what to do, instead of following their heart they base their decisions based on bibles, constitutions, laws and other artificial constructs. Some libertarians believe in the gay “non-aggression principle”.

Christians has their stupid 10 commandments. In Cosmotheism good and bad is based on how it affects the genetic quality of the humans.

In Christianity people breaking the rules are supposed to go to hell and burn for all eternity, well that seams better than boring heaven. The belief in karma is common where simps are supposed to archive good karma but that is of course nonsense, genetic distance and possibly your own free will is what actually determined reincarnation and your ability to control your future lives is very limited, it does not really matter what you do.

Our society has many norms and moral dogmas, many of these has been challenged already and there is more to come, there is no case where something is absolutely bad or absolutely good, you may try to come up with an example such as rape or torture but if you use your own brain you are likely to arrive at the opposite conclusion
-torture can be fun for the individual doing the torture.
-a lot of people have rape fantasies and want's to experience it.
-there is a lot of teenager that want's to have sex with older humans but fucking a 14-year old is illegal in most countries.

Instead of worrying about whether or not your actions are moral you should focus on living a good life and also good future lives, fuck females, win money playing poker against losers, write a novel, start a family, etc.


About Nihilism
There are several forms of nihilism 55 but the concept in general isn't compatible with vintologi. Nihilism is simply the logical conclusion from the premise that your consciousness ends when you die.

Moral nihilism, also known as ethical nihilism, is the meta-ethical view that morality does not exist as something inherent to objective reality; therefore no action is necessarily preferable to any other. A moral nihilist would say that killing someone, for whatever reason, is not inherently right or wrong.

Let's say you have a gun and are able to kill without getting any punishment, you may decide to kill a few ugly people in order to increase the chance of being beautiful in the next life but maybe the people you killed were important in other regards and thus the result may be the opposite. Your actions does have consequences and these consequences will build up over time due to the butterfly effect, you might be changing the world to the better now without realizing it.

The morality in vintologi is probabilistic, if you like your genes having a lot of children will improve the probability of having genes you like in future lives. In vintologi your ability to control what happens in future lives is almost zero and it is also very difficult to know how your action in the current life affects future lives, this is similar to trading stocks where it can be very difficult to predict the results of your actions.

Vintologi may seem to be nihilistic and the similarities are there, it does invalidate the moral concerns humans typically have.
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William Luther Pierce
William Luther Pierce was a very intelligent individual. As a young individual he graduated and work in the solid state physics field, later he discovered the realities of race and begun to found the Nationam National Alliance which was very prominent until after he died where it quickly turned to shit.

Pierce focused too much into trying to build his organization and to little on getting as many children with females of high genetic quality, he only had 2 children and none of these took over the NA.

Many racial aware like the teachings of dr. Pierce and use him as a prophet. Unfortunately there are many issues with his teachings:

Cosmotheism is nonsense and i doubt pierce believed in it himself, it was probably just a failed attempt to get tax exemption 56 there is no objective standard for fitness and thus what is “higher evolved” is purely subjective. South East Asians have higher average iq than whites but are they really superior? in cosmotheism it is never explained why we should care about the future after we have died.

Females tend to select high quality males as husbands, it is natural for females to regard most males as unattractive. It is natural that some males dislike the social change towards polygamy since they are being rejected by most females, often these males dream of a traditionalist society instead of just giving up and killing themselves. There is no need for an authoritarian government for racial improvement.

In the NA program it is stated a strong state is needed to save our race and the reality is of course the complete opposite to that. Eventually we need to get rid of the state completely and archive anarchy.

Pierce promoted centralized resistance, this is one of the issues with “the turner diaries” he wrote, vis latter novel “hunter” is a lot more realistic and one of the groups in that novels are just “friends” and they had no actual organization, this is vastly superior.


Decentralized resistance
The failures of the National Alliance after Pierce died has shown us that the concept of an “elite vanguard” is nonsense, Pierce failed to attract people of good enough quality in order for his organisation to survive after he died and everything the organization did(including video game development) can and has been done a lot better outside the National Alliance.

Decentralized resistance against tyranny is the only thing that actually can work, in the unlikely event that a leader is competent the government can go after him(this happened to Matt Hale). Any armed resistance must consist of lone wolves and small cells 57

Building an elite organization will not really work, organizations tend to attract low to medium quality people, the best among us will not accept being controlled by anyone. Even without any government interference decentralized resistance will still be a lot more efficient. Central control is always very inefficient compared to a competitive environment where people exchange ideas freely without having to follow any leader.

The concept of Leaderless Resistance was proposed by Col. Ulius Louis Amoss, who was the founder of International Service of Information Incorporated, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Col. Amoss died more than fifteen years ago, but during his life was a tireless opponent of communism, as well as a skilled Intelligence Officer. Col. Amoss first wrote of Leaderless Resistance on April 17, 1962. His theories of organization were primarily directed against the threat of eventual Communist take-over in the United States. The present writer, with the benefit of having lived many years beyond Col. Amoss, has taken his theories and expounded upon them. Col. Amoss feared the Communists. This author fears the federal government. Communism now represents a threat to no one in the United States, while federal tyranny represents a threat to everyone. The writer has joyfully lived long enough to see the dying breaths of communism, but may, unhappily, remain long enough to see the last grasps of freedom in America.

In the hope that, somehow, America can still produce the brave sons and daughters necessary to fight off ever-increasing persecution and oppression, this essay is offered. Frankly, it is too close to call at this point. Those who love liberty, and believe in freedom enough to fight for it are rare today, but within the bosom of every once great nation, there remains secreted, the pearls of former greatness. They are there. I have looked into their sparking eyes; sharing a brief moment in time with them as I passed through this life. Relished their friendship, endured their pain, and they mine. We are a band of brothers, native to the soil gaining strength one from another as we have rushed head long into a battle that all the weaker, timid men, say we can not win. Perhaps...but then again, perhaps we can. It's not over till the last freedom fighter is buried or imprisoned, or the same happens to those who would destroy their freedom.

Barring any cataclysmic events, the struggle will yet go on for years. The passage of time will make it clear to even the more slow among us that the government is the foremost threat to the life, and liberty of the folk. The government will no doubt make today's oppressiveness look like grade school work compared to what they have planned in the future. Meanwhile, there are those of us who continue to hope that somehow the few can do what the many have not. We are cognizant that before things get better they will certainly get worse as government shows a willingness to use ever more severe police state measures against dissidents. This changing situation makes it clear that those who oppose state repression must be prepared to alter, adapt, and modify their behavior, strategy, and tactics as circumstances warrant. Failure to consider new methods and implement them as necessary will make the government's efforts at suppression uncomplicated. It is the duty of every patriot to make the tyrant's life miserable. When one fails to do so he not only fails himself, but his people.

With this in mind, current methods of resistance to tyranny employed by those who love our race, culture, and heritage must pass a litmus test of soundness. Methods must be objectively measured as to their effectiveness, as well as to whether they make the government's intention of repression more possible or more difficult. Those not working to aid our objectives must be discarded or the government benefits from our failure to do so.

As honest men who have banded together into groups or associations of a political or religious nature are falsely labeled “domestic terrorists” or “cultists” and suppressed, it will become necessary to consider other methods of organization--or as the case may very well call for: non-organization. One should keep in mind that it is not in the government's interest to eliminate all groups. Some few must remain in order to perpetuate the smoke and mirrors vision for the masses that America is a “free democratic country” where dissent is allowed. Most organizations, however, that possess the potential for effective resistance will not be allowed to continue. Anyone who is so naive as to believe the most powerful government on earth will not crush any who pose a real threat to that power, should not be active, but rather, at home studying political history.

The question as to who is to be left alone and who is not, will be answered by how groups and individuals deal with several factors such as: avoidance of conspiracy plots, rejection of feeble minded malcontents, insistence upon quality of the participants, avoidance of all contact with the front men for the federals--the news media--and, finally, camouflage (which can be defined as the ability to blend in the public's eye the more committed groups of resistance with mainstream “kosher” associations that are generally seen as harmless.) Primarily though, whether any organization is allowed to continue in the future will be a matter of how big a threat a group represents. Not a threat in terms of armed might or political ability, for there is none of either for the present, but rather, threat in terms of potentiality. It is potential the federals fear most. Whether that potential exists in an individual or group is incidental. The federals measure potential threat in terms of what might happen given a situation conducive to action on the part of a restive organization or individual. Accurate intelligence gathering allows them to assess the potential. Showing one's hand before the bets are made, is a sure way to lose.

The movement for freedom is rapidly approaching the point where for many people, the option of belonging to a group will be nonexistent. For others, group membership will be a viable option for only the immediate future. Eventually, and perhaps much sooner than most believe possible, the price paid for membership will exceed any perceived benefit. But for now, some groups that do exist often serve a useful purpose either for the newcomer who can be indoctrinated into the ideology of the struggle, or for generating positive propaganda to reach potential freedom fighters. It is sure that, for the most part, this struggle is rapidly becoming a matter of individual action, each of its participants making a private decision in the quietness of his heart to resist: to resist by any means necessary. It is hard to know what others will do, for no man truly knows another man's heart. It is enough to know what one himself will do. A great teacher once said “know thyself.” Few men really do, but let each of us, promise ourselves, not to go quietly to the fate our would-be masters have planned.

The concept of Leaderless Resistance is nothing less than a fundamental departure in theories of organization. The orthodox scheme of organization is diagrammatically represented by the pyramid, with the mass at the bottom and the leader at the top. This fundamental of organization is to be seen not only in armies, which are of course, the best illustration of the pyramid structure, with the mass of soldiery, the privates, at the bottom responsible to corporals who are in turn responsible to sergeants, and so on up the entire chain of command to the generals at the top. But the same structure is seen in corporations, ladies' garden clubs and in our political system itself. This orthodox “pyramid” scheme of organization is to be seen basically in all existing political, social and religious structures in the world today from the Federal government to the Roman Catholic Church. The Constitution of the United States, in the wisdom of the Founders, tried to sublimate the essential dictatorial nature of pyramidal organization by dividing authority into three: executive, legislative and judicial. But the pyramid remains essentially untouched.

This scheme of organization, the pyramid, is however, not only useless, but extremely dangerous for the participants when it is utilized in a resistance movement against state tyranny. Especially is this so in technologically advanced societies where electronic surveillance can often penetrate the structure revealing its chain of command. Experience has revealed over and over again that anti-state, political organizations utilizing this method of command and control are easy prey for government infiltration, entrapment, and destruction of the personnel involved. This has been seen repeatedly in the United States where pro-government infiltrators or agent provocateurs weasel their way into patriotic groups and destroy them from within.

In the pyramid type of organization, an infiltrator can destroy anything which is beneath his level of infiltration and often those above him as well. If the traitor has infiltrated at the top, then the entire organization from the top down is compromised and may be traduced at will.

An alternative to the pyramid type of organization is the cell system. In the past, many political groups (both right and left) have used the cell system to further their objectives. Two examples will suffice. During the American Revolution “committees of correspondence” were formed throughout the Thirteen colonies.

Their purpose was to subvert the government and thereby aid the cause of independence. The “Sons of Liberty”, who made a name for themselves dumping government taxed tea into the harbor at Boston, were the action arm of the committees of correspondence. Each committee was a secret cell that operated totally independently of the other cells. Information on the government was passed from committee to committee, from colony to colony, and then acted upon on a local basis. Yet even in these bygone days of poor communication, of weeks to months for a letter to be delivered, the committees without any central direction whatsoever, were remarkable similar in tactics employed to resist government tyranny. It was, as the first American patriots knew, totally unnecessary for anyone to give an order for anything. Information was made available to each committee, and each committee acted as it saw fit. A recent example of the cell system taken from the left wing of politics are the Communists. The Communist, in order to get around the obvious problems involved in pyramidal organization, developed to an art the cell system. They had numerous independent cells which operated completely isolated from one another and particularly with no knowledge of each other, but were orchestrated together by a central headquarters. For instance, during World War II, in Washington, it is known that there were at least six secret Communist cells operating at high levels in the United States government (plus all the open Communists who were protected and promoted by President Roosevelt), however, only one of the cells was rooted out and destroyed. How many more actually were operating no one can say for sure.

The Communist cells which operated in the U.S until late 1991 under Soviet control could have at their command a leader, who held a social position which appeared to be very lowly. He could be, for example, a busboy in a restaurant, but in reality a colonel or a general in the Soviet Secret Service, the KGB. Under him could be a number of cells and a person active in one cell would almost never have knowledge of individuals who are active in another cell. The value of this is that while any one cell can be infiltrated, exposed or destroyed, such action will have no effect on the other cells; in fact, the members of the other cells will be supporting that cell which is under attack and ordinarily would lend very strong support to it in many ways. This is at least part of the reason, no doubt, that whenever in the past Communists were attacked in this country, support for them sprang up in many unexpected places.

The efficient and effective operation of a cell system after the Communist model, is of course, dependent upon central direction, which means impressive organization, funding from the top, and outside support, all of which the Communists had. Obviously, American patriots have none of these things at the top or anywhere else, and so an effective cell organization based upon the Soviet system of operation is impossible.

Two things become clear from the above discussion. First, that the pyramid type of organization can be penetrated quite easily and it thus is not a sound method of organization in situations where the government has the resources and desire to penetrate the structure; which is the situation in this country. Secondly, that the normal qualifications for the cell structure based upon the Red model does not exist in the U.S. for patriots. This understood, the question arises “What method is left for those resisting state tyranny?” The answer comes from Col. Amoss who proposed the “Phantom Cell” mode of organization. Which he described as Leaderless Resistance. A system of organization that is based upon the cell organization, but does not have any central control or direction, that is in fact almost identical to the methods used by the Committees of Correspondence during the American Revolution. Utilizing the Leaderless Resistance concept, all individuals and groups operate independently of each other, and never report to a central headquarters or single leader for direction or instruction, as would those who belong to a typical pyramid organization.

At first glance, such a type of organization seems unrealistic, primarily because there appears to be no organization. The natural question thus arises as to how are the “Phantom cells” and individuals to cooperate with each other when there is no intercommunication or central direction? The answer to this question is that participants in a program of Leaderless Resistance through phantom cell or individual action must know exactly what they are doing, and how to do it. It becomes the responsibility of the individual to acquire the necessary skills and information as to what is to be done. This is by no means as impractical as it appears, because it is certainly true that in any movement, all persons involved have the same general outlook, are acquainted with the same philosophy, and generally react to given situations in similar ways. The pervious history of the committees of correspondence during the American Revolution show this to be true.

Since the entire purpose of Leaderless Resistance is to defeat state tyranny (at least insofar as this essay is concerned), all members of phantom cells or individuals will tend to react to objective events in the same way through usual tactics of resistance. Organs of information distribution such as newspapers, leaflets, computers, etc., which are widely available to all, keep each person informed of events, allowing for a planned response that will take many variations. No one need issue an order to anyone. Those idealist truly committed to the cause of freedom will act when they feel the time is ripe, or will take their cue from others who precede them. While it is true that much could be said against this type of structure as a method of resistance, it must be kept in mind that Leaderless Resistance is a child of necessity. The alternatives to it have been show to be unworkable or impractical. Leaderless Resistance has worked before in the American Revolution, and if the truly committed put it to use for themselves, it will work now.

It goes almost without saying that Leaderless Resistance leads to very small or even one man cells of resistance. Those who join organizations to play “let's pretend” or who are “groupies” will quickly be weeded out. While for those who are serious about their opposition to federal despotism, this is exactly what is desired.

From the point of view of tyrants and would be potentates in the federal bureaucracy and police agencies, nothing is more desirable than that those who oppose them be UNIFIED in their command structure, and that every person who opposes them belong to a pyramid type group. Such groups and organizations are an easy kill. Especially in light of the fact that the Justice (sic) Department promised in 1987 that there would never be another group that opposed them that they did not have at least one informer in. These federal “friends of government” are intelligence agents. They gather information that can be used at the whim of a federal D.A. to prosecute. The line of battle has been drawn. Patriots are required therefore, to make a conscious decision to either aid the government in its illegal spying, by continuing with old methods of organization and resistance, or to make the enemie's job more difficult by implementing effective countermeasures.

Now there will, no doubt, be mentally handicapped people out there who, while standing at a podium with an American flag draped in the background, and a lone eagle soaring in the sky above, will state emphatically in their best sounding red, white, and blue voice, “So what if the government is spying? We are not violating any laws.” Such crippled thinking by any serious person is the best example that there is a need for special education classes. The person making such a statement is totally out of contact with political reality in this country, and unfit for leadership of any thing more than a dog sleigh in the Alaskan wilderness. The old “Born on the fourth of July” mentality that has influenced so much of the American patriot's thinking in the past will not save him from the government in the future. “Reeducation” for non-thinkers of this type will take place in the federal prison system where there are no flags or eagles, but abundance of men who were “not violating any law.”

Most groups who “unify” their disparate associates into a single structure have short political lives. Therefore, those movement leaders constantly calling for unity of organization rather than the desirable unity of purpose, usually fall into one of three categories.

They may not be sound political tacticians, but rather, just committed men who feel unity would help their cause, while not realizing that the government would greatly benefit from such efforts. The Federal objective, to imprison or destroy all who oppose them, is made easier in pyramid organizations. Or perhaps, they do not fully understand the struggle they are involved in and that the government they oppose has declared a state of war against those fighting for faith, folk, freedom and constitutional liberty. Those in power will use any means to rid themselves of opposition. The third class calling for unity and let us hope this is the minority of the three, are men more desirous of the supposed power that a large organization would bestow, than of actually achieving their stated purpose.

Conversely, the last thing Federal snoops would have, if they had any choice in the matter, is a thousand different small phantom cells opposing them. It is easy to see why. Such a situation is an intelligence nightmare for a government intent upon knowing everything they possibly can about those who oppose them. The Federals, able to amass overwhelming strength of numbers, manpower, resources, intelligence gathering, and capability at any given time, need only a focal point to direct their anger. A single penetration of a pyramid type of organization can lead to the destruction of the whole. Whereas, Leaderless Resistance presents no single opportunity for the Federals to destroy a significant portion of the Resistance.

With the announcement by the Department of Justice (sic) that 300 FBI agents formerly assigned to watching Soviet spies in the US (domestic counter intelligence) are now to be used to “combat crime,” the federal government is preparing the way for a major assault upon those persons opposed to their policies. Many anti-government groups dedicated to the preservation of the America of our forefathers can expect shortly to feel the brunt of a new federal assault upon liberty.

It is clear, therefore, that it is time to rethink traditional strategy and tactics when it comes to opposing a modern police state. America is quickly moving into a long dark night of police state tyranny, where the rights now accepted by most as being inalienable will disappear. Let the coming night be filled with a thousand points of resistance. Like the fog which forms when conditions are right and disappears when they are not, so must the resistance to tyranny be.


Anders behring Breivik
Breivik is a nazi that managed to kill 77 political opponents the 22 july 2011, breivik claimed that he just pretended to have less extreme when he was spreading his message via his manifesto and making his case in the court.

Breivik did not need the help of any centralized organization to carry on a very successful lone wolf attack. Other attacks such as the nine murders done my Dylann Storm Roof (also lone wolf) pale in comparison.

Breivik later apologized for not killing more, his car bomb only killed 8 people and he only killed 69 people at the age of 14+ at Utøya.

Breivik is a beautiful and intelligent white(aryan) and it's a shame he did not get a lot of females pregnant before he successfully executed the socialist scum at the Utøya Island, he is still alive but spreading his DNA will be very difficult when he is imprisoned.

The people breivik executed was almost all of low quality, many of them where non-whites, very few if any of the ones that he killed was of any value, most of them are better of dead and reincarnated into a new body and brain, they no longer suffer from the marxist brain pollution they had.

Unfortunately what breivik did could not have resulted in much good politically short term, the issue in norway and other countries are the lack of a proper elite and executing marxists will not remedy that.

Breivik should get rewarded for his heroism, he should not be in prison. I decided to make 22 july an important date to celebrate an important victory against socialism.


Vintologi symbolism and tradition
Vintologi is not about traditionalism or conserving the old christian/pagan traditions/values, it is about creating something new. The vintologi flag below symobolizes our goal of total victory.

The following events is suitable for yearly celebration:
-Winter solstice: 20...22 december.
-Summer solstice: 20...22 june.
-Hitlers suicide: 30 April (1945).
-the fall of the birlin wall: 9 november (1989).
-the retalliation at ut utøya: 22 july (2011).
-the killdozer retalliation: june 2 (2004).
-important birthdays.


About christianity
Recently the christian sexual morality turned to the worse, the legal age of consent has been increased a lot in many countries. Christians also seam to hate masturbation and porn and often use pseudoscience to justify that insanity 58 a lot of male children get's mutilated in the US due to the anti masturbation insanity (it was supposed to stop masturbation but mostly makes sex miserable).

All these problems we face including what I've been researching lately ie. the environment and the population overshoot of the muds races is all a combined and accelerated consequence of being tolerant to erroneous and weak-minded whites and enemies for decades upon decades to the point where now; not only are white people in great danger but the entire planet and nature is in bad shape with white christians feeding the muds and helping them breed ever more. 200+ species are going extinct every day due to this mud insanity. The upside of this is that white libs and enemies won't be able to stop the famines and drought that are already well underway!

There is only between 350-450 million Europeans on earth, do we really need all the rest of the billions that are destroying habitat on this planet?

Some christian racialists turn to “christian identity”, they argue that whites are the real jews and reject evolution as a jewish lie, that should be enough to stay away from the nonsense but of course we also have general problems with christianity on top of these issues.

We should not view whites as “god’s chosen people” most whites should be discarded as the untermenchen they are, they should be weeded out from the gene pool, they method used for that(Genetic engineering, executions, female sexual selection, starvation, etc) is less important.

Living your life according to a 2000-year-old book that has been translated wrongly several times is retarded, sure some of our old life was better(viking girls marrying at 12) but we can arrive at much better conclusions using science and logic. The concept of holy infallible scriptures itself is really flawed, in science you simply use models and with time you improve the models in order to get a better explanation of reality.

While newtonian physics is good enough for some applications more accurate models exist such as general relativity, in science you do not assume something is 100% correct. Vintologi is an ever evolving model similar to science while it also gives life meaning, some parts of vintologi is scientific while other parts are more spiritual or based on common personal preferences.

In general christianity is very anti-nature and also suicidal. In christianity your life on earth is discarded as just a test that will determine if you will end up in fictional heaven or hell (i would prefer hell). Christianity is just boring in general, i want to live a good life, have awesome sex, have many beautiful children, etc.

If you want to think you will end up in another place after death your best bet is on another planet, this is fully possible and i believe that belief will become a lot more common in the future. I would personally prefer being raped, humiliated and having many children as a female in future life, of course i also want my husband to have a big dick when he deepthroat despite me not being willing at the time.

You are a retard if you
-discard evolution as a “jewish lie”.
-believe bible stories to be true 59 60
-do not have sex without being married.


How to manipulate and control people
Humans dislike uncertainty and often convince themselves of some beliefs such as christianity in the absence of evidence and often against existing evidence. When the majority can buy into insane beliefs such as christianity obviously the situation is much worse when it comes to less obvious falsehoods, especially when there is a social incentive to fit with the group.

I would fist recommend reading the book “how to win friends and influence people”, that covers how to make sure people like you if that is your goal.
-give then complements that are genuine.
-do not even criticize people when they do something bad.
-reward good behavior.

Humans respect strength, being nice is actually a weakness and people in general do not respect nice guys, they finish last. Brute force methods is generally a lot more effective.
-make sure people in invest in you, they will have to be nice to you in order to get back what they invested(time/money).
-do not back down if you are in a conflict, make sure the other give up first even if it isn't important at all.
-use punishments to show you are serious.
-punish someone openly to win respect.
-reward people that are loyal to you.

The one being punished may not change his mind but others will, if the penalty is death the opinions of the one getting punished does not matter. When you ban someone from you forum the opinions of the one you banned does not matter. Females generally respond better to punishments than males due to their more submissive nature.

By providing someone with incorrect/misleading information they will make the incorrect decision even if they are intelligent since they applied their reasoning abilities on information that wasn’t particulary correct.


The importance of critical thinking
Differentiating true from false is mostly about intelligence and motivation today, in most cases you have all the information to draw the correct conclusion available but often you fail due to lack of intelligence or research. Most people lack the intelligence to detect logical flaws in lies but if you do have that ability it will be much easier to know if something is true and not.

In life, you will have to make a very difficult decision, remain a part of the masses or cut all ties to the typical people. In order to become truly successful you have to cut all ties with ordinary people and be very selective with your friends, maybe you will have to live your life knowing you have no real friends and no-one that you can truly rely on in difficult situations.


Being a lone wolf
When you are a superior human it is not you that need others, it is others that need you. When you belong to the smartest 1% you will learn the hard way that you should ignore most people and only listen to a few, even if it is a few that tells you stuff you do not agree with 61

Did you know 91% of all traders lose money? in order to be truly successful in trading you have to do things differently such as trading against a trend or buying during panic 62


Your personality
Your personality is simply learned behavior and some key neurological traits. One scientific model for personality is the five factor model 63 adhd can be viewed as simply being very low in conscientiousness which is an Executive Function Deficit Disorder 64

Many people today claim that “you should be yourself” and also have detailed standards for acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, this is not a contradiction if you have been shaped by our current societal standards. Our current society has many standards of good and bad that is imposed on us from early age, this is called upbringing or nurture and consists of pollution the brains of young people.

Breivik went from being a geek to a mass murderer and hero. You can also change to the better, in line with who you actually want to be. Ultimately it is you that decide which type of person you want to be, changing can be difficult but with time the new personality will become natural.

What people call immaturity is simply people not yet having conformed to all the standards our society tries to impose upon us. What we have today is conflicting standards which creates confusion and also more real freedom.

Your soul does not have a personality or even gender/race. When you repeat a certain behavior with success(such as talking to an audience) it will become natural for you. How people behave change a lot with time, your free will, genetics and environment determines your personality.