Darwinian vintologi


Reincarnation before death
It follows logically that you can reincarnate before you body dies if a sufficiently similar brain emerges.

This is more likely to happen if you can reincarnate outside your future lightcone.

You dont actually know for sure how long you have been in control of your current body, if a switch takes place you will end up with the memories of the body you are switching too.

You would probably have memories of your past life if a switch took place and this would require both brains to somehow get these false memories of the other brain.


Reincarnating as a human
If it's impossible to reincarnate as a human child at least one intermediate incarnation wouls be required such as a Boltzmann brain.

For solution2 an intermediate boltzmann brain woukd have to emerge somewhere in the universe, for solution1 it would be restricted to an area expaning 299792458m/s.

An intermediate brain may also emerge via an already existing human brain but instead of a permanent switch it would only be temporary, you would quickly lose control over the body you got for a limited time.


Can any god exist?
Whether or not god exist will depend on your definition of god, the following 4 types have not yet been ruled out

0. god in control over quantum inteterminism.
1. god at the big bang.
2. god that exist iside black holes or inside black holes.
3. AI god (superintelligence).
4. genetically engineered god.

A god of type0 would be very constrained by special relativity, you are not allowed to communicate faster than 299792458m/s, thus even if a single consciousness where in control over most quantum indeterminism it wouldn't allow for anywhere close to effective control.

Gods of type 1 and 2 are cannot currently be ruled out since our well-tested theories of physics break down at this point and there is no generally accepted theory of quantum gravity.

A god of type1 would no longer have any power once big bang has happened.

A god of type2 would be imprisoned by the black hole and thus made practically powerless by general relativity.


It's a good thing since it eliminates repetetive work and allows for more fun types of professions to be created. So far automation has made work better and better, it used to be repetitive, dangerous and low paid but now it's challenging, well paid and often fun.

Low IQ people becoming unable to make a living is a good thing, they are not supposed to reproduce anyway.


Sex work
Why work a boring job when you can get paid to be sexually humiliated in many ways?

Long term relationships are often just glorified prostitution where the the female get resources in exchange for sex, sex that she may still enjoy. Generally prostitution go against social norms which is why the nature of the exchange is hidden behind marriage sermons and romance bullshit.

The advantage with the clear honest exchange is that it gives the male far more power over her via his money, she will have to participate in his sick perversions or she will not get any money, the more money he offers the harder it will be for her to resist.

While it is humiliating to participate in porn or prostitution other forms of works are more disgusting and pays far less.

Unfortunatily doing sex-work in our current society is rather problematic
1. in most places there are laws that make it illegal to buy or sell sex, even if only the buyer can face legal troubles that still end up making it more difficult for you.
2. STD:s are a big issue these days.
3. it's not socially acceptable to sell sex.

Becoming a sugar baby might be a better option, this will resolve issue 1 and 2 leaving you only with issue 3.


Ignorance is a bliss
The truth can be brutal and unpleasant, most humans need to sheild themselves from reality to stay mentally healthy. The truth can be very painful.

Religious people are happier and have more reproductive success.

If your wife cucked you and had children with someone else you are happier believing it's your children over knowing you will die as a childless ultimate failure and that you invested all that time and money into children that wasn't yours.


our universe
Our universe is not infinite in space at any time it is just constantly expanding so you cannot reach the edge.

Our universe is fillee with vacuum energy that becomes stronger as our universe expands, eventually this will result in a big rip and the vacuum energy will to to infinity until we reach a critical point where the energy is so great spacetime collapses into a new big bang.

This continue for all eternity and the laws of physics changes when a new big bang takes place, we live in a universe where the laws of physics allows for life.

This model resolves the hubble tension appearent fine tuning of the laws od nature for life and the boltzmann brain problem.


A unified theory is needed
We currently do not understand the true laws of physics but we have still discovered how nature works in general.

There is a lot of issues with the standard model of particle physics, the amount of free parameters are too big, this includes the masses of all elementary particles. A unified theory of physics should allow for masses of elementary particles such as electrons and muons to be derived.

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the origin of morality
Animals that act in a way not ideal for survival and reproduction may end up being replaced by animals that make better decisions in terms of survival and reproduction.

Thus over time evolution enforces a darwinian morality meaning people are forced to adapt to the environment. People that break laws may end up jailed or even killed and this will create evolutionary preassure not to break these laws.

Humans are currently in control over the environment and thus the morality will to a very large extent come down to decisions made by humans, by changing the environment we can change the direction of human evolution.


societal survival of the fittest
Weak societies will fall and be taken over by stronger societies.

Democratic societies tend to become weak and this cannot last forever, you can utilize weaknesses in democratic systems to slowly grab power, after that there will not be any more real democracy.

One way to measure how successful a society is to look at survival and reproduction (birthrate)


Increasing the fertility rate
The by far biggest factor limiting the birthrate is females unwilling to have even close to the max number of children.

Economic incentives
This has already been tried and it didn't really work. If you implement a radical version of this you might be able to increase the ferility rate to 2.5

Baby quotas
Females are required by law to have an indivudualized number of children. They are not allowed to leave our country until they have filled the quota.

Donating eggs towards successful pregnancies would also count towards the quota.

This will target privileged females giving them more responsibilities, a lot of them would hate this initially and some may decide just to give up the child to other people, others would grow to love the child over time even though they initially hated being forced into pregnancy. It's likely that a lot of people would feel like this is unfair and try to support the females being hit by these quotas, could result in less misogyny.

Some fertile females would feel like they are being punished for their fertility while trans and infertile cis girls escape responsibility.

Reducing females to property
They would lose their freedom and be forced into breeding, a single female can be forced into pregnancy over 20 times, she will be beated and restrained if she resist.


issues with reducing females to property are
1. less female sexual selection
2. you cannot see which females that does well in the real world.
3. hurts the economy (less women working).
4. will probably be unpopular.
5. who decides who get to own the women?

If we only reduce some of the females to property we can distribute the women to males that already had reproductive success with free females and thus retain eugenics via female sexual selection.

So it comes down to how important it is to raise the birthrate, there are more important stuff to focus on atm.
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About psychiatry
Most people suffer from mental issues, how severe it is varies between humans.

Psychiatry is supposed to help people with mental illness but unfortunately there is several issues with the so-called help they are offering
1. they cannot accurately diagnose people 91
2. the medication they offer is addictive or will create dependence.
3. they may start treating you against your will "for your own good".
4. severe side effects from psychiatric drugs 92






There is no denying that the drugs they offer can feel good and a lot of people want to get their hands on the addictive drugs they are offering, people on drug will often think they are being helped by the drug when in reality they are just spiraling into an addiction 93

There is no denying that the drugs they offer can feel good and a lot of people want to get their hands on the addictive drugs they are offering,

Many people have a religious faith in psychiatrists and therapists and expect them to magically solve their problem, in reality these people are just humans and you might get more out of chatting with people online about your specific issue. In the case of gender dysphoria they just gave up and decided just to offer hormones and surgery since they are clueless about how to actually cure the disorder.

It's natural to be depressed when your life is bad and the solution is to take action to improve your life, psychiatry will instead give people drugs and electroshocks to archive short term improvement at any cost, as if grand mal seizures would be good for you. They simply turn what could have been a temporary issue (psychosis, depression, etc) into a chronic problem via extended usage of psychiatric drugs and other brain-damaging treatments.


Mental illness can be due to biological factors such as diet 93 94 psychiatry will not fix that, nor will they be able to fix any of your genetic issues.


It's unclear if there are any situations where you benefit from drugging yourself unless you await a certain death that will come to you soon, in that case the long term consequences don't matter and you may as well numb yourself so you will feel less bad about your horrible situation assuming there is nothing to be done about it.

Psychiatry is very useful if you want to control a population, label people opposing the system as mentally ill, when they are diagnosed as mentally ill they can be locked up at institutions "for their own good" and they might never get out.

Criteria for diagnosing Oppositional Defiant Disorder according to DSM-5 include:
  • A pattern of angry or irritable mood, argumentative or defiant behaviour, or vindictiveness over a period of at least 6 months, expressed through interacting with an individual who is not a sibling.
  • Behavior causes significant disruption to social, educational, occupational, or home functioning.
  • Behavior is not caused by a different mental health problem, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Due to the risk of being treated by these quacks against your will you should not talk about mental health issues such as suicide thoughts or hallucinations with anyone who can find out your real identity, do not even talk to a psychiatrist and by avoiding them you will be mostly safe. If you need to went about something use tor or safer to hide your ip address and you will be more free to talk about hearing voices or whatever mental health issue you struggle from.

If you end up in a psychiatric ward it's recommended that you pretend to take the medications they prescribe 95 and make them think the pill got you better 96 only take it to court as a last resort since there isn't any actual due process anyway (expect to lose).


Parental resque fantasy
If your parent are or were unable to meet your needs you may end up asking other parental figures to meet these needs, this is likely to result in you being exploited.

Other people cannot replace your parents, since you are not related to them in the same way they will be less likely to actually properly take care of you. If you are male you really need to grow up and start to take care of yourself.

Other people can still help you but you need to take care of yourself, especially if you are male. Your parents may have done a good job at raising you in the past but eventually you will find yourself in situations where they cannot help you anymore, they might die, they might lack the skills required to help you, you might be in a situations where you yourself needs to deal with a problem.

You need to be willing to break with your parents if they do you more harm than good, you dont have any obligations towards them, it's only them that are biologically obligated to take care of you.


About empathy and compassion
We spent most of our evolutionary history in small tribes and in that environment unselfish behaviour made a lot of evoutionary sense. Even in cases where we met strangers we still benefitted from compassion since it allowed for peaceful interactions.

Our modern society is diffetent, capitalism works fine even when people act selfish and being to compassionate often end up harming yourself or other people important to you. Thus compassion have now became a vestigial trait, it no longer benefit us.

You will come into contact with people willing to use your empathy and kindness against you, if you dont keep your empathy in check you will end up being exploited by psychopaths.

Empathy may not even be that great for society as a whole, especally not when it isn't combined with rational thinking. You might just end up making things worse by trying to help people, in addition a lot of people get upset by people trying to 'help' them when they havn't asked for it.

Even environmental issues can be solved even when people are fully selfish, it's in all of our interest to implement policies politically that protects our environment, when such policies are in place (such as it being expensive to emit CO2) people acting unselfish for the sake of our planet isn't required.

When people are too compassionate future generations may be ruined due to people with bad genetics reproducing, by implementing brutal policies (such as accelerating hypergamy) future generations are improved and everyone is better of long term.

Even love for your own children can sometimes be problematic, there are situations where you benefit from abandoning your children to start a new family or where empathy towards them is counter productive in terms of their wellbeing.

You might have more reproductive success if you are willing to just abandon all your children and letting their moders and the state raise them instead.


Forced feminization
A lot of individuals cannot male it as males and will thus be forced be forced to live as female or suffer the brutal social consequences of being male, this is especially true for females with gender dysphoria, they might not like their female bodies but medical transition would still he a disaster for them.

Most males are no longer needed in our modern society, technology has made name strength mostly obsolete and most males to not have any mental abilities not commonly found in females. Less than 10% of males are needed for sex and reproduction, most males are just a burden to society and thus we need to push these males to transition medically.

Currently most males hold into their male pride but that will soon crash down as females raise their standards (because they can) and even more males lose their jobs to automation.

Currently forced treatments are justified by "danger to themselves and others", you do not need to be convicted of an actual crime. If we are going to treat people against their will that should 100% include HRT.

Currently there are a lot of males who would benefit from transitioning but they are not willing or able to actually transition, this can be due to social factors but in most cases the issue is ignorance, people simply dont know whats best for them.

Its a difficult and scary decision to make to start HRT and this is why a lot of people fantasize about forced feminization, often they try to brainwash themselves via sissy hypno porn.

Chemical castration drastically reduces testosterone and thereby sex drive, sexual desires and aggression. Thus a lot of males that are currently dysfunctional in our society would become functional if they start on HRT, this would allow them to avoid being jailed

For example child molesters have drastically low recidivism rates when chemically castrated (1-4%) vs non castrated (40-65%). I would point you to this paper from the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry.

Currently just being suicidal alone can warrant forced treatments by harmful and dangerous psychiatric drugs, forcing some males to take hormone replacement therapy can thus be justified in an attempt to prevent them from killing themselves using the same standard.



Some people need a male to take care of them
When you are too mentally ill or stupid to take care of yourself you need to rely on other people for that, if you are female you can probably find a male that will take care of you and of course also fuck you. You will be spanked when you have been a bad girl and rewarded when you have been a good girl.

This will be the end station for some individuals that transitioned from male to female, better than homelessness i suppose.

Not everyone can be successful and independent, some individuals need to to just be subserviant to a master, they exist to be used and give pleasure to other people.

Some people just need to give up their useless pride, the thing with self respect and making your own money didn't work out, the only thing you have left now is your body that will be used by someone else, you better get used to having sex with a male becuase this us all you will get now.


Avoiding legal issues
It's good to be aware of the legal situation in your country, you can avoid a lot of issues by doing the following
1. properly encrypt data that may be damaging for you if the police get their hands on it.
2. do not talk to the police.
3. use tor/vpn do properly hide your identity when expressing opinions that may be illegal in your country.
4. avoid getting into first-fights, just run.
5. assume your marriage will end in divorce.


Sexual puritanism is very harmful
It makes me sad to see how many transwomen who feel that they are invalid if they transition for sexual reasons or that it would somehow be immoral to change how you live for the sake or your sexual well-being.


We have the transmed crew that wants to invalidate all trans individuals who didn't suffer body dysphoria before transitioning, terfs are even more extreme in opposing medical transition in general even when it would be good for the individual and society as a whole.

For many individuals transitioning will dramatically improve their sex-lives and this is a valid reason to transition. You gain more from turning yourself into a women if you would love your female body in a sexual way.

It's sad how some people with AGP resort to self-hate and overcompensate by being very hostile against individuals who made the decision to transition.



It's a good thing if you love your body, ideally you should be able to get a such body without having to resort to surgeries or hormones but unfortunately a lot of individuals do not have that option.

Of course there are also individuals who are interested in transitioning but probably shouldn't but people have a personal responsibility when they are adults (not going into child-transitioning).

Other bad consequences of puritanism
  1. female genital mutilation
  2. boys being mutilated (circumcision)
  3. females not being allowed to dress how they actually want to dress in public.
  4. females being shames for being sexually active.
  5. criminalization of otherwise harmless teen sex
  6. people ending up with sex-partners that doesn't suit them due to not having sex before committing.
  7. people missing on on sex due to waiting for marriage.


Utility value in false beliefs
Religious people are happier and have more reproductive success 92 93 thus we can conclude that you may benefit a lot from being delusional.

The truth can often both be painful and also generally unpopular, if you are too honest about your correct beliefs you may end up having social difficulties. It will be far easier to fit in socially when you have similar beliefs as them, in addition many governments are intolerant of people that are against the state and may brutally punish people who tries to oppose the state, people may be punished for stating a truth the rulers dont want to spread.

You will be happier believing the rulers of your country are good and competent, you will be less likely to waste effort trying to change the system, you will be less likely to be ostracized due to disagreeing with the current societal dogma.

If females reject you due to being ugly you might be happier thinking you just got unlucky or that you are the one rejecting them (mgtow cope), knowing your looks is holding you back may make you less motivated to work hard to overcome your disadvantage and you may end up being depressed. If your dick is too small you are happier thinking "size doesn't matter" than knowing the fact that you cannot properly satisfy females.

One effective way to control people is to feed them false information and use their intelligence against them, a lot of people lack critical thinking skills and you can use that against them.


Why you should try to reproduce
Most people are biologically driven to actually reproduce, not just to have sex. This is one of the reason why most incels are willing to go trans even though they have the option of banking their own sperm.

You need to have goals in life you have a decent shot to achieve to be happy, maximizing your reproductive success will fall in line with your biological imperative. In addition to finding females willing to have children with you why not try to support your children to maximize their reproductive success too?

Most people that shouldn't reproduce lack the mental abilities to properly access their own genetics, thus we cannot rely to voluntary negative eugenics. You need a lot of intelligence and self awareness to properly evaluate yourself genetically and if you can do that you reproducing is probably a good idea, you may however want to look into whether you can make any enhancements with technology (embryo selection, crispr, etc).


Government spending
We need to spend money on things that actually advances our society and humanity as a whole (long term). We shouldn't waste tax-money keeping useless people alive. Good things to spend money on are

0. public education (government media, free online education, scholarships to talented individuals, free elementary education).
1. military (nuclear weapons, fighter jets, etc).
2. research on bio-technology such as genetic engineering.
3. space missions.
4. support teen parents (19 or younger).
5. infrastructure.
6. support for adult parents (20+)
7. buying up patents and letting everyone in our country use these for free.
8. police
9. support females below 30 directly financially (trans* and cis)

*only people who medically transition will count as transgender.


Government funding
The main source of income to a government tend to be taxes paid by it's citizens, people are essentially being extorted into supporting the system. Other ways to fund the government are via monetary policies and by extracting natural resources.

The issue with funding the government via taxes is that people will naturally avoid paying these taxes, it will create an incentive against doing the things that will result in having to pay taxes, this is a good thing if we tax stuff such as carbon emissions but its problematic when we end up having to tax work.

It's theoretically possible to fund a government by extorting other nations and sending nukes to them if they refuse to pay, you can also invade other countries and later force them to pay war fines for resisting your invasion. We can force other countries to implement carbon taxes and give all the money to us, they will also have to pay fines if they ruin our environment in other ways.


About the left
Leftism is about taking care of everyone including ones that do not want to be 'helped' in the first place
• locking up teens against their will "for their own good" even though they didn't even do anything illegal.
• involuntary psychiatric treatments "they are mentally ill so they do not know whats best for them".
• compulsory schooling.
• preventing people from killing themselves.
• not allowing people to just buy any drug they want.
• banning medical quackery. If we let people be free they will do stupid decisions and thus the left prefer the government controlling most aspects of our life "for our own good" instead of allowing natural selection.

Some people might actually do better decisions than the government would make for them but that will not be tolerated in a lefty society, everyone need to be kept down to the same level.

Enforcing high taxes will require totalitarian control over the population, the taxes is needed to pay for the giant ineffective welfare state.

The left may sometimes promote liberal values to get elected but it's just about getting votes, they do not actually care about LGBT people or sexual freedom, instead when they are in power they add totalitarian control over human sexuality. If a teen has sex with a 25 year old male the left will view it as awful exploitation that need to be stopped.


Our civilization will fall
Its very unlikely we just happen to be alive now if humanity is going to colonize millions of planets in the future

When we look at society we see that things are slowly changing to the worse, we are making idiocracy reality. There are too many humans and we are destroying the planet trying to feed everyone. Politicians focus on getting re-elected instead of actually trying to solve serious issues.

It's simply too uncomfortable to deal with reality as it is and thus people will seek out ways to escape from reality. People are getting increasingly detached from the real world, the videogame an movie industry is constantly growing, games are getting increasingly immersive and companies are getting better at creating echo chambers so people don't have to deal with being told how they are wrong.

Instead of having an open discussion with everyone about how to solve issues people are being divided into factions (such as democrats and republicans) and eventually one of these factions will take over the entire system ending democracy as we know it, generally none of these factions are good and thus we can expect bad outcome no matter which side that wins, it would just be bad in different ways.

While it is still possible we will be able to establish something somewhat similar to humans on other planets it's unlikely that we will be able to spread out further than that. The most likely scenario is unfortunatily catastrphic collapse of our environment and also our civilization and since we have used up our fossil fuels it will be difficult to get a new civilization going again.


Space colonization
Our goal shall be not only to rule over the entire planet but also to colonize space, this will require radical genetic engineering.



You cannot just run from societal problems
In some cases you might be able to just go around societal problems and escape the consequences of bad political decisions but that is not a viable long term strategy.

If societal issues are not fixed they will likely continue getting worse and you are likely to end up suffering from it the next life if you are able to escape the consequences this life. Thus you do need to put effort into improving your situation.

In the short term you can stay mostly safe by simply not going to them but if too many people start doing that they will just threat more people against their will instead destroying their brains in the process 92 93 94 thus you dont only need to worry about being convicted after breaking some unjust law, you may also be locked up "for your own good" when in reality your brain is being destroyed by the treatment supposed to help you.

You suffer if other people have dysfunctional brains
Since we live in democracies (mostly) your life will heavily depend on other citizens having functional brains, thus you want other people to be born to be intelligent and hot have their brains ruined by very harmful psychiatric substances or other questionable practices.

What other countries do matter
You can get very affected by things that happen even outside your country, our world is connected. Millions of jews in europe where killed even though they didn't live in Germany because the nazis invaded their country.

Now we face global enfironmental problems such as global warming and this will affect everyone.


A lot of mental issues are caused by environment
We are forced to live in ways that are very unnatural and in addition to that we will also face hardchips and these can be really bad.
So it's not surprising people turn to drugs such as alcohol even though it's clearly harmful, by disabling the brain you will feel like your life situation is better than it is but this is nor really a valid way to actually improve your life.

Stimulant drugs allows you to become more robotic which required in some situations, it's not surprising more and more people turn to these drugs even though they are not even diagnosed with ADHD


People destroying their bodies and especially their brains with mind altering substances will often try to push other people to join their insanity, if you dont drink alcohol other people around you may try to pressure you into taking it and in that cause i recommend that you firmly demonstrate that this isn't acceptable behavior.

People will try to push you into joining the psychiatry cult and having them pump you full of drugs that will numb you even more than alcohol and thus you will feel like you are doing better in life even though you are actually doing far worse.

People badly addicted will be reassured by authority (quack psychiatrist) that they do indeed need these drugs and they will think they are getting helped, most people will not look up actual studies about the long term impact (it's always bad without exception).


About paternalism
  1. the people with power typically dont have the best interest in mind for the ones they have power over
  2. people with power are typically limited in terms of intelligence (mental abilities).
  3. people in power have limited knowledge.
Lets say someone is diagnosed with schizofrenia, does this justify depriving that individual of his/her freedom and forcing him/her to take drugs that have very bad side effects?

https://www.oulu.fi/sites/default/files/content/AOH Terveenä epäterveissä paikoissa.pdf


It can be difficult to know if someone is actually having hallucinations or are just lying/joking with you. Having hallucinations does not mean you will act crazy, plenty of people cope with that fine without taking any drugs.

being delusional is normal, it's just a matter of degree. It just comes down to whether or not the insanity is accepted by the society you live in.

People with eating disorders can currently be force-fed, you are not allowed to take drugs, you cannot legally consent to sex until you are 16 (united states). This often result in damages "overfeeding syndrome" and it is also likely to cause emotional trauma.

What about children?

There is really no good solution here, there are plenty of examples of parents making horrible decisions for their children and there are also plenty of examples of the government just making things worse by intervening and taking children from their parents.

Issue 1 dont apply for most parents, most of them have good intentions for their children

issue 2 is true to some degree when it comes to parenting, parents often dont really know their children properly. Children are disincentive from being honest to their parents since their parents have authority over them.

issue 3 is the biggest issue that causes parents to make bad decisions these days, especially when it comes to more difficult topics in life.


About parental authority
Parents have a lot of power over their children and this is a problem for several reasons
1. you only get half of each parents DNA, parents with what you view as bad genes can give birth to a child you regard as having good genetics.
2. parents tend to have beliefs that cannot be reconciled with vintologi.
3. parents does not have a good track record when it comes to taking care of children, unnecessary genital mutilation is a great example of that.

Parents do however tend to be very motivated at taking care of children but most parents do need to be guided by the government, if parents know they can lose their kids by not doing what we want they will become far more willing to go along with what we want and we will not need to take many children from their parents.

Parents need to understand that their children is not their property and that depriving them of developmentally important teen sex will not be tolerated. We will not allow them to brainwash their children into believing in a religion we dont like.

We can allow homeschooling in some circumstances but its not something we should allow in general.


Dealing with bad parents
Most people have parents that are bad in many ways and there are different strategies to deal with that, first of all you need to free yourself of the control they have over your mind, once you have begun to properly think for yourself you will be able to free yourself from them in other ways.

You might have to play dirty, your parents probably want you to be there for them when they are old, if that is the case they better be nice to you now. If they want you to go to college or focus on school you can simply state that you are willing to do that if they give you some basic things

1. you alone decide if/when you are going to see a psychiatrist.
2. if you are already diagnosed with adhd or any other psychiatric disorder you alone should decide about the medication.
3. you should be allowed to be sexually active.
4. you should be allowed to have children at early age and be supported.
5. they cannot be violent towards you or emotionally abusive.

You need to make them understand that them treating you badly will have bad consequences including them being physically harmed by you, you have a moral right to defend yourself against abusers. You also need to make them understand that everything will be fine if they respect you and that this will be better for everyone.


About paranoia
Being paranoid is a natural and healthy reaction to the fact that there are plenty of people that will destroy your life given the opportunity. A lot of people think they know better than you and want to force you to do what they want "for your own good" other people are autright sadistic and only want to torture you to get a sick sense of pleasure. A lot of people simply want to get ahead in their life at your expense and they might not even dislike you as a person.

Most people are too naive and are thus likely to be seriously harmed by other people, a lot of people have to learn this the hard way and when they finally get it it might already be too hate.

Most people being physically and chemically tortured inside psychiatric wards are there because they were too trusting and too open with other people, maybe they were suicidal and seeked 'help' as they were told.

People will go after you even more if you are politically active and a solid intellectual, people get were upset if someone explain to them how they are wrong and they may even want to torture you to death simply due to the fact that their ego couldn't handle it.

Irrational paranoia can sometimes harm you but generally it's far better to stay safe and take unnecessary steps to protect yourself from people out to harm you than once being careless and thus being seriously harmed as a result.


About the more extreme/totalitarian aspects of vintologi
These parts are mostly needed as a deterrent, if people are afraid of us and we have the number these things will be very valuable.

Governments are currently unwilling to target muslims when they are more than 5% of the population, most people are afraid of them which is why they are not significantly targeted by governments. Of course most muslims do not actually believe in the extreme parts of the koran but it only they still benefit from the fact that a few people are willing to go crazy and kill people.

Even if all the totalitarian suggestions in vintologi were implemented it would still be an improvement over our current society



Population control
If there are too many people living on a planet the environment will suffer and it will not be sustainable. Thus actions to cull the human population has to be considered. You want to have a big family for yourself while other people die childless.

It is possible to cull people directly via an authoritarian government but this will be politically costly. It's natural for humans to want to protect themselves and other people.

Deceases such as COVID-19 are capable of killing a lot of humans even when humans put a lot of effort into preventing the outbreak of the decease. it is also possible to develop viruses far more leathal than SARS-CoV-2 in a lab, once thats out billions of people may die and the more intelligent will be far more likely to survive, thus in addition to solving the issue of overpopulation a lethal and contagious virus may also improve humanity as a whole.


Aumann's agreement theorem
If you make someone realize he or she is wrong often you will both benefit from it, it's not really in your interest to agree do disagree unless you are in an "ingorance is a bliss" scenario 94

In many instances it's really important that you go to the bottom of something rather than just letting the disagreement remain, being wrong about something can have very negative consequences including worse than death 95

Unfortunatily public debates are typically about you looking good rather than finding out the truth, thus you are incentivized against realizing you are wrong since that would be embarrassing and thus bad for you at least short term. There are also situations where you are not really interested in trying to make someone realize he or she is wrong and thus you might want to purposefully lose the debate so the individual will feel good and continue with what what you view as beneficial (such as transitioning due to being "born in the wrong body").