Do you write poetry?

I have a lot of repressed feelings. I'm quite scared to be myself in public in fact I don't even know who I really am anymore. I just pretend to be someone that I find cool. The mysterious shy boy was one of my persona. The nerdy geek was another persona. The try hard social monkey was another. All of those just makes me cringe when I think about it. I wanted to be a nerd, but I'm quite dumb. I wanted to be mysterious, but I was utterly boring. I wanted to be a social monkey, but I'm an awkward idiot. None of that shit works. Anyways I write some crappy poetry thinking that maybe I am a poet, but I'm just a cringe wannabe. Here are some of my poems so you can have a laugh or something lmao

regret love guilt dreams
this redemption arc
isn't what it seems
a false hope in the dark
nothing more than a pipe dream
You sat there by the window
As I walked to the door of the bus
I noticed your soft eyes examining me
I wanted to be cool so I ignored you
In truth I was a fool
For I have lost you
Inside my room
Resides the jailer and prisoner
Bundled together in a blanket
Of self-loathe and misery
Contemplating, pacing,
Irritated, bored
Beyond the window
Life goes ever on
I was browsing some other website when I came upon this image. I will say that it perfectly depicts how I imagine myself.

Here's another poem

The beauty of 3D is ephemeral but tangible.
The beauty of 2D is eternal but intangible.
The reciprocal love of 3D brings true happiness.
The one-sided love of 2D brings mental illness.