Dear Kud deon turns offensive

was deon a tranny?

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You guys are doomed to live blind lives (within time) and not above it as you so desire. perhaps there is a time for everything
yet i will choose to act on it now then leave it be for the next 10/20 years as perhaps you may wish it to be. i used to think
that life is out of my control yet i seen what i can do and i seen how disfunctional and dimorelized people are.
no woman nor man will be able to solve this conflict within because it never was ment to be solved, lol
it was made to become bigger and with the fire burning my ambitions and actions turn bigger.

yet i am greatful to all of the people i got to meat this year, they thought me about the alternative
and there sick human condition that they are clearly not hiding some of you guys where
inspiring but that's all to it there is nothing else i can extract from you people besides
what i have already extracted. new faces show up yet there stories are the same.

i would of never wanted this before out of FOMO but honestly i seen enough
i will cut off the wire and sink into darkness resurfacing only on a platform
i deem superior in it's nature (Social VR) time to time whenever. yet
not as often as i hopped for. in terms of discord and anything
shall no longer be premitted unless it is apart of my project
yet it will not be done out of the need 4 fun but a need 4
that expand where i get to know more places and
people that can do wanders and are worth of
binding paths with. yet untill then i am shall
remain isolated of ALL MEDIA. the only
thing that i will promp on are thoughts
and my projects. i give up on people.​

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