does Alex Jones have any credibility left? here is why he does NOT


Well-known member
just about every one of his shows he talks about the harmful effects of the clot shots,
while in the same breath he advocates for Trump, who is the very guy that rubber stamp
the clot shots and still retains the claim they are safe and effective.

Alex Jones also speaks about inflation and against the money going from tax payers to Ukraine while
advocating for Trump who promoted the Ukraine Aid

Alex Jones connects his news to his products and affiliates, from his faggy food supplements,
to gold and silver vendor.

Alex Jones has become Elon musk's personal ass kisser, and wouldn't criticize Elon on restricting speech(the ban of Andrew Anglin), or his brain link technology.

Alex Jones is a religious nutcase, who refuses to address the elephant in the room: that Mary committed paternity fraud and Jesus was a bastard.

Jones claims to be a stickler for free speech, but his show doesn't host man of culture opinions, and his show has
agreed with the concept of forced castration for hebephiles, so where does he get off, being surprised gender dysphoric youths get sex changes?