does free speech actually matter?


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only a select few get heard. the rich and the good looking.
in reality your voice and opinions won't change jack shit.

even if you were, for example to invent a time travel machine and say, warn people about
an earthquake you would get like 5 views on social media.

gate keeping is not only those few elites that shadow ban your videos from their sites
and shadow ban your sites from search engines, it's also the inferiority of the commoners
that do not posses the capability to recognize good ideas and good products.

I call these commoners, the brand worshippers.

as a non influencer I take a decent degree of glee seeing these commoners lose their worthless voice.
the useless females who get 15k views in a week for a belfie for example, and the soy thumbnail guy
that wants to make his retarded little 15 minute rant about dilan mulvany.

it is somewhat of a crab bucket mentality, but it still feels right.


Regulation of speech will typically screw people over who are overly emotional resulting in them getting into trouble for speaking their mind.

But if you actually want to control people it's often enough to simply stop the reach, you can let them scream in the void to vent.

Youtube has a feature where you can shadowban people from the comment section so the person who wrote the comment will see it but nobody else will.