Darwinian vintologi


Reproducing as a male
There are several factors including luck that determine whether or not you manage to impregnate females as a male. By making yourself more attractive you can increase the probability of finding a willing female to impregnate, this will make things significantly easier.

You need to figure out what females are attracted to and take actions based on that information. By increasing your income by a factor of 10 you will raise your attractiveness by 2 on a 10 point scale, in addition you will now have the resources required to properly support all your children.

Significant improvement from plastic surgery is rare and often not worth the cost and risk.

If you are unable to find a willing female in your current location you might have to change to a location where it's easier such as a poor country where you will be able to better leverage your resources in exchange for reproduction.


Tax-random vs pure elite rule vs anarchy
Tax-random is similar to the system in ancient greece and thus we can expect it to work. We have lived in anarchy in the past but it was before high technology and it may be difficult to have an advanced civilization like the current one without having a state of any kind. Tax random is suitable of limited government is the goal, the selected tax-payers will simply vote to spend the money as they see fit, (healthcare, military, infrastructure, gladiator games, etc).

Pure elite rule: it only requires a suitable elite, we do not have that now but one of the goal in vintologi is to create a new elite. There is some fundamental issues with letting the current elite select the new members to the elite and thus pure elite rule should not be viewed as a viable long term alternative.

Tax-random: suitable if the upper class is of high quality, the successful will pay most of the taxes and thus get political control, the issue today is that even the upper class is of lacking human quality.

Anarchy: should work if the population as a whole is of high quality relative to the technological advancement and population size. As the amount of pople in one area grows it will become more difficult to maintain stability.

All 3 system can work and they are all vastly superior to ta all current democratic systems.


Vintologi grammar
The following rules for spelling/grammar shall apply for all vintologi texts

labor = work being done
labour = potential to do work

or = at least one of the statements is true
xor = one statement is true, the other is false
and = both statements are true
nor = both statements are false
nand = at least one statement if false
xnor = both false or both true

& = both words apply
/ = at least one word apply

i:s will not be capitalized unless beginning of sentence

can't = cannot

If there is no space between the word and a parenthesis the parenthesis apply specifically to the word, otherwise it will apply to the sentence.

the word/sentence inside isn't really correct: ’ ’
quote: " "


How to extract resources from men
There are no shortage of loser males you can make money off, bell delphene was able to sell her own bathwater to these incel losers.

Sex work
You directly sell your body, this is very humiliating but it is a quick way to get money. It's a fair and honest exchange and thus it's far from ideal, it's better if you get money without having to give anything in return. One issue is that it come with a significant STD risk due to government incompetence.

Some transwomen may be attracted to the humiliation aspect of sex-work.

free meals
You go on date with losers willing to cover the entire cost of it, this is a decent option if you like to get expensive dining. They issue with this is that the actual value of these meals may not actually be that great.

financial domination
You find some loser with a findom fetish, i was able to find that when i pretended to be a transwoman on a free dating site. You only need to provide some companionship to the poor guy (or soon to be).

Find some cuck willing to marry you, be strict with "no sex before marriage".

In some countries you can be automatically married via "common law" but in any case you should manipulate him into marrying you as early as possible without a prenup. If he insist on a prenup and cannot be shamed into into not demanding one you may have to cave and sign it and hope the family court will not validate it.


You need to look into divorce laws for your country and see if there is any way to divorce rape males, will you get 50% of all assets or just 50% of the net increase of value?




Jury nullification
Just reaching out to a few percent of the US citizens will be highly valuable, just shut up about your beliefs and pretend to be a normie, otherwise you might get removed from the jury.

It is worth noting that only a fraction of cases actually go to trail, the wast majority ends with a plea bargain where the bargain will depend on the expected outcome of the trial.





Eugenics and diversity
Applying any evolutionary pressure will short term reduce diversity in weeding out the unfit, in nature this is counteracted by random mutations that introduce new diversity that can be selected upon. Reducing diversity had both advantages and disadvantages but it's possible to preserve a great deal of diversity while maintaining eugenic pressure, we dont have to completely eliminate people "genetic clowns" with genetics you dont want to be born with, reducing the frequency is enough.

Even if just 1% of the male population reproduce thats still 35 million, significantly larger than the typical populations of large mammals.

We do not however need to rely on random mutations when genetic engineering is available, genetic engineering allows us to introduce new diversity to the gene pool that we can select upon via eugenics. We dont need to know exactly what will happen with the genes we try to introduce.


Master slave relationships
Having total control over someone can be a lot of fun, you will then be able to do anything you want, humiliate him/her, punish her, etc.

With these relationships you take away the burden of personal responsibility, in a proper master slave relationship the master will not have any obligations towards the slave and the slave will also be in a state of powerlessness, no longer any point about planning for the future or trying to be successful, you are in the hands of your master now.

Being in a state of powerlessness where other people do things to you will be an interesting experience, you may experience sexual pleasure, extreme pain, hunger, humiliation.

The most common type of objection i get is people having issue with some of the conclusion due to this going against a strongly held belief they have, that however does not actually mean the conclusion is false, it can just be people having a hard time accepting it.
Reincarnation is impossible/unproven
While it is unclear what the continuation criteria for your consciousness isn't anything saying your consciousness cannot have a continuation after death. There are multiple possible mechanism for reincarnation including the emergence of a similar/identical brain (Boltzmann brain, artificial brain or biological brain).

It is worth noting that a lot of conclusion in the vintologi bible does not actually depend on the reincarnation assumption.
it's just your opinion
People like to assume the conclusions in vintologi is subjective and therefore any conclusions in there they dislike must mean i am somehow a "bad person". This rely on the false is-ought distinction


One clear example about how you can draw objective conclusions about what we ought to do is pro-natalism vs anti-natalism, people that are against having children will not reproduce and therefore not pass on their genetics or their culture. From that we get that humans ought to reproduce because the ones that do not constantly get weeded out from the gene pool making that behaviour unviable, individual humans can go against that but humans over time as a group can not.

Some things just cannot be avoided, a functioning society does require social control such as severe punishments, in order to remove one inhumane punishment you need to replace it with something else such as forcing someone to undergo some unpleasant medical treatment instead of them going to jail.