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I do not think the incel community/cult is in our side to be honest, our interests do not actually align. Most incels are just trying to play the sympathy/victimhood card thinking it will get them a government girlfriend, they are not interested in sexual freedom or the improvement of humanity.

Even if you are incel now you would probably benefit personally from converting to vintologi but it would probably not benefit incels as a group.

When you have many girlfriends and kids it will come at the expense of other males dying childless and being alone, according to vintologi you will be rewarded for this in future life since you were able to spread your superior DNA.
Incels are just a social group anyway; not really a movement or a bunch of terrorists. The guys like Anondump who were half-interested in going in that direction went away. Therefore they don't really have a lot of relevance to anything, other than some guys who are just trying to pass the time while they LDAR by hanging out with a handful of people they like.


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There has been a few terrorists attacks but the total death toll is still far less than the amount Breivik killed alone.

In any case i do not think much can be gained from trying to use incels to archive political goals, at least not now. Most will just fold at almost nothing like anondump did.
Exactly. The average "incel" is actually just a MGTOW who, if he had enough balls to go out there and try to achieve his goals, would probably betabuxx his way into some pussy. If he won't do that, he's probably also not going to go ER or take any other risks.

Then there the youngcels who say, "I can't go ER because I have a life ahead of me." Aka, they haven't yet, but will eventually, betabuxx their way into some pussy. So they're only temporarily incel.

Anondump did rob a bank at one point, but that just goes to prove my point, that when he had enough balls to do something like that, it was for personal gain rather than for any greater good.


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This is also why the second amendment is useless when it comes to preventing tyranny, the people willing to die for freedom or any other 'altruistic' reason) are few and far between.

Breivik was thinking "more people will follow after me" but that didn't really happen.

When someone actually sacficising his/her wellbeing for a political cause it's usally something stupid i do not find worthwhile at all, well if you are more rational you will probably be unwilling to sacrifice yourself in the first place.
It usually has to be religion or some other mass delusion. It's easier to blow yourself and the infidel up if from birth, everyone (including the people you look up to the most, such as your parents) has been telling you that you'll get 72 virgins for doing so.


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What many people do not realize is that en easy afterlife experience would be boring, you need challenges in life to be happy.

You are not safe from it at any age, the difference is that once you are brainwashed into one belief system it will be harder for someone to brainwash you again unless it agrees with their existing beliefs.

So if someone already believes in equality that individual will be unlikely to convert to a belief system that doesn't also promote equality.

In order for you to accept vintologi you need to first purify your soul and often death is required for that.
Usually, though, especially in traditional cultures, people's family provides a lot of their moral, financial, and other support, so it makes sense that people would just go with whatever their family told them. In tough economic situations, family has to stick together or they die, so they've learned to maintain solidarity, and religion has helped them do that by settling tough philosophical questions and giving them a set of morals to go by.


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Rule 6 forbids you from adopting a child or having a pet as a replacement for a biological child. As a male you should always demand DNA test before becoming a parent for a child (following this strictly is probably the best strategy now).
What if it's obviously your child and demanding paternity would be likely to ruin the relationship?
Might is right
How do you determine which preferences that will be satisfied when there is no absolute morality? well it is pretty simple 0 1 2

With brute force(extreme violence) and propaganda you will be able to impose your preferences upon others, might is right.

Superiority and inferiority can only be decided by battle.

By having superior might you can enforce any morals into the masses and they will happily accept them no matter how obvious the contradictions are. Popular lies have ever been the most potent enemies of personal liberty.
This is just contradiction, this means that the extremely flawed morals and beliefs of a dictator will be enforced on his people and they'll eat it up, no matter how ridiculously dumb it is. But it doesn't make them right AKA Kim Jong Un isn't right or superior in any way over the other people in North Korea for being a dictator.
Well now you are assuming some objective moral standard which of course cannot exist.

If you do not agree with the dictator of north korea you have to rely on might to remove him from power or he will continue to rule according to what you view as a flawed moral system.

You are forced to follow laws by the threat if force, you may not agree with these laws but when you are overpowered you will still end up having to follow what you view as wrong.

Even if you show that what someone does doesn't aligh with his preferences it doesn't mean what he did was wrong, maybe he wasn't honest in what he actually values. A lot of people eat meat even though it doesn't align with the moral system they claim to have, well maybe they where just virtue signaling?
If it doesn't exist, that means his morals are wrong

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