Darwinian vintologi


Quantum consciousness?
Consciousness as an emergent property from classical computations would not allow for free will and would also make it possible to copy the consciousness or uploading it into a powerful enough computer. Stuart Hameroff usually mentions that the single cell paramecium in fact can do a lot of things(learning, mating, etc), in his theory the computations occurs in the microtubules.

One quantum theory of consciousness is “orch of” 65 66 it was developed by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff.

Roger Pensore has suggested that the collapse of the wave function(quantum mechanics) occurs by itself after a time depending on how large the separation in space-time is. There is many issues with the “orch or” theory but other theories are also problematic.

"orch or" builds on the "penrose interpretation" of quantum mechanics which hasn't been confirmed yet experimentally, there are also a lot of other assumptions that need to be experimentally verified before we can be confident "orch or" in particular is true.

Quantum information cannot be copied or destroyed, only transferred, thus you cannot copy or destroy a quantum soul, it can only be transferred.

When we understand consciousness we will also understand reincarnation(if possible) and also understand ourselves better. Maybe the lemmings is people where true consciousness failed to develop, i have never been a lemming so i do not know. In any case i doubt this hard problem will ever be solved in our current corrupt society, even if someone comes up with the solution the other people will be too stupid to see it as the solution(same with other fields in science).

Currently a lot of people are afraid of death, i am personally more concerned about our race and that i might not get necessary things done before i am dead. Only weak men is afraid of the unknown and requires an imaginary heaven of something.

Interestingly Roger Penrose's interpretention of quantum mechanics implies pantheism since the self collapse of the wavefunction would happen everywhere.

Generally the problem with orch or is that it might not be possible to have to quantum computations of that scale at that temperature, Hameroff mentioned that a spin have properties required to work on large scale. Even if quantum computations on large scale(brain) isn't possible in normal temperatures it does not mean that quantum computations doesn't happen in the brain.

Recent advancement in AI has shown that artificial (classical) neural network can outperform all humans on earth at specific tasks, we may not actually need quantum computations for general intelligence either.

67 68 69 70 71

A molecule capable of creating quantum entanglement in the brain was found 2015


Quantum entanglement is a very strange quantum mechanical effect where the measurement of one particle affects the state of the entangled particle directly(faster than the speed of light), which would allow quantum cognition is the brain.


Mechanisms for reincarnation
If your soul is tied to a quantum system said system will eventually take a form that results in you becoming conscious again, in this picture the collapse of the wave function is the manifestation of free will and every quantum system is an independent soul. One solution is to assume the collapsed davefunction is a condinuation of the old wavefunction.

The no cloning theorem makes it impossible to copy your soul since the wavefunction collapses when it is measured.

It is also possible that your quantum soul can emerge somewhere else in the universe not directly connected to your old collapsed wavefunction.

If your consciousness is tied to brainstructure said structure will eventually emerge again.


Proof you will reincarnate
What if we destroy a brain and create a similar enough new brain? in this proof we will assume nonzero probability for consciousness to carry over.

But even if no effort is made it's possible for matter (such as life) to eventually end up in a configuration that is similar enough to your old brain.

There isn’t anything magical with your current brain, it is just a configuration of matter/energy and there is no reason to believe a sufficiently similar configuration of matter cannot emerge again resulting in the continuation of your conscious experience.

If no new big bang will take place in the future boltzmann brains could still emerge via quantum fluctuations and thus you would ve infinite times more likely to have a consciouss experience in a boltzmann brain than an actual biological brain. Thus we can conclude that our universe must by cyclic allowing for reincarnatiin into biological brains.


Notice i have only proven that your consciousness won't be permanently lost once you die, i have not proven that you will ever live another life as human on earth but i guess direct reincarnation without intermediate steps is possible since the human brainsize is big from year one.
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Our cyclic universe
Our current universe must be limited in space and time to resolve the boltzmann brain problem. We cannot reach the edge out our universe since it's expanding at the speed or light or even faster.

Current research suggest that dark energy is getting stronger and if true our universe will end via the big rip allowing for a new universe to emerge with different constants of nature. We can only observe a universe capable of creating observers.


Our universe being cyclic would also explain why there is more matter than antimatter, there has simply always been more matter than anti-matter and the difference between the two have always been the same.

if matter could convert into anti-matter the proton would be unstable but proton decay has never been observed, lepogenesis would also require assymmetry between matter and antimatter and this hasn't been observed either.

A cyclic universe where the laws change between each cycle would explain the appearent fine-tuning of the fundamental constants of our current universe. The alternative would be a paralell multiverse but in this case you would be infinite times more likely to have a conscious experience in one of the universes that have an infinite spacetime volume (such as due to negative cosmological constant).

Another cyclic model is Conformal Cyclic Cosmology where it is assumed that the universe will become totally massless resulting in the universe forgetting how big it is and a new big bang will follow

72 73
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Interplanetary reincarnation
It is impossible to know how your next life will be, you might end up living as the opposite gender of even on another planet.

It is very difficult to know how life on other planets would be but the research on the island Madagascar suggest it would have similarities with life on Earth, in Madagascar an animal called fossa has evolved into having many similarities with cats despite belonging to the Eupleridae family, a family of carnivorans closely related to the mongoose family (Herpestidae).

The number of lives you live as a human is finite, eventually humans will to extinct or evolve beyond recognition. Before there were many humans most of us lived as other animals or organisms on other planets. 6.5% of the humans ever lived are alive today.

The number of intelligent animals also varies with time, there was a time when no intelligent life existed on Earth and for vintologi to be correct interplanetary reincarnation is needed.

An intelligent extraterrestrial organism will most likely have males and females like humans and other mammals, hermaphrodite life in a possibility but not likely, even less likely is some exotic solution such as 25% males, 50% hermaphrodites and 25% females. Evolution does not lead to the optimal results since each change needs to be benefit for survival and replication, the eyes human have is worse than the ones of many animals but evolution will not give us better eyes since we are stuck in a dead end, only genetic engineering can give us that.

The probability to reincarnate into a different planet is infinitesimal unless there is a shortage of brains to reincarnate into on Earth for a long period of time(thousands to billions of years). Cases where children have memories of living on another planet is very rare and impossible to verify, cases where children have memories of being animals is much more common but very difficult to verify.

There is some very interesting cases about children having past life memories, often these children talk about having a violent early death, they died early with unfinished business. I am not confident that the children actually remember past life memories in any of these cases 74 75 76 77


About past life memories
Children with past life memories is often very similar with the person they remember being in the previous life, there is not yet any solid proof for past life memories being real and it may not actually be possible to remember a past life.

The continuation of your conscious experience require few if any of your memories, it only require a sufficiently similar mental state ti be recreated and even if some memories were to be kept these are very likely to be lost later due to the how children develop neurologically.

According to the research by Ian Stevenson the gender is changes in 10% of the cases. There is 3 explanations for the similarities assuming the memories are real:
1. you are able to with your will influence how you get reincarnated(parents, gender, etc) a lot of children do have memories of choosing their parents. There are even cases where a person before dying tells that he or she will reincarnate as a child and later it turns out the child do have memories of living as that person.
2. you are less likely to remember your past life if your new body/genes is too different.
3. regardless of your will reincarnation is less likely if the genetic distance is large.
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Free market eugenics
Without government interference the conscious choices made by humans will result in a rapid increase of genetic desirability.

Males with desirable traits will be allow to sell/donate their sperm to a lot of females. Females with desirable traits will be able to sell their eggs for a very high price while undesirable females will be reduced to a surrogate mother delivering a child with more desirable genetics.

Genetic engineering will allow people to modify the genetics of their children, a lot of people have some genes that they do not want to pass on to their children and technology allowing for removal of these traits already exist.

Unless the state interfere we will be able to buy children with traits we desire in the future, it can be similar to the genes we have or a child of another couple that didn’t want to raise all their children themselves.

Free market eugenics does not depend on coercion, it will be carried out in a decentralized manner where the market has the power instead of a specific government.


Eye and hair color
Green and blue eyes is an advantage in dark 78 and it also a lot more beautiful. Thus people with blue and especially green eyes are more important than people of other eye colors. Hair color also matters, you want a beautiful population. Hair coloring will only result in a temporary change and it may also damage the hair.

Unfortunately some colors cannot be found in nature. Natural red hair is typically orange or almost brown, genetic engineering is one possible future solution.


About national socialism
Currently there is still a few nazi groups, some of them are attracted to the media picture of nazis while other just want a form of socialism that is somewhat workable. National socialists today typically ignore difference within the race and focus only on the differences between races, one issue with this is of course that there isn’t any obvious way to divide humans into races, it will be arbitary and not scientific.

The idea is to have darwinism between races while having socialism internally, the socialism and central control in nazism is the real issue 79 one of the reason why it ended badly was that Hitler has all the power and all assassinations attempts failed. National socialism is simply an extreme form of collectivism, the individual is reduced to cattle of the state that will be subject to government breeding and control in general, males may end up as just cannon-fodder in stupid wars.

National socialism and other forms of collectivism may be appealing to low quality individual but it will not attract the most capable among us and this is one of the reasons why national socialism and similar political movements has failed. It is common that nazis triggered by anal sex and promote christ insane sexual morality, they are simply control freaks like other lefties and they justify their authoritarianism by claiming it is necessary for the race despite the fact that there isn’t a single good example of history where an authoritarian government has resulted in anything good for the people.

Hitler implemented national socialism and while it initially worked out well for non-jewish germans the end result where millions of dead germans and tens of millions white people murdered including 5 to 7 million jews. The ecomonic system Hitler implemented wasn’t sustainable and thus the war was needed in order to avoid the economic collapse, the war initially went well for the nazis but it ended up as a total disaster.

The swedish national socialism was implemented better but there were a lot of people getting sterilized against their will for very dubious reasons. Many countries implemented policies of forced sterilization but it all had to be abandoned due to the inhumane and arbitary nature of it.


The holocaust
The nazis murdered 5 to 7 million jews 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 many of these had valuable genetics, it is likely that the survivors among the europeans jews such as Ludwig Von Mises had better genes and thus the holocaust may have improved the genes of the jews at the expense of quantity which isn’t a good thing for anyone.

The first population estimate was published 1949 and it turned out there where only 11373350 jews left 89 90

Since the number of jews where reduced the probability of being born as a jew have also been reduced. The loss of jews have also resulted in lost productivity since a gassed jew will have a hard time contributing much to society. While the most intelligent of the ashkenazi-jews such as Ludwig Von Mises and Albert Einstein had a greater chance of surviving the holocaust there was still a great loss of good genes due to the nazi insanity.



The eugenics heirarchy
0. Genetic engineering & modern wars.
1. Genetic engineering & sexual selection.
2. Barbarianism (no government, a lot of violence).
3. Female sexual selection & forcing some females to have more babies.
4. Full female freedom when it comes to breeding.
5. Father selection (100% of females reduced to property).
6. Male sexual selection (males have all the power & reject most females).
7. Government selection (all females belong to the state as sex-slaves).
8. Government incentives.
9. Forced sterilization of females.
10. voluntary positive eugenics.
11. Forced sterilization/eutonesia of males (all incels sent to gas-chambers, etc).
12. voluntary negative eugenics.
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Tax-random vs pure elite rule vs anarchy
Tax-random is similar to the system in ancient greece and thus we can expect it to work. We have lived in anarchy in the past but it was before high technology and it may be difficult to have an advanced civilization like the current one without having a state of any kind. Tax random is suitable of limited government is the goal, the selected tax-payers will simply vote to spend the money as they see fit, (healthcare, military, infrastructure, gladiator games, etc).

Pure elite rule: it only requires a suitable elite, we do not have that now but one of the goal in vintologi is to create a new elite. There is some fundamental issues with letting the current elite select the new members to the elite and thus pure elite rule should not be viewed as a viable long term alternative.

Tax-random: suitable if the upper class is of high quality, the successful will pay most of the taxes and thus get political control, the issue today is that even the upper class is of lacking human quality.

Anarchy: should work if the population as a whole is of high quality relative to the technological advancement and population size. As the amount of pople in one area grows it will become more difficult to maintain stability.

All 3 system can work and they are all vastly superior to ta all current democratic systems.


How niceness ruins the economy
When you work without compensation the one receiving your help may not actually need you help and you will waste time trying to help people. If you instead actually charge a reasonable price for your work only the ones actually needing your help will pay and everyone will be better off.

In general being compassionate and nice results in tyrannical democracy with no freedom while selfishness and tribalism results in a nash equilibrium similar to anarcho-capitalism. Being trustworthy and reliable is not the same as helping people that do not deserve it.


Accepting vintologi
In order to accept vintologi you need to first get rid of your previous false assumption of reality such as death being a final and permanent end to your conscious experience. In many cases an individual will be unable to accept vintologi during his/her current life and will need to die and reincarnate first.

Another obstacle is the fact that being open with your belief in vintologi may result in social difficulties due to other people having issues with the religion. Well you do not have to be very open about your beliefs and you do not have any obligation to spread the truth.
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Genetic clowns
Genetic abominations may still provide entertainment value for the rest of us, thus we may not actually want to get rid of these individuals completely from the gene pool.

- autogynephilia in males.
- autoandrophilia in women.
- males with small dick.
- short people.

Thus we may want to humiliate FtM:s forcing them into very humiliating female roles so we can continue making fun of them genereration after generation.

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About suicide
By killing yourself you will be able to escape personal problems specific to your current life but you may not be able to escape systemic problems that face almost everyone.

The probability of you being able to escape a problem will depend on how big part of the upcoming humans that end up facing said problem but even if you are lucky enough to escape it one life you may not have the same luck next life.

Sometimes you need to take simply permanently solve an issue in order to secure good upcoming life, just trying to escape systemic issues is not a valid long term solution.
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Preserving & building wealth
Government (fiat) money lose value over time but it's still better than spending the money without doing a proper analysis.

If you are going to invest your money there is a few good rules to follow
-make sure you will be able to sell very quickly without difficulties
-don't make yourself vulnerable to the decisions of other people.
-don't buy unless you are happy with the price you are paying
-don't sell unless you get a good price or need the money.

Horrible investments
-supporting crowdfunding projects (you will at average lose 50 to 70 %).
-buying into shady companies.

Not ideal
-physical gold/silver (no dividends, you lose money when buying or selling).
-real estate (expensive & difficult to sell, costs money to own).

Cryptocurrencies & stocks has done well in the past, it's easy to buy/sell but of course you will have to be careful.


Nice guys finish last
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 99(2), Aug 2010, 303-310 "An initial study investigating tolerance of group members who abuse a public good surprisingly showed that unselfish members (those who gave much toward the provision of the good but then used little of the good) were also targets for expulsion from the group...A fourth study suggested that the target is seen by some as establishing an undesirable behavior standard and by others as a rule breaker. Individuals who formed either perception expressed a desire for the unselfish person to be removed from the group."[/font][/size]

To put it in simpler terms, being altruistic and friendly is just as likely to cause people to reject you as those who are completely selfish and purely look out for their needs only. The study found no significant difference. This contradicts the mainstream advice that having a "good personality" will cause people, including women, to like you. They will hate you just as much as someone who practically steals from them. This is also reflected in the workplace, as "agreeable" men (peaceful and friendly) are paid significantly less than their disagreeable counterparts.

"Overall, across the first three studies, men who are one standard deviation below the mean on agreeableness earn an average of 18.31% ($9,772) more than men one standard deviation above the mean on agreeableness. Meanwhile, the “disagreeableness premium” for women was only 5.47% ($1,828). Thus, the income premium for disagreeableness is more than three times stronger for men than for women."

So as we could see, the price of being nice when you are a man is a staggering 18% of your income throughout life. It is also far stronger in males than females. So this means that nice men in the first study would have been rejected even more often than the nice women. This suggests that nice men are rejected more often than men who are completely selfish and practically steal off of everyone. Now, let us focus more on the effects of being "mean" or "evil" on attracting a woman. "A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World's Largest Experiment Reveals about Human Desire" is a book by two neuroscientists that combines countless research by Alfred Kinsey and experiments found on the internet that has a data on over half a billion people to see what are the raw sexual desires of humanity. The book quotes quite a few unnerving conclusions of the sexuality of women based on many individual experiments:

“It turns out that killing people is an effective way to elicit the attention of many women: virtually every serial killer, including Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and David Berkowitz, have received love letters from large numbers of female fans” (p. 98).

“[Their] inner cavewoman knows Doormat Man would become Sabertooth Tiger Lunch in short order” (p .97).

sychology Today had an article that confirmed and analyzed how women desire men who are violent, mean, and show criminal behavior, with much thanks to the book mentioned above.

"women demonstrate a strong erotic preference for dominant men. Or toward what’s now commonly referred to as alpha males—in the authors’ words, men who are 'strong, confident, [and] swaggering [as in 'cocky,' and the pun is intended].' Unfortunately, what these descriptors often imply is behavior sufficiently bearish, self-centered, and insensitive as to often cross the line into a physical, mental, and emotional abuse that can be downright brutal.

"there’s something in their native wiring that makes a great many of them susceptible to 'bad boys.'"

"many women (at least secretly, or subliminally) can’t help but be drawn toward cold-blooded, controlling, 'bad boys' whose dominance symbolizes quite the opposite of what in relationships they’re consciously seeking."

"many women experience as enticing the idea of surrendering to a powerful male figure because of its very riskiness. Curiously, such an acutely felt threat can actually be eroticized by women’s minds into exceptional sexual excitement so compelling that (at least on a fantasy level) it’s almost irresistible."

Sources: https://www.amazon.com/Billion-Wicked-Thoughts-Largest-Experiment/dp/0525952098


Gender roles
there is many differences between the genders. Only females can get pregnant, breastfeed and give birth which is why males have historically sacrificed themselves to protect females. Males have always been disposable and this is completely natural, less than 10% of males have any real value for society as a whole.

Males have to compete against other males for females, as monogamy is getting abandoned the competition will get more and more ruthless. More and more males will fail to live up to the standard and will thus we weeded out from the gene pool.

You may not like the gender roles of your gender but biology limits what you can do, in order to truly excel and at something you pretty much have to be male (better brain & stronger body) but if you want to make babies you have to be born female. You may wish you wasn't born as a particular gender but the only way to truly transition is to die and reincarnate.


Cultural gender roles is often the result in general biological differences between the male and female brain, you may not want to follow these steroetypes. It's actually more important to have a beautiful face as a male but females are the ones buying most of the make-up, males instead tend to focus on bodybuilding.


Simple rules to follow in your personal life
do not donate for altruistic reasons, be more stingy that the stereotypical jew.
1. do not try to be fair/reasonable, demand conditions that favor you.
2. do not use contraceptives.
3. your children should not get mutilated (circumcision, etc).
4. eat meat.
5. avoid wasting time trying to reason with idiots.
6. do not become a parent for a child that isn't genetically related.
7. verify that your beliefs regarding reality is correct, do not get trapped in an echo-chamber.
8. might makes right.
9. you may brake rule 0 to 7 if you have good reason(s) for it.

Rule 6 forbids you from adopting a child or having a pet as a replacement for a biological child. As a male you should always demand DNA test before becoming a parent for a child (following this strictly is probably the best strategy now).

Rule 6 still allows you to paternity-cuck a guy as a female, he has him selves to blame if he is naive enough to become an actual cuckold.


Incest and cousin mating
If you have a child with your son/daughter he/she will end up with 75% of your DNA, there is however 3 major issues with this
-it's illegal.
-it's not socially acceptable.
-for each recessive undesirable allele you have one of there will be a 1/8 probability of your child ending up with 2 versions of the allele.

While all 3 of these issues can be solved incest is obviously not a viable options for many people.

Cousin mating when not practiced as a rule works fine, there will only be a 1 in 64 probability of the child ending up with 2 versions of the same undesirable allele. It is worth nothing that these is good recessive traits and bad dominant traits and thus mating with someone genetically also has potential advantages besides the fact that you will be more genetically related to your child.


What if it's obviously your child and demanding paternity would be likely to ruin the relationship?
According to rule 7 you should still verify that you are correct in thinking it's your child, knowing for sure it's yours will make you a more motivated father too.

You just need to use some social skills and there should not be any issues with your relationship.
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Animal rights
Since you may end up reincarnated as a non-human mammal you may want to secure some rights for animals in the future.

Since the probability for reincarnation decreases with genetic distance securing rights for biologically foreign beings is less important.

Extending rights to other animals often comes with a cost
-if you do not kill an alien the alien may reproduce fast and eventually outnumber and displace humans.
-if genetically engineered humans are tolerated old primitive homo sapiens will be replaced eventually due to slow breeding and low intelligence.
-raising farm-animals in good condition costs more money and not everyone will be able to afford that.

Humans can currently afford to be nice but eventually that will no longer be a viable option, there is biological difference between humans and genetically engineered humans have already been created.


Free will
True randomness and free will is the same thing.

Free will can be consciouss or unconsciouss. When conscious actions isn't deterministic there is consciouss free will, it means that the action taken will be truly random for any outside observer


Current Reproductive options for females
A lot of women end up dying childless (ultimate failure) due to following harmful moral dogma instead of looking after themselves and future generations.

Monogamous relationship
requires you to find someone willing to commit to you and establishing a relationship like that can take a lot of time. If it doesn't work out with the guy you you may have ended up wasting your last years of fertility with him and you will not be able to have the child you wanted. If you are lesbian this is not even an option unless your partner is trans (is she still has fertility or sperm is backed up).

This is by far the worst option.

Sperm bank
you cannot meet your donor or contact him, you children cannot contact him until they are 18. This can also become very expensive so it's not something i recommend.

you need to find a male willing to make you pregnant and potentially end up having to pay child-support.

you do not tell him you are not on birth control, some people incorrectly view this as immoral, the genetics of your child is far more important than being honest with horny males that are willing to creampie you.

Even if you are a lesbian you should still reproduce by letting a male fuck you, it will be very humiliating but it will allow you to become pregnant for free by a male of high quality, just lie about being on birthcontrol or spermjack him.

You can use the treat of charging for child-support to make sure he doesn't try to get involved in you raising the child.

I have seen several females on whisper that write that they do not even want his money, they just want him to go away and not get involved with the child.


About degeneracy
Degeneracy is behaviour that is detrimental for the survival & reproduction of your kind, examples of degenerate behaviour is
-gambling money with negative expected value.
-sterilizing yourself.
-not fucking a female in the pussy given the opportunity.
-donating money (with very few exceptions).

Endaging in a threasome is obviously not a degenerate behaviour since you night be able to make several females pregnant the same day that way.

Due to evolution the ones engaging in degenerate behaviour (such as being voluntary celibate) will be weeded out with time.


About the free market of ideas
Modern technology has given a lot of people a platform that shouldn't have a platform, this has resulted in a lot of bad ideas spreading like cancer.

Good ideas will often fail to take hold since most people lack the mental cababilities to regognise these ideas as good.

The advise you get when asking people online will rarily be good, often not a single individual will give a proper answer, the might be convincing but if they are wrong they are wrong.

In many cases such as poker you have an incentive not misinform people and not to give proper information, if you have information that would give you an advantage over other people you will often benefit from keeping it to yourself.

What we see is the blind leading the blind
-Losing poker players giving each other bad advise (a winning players is unlikely to spend valuable time helping his competition).
-people with poor medical knowledge spreading misinformation thinking they know better than professionals.
-various retarded conspiracy theories spreading like cancer even after being debunked.
-when medical professionals actually do bad stuff such as prescrubing spironolactone as anti-androgen almost all US transwomen remain in denial about how they get fucked over.

People with an ideology will usually spread misinformation for ideological reasonal, they might not know it's misinformation themselves. Neonazis typically deny the holocaust and blame jews for 9/11, vegans claim their diet is healthy and that meat is bad for you, you can save time just ignoring these people ans assume they lie or are mentally retarded.
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Having a small country results un you being vulnerable to the vims of larger countries, you might think you will get more independence when small but in reality you will just become powerless.

Some issues such as global warming and pollution needs to be tackled globally, we cannot let countries all over the world destroy the environment, we can do it iurself but we cannot let other countries do the same.

We shall expand our borders and dominate the world, we should rule the entire planet. We need to build a strong military alliance allowing us to take over the world.


Parenting guide
-Breasfeed them at least a year.
-Make them play outside
-They get water at restaraunts and you say no 95% of the the time the ask for junk food
-They go to bed at 8 o'clock until third grade, then they get 9 o'clock and will be thankful for this until 7th grade when they get to stay up until ten on weekends only.
-Will not waste time taking them to dermatolgist if need be for acne
-They will get braces early and get them off early. Invisalign if an option.
-give the good food with all vitamins they need, not vegan obviously.
-You tell them mouth breathing has been linked to cancer and other horrible calamities.
-They can watch whatever they want on TV. If you shield a kid from Adult Swim until 9th grade they wont get certain references and then when they do find it they will this it's better than it is and hyper-appreciate it.
-There is no set age you give them a cell phone. Basically just when they ask is whenever they need one and they get it that day as long as they are comlpliant with your few commandments.
-They get the talk at 8
-They get redpilled at 12
-Anything to glamourize good colleges and make them want to go there.
-They will have to play A SPORT 2 seasons of the year. It doesn't matter what it is. It can be XC in fall and Track in the spring if they are not cooridinated but they will play A SPORT 2 seasons out of the year.
-In return for this they keep getting the newest iphone.
-They will be sent to an expensive, preppy school.
-They will go to every formal function and it will be made a big deal. I will splurge on these so they look forward to them positively and not like a chore.
-The house will be kept presentable and they can entertain friends whenever and don't need permission to invite friends over.
-Positive reinforcement always. Paid for good report cards, achievements praised, get a nice car for 16th birthday for following your rules and they will be made aware of this at 13 or 14. Negative reinforcement always backfires.
-They will not be degraded at a minimum wage job when they turn 16 but given an enviable allowance just for doing what they are supposed to do.
-do not allow them to be politically active before 25.

You do all this so they are set up to be in a position where they won't be in denial about how life really is.


Climate change
Environmental issues often needs to be dealt with on a global scale and the issue of anthropogenic global warming is no exception, we are in a situation similar to the prisoners dilemma where the end result is likely to be catastrophic global warming.


Thus we need to use military might to force a global reduction of CO2 emissions, a thermonuclear war is preferable over catastrophic global warming that will be far more expensive than the cost of reducing emissions.
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Madman theory
If you have nuclear weapons but it's obvious you are unwilling to actually pull the trigger and killing millons of people other countries will not take you seriously, for this reason both Trump and nixon tried to play crazy but it didn't really work.

You need to demonstrate you are indeed crazy enough to launch nukes or other countries will not respect you.

This can be applied to many situation, when people now you will not do anything crazy they will not respect you and people are likely to take advantage over you since you are afraid of conflict.

Empty threats can sometimes work out but usually it doesn't and you may end up in serious troubles.


This is just contradiction, this means that the extremely flawed morals and beliefs of a dictator will be enforced on his people and they'll eat it up, no matter how ridiculously dumb it is. But it doesn't make them right AKA Kim Jong Un isn't right or superior in any way over the other people in North Korea for being a dictator.
Well now you are assuming some objective moral standard which of course cannot exist.

If you do not agree with the dictator of north korea you have to rely on might to remove him from power or he will continue to rule according to what you view as a flawed moral system.

You are forced to follow laws by the threat if force, you may not agree with these laws but when you are overpowered you will still end up having to follow what you view as wrong.

Even if you show that what someone does doesn't aligh with his preferences it doesn't mean what he did was wrong, maybe he wasn't honest in what he actually values. A lot of people eat meat even though it doesn't align with the moral system they claim to have, well maybe they where just virtue signaling?


Special relativity and reincarnation
You cannot reincarnate anywhere in your past light-cone. Thus if you reincarnate to another planet it will be a time where light from that planet cannot reach your planet until the time where you died. What you do in a future life isn't allowed to affect a past life in any way.

It is assumed that your coscious experience is linked to a time-irriversible collapse of the wavefunction.

You can only reincarnate into a future lightcone. Thus your conscious experience now must be the continuation of a conscious experience in your past lightcone.

Thus the collapse of the wavefunction must be linked to a specific collapse of the wavefunction of the past lightcone resulting in the continuation of your conscious experience.

This makes may theoretically result in a wavefunction not collapsing since there there was no matching last collapse in the past lightcone, this will quickly change since a a matching past lightcone will become available in your past lightcone as you move forward in time.

This will also result in "spooky action at a distance" similar to the quantum entanglement problem since you can only reincarnate into a single future brain.

You can reincarnate into the future and this can be outside your lightcone. The past is what's determined and the future is not determined.

This allows for instant reincarnation to a location 10 billion lightyears from your current location, this can both be both forward and backwarth in time depending on your referense system.
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If it doesn't exist, that means his morals are wrong.
It can still be subjectively correct. Also you will have to consider the delusions of the masses as the leader, even as a dictators your power till be limited.

Him stating a particular subjective moral preferens does not mean he actually believe in said moral preferens, people often virtue signal claiming to be more altruistic than they are.

Due to limited brainpower and knowledge you will not actually act according to your own moral preferences and putting in the effort into researching these things has a cost associated with it (brainpower is a limited resource).

You could state "but your subjective morals is biolocical" which is true for some extent but that's just one individual.
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Legitimate vs false authority
A majority of the true elite will make the correct conclusion more often than any individual human, thus you benefit from blindly trusting the true elite over thinking for your self.

The challenge is knowing who is the actual elite, you can employ the following strategies for this
1. put a lot of effort into correctly analyzing a given situation, then you compare your correct conclusion to that of so called authorities and see if they also arrived to the same correct conclusion. This is a dangerous strategy of itself since you may end up fooling yourself when doing research of your own.
2. look at what members of this authorities has accomplished in life, have they demonstrated that they have the proper skills?
3. if they authority is elected democratically directly or indirectly they cannot be trusted.
4. the ideal size of the elite is 15 to 999.
5. the members of the elite shall make the decision independently of each other.
6. if they are media they cannot be trusted since they might have an agenda or cater to certain individuals (such as lefties). Even if they have a good agenda they may still have to lie to make sure said agenda gets implemented.
7. if they are interested in getting money from you they cannot be trusted.

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