Elite rule


Young people are screwed over by democracy
The focus in a democracy is to get votes but you need to be a citizens at age 18 (or older) to exercise your power to vote, thus it doesn't directly matter how many people under 18 that disagree with a policy since these people cannot vote anyway.

What often will happen is that politicians get pushed to provide more and more resources to old dying people while young parents are not getting the support they need.

Furthermore young people are subjected to totalitarian social control including being locked up at institutions despite not breaking any law. Sexual relationships become legal landmines to to AoC legislation where you can go to jail over having a relationship with someone a few years younger.

Even when effort is put into making sure young people get support (such as good education) that often end up as a failure due to government incompetence.



Why democracy leads to gerontocracy
Democracy has the additional issue of voting rights not reflecting the value of people. The norm is allowing people to vote from age 18 and up meaning that politicians can ignore what young people under 18 want as they cater to useless old people.

There is also the issue of it taking a lot of time to get a political following so we end up with old people dominating when it comes to political power.


Trump: 76 years old.
Biden: 80 years old.
Bernie: 81 years old.


Why the US constitution is bad
If we just look at united states as a country now we see that it's really not a nice place to live in, by all meaningful metrics it's bad. It's a rather nasty police-state where taxes goes to propping up increasingly totalitarian states and the central government while mothers are not given the support they should be entitled to.


The fertility rate is a total disaster.

A lot of problematic policies end up being implemented by individual states and in many cases there isn't a single viable state to flee to. In 13 states you can be jailed for fucking a 17 year old girl even if she agreed to it and enjoyed it, this is not acceptable.

The supreme court
It does not properly serve as a check to the legislature since it can be packed just by passing a law, currently this is viewed as wrong but when you need it the most is when a party do not care about these things.

We also have the issue of political appointments to the courts.

The presidency
The entire executive branch is controlled by a single individual (the president). In addition the president also have the power to veto new laws and to pardon people.

This was supposed to act as a check to the power of the president but its way to slow in the case of nuclear war, when it's time to have the trial in the senate the war will already be over. Giving just one individual the power to send nukes is really dangerous but it may also work as a scare tactic against other countries (madman theory).

The party in power will be very unwilling to turn against their own president so it thus takes a lot to remove a president from office, if the democrats where serious about removing Trump from office they would have built a better case before sending it to the senate.

In practice the president will get away with doing clearly impeachable acts, at most the other party can send it to the senate to make the ruling party look bad but it may also backfire, this is why the republicans never tried to impeach Obama.

For the house of representatives people are elected from state-districts which is far from ideal. One obvious issue is that then the states can draw districts in a such way that the party in power will get most of the seats



Fixing the US constitution
The founding fathers understood that the constitution they drafted were temporary and thus allowed it to be amended, this currently require the approval of 38 of 50 states.

One good start would be to require 60% majority in both houses to pack the supreme court (up to 15 justices).

The house of representatives should be replaced by a single board where the smaller states are grouped together


If the result is not approved by every individual state in the district it will go directly to the supreme court.

States should not be allowed to legislate at all.

Once congress has passed a law it will be sent directly to the supreme court for final approval, if the supreme court say no then congress can override that veto with 2/3 majority in both chambers.

Both the supreme court and congress will be given impeachment powers.

Congress can impeach (remove and replace) anyone with 2/3 majority in both chambers. The supreme court can impeach someone with 2/3 majority (such as 6 of 9 justices) if it isn't blocked by the senate (will require 60% majority).


The Chinese system
The most powerful body is the polit buro standing comitee which consists of 7 people

Mathematically concentrating the power to just 7 people isn't really ideal and it might be even more concentrated in practise due to xi jinping having a cult following. In addition each member of the polit buro standing committee has a field he specializes meaning the other members will not provide a proper check to his power.


The stated reason for not having all 25 members of the polit buro govern is that then they would be unable to meet often enough but they do not actually need to meet all at once, they just have to be 13 or more so they will be able to make a majority decision.

China does have a rubber stamp parliament that meets for 2 weeks every 5 years



Analyzing the chinese system matematically
For the polit buro standing committee we get the following


x = probability of a polit buro standing committee member making one decision
y = probability of the polit buro standing committee making said decision

For the entire polit buro we instead get the following


For the national peoples congress standing committee (175 members) we get



The chinese system is clearly outperforming western democracies
This is not only when comparing to stagnant western developed nations but also when you compare with developing countries like india.


Despite being at a disadvantage (the infection was first discovered in china) they were able to quickly get the covid-19 situation under control while western democracies wasted months doing what exactly?



Why the china system is outperforming western democracy
The more people you involve in the decision making process the harder it will be to govern*
The advantage of having a system of voting is that then if someone make an incorrect decision he/she can be outvoted by the others in the ruling elite and thus you reduce the probability of a bad decision.


By giving all/most power to a small number of people you can quickly get done what needs to be done.

Western democracies are popularity contests where people get elected by saying what people want to hear, Donald Trump is the best example of that. When in power politicians are mostly focused on getting re-elected instead of doing what's good for the country.

Western democracies over-rely on the private sector, it is believed that capitalism will magically solve the issues we face but of course that doesn't work out to well. Instead companies like google and facebook grow so powerful they overpower the government. Instead of censorship by government we end up being censored by google, twitter, reddit and facebook. Sure you can have your own website (which is costly and can be difficult to set up) but then getting visitors will be hard.

The end result of the libertarian/ancap insanity is corporation gaining totalitarian control, a pharmaceutical company may force people to take their drugs "for their own good"


Most western countries failed to properly manage covid-19 due to incompetent leaders and the notion that we should try to limit government power. My country Sweden ended up going for the "herd immunity" insanity and now over 10000 people have needlessly died here and we still have to socially distance, our economy took a bad hit, tens of thousands still suffer from the complications "long covid".

*collective leadership can also allow for instant decisions 24/7 by always having a majority of the ruling board awake (having them sleep at different times) but i am not aware of any implementation of that.


China vs USA totalitarianism
One argument against the Chinese government is lack of human rights. The issue with this reasoning is that having a weak government isn't sustainable anyway so you just end up with more and more totalitarianism

Age of Consent is 14 in china which is more liberal than the US (which has it at 16 to 18 depending on state).

The prison population/capita is 6 times higher in the US.

Due to the amount of laws in the US they are able to arbitrary throw anyone in jail, they can always find some crime to pin on you.




China vs USA government projects
The chinese infrastructure is more modern, they have high speed rails and they are building new ones.

China recently returned material from the moon while the US keep spending money on the Space Launch System that keep getting delayed.




According to the pisa test China is #1 while the US is #37 (mathematics)



How many do you need present?
Even if many senators are asleep it might still be possible to get to a majority without any senators having to be woken up.

if 10 of 15 are present we get the following

x = probability of a senator making a decision
y = probability of the senate making said decision just with 5 of 15 senators absent.

for 16 of 25 senators present we get

x = probability of a senator making a decision
y = probability of the senate making said decision just with 9 of 25 senators absent.

For 30 of 45 senators present we get

x = probability of a senator making a decision
y = probability of the senate making said decision just with 15 of 45 senators absent.

for 28 of 45 senators present we get

x = probability of a senator making a decision
y = probability of the senate making said decision just with 17 of 45 senators absent.

for 27 of 45 senators present we get

for 26 of 45 senators present we get

for 25 of 45 senators present we get

for 24 of 45 senators present we get

for 23 of 45 senators present we get


Is china changing for the better?
It could be argued that while there has been many bad policies the chinese central government is over time figuring out what works while scrapping harmful policies such as the one child policy.


Upcoming elite rule in the united states
Whats likely to happen is that tech companies gain more and more power, this could remain informal but we might also see the following polit buro standing committee taking over in the united states



If the appeal require at least one of the seven judges to request it we get the following


x = probabily of a judge appealing
y = probabilily of at least one judge (of seven) appealing)

If appeal require at least 2 of 7 judges we get the following

x = probabily of a judge appealing
y = probabilily of at least two judge (of seven) appealing)

For a court consisting of 9 individuals we get the following

y = probability of at least (1,2,3,4,5) senators appealing.
x = probability of a senator appealing.
Here is an example of a system with 315 A-citizens in control.


A0 to A34: 35 (high court)
A35 to A53: 19 (executive council)
A54 to A68: 15 (science board)
A69 to A73: 15 (legislature)
A74 to A86: 13 (financial board)
A87 to A97: 11 (board of education)
A98 to A106: 9 (confidential research board)
A107 to A113: 7 (open research board)
A8: 7 (board of arts & aesthetics)
A9: 7 (board of recreation).
A10 to A168: 1


One option is to have severa senators with the same index making them equivalent, then the high court (45 A0 citizens) will have the deciding vote, if drawed the A1 citizens will decide, etc.

A0: 45 (high court)
A1: 19 (executive council)
A2: 19 (science board)
A3: 15 (legislature)
A4: 15 (financial board)
A5: 13 (board of education)
A6: 9 (confidential research board)
A7: 7 (open research board)
A8: 7 (board of arts & aesthetics)
A9: 7 (board of recreation).
A10 to A152: 1


Here the 315 senators have divided themselves into 21 courts with 15 people in each, this will allow them to handle up to 15 times the number of cases, of course the full senate will still be the higher authority so we can expect at least some cases to be decided there rather than an individual courts.


Segregated elite rule
The ruling elite will be seperated from each other (different locations) each having their own advicors/specialists helping them make the correct decision at a very high frequency (over 90%) or make a decision for him/her when he/she is sleeping (or be waken up if there is significant disagreement).

If the vote ends in a draw then the lowest numbered voting body will decide (usually A0).

Each A-citizen have full control over their voting organisation and will decide who will be able to wake him/her up if he/she is sleeping (can be other A-citizens too).

When someone is sent to court there will be one judge from each organisation present.

A: ruling elite
B: selected by A-citizen (part of their organisation).
C: citizen
D: slave
E: non-citizen
F: enemy of the state

If the numbers of members of the ruling elite are N then
B0 = first successor to the A0 seat
B1 = first successor to the A1 seat
B2 = first successor to the A2 seat
BN = second successor to the A0 seat
BN+1 = second successor to the A1 seat
B2N = third successor to the A0 seat

If N=15 then the successors to the A0 seat will be B0, B15, B30, B45, B60 and so on.


Deciding draws
In the case a vote among the A-citizens ends in a draw there has to be a deciding mechanism.

The solution is to look at a certain odd number of a-citizens that voted (such as the 9 of the lowest rank) but is there any general way to always get to an odd number?

One method is to divide the total number of votes by 2, if you still are at an even number you divide by 2 again and continue like that until you get an odd number


O = vote
Ø = one of the deciding votes in the case of a draw



Another way to decide draws is to have the following
total Votes   deciding votes
2 to 4        1
6 to 12       3
14 to 36      9
38 to 108     27
110 to 324    81
330 to 972    243
974 to 2916   729
2918 to 8748  2187


Alternative way of deciding draws
This system was later abandoned due to being needlessly complex, it's better just to give the deciding vote to the A0 senator. I still leave it up because it's a great example of an over-engineered voting system.



It is possible to use a more complicated system for deciding draws such as the following:


If the only voting senators are (A0, A1, A5, A6) then A0 will decide the outcome unless (A1, A5, A6) are unanimous.

This weights of the votes are selected such that the system cannot end in a draw.


How pointless votes can be avoided
In the case of court-cases you can simply focus on hearing cases where a significant number of judges dissented, that way your vote as one of the judges can be very meaningful even if you didn't vote with the majority decision. Thus most easy decisions will be made on lower level without reaching the senate.

There might still be cases of easy decisions that has to be made by a senate vote, for that reason there will be 4 types of senate votes that can be made.


Once a majority consensus has been reached the matter is finished and the other senators will not have to even bother with it (they might be asleep missing the whole thing). This means that if you as a senator disagree with the outcome of a quickvote you can just abstain from voting.

Full open vote
Everyone will cast a vote (for, against, neutral) but they not have to hide how they vote from senators who have not voted yet. If you do not want to disclose your dissent you have the option to wait and see if a majority consensus is reached and then after that you can just vote along the majority since your vote will not effect the formal senate decision.

But minority dissenting votes can be meaningful since the president will be stronger if the decision was made by overwheling majority (such as 315 to zero).

Full closed vote
In a full closed vote the senators will not see how other senators voted until everyone has cast their vote.

Full senate trial
A formal trial is held that will include experts giving their opinions and senators doing research on their own to prepare for the final vote.
Succession matrix
Here successor0 is the individual currently controlling the seat.

successor seat0    seat1    seat2    seat3    seat4    seat5    seat6    seat7    seat8    seat9    seat10   seat11   seat12   seat13   seat14
0         A0       A1       A2       A3       A4       A5       A6       A7       A8       A9       A10      A11      A12      A13      A14
1         B0       B1       B2       B3       B4       B5       B6       B7       B8       B9       B10      B11      B12      B13      B14
2         B15      B16      B17      B18      B19      B20      B21      B22      B23      B24      B25      B26      B27      B28      B29
3         B30      B31      B32      B33      B34      B35      B36      B37      B38      B39      B40      B41      B42      B43      B44
4         B45      B46      B47      B48      B49      B50      B51      B52      B53      B54      B55      B56      B57      B58      B59
5         B60      B61      B62      B63      B64      B65      B66      B67      B68      B69      B70      B71      B72      B73      B74
6         B75      B76      B77      B78      B79      B80      B81      B82      B83      B84      B85      B86      B87      B88      B89
7         B90      B91      B92      B93      B94      B95      B96      B97      B98      B99      B100     B101     B102     B103     B104
8         B105     B106     B107     B108     B109     B110     B111     B112     B113     B114     B115     B116     B117     B118     B119
9         B120     B121     B122     B123     B124     B125     B126     B127     B128     B129     B130     B131     B132     B133     B134
10        B135     B136     B137     B138     B139     B140     B141     B142     B143     B144     B145     B146     B147     B148     B149
11        B150     B151     B152     B153     B154     B155     B156     B157     B158     B159     B160     B161     B162     B163     B164
12        B165     B166     B167     B168     B169     B170     B171     B172     B173     B174     B175     B176     B177     B178     B179
13        B180     B181     B182     B183     B184     B185     B186     B187     B188     B189     B190     B191     B192     B193     B194
14        B195     B196     B197     B198     B199     B200     B201     B202     B203     B204     B205     B206     B207     B208     B209
15        B210     B211     B212     B213     B214     B215     B216     B217     B218     B219     B220     B221     B222     B223     B224
16        B225     B226     B227     B228     B229     B230     B231     B232     B233     B234     B235     B236     B237     B238     B239
17        B240     B241     B242     B243     B244     B245     B246     B247     B248     B249     B250     B251     B252     B253     B254
18        B255     B256     B257     B258     B259     B260     B261     B262     B263     B264     B265     B266     B267     B268     B269
19        B270     B271     B272     B273     B274     B275     B276     B277     B278     B279     B280     B281     B282     B283     B284
20        B285     B286     B287     B288     B289     B290     B291     B292     B293     B294     B295     B296     B297     B298     B299
21        B300     B301     B302     B303     B304     B305     B306     B307     B308     B309     B310     B311     B312     B313     B314
22        B315     B316     B317     B318     B319     B320     B321     B322     B323     B324     B325     B326     B327     B328     B329
23        B330     B331     B332     B333     B334     B335     B336     B337     B338     B339     B340     B341     B342     B343     B344
24        B345     B346     B347     B348     B349     B350     B351     B352     B353     B354     B355     B356     B357     B358     B359
25        B360     B361     B362     B363     B364     B365     B366     B367     B368     B369     B370     B371     B372     B373     B374
26        B375     B376     B377     B378     B379     B380     B381     B382     B383     B384     B385     B386     B387     B388     B389
27        B390     B391     B392     B393     B394     B395     B396     B397     B398     B399     B400     B401     B402     B403     B404
28        B405     B406     B407     B408     B409     B410     B411     B412     B413     B414     B415     B416     B417     B418     B419
29        B420     B421     B422     B423     B424     B425     B426     B427     B428     B429     B430     B431     B432     B433     B434
30        B435     B436     B437     B438     B439     B440     B441     B442     B443     B444     B445     B446     B447     B448     B449
31        B450     B451     B452     B453     B454     B455     B456     B457     B458     B459     B460     B461     B462     B463     B464
32        B465     B466     B467     B468     B469     B470     B471     B472     B473     B474     B475     B476     B477     B478     B479
33        B480     B481     B482     B483     B484     B485     B486     B487     B488     B489     B490     B491     B492     B493     B494
34        B495     B496     B497     B498     B499     B500     B501     B502     B503     B504     B505     B506     B507     B508     B509
35        B510     B511     B512     B513     B514     B515     B516     B517     B518     B519     B520     B521     B522     B523     B524
36        B525     B526     B527     B528     B529     B530     B531     B532     B533     B534     B535     B536     B537     B538     B539
37        B540     B541     B542     B543     B544     B545     B546     B547     B548     B549     B550     B551     B552     B553     B554
38        B555     B556     B557     B558     B559     B560     B561     B562     B563     B564     B565     B566     B567     B568     B569
39        B570     B571     B572     B573     B574     B575     B576     B577     B578     B579     B580     B581     B582     B583     B584
40        B585     B586     B587     B588     B589     B590     B591     B592     B593     B594     B595     B596     B597     B598     B599
41        B600     B601     B602     B603     B604     B605     B606     B607     B608     B609     B610     B611     B612     B613     B614
42        B615     B616     B617     B618     B619     B620     B621     B622     B623     B624     B625     B626     B627     B628     B629
43        B630     B631     B632     B633     B634     B635     B636     B637     B638     B639     B640     B641     B642     B643     B644
44        B645     B646     B647     B648     B649     B650     B651     B652     B653     B654     B655     B656     B657     B658     B659
45        B660     B661     B662     B663     B664     B665     B666     B667     B668     B669     B670     B671     B672     B673     B674
46        B675     B676     B677     B678     B679     B680     B681     B682     B683     B684     B685     B686     B687     B688     B689
47        B690     B691     B692     B693     B694     B695     B696     B697     B698     B699     B700     B701     B702     B703     B704
48        B705     B706     B707     B708     B709     B710     B711     B712     B713     B714     B715     B716     B717     B718     B719
49        B720     B721     B722     B723     B724     B725     B726     B727     B728     B729     B730     B731     B732     B733     B734
50        B735     B736     B737     B738     B739     B740     B741     B742     B743     B744     B745     B746     B747     B748     B749
51        B750     B751     B752     B753     B754     B755     B756     B757     B758     B759     B760     B761     B762     B763     B764
52        B765     B766     B767     B768     B769     B770     B771     B772     B773     B774     B775     B776     B777     B778     B779
53        B780     B781     B782     B783     B784     B785     B786     B787     B788     B789     B790     B791     B792     B793     B794
54        B795     B796     B797     B798     B799     B800     B801     B802     B803     B804     B805     B806     B807     B808     B809
55        B810     B811     B812     B813     B814     B815     B816     B817     B818     B819     B820     B821     B822     B823     B824
56        B825     B826     B827     B828     B829     B830     B831     B832     B833     B834     B835     B836     B837     B838     B839
57        B840     B841     B842     B843     B844     B845     B846     B847     B848     B849     B850     B851     B852     B853     B854
58        B855     B856     B857     B858     B859     B860     B861     B862     B863     B864     B865     B866     B867     B868     B869
59        B870     B871     B872     B873     B874     B875     B876     B877     B878     B879     B880     B881     B882     B883     B884
60        B885     B886     B887     B888     B889     B890     B891     B892     B893     B894     B895     B896     B897     B898     B899
61        B900     B901     B902     B903     B904     B905     B906     B907     B908     B909     B910     B911     B912     B913     B914
62        B915     B916     B917     B918     B919     B920     B921     B922     B923     B924     B925     B926     B927     B928     B929
63        B930     B931     B932     B933     B934     B935     B936     B937     B938     B939     B940     B941     B942     B943     B944
64        B945     B946     B947     B948     B949     B950     B951     B952     B953     B954     B955     B956     B957     B958     B959
65        B960     B961     B962     B963     B964     B965     B966     B967     B968     B969     B970     B971     B972     B973     B974
66        B975     B976     B977     B978     B979     B980     B981     B982     B983     B984     B985     B986     B987     B988     B989
67        B990     B991     B992     B993     B994     B995     B996     B997     B998     B999     B1000    B1001    B1002    B1003    B1004
68        B1005    B1006    B1007    B1008    B1009    B1010    B1011    B1012    B1013    B1014    B1015    B1016    B1017    B1018    B1019
69        B1020    B1021    B1022    B1023    B1024    B1025    B1026    B1027    B1028    B1029    B1030    B1031    B1032    B1033    B1034
70        B1035    B1036    B1037    B1038    B1039    B1040    B1041    B1042    B1043    B1044    B1045    B1046    B1047    B1048    B1049
71        B1050    B1051    B1052    B1053    B1054    B1055    B1056    B1057    B1058    B1059    B1060    B1061    B1062    B1063    B1064
72        B1065    B1066    B1067    B1068    B1069    B1070    B1071    B1072    B1073    B1074    B1075    B1076    B1077    B1078    B1079
73        B1080    B1081    B1082    B1083    B1084    B1085    B1086    B1087    B1088    B1089    B1090    B1091    B1092    B1093    B1094
74        B1095    B1096    B1097    B1098    B1099    B1100    B1101    B1102    B1103    B1104    B1105    B1106    B1107    B1108    B1109
75        B1110    B1111    B1112    B1113    B1114    B1115    B1116    B1117    B1118    B1119    B1120    B1121    B1122    B1123    B1124
76        B1125    B1126    B1127    B1128    B1129    B1130    B1131    B1132    B1133    B1134    B1135    B1136    B1137    B1138    B1139
77        B1140    B1141    B1142    B1143    B1144    B1145    B1146    B1147    B1148    B1149    B1150    B1151    B1152    B1153    B1154
78        B1155    B1156    B1157    B1158    B1159    B1160    B1161    B1162    B1163    B1164    B1165    B1166    B1167    B1168    B1169
79        B1170    B1171    B1172    B1173    B1174    B1175    B1176    B1177    B1178    B1179    B1180    B1181    B1182    B1183    B1184
80        B1185    B1186    B1187    B1188    B1189    B1190    B1191    B1192    B1193    B1194    B1195    B1196    B1197    B1198    B1199
81        B1200    B1201    B1202    B1203    B1204    B1205    B1206    B1207    B1208    B1209    B1210    B1211    B1212    B1213    B1214
82        B1215    B1216    B1217    B1218    B1219    B1220    B1221    B1222    B1223    B1224    B1225    B1226    B1227    B1228    B1229
83        B1230    B1231    B1232    B1233    B1234    B1235    B1236    B1237    B1238    B1239    B1240    B1241    B1242    B1243    B1244
84        B1245    B1246    B1247    B1248    B1249    B1250    B1251    B1252    B1253    B1254    B1255    B1256    B1257    B1258    B1259
85        B1260    B1261    B1262    B1263    B1264    B1265    B1266    B1267    B1268    B1269    B1270    B1271    B1272    B1273    B1274
86        B1275    B1276    B1277    B1278    B1279    B1280    B1281    B1282    B1283    B1284    B1285    B1286    B1287    B1288    B1289
87        B1290    B1291    B1292    B1293    B1294    B1295    B1296    B1297    B1298    B1299    B1300    B1301    B1302    B1303    B1304
88        B1305    B1306    B1307    B1308    B1309    B1310    B1311    B1312    B1313    B1314    B1315    B1316    B1317    B1318    B1319
89        B1320    B1321    B1322    B1323    B1324    B1325    B1326    B1327    B1328    B1329    B1330    B1331    B1332    B1333    B1334
90        B1335    B1336    B1337    B1338    B1339    B1340    B1341    B1342    B1343    B1344    B1345    B1346    B1347    B1348    B1349
91        B1350    B1351    B1352    B1353    B1354    B1355    B1356    B1357    B1358    B1359    B1360    B1361    B1362    B1363    B1364
92        B1365    B1366    B1367    B1368    B1369    B1370    B1371    B1372    B1373    B1374    B1375    B1376    B1377    B1378    B1379
93        B1380    B1381    B1382    B1383    B1384    B1385    B1386    B1387    B1388    B1389    B1390    B1391    B1392    B1393    B1394
94        B1395    B1396    B1397    B1398    B1399    B1400    B1401    B1402    B1403    B1404    B1405    B1406    B1407    B1408    B1409
95        B1410    B1411    B1412    B1413    B1414    B1415    B1416    B1417    B1418    B1419    B1420    B1421    B1422    B1423    B1424
96        B1425    B1426    B1427    B1428    B1429    B1430    B1431    B1432    B1433    B1434    B1435    B1436    B1437    B1438    B1439
97        B1440    B1441    B1442    B1443    B1444    B1445    B1446    B1447    B1448    B1449    B1450    B1451    B1452    B1453    B1454
98        B1455    B1456    B1457    B1458    B1459    B1460    B1461    B1462    B1463    B1464    B1465    B1466    B1467    B1468    B1469
99        B1470    B1471    B1472    B1473    B1474    B1475    B1476    B1477    B1478    B1479    B1480    B1481    B1482    B1483    B1484
100       B1485    B1486    B1487    B1488    B1489    B1490    B1491    B1492    B1493    B1494    B1495    B1496    B1497    B1498    B1499
101       B1500    B1501    B1502    B1503    B1504    B1505    B1506    B1507    B1508    B1509    B1510    B1511    B1512    B1513    B1514
102       B1515    B1516    B1517    B1518    B1519    B1520    B1521    B1522    B1523    B1524    B1525    B1526    B1527    B1528    B1529
103       B1530    B1531    B1532    B1533    B1534    B1535    B1536    B1537    B1538    B1539    B1540    B1541    B1542    B1543    B1544
104       B1545    B1546    B1547    B1548    B1549    B1550    B1551    B1552    B1553    B1554    B1555    B1556    B1557    B1558    B1559
105       B1560    B1561    B1562    B1563    B1564    B1565    B1566    B1567    B1568    B1569    B1570    B1571    B1572    B1573    B1574
106       B1575    B1576    B1577    B1578    B1579    B1580    B1581    B1582    B1583    B1584    B1585    B1586    B1587    B1588    B1589
107       B1590    B1591    B1592    B1593    B1594    B1595    B1596    B1597    B1598    B1599    B1600    B1601    B1602    B1603    B1604
108       B1605    B1606    B1607    B1608    B1609    B1610    B1611    B1612    B1613    B1614    B1615    B1616    B1617    B1618    B1619
109       B1620    B1621    B1622    B1623    B1624    B1625    B1626    B1627    B1628    B1629    B1630    B1631    B1632    B1633    B1634
110       B1635    B1636    B1637    B1638    B1639    B1640    B1641    B1642    B1643    B1644    B1645    B1646    B1647    B1648    B1649
111       B1650    B1651    B1652    B1653    B1654    B1655    B1656    B1657    B1658    B1659    B1660    B1661    B1662    B1663    B1664
112       B1665    B1666    B1667    B1668    B1669    B1670    B1671    B1672    B1673    B1674    B1675    B1676    B1677    B1678    B1679
113       B1680    B1681    B1682    B1683    B1684    B1685    B1686    B1687    B1688    B1689    B1690    B1691    B1692    B1693    B1694
114       B1695    B1696    B1697    B1698    B1699    B1700    B1701    B1702    B1703    B1704    B1705    B1706    B1707    B1708    B1709
115       B1710    B1711    B1712    B1713    B1714    B1715    B1716    B1717    B1718    B1719    B1720    B1721    B1722    B1723    B1724
116       B1725    B1726    B1727    B1728    B1729    B1730    B1731    B1732    B1733    B1734    B1735    B1736    B1737    B1738    B1739
117       B1740    B1741    B1742    B1743    B1744    B1745    B1746    B1747    B1748    B1749    B1750    B1751    B1752    B1753    B1754
118       B1755    B1756    B1757    B1758    B1759    B1760    B1761    B1762    B1763    B1764    B1765    B1766    B1767    B1768    B1769
119       B1770    B1771    B1772    B1773    B1774    B1775    B1776    B1777    B1778    B1779    B1780    B1781    B1782    B1783    B1784
120       B1785    B1786    B1787    B1788    B1789    B1790    B1791    B1792    B1793    B1794    B1795    B1796    B1797    B1798    B1799
121       B1800    B1801    B1802    B1803    B1804    B1805    B1806    B1807    B1808    B1809    B1810    B1811    B1812    B1813    B1814
122       B1815    B1816    B1817    B1818    B1819    B1820    B1821    B1822    B1823    B1824    B1825    B1826    B1827    B1828    B1829
123       B1830    B1831    B1832    B1833    B1834    B1835    B1836    B1837    B1838    B1839    B1840    B1841    B1842    B1843    B1844
124       B1845    B1846    B1847    B1848    B1849    B1850    B1851    B1852    B1853    B1854    B1855    B1856    B1857    B1858    B1859
125       B1860    B1861    B1862    B1863    B1864    B1865    B1866    B1867    B1868    B1869    B1870    B1871    B1872    B1873    B1874
126       B1875    B1876    B1877    B1878    B1879    B1880    B1881    B1882    B1883    B1884    B1885    B1886    B1887    B1888    B1889
127       B1890    B1891    B1892    B1893    B1894    B1895    B1896    B1897    B1898    B1899    B1900    B1901    B1902    B1903    B1904
128       B1905    B1906    B1907    B1908    B1909    B1910    B1911    B1912    B1913    B1914    B1915    B1916    B1917    B1918    B1919
129       B1920    B1921    B1922    B1923    B1924    B1925    B1926    B1927    B1928    B1929    B1930    B1931    B1932    B1933    B1934
130       B1935    B1936    B1937    B1938    B1939    B1940    B1941    B1942    B1943    B1944    B1945    B1946    B1947    B1948    B1949
131       B1950    B1951    B1952    B1953    B1954    B1955    B1956    B1957    B1958    B1959    B1960    B1961    B1962    B1963    B1964
132       B1965    B1966    B1967    B1968    B1969    B1970    B1971    B1972    B1973    B1974    B1975    B1976    B1977    B1978    B1979
133       B1980    B1981    B1982    B1983    B1984    B1985    B1986    B1987    B1988    B1989    B1990    B1991    B1992    B1993    B1994
134       B1995    B1996    B1997    B1998    B1999    B2000    B2001    B2002    B2003    B2004    B2005    B2006    B2007    B2008    B2009
135       B2010    B2011    B2012    B2013    B2014    B2015    B2016    B2017    B2018    B2019    B2020    B2021    B2022    B2023    B2024
136       B2025    B2026    B2027    B2028    B2029    B2030    B2031    B2032    B2033    B2034    B2035    B2036    B2037    B2038    B2039
137       B2040    B2041    B2042    B2043    B2044    B2045    B2046    B2047    B2048    B2049    B2050    B2051    B2052    B2053    B2054
138       B2055    B2056    B2057    B2058    B2059    B2060    B2061    B2062    B2063    B2064    B2065    B2066    B2067    B2068    B2069
139       B2070    B2071    B2072    B2073    B2074    B2075    B2076    B2077    B2078    B2079    B2080    B2081    B2082    B2083    B2084
140       B2085    B2086    B2087    B2088    B2089    B2090    B2091    B2092    B2093    B2094    B2095    B2096    B2097    B2098    B2099
141       B2100    B2101    B2102    B2103    B2104    B2105    B2106    B2107    B2108    B2109    B2110    B2111    B2112    B2113    B2114
142       B2115    B2116    B2117    B2118    B2119    B2120    B2121    B2122    B2123    B2124    B2125    B2126    B2127    B2128    B2129
143       B2130    B2131    B2132    B2133    B2134    B2135    B2136    B2137    B2138    B2139    B2140    B2141    B2142    B2143    B2144
144       B2145    B2146    B2147    B2148    B2149    B2150    B2151    B2152    B2153    B2154    B2155    B2156    B2157    B2158    B2159
145       B2160    B2161    B2162    B2163    B2164    B2165    B2166    B2167    B2168    B2169    B2170    B2171    B2172    B2173    B2174
146       B2175    B2176    B2177    B2178    B2179    B2180    B2181    B2182    B2183    B2184    B2185    B2186    B2187    B2188    B2189
147       B2190    B2191    B2192    B2193    B2194    B2195    B2196    B2197    B2198    B2199    B2200    B2201    B2202    B2203    B2204
148       B2205    B2206    B2207    B2208    B2209    B2210    B2211    B2212    B2213    B2214    B2215    B2216    B2217    B2218    B2219
149       B2220    B2221    B2222    B2223    B2224    B2225    B2226    B2227    B2228    B2229    B2230    B2231    B2232    B2233    B2234
150       B2235    B2236    B2237    B2238    B2239    B2240    B2241    B2242    B2243    B2244    B2245    B2246    B2247    B2248    B2249
151       B2250    B2251    B2252    B2253    B2254    B2255    B2256    B2257    B2258    B2259    B2260    B2261    B2262    B2263    B2264
152       B2265    B2266    B2267    B2268    B2269    B2270    B2271    B2272    B2273    B2274    B2275    B2276    B2277    B2278    B2279
153       B2280    B2281    B2282    B2283    B2284    B2285    B2286    B2287    B2288    B2289    B2290    B2291    B2292    B2293    B2294
154       B2295    B2296    B2297    B2298    B2299    B2300    B2301    B2302    B2303    B2304    B2305    B2306    B2307    B2308    B2309
155       B2310    B2311    B2312    B2313    B2314    B2315    B2316    B2317    B2318    B2319    B2320    B2321    B2322    B2323    B2324
156       B2325    B2326    B2327    B2328    B2329    B2330    B2331    B2332    B2333    B2334    B2335    B2336    B2337    B2338    B2339
157       B2340    B2341    B2342    B2343    B2344    B2345    B2346    B2347    B2348    B2349    B2350    B2351    B2352    B2353    B2354
158       B2355    B2356    B2357    B2358    B2359    B2360    B2361    B2362    B2363    B2364    B2365    B2366    B2367    B2368    B2369
159       B2370    B2371    B2372    B2373    B2374    B2375    B2376    B2377    B2378    B2379    B2380    B2381    B2382    B2383    B2384
160       B2385    B2386    B2387    B2388    B2389    B2390    B2391    B2392    B2393    B2394    B2395    B2396    B2397    B2398    B2399
161       B2400    B2401    B2402    B2403    B2404    B2405    B2406    B2407    B2408    B2409    B2410    B2411    B2412    B2413    B2414
162       B2415    B2416    B2417    B2418    B2419    B2420    B2421    B2422    B2423    B2424    B2425    B2426    B2427    B2428    B2429
163       B2430    B2431    B2432    B2433    B2434    B2435    B2436    B2437    B2438    B2439    B2440    B2441    B2442    B2443    B2444
164       B2445    B2446    B2447    B2448    B2449    B2450    B2451    B2452    B2453    B2454    B2455    B2456    B2457    B2458    B2459
165       B2460    B2461    B2462    B2463    B2464    B2465    B2466    B2467    B2468    B2469    B2470    B2471    B2472    B2473    B2474
166       B2475    B2476    B2477    B2478    B2479    B2480    B2481    B2482    B2483    B2484    B2485    B2486    B2487    B2488    B2489
167       B2490    B2491    B2492    B2493    B2494    B2495    B2496    B2497    B2498    B2499    B2500    B2501    B2502    B2503    B2504
168       B2505    B2506    B2507    B2508    B2509    B2510    B2511    B2512    B2513    B2514    B2515    B2516    B2517    B2518    B2519
169       B2520    B2521    B2522    B2523    B2524    B2525    B2526    B2527    B2528    B2529    B2530    B2531    B2532    B2533    B2534
170       B2535    B2536    B2537    B2538    B2539    B2540    B2541    B2542    B2543    B2544    B2545    B2546    B2547    B2548    B2549
171       B2550    B2551    B2552    B2553    B2554    B2555    B2556    B2557    B2558    B2559    B2560    B2561    B2562    B2563    B2564
172       B2565    B2566    B2567    B2568    B2569    B2570    B2571    B2572    B2573    B2574    B2575    B2576    B2577    B2578    B2579
173       B2580    B2581    B2582    B2583    B2584    B2585    B2586    B2587    B2588    B2589    B2590    B2591    B2592    B2593    B2594
174       B2595    B2596    B2597    B2598    B2599    B2600    B2601    B2602    B2603    B2604    B2605    B2606    B2607    B2608    B2609
175       B2610    B2611    B2612    B2613    B2614    B2615    B2616    B2617    B2618    B2619    B2620    B2621    B2622    B2623    B2624
176       B2625    B2626    B2627    B2628    B2629    B2630    B2631    B2632    B2633    B2634    B2635    B2636    B2637    B2638    B2639
177       B2640    B2641    B2642    B2643    B2644    B2645    B2646    B2647    B2648    B2649    B2650    B2651    B2652    B2653    B2654
178       B2655    B2656    B2657    B2658    B2659    B2660    B2661    B2662    B2663    B2664    B2665    B2666    B2667    B2668    B2669
179       B2670    B2671    B2672    B2673    B2674    B2675    B2676    B2677    B2678    B2679    B2680    B2681    B2682    B2683    B2684
180       B2685    B2686    B2687    B2688    B2689    B2690    B2691    B2692    B2693    B2694    B2695    B2696    B2697    B2698    B2699
181       B2700    B2701    B2702    B2703    B2704    B2705    B2706    B2707    B2708    B2709    B2710    B2711    B2712    B2713    B2714
182       B2715    B2716    B2717    B2718    B2719    B2720    B2721    B2722    B2723    B2724    B2725    B2726    B2727    B2728    B2729
183       B2730    B2731    B2732    B2733    B2734    B2735    B2736    B2737    B2738    B2739    B2740    B2741    B2742    B2743    B2744
184       B2745    B2746    B2747    B2748    B2749    B2750    B2751    B2752    B2753    B2754    B2755    B2756    B2757    B2758    B2759
185       B2760    B2761    B2762    B2763    B2764    B2765    B2766    B2767    B2768    B2769    B2770    B2771    B2772    B2773    B2774
186       B2775    B2776    B2777    B2778    B2779    B2780    B2781    B2782    B2783    B2784    B2785    B2786    B2787    B2788    B2789
187       B2790    B2791    B2792    B2793    B2794    B2795    B2796    B2797    B2798    B2799    B2800    B2801    B2802    B2803    B2804
188       B2805    B2806    B2807    B2808    B2809    B2810    B2811    B2812    B2813    B2814    B2815    B2816    B2817    B2818    B2819
189       B2820    B2821    B2822    B2823    B2824    B2825    B2826    B2827    B2828    B2829    B2830    B2831    B2832    B2833    B2834
190       B2835    B2836    B2837    B2838    B2839    B2840    B2841    B2842    B2843    B2844    B2845    B2846    B2847    B2848    B2849
191       B2850    B2851    B2852    B2853    B2854    B2855    B2856    B2857    B2858    B2859    B2860    B2861    B2862    B2863    B2864
192       B2865    B2866    B2867    B2868    B2869    B2870    B2871    B2872    B2873    B2874    B2875    B2876    B2877    B2878    B2879
193       B2880    B2881    B2882    B2883    B2884    B2885    B2886    B2887    B2888    B2889    B2890    B2891    B2892    B2893    B2894
194       B2895    B2896    B2897    B2898    B2899    B2900    B2901    B2902    B2903    B2904    B2905    B2906    B2907    B2908    B2909
195       B2910    B2911    B2912    B2913    B2914    B2915    B2916    B2917    B2918    B2919    B2920    B2921    B2922    B2923    B2924
196       B2925    B2926    B2927    B2928    B2929    B2930    B2931    B2932    B2933    B2934    B2935    B2936    B2937    B2938    B2939
197       B2940    B2941    B2942    B2943    B2944    B2945    B2946    B2947    B2948    B2949    B2950    B2951    B2952    B2953    B2954
198       B2955    B2956    B2957    B2958    B2959    B2960    B2961    B2962    B2963    B2964    B2965    B2966    B2967    B2968    B2969
199       B2970    B2971    B2972    B2973    B2974    B2975    B2976    B2977    B2978    B2979    B2980    B2981    B2982    B2983    B2984
200       B2985    B2986    B2987    B2988    B2989    B2990    B2991    B2992    B2993    B2994    B2995    B2996    B2997    B2998    B2999
201       B3000    B3001    B3002    B3003    B3004    B3005    B3006    B3007    B3008    B3009    B3010    B3011    B3012    B3013    B3014
202       B3015    B3016    B3017    B3018    B3019    B3020    B3021    B3022    B3023    B3024    B3025    B3026    B3027    B3028    B3029
203       B3030    B3031    B3032    B3033    B3034    B3035    B3036    B3037    B3038    B3039    B3040    B3041    B3042    B3043    B3044
204       B3045    B3046    B3047    B3048    B3049    B3050    B3051    B3052    B3053    B3054    B3055    B3056    B3057    B3058    B3059
205       B3060    B3061    B3062    B3063    B3064    B3065    B3066    B3067    B3068    B3069    B3070    B3071    B3072    B3073    B3074
206       B3075    B3076    B3077    B3078    B3079    B3080    B3081    B3082    B3083    B3084    B3085    B3086    B3087    B3088    B3089
207       B3090    B3091    B3092    B3093    B3094    B3095    B3096    B3097    B3098    B3099    B3100    B3101    B3102    B3103    B3104
208       B3105    B3106    B3107    B3108    B3109    B3110    B3111    B3112    B3113    B3114    B3115    B3116    B3117    B3118    B3119
209       B3120    B3121    B3122    B3123    B3124    B3125    B3126    B3127    B3128    B3129    B3130    B3131    B3132    B3133    B3134
210       B3135    B3136    B3137    B3138    B3139    B3140    B3141    B3142    B3143    B3144    B3145    B3146    B3147    B3148    B3149
211       B3150    B3151    B3152    B3153    B3154    B3155    B3156    B3157    B3158    B3159    B3160    B3161    B3162    B3163    B3164
212       B3165    B3166    B3167    B3168    B3169    B3170    B3171    B3172    B3173    B3174    B3175    B3176    B3177    B3178    B3179
213       B3180    B3181    B3182    B3183    B3184    B3185    B3186    B3187    B3188    B3189    B3190    B3191    B3192    B3193    B3194
214       B3195    B3196    B3197    B3198    B3199    B3200    B3201    B3202    B3203    B3204    B3205    B3206    B3207    B3208    B3209
215       B3210    B3211    B3212    B3213    B3214    B3215    B3216    B3217    B3218    B3219    B3220    B3221    B3222    B3223    B3224
216       B3225    B3226    B3227    B3228    B3229    B3230    B3231    B3232    B3233    B3234    B3235    B3236    B3237    B3238    B3239
217       B3240    B3241    B3242    B3243    B3244    B3245    B3246    B3247    B3248    B3249    B3250    B3251    B3252    B3253    B3254
218       B3255    B3256    B3257    B3258    B3259    B3260    B3261    B3262    B3263    B3264    B3265    B3266    B3267    B3268    B3269
219       B3270    B3271    B3272    B3273    B3274    B3275    B3276    B3277    B3278    B3279    B3280    B3281    B3282    B3283    B3284
220       B3285    B3286    B3287    B3288    B3289    B3290    B3291    B3292    B3293    B3294    B3295    B3296    B3297    B3298    B3299
221       B3300    B3301    B3302    B3303    B3304    B3305    B3306    B3307    B3308    B3309    B3310    B3311    B3312    B3313    B3314
222       B3315    B3316    B3317    B3318    B3319    B3320    B3321    B3322    B3323    B3324    B3325    B3326    B3327    B3328    B3329
223       B3330    B3331    B3332    B3333    B3334    B3335    B3336    B3337    B3338    B3339    B3340    B3341    B3342    B3343    B3344
224       B3345    B3346    B3347    B3348    B3349    B3350    B3351    B3352    B3353    B3354    B3355    B3356    B3357    B3358    B3359
225       B3360    B3361    B3362    B3363    B3364    B3365    B3366    B3367    B3368    B3369    B3370    B3371    B3372    B3373    B3374
226       B3375    B3376    B3377    B3378    B3379    B3380    B3381    B3382    B3383    B3384    B3385    B3386    B3387    B3388    B3389
227       B3390    B3391    B3392    B3393    B3394    B3395    B3396    B3397    B3398    B3399    B3400    B3401    B3402    B3403    B3404
228       B3405    B3406    B3407    B3408    B3409    B3410    B3411    B3412    B3413    B3414    B3415    B3416    B3417    B3418    B3419
229       B3420    B3421    B3422    B3423    B3424    B3425    B3426    B3427    B3428    B3429    B3430    B3431    B3432    B3433    B3434
230       B3435    B3436    B3437    B3438    B3439    B3440    B3441    B3442    B3443    B3444    B3445    B3446    B3447    B3448    B3449
231       B3450    B3451    B3452    B3453    B3454    B3455    B3456    B3457    B3458    B3459    B3460    B3461    B3462    B3463    B3464
232       B3465    B3466    B3467    B3468    B3469    B3470    B3471    B3472    B3473    B3474    B3475    B3476    B3477    B3478    B3479
233       B3480    B3481    B3482    B3483    B3484    B3485    B3486    B3487    B3488    B3489    B3490    B3491    B3492    B3493    B3494
234       B3495    B3496    B3497    B3498    B3499    B3500    B3501    B3502    B3503    B3504    B3505    B3506    B3507    B3508    B3509
235       B3510    B3511    B3512    B3513    B3514    B3515    B3516    B3517    B3518    B3519    B3520    B3521    B3522    B3523    B3524
236       B3525    B3526    B3527    B3528    B3529    B3530    B3531    B3532    B3533    B3534    B3535    B3536    B3537    B3538    B3539
237       B3540    B3541    B3542    B3543    B3544    B3545    B3546    B3547    B3548    B3549    B3550    B3551    B3552    B3553    B3554
238       B3555    B3556    B3557    B3558    B3559    B3560    B3561    B3562    B3563    B3564    B3565    B3566    B3567    B3568    B3569
239       B3570    B3571    B3572    B3573    B3574    B3575    B3576    B3577    B3578    B3579    B3580    B3581    B3582    B3583    B3584
240       B3585    B3586    B3587    B3588    B3589    B3590    B3591    B3592    B3593    B3594    B3595    B3596    B3597    B3598    B3599
241       B3600    B3601    B3602    B3603    B3604    B3605    B3606    B3607    B3608    B3609    B3610    B3611    B3612    B3613    B3614
242       B3615    B3616    B3617    B3618    B3619    B3620    B3621    B3622    B3623    B3624    B3625    B3626    B3627    B3628    B3629
243       B3630    B3631    B3632    B3633    B3634    B3635    B3636    B3637    B3638    B3639    B3640    B3641    B3642    B3643    B3644
244       B3645    B3646    B3647    B3648    B3649    B3650    B3651    B3652    B3653    B3654    B3655    B3656    B3657    B3658    B3659
245       B3660    B3661    B3662    B3663    B3664    B3665    B3666    B3667    B3668    B3669    B3670    B3671    B3672    B3673    B3674
246       B3675    B3676    B3677    B3678    B3679    B3680    B3681    B3682    B3683    B3684    B3685    B3686    B3687    B3688    B3689
247       B3690    B3691    B3692    B3693    B3694    B3695    B3696    B3697    B3698    B3699    B3700    B3701    B3702    B3703    B3704
248       B3705    B3706    B3707    B3708    B3709    B3710    B3711    B3712    B3713    B3714    B3715    B3716    B3717    B3718    B3719
249       B3720    B3721    B3722    B3723    B3724    B3725    B3726    B3727    B3728    B3729    B3730    B3731    B3732    B3733    B3734
250       B3735    B3736    B3737    B3738    B3739    B3740    B3741    B3742    B3743    B3744    B3745    B3746    B3747    B3748    B3749
251       B3750    B3751    B3752    B3753    B3754    B3755    B3756    B3757    B3758    B3759    B3760    B3761    B3762    B3763    B3764
252       B3765    B3766    B3767    B3768    B3769    B3770    B3771    B3772    B3773    B3774    B3775    B3776    B3777    B3778    B3779
253       B3780    B3781    B3782    B3783    B3784    B3785    B3786    B3787    B3788    B3789    B3790    B3791    B3792    B3793    B3794
254       B3795    B3796    B3797    B3798    B3799    B3800    B3801    B3802    B3803    B3804    B3805    B3806    B3807    B3808    B3809
255       B3810    B3811    B3812    B3813    B3814    B3815    B3816    B3817    B3818    B3819    B3820    B3821    B3822    B3823    B3824
256       B3825    B3826    B3827    B3828    B3829    B3830    B3831    B3832    B3833    B3834    B3835    B3836    B3837    B3838    B3839
257       B3840    B3841    B3842    B3843    B3844    B3845    B3846    B3847    B3848    B3849    B3850    B3851    B3852    B3853    B3854
258       B3855    B3856    B3857    B3858    B3859    B3860    B3861    B3862    B3863    B3864    B3865    B3866    B3867    B3868    B3869
259       B3870    B3871    B3872    B3873    B3874    B3875    B3876    B3877    B3878    B3879    B3880    B3881    B3882    B3883    B3884
260       B3885    B3886    B3887    B3888    B3889    B3890    B3891    B3892    B3893    B3894    B3895    B3896    B3897    B3898    B3899
261       B3900    B3901    B3902    B3903    B3904    B3905    B3906    B3907    B3908    B3909    B3910    B3911    B3912    B3913    B3914
262       B3915    B3916    B3917    B3918    B3919    B3920    B3921    B3922    B3923    B3924    B3925    B3926    B3927    B3928    B3929
263       B3930    B3931    B3932    B3933    B3934    B3935    B3936    B3937    B3938    B3939    B3940    B3941    B3942    B3943    B3944
264       B3945    B3946    B3947    B3948    B3949    B3950    B3951    B3952    B3953    B3954    B3955    B3956    B3957    B3958    B3959
265       B3960    B3961    B3962    B3963    B3964    B3965    B3966    B3967    B3968    B3969    B3970    B3971    B3972    B3973    B3974
266       B3975    B3976    B3977    B3978    B3979    B3980    B3981    B3982    B3983    B3984    B3985    B3986    B3987    B3988    B3989
267       B3990    B3991    B3992    B3993    B3994    B3995    B3996    B3997    B3998    B3999    B4000    B4001    B4002    B4003    B4004
268       B4005    B4006    B4007    B4008    B4009    B4010    B4011    B4012    B4013    B4014    B4015    B4016    B4017    B4018    B4019
269       B4020    B4021    B4022    B4023    B4024    B4025    B4026    B4027    B4028    B4029    B4030    B4031    B4032    B4033    B4034
270       B4035    B4036    B4037    B4038    B4039    B4040    B4041    B4042    B4043    B4044    B4045    B4046    B4047    B4048    B4049
271       B4050    B4051    B4052    B4053    B4054    B4055    B4056    B4057    B4058    B4059    B4060    B4061    B4062    B4063    B4064
272       B4065    B4066    B4067    B4068    B4069    B4070    B4071    B4072    B4073    B4074    B4075    B4076    B4077    B4078    B4079
273       B4080    B4081    B4082    B4083    B4084    B4085    B4086    B4087    B4088    B4089    B4090    B4091    B4092    B4093    B4094
274       B4095    B4096    B4097    B4098    B4099    B4100    B4101    B4102    B4103    B4104    B4105    B4106    B4107    B4108    B4109
275       B4110    B4111    B4112    B4113    B4114    B4115    B4116    B4117    B4118    B4119    B4120    B4121    B4122    B4123    B4124
276       B4125    B4126    B4127    B4128    B4129    B4130    B4131    B4132    B4133    B4134    B4135    B4136    B4137    B4138    B4139
277       B4140    B4141    B4142    B4143    B4144    B4145    B4146    B4147    B4148    B4149    B4150    B4151    B4152    B4153    B4154
278       B4155    B4156    B4157    B4158    B4159    B4160    B4161    B4162    B4163    B4164    B4165    B4166    B4167    B4168    B4169
279       B4170    B4171    B4172    B4173    B4174    B4175    B4176    B4177    B4178    B4179    B4180    B4181    B4182    B4183    B4184
280       B4185    B4186    B4187    B4188    B4189    B4190    B4191    B4192    B4193    B4194    B4195    B4196    B4197    B4198    B4199
281       B4200    B4201    B4202    B4203    B4204    B4205    B4206    B4207    B4208    B4209    B4210    B4211    B4212    B4213    B4214
282       B4215    B4216    B4217    B4218    B4219    B4220    B4221    B4222    B4223    B4224    B4225    B4226    B4227    B4228    B4229
283       B4230    B4231    B4232    B4233    B4234    B4235    B4236    B4237    B4238    B4239    B4240    B4241    B4242    B4243    B4244
284       B4245    B4246    B4247    B4248    B4249    B4250    B4251    B4252    B4253    B4254    B4255    B4256    B4257    B4258    B4259
285       B4260    B4261    B4262    B4263    B4264    B4265    B4266    B4267    B4268    B4269    B4270    B4271    B4272    B4273    B4274
286       B4275    B4276    B4277    B4278    B4279    B4280    B4281    B4282    B4283    B4284    B4285    B4286    B4287    B4288    B4289
287       B4290    B4291    B4292    B4293    B4294    B4295    B4296    B4297    B4298    B4299    B4300    B4301    B4302    B4303    B4304
288       B4305    B4306    B4307    B4308    B4309    B4310    B4311    B4312    B4313    B4314    B4315    B4316    B4317    B4318    B4319
289       B4320    B4321    B4322    B4323    B4324    B4325    B4326    B4327    B4328    B4329    B4330    B4331    B4332    B4333    B4334
290       B4335    B4336    B4337    B4338    B4339    B4340    B4341    B4342    B4343    B4344    B4345    B4346    B4347    B4348    B4349
291       B4350    B4351    B4352    B4353    B4354    B4355    B4356    B4357    B4358    B4359    B4360    B4361    B4362    B4363    B4364
292       B4365    B4366    B4367    B4368    B4369    B4370    B4371    B4372    B4373    B4374    B4375    B4376    B4377    B4378    B4379
293       B4380    B4381    B4382    B4383    B4384    B4385    B4386    B4387    B4388    B4389    B4390    B4391    B4392    B4393    B4394
294       B4395    B4396    B4397    B4398    B4399    B4400    B4401    B4402    B4403    B4404    B4405    B4406    B4407    B4408    B4409
295       B4410    B4411    B4412    B4413    B4414    B4415    B4416    B4417    B4418    B4419    B4420    B4421    B4422    B4423    B4424
296       B4425    B4426    B4427    B4428    B4429    B4430    B4431    B4432    B4433    B4434    B4435    B4436    B4437    B4438    B4439
297       B4440    B4441    B4442    B4443    B4444    B4445    B4446    B4447    B4448    B4449    B4450    B4451    B4452    B4453    B4454
298       B4455    B4456    B4457    B4458    B4459    B4460    B4461    B4462    B4463    B4464    B4465    B4466    B4467    B4468    B4469
299       B4470    B4471    B4472    B4473    B4474    B4475    B4476    B4477    B4478    B4479    B4480    B4481    B4482    B4483    B4484
300       B4485    B4486    B4487    B4488    B4489    B4490    B4491    B4492    B4493    B4494    B4495    B4496    B4497    B4498    B4499
301       B4500    B4501    B4502    B4503    B4504    B4505    B4506    B4507    B4508    B4509    B4510    B4511    B4512    B4513    B4514
302       B4515    B4516    B4517    B4518    B4519    B4520    B4521    B4522    B4523    B4524    B4525    B4526    B4527    B4528    B4529
303       B4530    B4531    B4532    B4533    B4534    B4535    B4536    B4537    B4538    B4539    B4540    B4541    B4542    B4543    B4544
304       B4545    B4546    B4547    B4548    B4549    B4550    B4551    B4552    B4553    B4554    B4555    B4556    B4557    B4558    B4559
305       B4560    B4561    B4562    B4563    B4564    B4565    B4566    B4567    B4568    B4569    B4570    B4571    B4572    B4573    B4574
306       B4575    B4576    B4577    B4578    B4579    B4580    B4581    B4582    B4583    B4584    B4585    B4586    B4587    B4588    B4589
307       B4590    B4591    B4592    B4593    B4594    B4595    B4596    B4597    B4598    B4599    B4600    B4601    B4602    B4603    B4604
308       B4605    B4606    B4607    B4608    B4609    B4610    B4611    B4612    B4613    B4614    B4615    B4616    B4617    B4618    B4619
309       B4620    B4621    B4622    B4623    B4624    B4625    B4626    B4627    B4628    B4629    B4630    B4631    B4632    B4633    B4634
310       B4635    B4636    B4637    B4638    B4639    B4640    B4641    B4642    B4643    B4644    B4645    B4646    B4647    B4648    B4649
311       B4650    B4651    B4652    B4653    B4654    B4655    B4656    B4657    B4658    B4659    B4660    B4661    B4662    B4663    B4664
312       B4665    B4666    B4667    B4668    B4669    B4670    B4671    B4672    B4673    B4674    B4675    B4676    B4677    B4678    B4679
313       B4680    B4681    B4682    B4683    B4684    B4685    B4686    B4687    B4688    B4689    B4690    B4691    B4692    B4693    B4694
314       B4695    B4696    B4697    B4698    B4699    B4700    B4701    B4702    B4703    B4704    B4705    B4706    B4707    B4708    B4709
315       B4710    B4711    B4712    B4713    B4714    B4715    B4716    B4717    B4718    B4719    B4720    B4721    B4722    B4723    B4724
316       B4725    B4726    B4727    B4728    B4729    B4730    B4731    B4732    B4733    B4734    B4735    B4736    B4737    B4738    B4739
317       B4740    B4741    B4742    B4743    B4744    B4745    B4746    B4747    B4748    B4749    B4750    B4751    B4752    B4753    B4754
318       B4755    B4756    B4757    B4758    B4759    B4760    B4761    B4762    B4763    B4764    B4765    B4766    B4767    B4768    B4769
319       B4770    B4771    B4772    B4773    B4774    B4775    B4776    B4777    B4778    B4779    B4780    B4781    B4782    B4783    B4784
320       B4785    B4786    B4787    B4788    B4789    B4790    B4791    B4792    B4793    B4794    B4795    B4796    B4797    B4798    B4799
321       B4800    B4801    B4802    B4803    B4804    B4805    B4806    B4807    B4808    B4809    B4810    B4811    B4812    B4813    B4814
322       B4815    B4816    B4817    B4818    B4819    B4820    B4821    B4822    B4823    B4824    B4825    B4826    B4827    B4828    B4829
323       B4830    B4831    B4832    B4833    B4834    B4835    B4836    B4837    B4838    B4839    B4840    B4841    B4842    B4843    B4844
324       B4845    B4846    B4847    B4848    B4849    B4850    B4851    B4852    B4853    B4854    B4855    B4856    B4857    B4858    B4859
325       B4860    B4861    B4862    B4863    B4864    B4865    B4866    B4867    B4868    B4869    B4870    B4871    B4872    B4873    B4874
326       B4875    B4876    B4877    B4878    B4879    B4880    B4881    B4882    B4883    B4884    B4885    B4886    B4887    B4888    B4889
327       B4890    B4891    B4892    B4893    B4894    B4895    B4896    B4897    B4898    B4899    B4900    B4901    B4902    B4903    B4904
328       B4905    B4906    B4907    B4908    B4909    B4910    B4911    B4912    B4913    B4914    B4915    B4916    B4917    B4918    B4919
329       B4920    B4921    B4922    B4923    B4924    B4925    B4926    B4927    B4928    B4929    B4930    B4931    B4932    B4933    B4934
330       B4935    B4936    B4937    B4938    B4939    B4940    B4941    B4942    B4943    B4944    B4945    B4946    B4947    B4948    B4949
331       B4950    B4951    B4952    B4953    B4954    B4955    B4956    B4957    B4958    B4959    B4960    B4961    B4962    B4963    B4964
332       B4965    B4966    B4967    B4968    B4969    B4970    B4971    B4972    B4973    B4974    B4975    B4976    B4977    B4978    B4979
333       B4980    B4981    B4982    B4983    B4984    B4985    B4986    B4987    B4988    B4989    B4990    B4991    B4992    B4993    B4994
334       B4995    B4996    B4997    B4998    B4999    B5000    B5001    B5002    B5003    B5004    B5005    B5006    B5007    B5008    B5009
335       B5010    B5011    B5012    B5013    B5014    B5015    B5016    B5017    B5018    B5019    B5020    B5021    B5022    B5023    B5024
336       B5025    B5026    B5027    B5028    B5029    B5030    B5031    B5032    B5033    B5034    B5035    B5036    B5037    B5038    B5039
337       B5040    B5041    B5042    B5043    B5044    B5045    B5046    B5047    B5048    B5049    B5050    B5051    B5052    B5053    B5054
338       B5055    B5056    B5057    B5058    B5059    B5060    B5061    B5062    B5063    B5064    B5065    B5066    B5067    B5068    B5069
339       B5070    B5071    B5072    B5073    B5074    B5075    B5076    B5077    B5078    B5079    B5080    B5081    B5082    B5083    B5084
340       B5085    B5086    B5087    B5088    B5089    B5090    B5091    B5092    B5093    B5094    B5095    B5096    B5097    B5098    B5099
341       B5100    B5101    B5102    B5103    B5104    B5105    B5106    B5107    B5108    B5109    B5110    B5111    B5112    B5113    B5114
342       B5115    B5116    B5117    B5118    B5119    B5120    B5121    B5122    B5123    B5124    B5125    B5126    B5127    B5128    B5129
343       B5130    B5131    B5132    B5133    B5134    B5135    B5136    B5137    B5138    B5139    B5140    B5141    B5142    B5143    B5144
344       B5145    B5146    B5147    B5148    B5149    B5150    B5151    B5152    B5153    B5154    B5155    B5156    B5157    B5158    B5159
345       B5160    B5161    B5162    B5163    B5164    B5165    B5166    B5167    B5168    B5169    B5170    B5171    B5172    B5173    B5174
346       B5175    B5176    B5177    B5178    B5179    B5180    B5181    B5182    B5183    B5184    B5185    B5186    B5187    B5188    B5189
347       B5190    B5191    B5192    B5193    B5194    B5195    B5196    B5197    B5198    B5199    B5200    B5201    B5202    B5203    B5204
348       B5205    B5206    B5207    B5208    B5209    B5210    B5211    B5212    B5213    B5214    B5215    B5216    B5217    B5218    B5219
349       B5220    B5221    B5222    B5223    B5224    B5225    B5226    B5227    B5228    B5229    B5230    B5231    B5232    B5233    B5234
350       B5235    B5236    B5237    B5238    B5239    B5240    B5241    B5242    B5243    B5244    B5245    B5246    B5247    B5248    B5249
351       B5250    B5251    B5252    B5253    B5254    B5255    B5256    B5257    B5258    B5259    B5260    B5261    B5262    B5263    B5264
352       B5265    B5266    B5267    B5268    B5269    B5270    B5271    B5272    B5273    B5274    B5275    B5276    B5277    B5278    B5279
353       B5280    B5281    B5282    B5283    B5284    B5285    B5286    B5287    B5288    B5289    B5290    B5291    B5292    B5293    B5294
354       B5295    B5296    B5297    B5298    B5299    B5300    B5301    B5302    B5303    B5304    B5305    B5306    B5307    B5308    B5309
355       B5310    B5311    B5312    B5313    B5314    B5315    B5316    B5317    B5318    B5319    B5320    B5321    B5322    B5323    B5324
356       B5325    B5326    B5327    B5328    B5329    B5330    B5331    B5332    B5333    B5334    B5335    B5336    B5337    B5338    B5339
357       B5340    B5341    B5342    B5343    B5344    B5345    B5346    B5347    B5348    B5349    B5350    B5351    B5352    B5353    B5354
358       B5355    B5356    B5357    B5358    B5359    B5360    B5361    B5362    B5363    B5364    B5365    B5366    B5367    B5368    B5369
359       B5370    B5371    B5372    B5373    B5374    B5375    B5376    B5377    B5378    B5379    B5380    B5381    B5382    B5383    B5384
360       B5385    B5386    B5387    B5388    B5389    B5390    B5391    B5392    B5393    B5394    B5395    B5396    B5397    B5398    B5399
361       B5400    B5401    B5402    B5403    B5404    B5405    B5406    B5407    B5408    B5409    B5410    B5411    B5412    B5413    B5414
362       B5415    B5416    B5417    B5418    B5419    B5420    B5421    B5422    B5423    B5424    B5425    B5426    B5427    B5428    B5429
363       B5430    B5431    B5432    B5433    B5434    B5435    B5436    B5437    B5438    B5439    B5440    B5441    B5442    B5443    B5444
364       B5445    B5446    B5447    B5448    B5449    B5450    B5451    B5452    B5453    B5454    B5455    B5456    B5457    B5458    B5459
365       B5460    B5461    B5462    B5463    B5464    B5465    B5466    B5467    B5468    B5469    B5470    B5471    B5472    B5473    B5474
366       B5475    B5476    B5477    B5478    B5479    B5480    B5481    B5482    B5483    B5484    B5485    B5486    B5487    B5488    B5489
367       B5490    B5491    B5492    B5493    B5494    B5495    B5496    B5497    B5498    B5499    B5500    B5501    B5502    B5503    B5504
368       B5505    B5506    B5507    B5508    B5509    B5510    B5511    B5512    B5513    B5514    B5515    B5516    B5517    B5518    B5519
369       B5520    B5521    B5522    B5523    B5524    B5525    B5526    B5527    B5528    B5529    B5530    B5531    B5532    B5533    B5534
370       B5535    B5536    B5537    B5538    B5539    B5540    B5541    B5542    B5543    B5544    B5545    B5546    B5547    B5548    B5549
371       B5550    B5551    B5552    B5553    B5554    B5555    B5556    B5557    B5558    B5559    B5560    B5561    B5562    B5563    B5564
372       B5565    B5566    B5567    B5568    B5569    B5570    B5571    B5572    B5573    B5574    B5575    B5576    B5577    B5578    B5579
373       B5580    B5581    B5582    B5583    B5584    B5585    B5586    B5587    B5588    B5589    B5590    B5591    B5592    B5593    B5594
374       B5595    B5596    B5597    B5598    B5599    B5600    B5601    B5602    B5603    B5604    B5605    B5606    B5607    B5608    B5609
375       B5610    B5611    B5612    B5613    B5614    B5615    B5616    B5617    B5618    B5619    B5620    B5621    B5622    B5623    B5624
376       B5625    B5626    B5627    B5628    B5629    B5630    B5631    B5632    B5633    B5634    B5635    B5636    B5637    B5638    B5639
377       B5640    B5641    B5642    B5643    B5644    B5645    B5646    B5647    B5648    B5649    B5650    B5651    B5652    B5653    B5654
378       B5655    B5656    B5657    B5658    B5659    B5660    B5661    B5662    B5663    B5664    B5665    B5666    B5667    B5668    B5669
379       B5670    B5671    B5672    B5673    B5674    B5675    B5676    B5677    B5678    B5679    B5680    B5681    B5682    B5683    B5684
380       B5685    B5686    B5687    B5688    B5689    B5690    B5691    B5692    B5693    B5694    B5695    B5696    B5697    B5698    B5699
381       B5700    B5701    B5702    B5703    B5704    B5705    B5706    B5707    B5708    B5709    B5710    B5711    B5712    B5713    B5714
382       B5715    B5716    B5717    B5718    B5719    B5720    B5721    B5722    B5723    B5724    B5725    B5726    B5727    B5728    B5729
383       B5730    B5731    B5732    B5733    B5734    B5735    B5736    B5737    B5738    B5739    B5740    B5741    B5742    B5743    B5744
384       B5745    B5746    B5747    B5748    B5749    B5750    B5751    B5752    B5753    B5754    B5755    B5756    B5757    B5758    B5759
385       B5760    B5761    B5762    B5763    B5764    B5765    B5766    B5767    B5768    B5769    B5770    B5771    B5772    B5773    B5774
386       B5775    B5776    B5777    B5778    B5779    B5780    B5781    B5782    B5783    B5784    B5785    B5786    B5787    B5788    B5789
387       B5790    B5791    B5792    B5793    B5794    B5795    B5796    B5797    B5798    B5799    B5800    B5801    B5802    B5803    B5804
388       B5805    B5806    B5807    B5808    B5809    B5810    B5811    B5812    B5813    B5814    B5815    B5816    B5817    B5818    B5819
389       B5820    B5821    B5822    B5823    B5824    B5825    B5826    B5827    B5828    B5829    B5830    B5831    B5832    B5833    B5834
390       B5835    B5836    B5837    B5838    B5839    B5840    B5841    B5842    B5843    B5844    B5845    B5846    B5847    B5848    B5849
391       B5850    B5851    B5852    B5853    B5854    B5855    B5856    B5857    B5858    B5859    B5860    B5861    B5862    B5863    B5864
392       B5865    B5866    B5867    B5868    B5869    B5870    B5871    B5872    B5873    B5874    B5875    B5876    B5877    B5878    B5879
393       B5880    B5881    B5882    B5883    B5884    B5885    B5886    B5887    B5888    B5889    B5890    B5891    B5892    B5893    B5894
394       B5895    B5896    B5897    B5898    B5899    B5900    B5901    B5902    B5903    B5904    B5905    B5906    B5907    B5908    B5909
395       B5910    B5911    B5912    B5913    B5914    B5915    B5916    B5917    B5918    B5919    B5920    B5921    B5922    B5923    B5924
396       B5925    B5926    B5927    B5928    B5929    B5930    B5931    B5932    B5933    B5934    B5935    B5936    B5937    B5938    B5939
397       B5940    B5941    B5942    B5943    B5944    B5945    B5946    B5947    B5948    B5949    B5950    B5951    B5952    B5953    B5954
398       B5955    B5956    B5957    B5958    B5959    B5960    B5961    B5962    B5963    B5964    B5965    B5966    B5967    B5968    B5969
399       B5970    B5971    B5972    B5973    B5974    B5975    B5976    B5977    B5978    B5979    B5980    B5981    B5982    B5983    B5984
400       B5985    B5986    B5987    B5988    B5989    B5990    B5991    B5992    B5993    B5994    B5995    B5996    B5997    B5998    B5999
401       B6000    B6001    B6002    B6003    B6004    B6005    B6006    B6007    B6008    B6009    B6010    B6011    B6012    B6013    B6014
402       B6015    B6016    B6017    B6018    B6019    B6020    B6021    B6022    B6023    B6024    B6025    B6026    B6027    B6028    B6029
403       B6030    B6031    B6032    B6033    B6034    B6035    B6036    B6037    B6038    B6039    B6040    B6041    B6042    B6043    B6044
404       B6045    B6046    B6047    B6048    B6049    B6050    B6051    B6052    B6053    B6054    B6055    B6056    B6057    B6058    B6059
405       B6060    B6061    B6062    B6063    B6064    B6065    B6066    B6067    B6068    B6069    B6070    B6071    B6072    B6073    B6074
406       B6075    B6076    B6077    B6078    B6079    B6080    B6081    B6082    B6083    B6084    B6085    B6086    B6087    B6088    B6089
407       B6090    B6091    B6092    B6093    B6094    B6095    B6096    B6097    B6098    B6099    B6100    B6101    B6102    B6103    B6104
408       B6105    B6106    B6107    B6108    B6109    B6110    B6111    B6112    B6113    B6114    B6115    B6116    B6117    B6118    B6119
409       B6120    B6121    B6122    B6123    B6124    B6125    B6126    B6127    B6128    B6129    B6130    B6131    B6132    B6133    B6134
410       B6135    B6136    B6137    B6138    B6139    B6140    B6141    B6142    B6143    B6144    B6145    B6146    B6147    B6148    B6149
411       B6150    B6151    B6152    B6153    B6154    B6155    B6156    B6157    B6158    B6159    B6160    B6161    B6162    B6163    B6164
412       B6165    B6166    B6167    B6168    B6169    B6170    B6171    B6172    B6173    B6174    B6175    B6176    B6177    B6178    B6179
413       B6180    B6181    B6182    B6183    B6184    B6185    B6186    B6187    B6188    B6189    B6190    B6191    B6192    B6193    B6194
414       B6195    B6196    B6197    B6198    B6199    B6200    B6201    B6202    B6203    B6204    B6205    B6206    B6207    B6208    B6209
415       B6210    B6211    B6212    B6213    B6214    B6215    B6216    B6217    B6218    B6219    B6220    B6221    B6222    B6223    B6224
416       B6225    B6226    B6227    B6228    B6229    B6230    B6231    B6232    B6233    B6234    B6235    B6236    B6237    B6238    B6239
417       B6240    B6241    B6242    B6243    B6244    B6245    B6246    B6247    B6248    B6249    B6250    B6251    B6252    B6253    B6254
418       B6255    B6256    B6257    B6258    B6259    B6260    B6261    B6262    B6263    B6264    B6265    B6266    B6267    B6268    B6269
419       B6270    B6271    B6272    B6273    B6274    B6275    B6276    B6277    B6278    B6279    B6280    B6281    B6282    B6283    B6284
420       B6285    B6286    B6287    B6288    B6289    B6290    B6291    B6292    B6293    B6294    B6295    B6296    B6297    B6298    B6299
421       B6300    B6301    B6302    B6303    B6304    B6305    B6306    B6307    B6308    B6309    B6310    B6311    B6312    B6313    B6314
422       B6315    B6316    B6317    B6318    B6319    B6320    B6321    B6322    B6323    B6324    B6325    B6326    B6327    B6328    B6329
423       B6330    B6331    B6332    B6333    B6334    B6335    B6336    B6337    B6338    B6339    B6340    B6341    B6342    B6343    B6344
424       B6345    B6346    B6347    B6348    B6349    B6350    B6351    B6352    B6353    B6354    B6355    B6356    B6357    B6358    B6359
425       B6360    B6361    B6362    B6363    B6364    B6365    B6366    B6367    B6368    B6369    B6370    B6371    B6372    B6373    B6374
426       B6375    B6376    B6377    B6378    B6379    B6380    B6381    B6382    B6383    B6384    B6385    B6386    B6387    B6388    B6389
427       B6390    B6391    B6392    B6393    B6394    B6395    B6396    B6397    B6398    B6399    B6400    B6401    B6402    B6403    B6404
428       B6405    B6406    B6407    B6408    B6409    B6410    B6411    B6412    B6413    B6414    B6415    B6416    B6417    B6418    B6419
429       B6420    B6421    B6422    B6423    B6424    B6425    B6426    B6427    B6428    B6429    B6430    B6431    B6432    B6433    B6434
430       B6435    B6436    B6437    B6438    B6439    B6440    B6441    B6442    B6443    B6444    B6445    B6446    B6447    B6448    B6449
431       B6450    B6451    B6452    B6453    B6454    B6455    B6456    B6457    B6458    B6459    B6460    B6461    B6462    B6463    B6464
432       B6465    B6466    B6467    B6468    B6469    B6470    B6471    B6472    B6473    B6474    B6475    B6476    B6477    B6478    B6479
433       B6480    B6481    B6482    B6483    B6484    B6485    B6486    B6487    B6488    B6489    B6490    B6491    B6492    B6493    B6494
434       B6495    B6496    B6497    B6498    B6499    B6500    B6501    B6502    B6503    B6504    B6505    B6506    B6507    B6508    B6509
435       B6510    B6511    B6512    B6513    B6514    B6515    B6516    B6517    B6518    B6519    B6520    B6521    B6522    B6523    B6524
436       B6525    B6526    B6527    B6528    B6529    B6530    B6531    B6532    B6533    B6534    B6535    B6536    B6537    B6538    B6539
437       B6540    B6541    B6542    B6543    B6544    B6545    B6546    B6547    B6548    B6549    B6550    B6551    B6552    B6553    B6554
438       B6555    B6556    B6557    B6558    B6559    B6560    B6561    B6562    B6563    B6564    B6565    B6566    B6567    B6568    B6569
439       B6570    B6571    B6572    B6573    B6574    B6575    B6576    B6577    B6578    B6579    B6580    B6581    B6582    B6583    B6584
440       B6585    B6586    B6587    B6588    B6589    B6590    B6591    B6592    B6593    B6594    B6595    B6596    B6597    B6598    B6599
441       B6600    B6601    B6602    B6603    B6604    B6605    B6606    B6607    B6608    B6609    B6610    B6611    B6612    B6613    B6614
442       B6615    B6616    B6617    B6618    B6619    B6620    B6621    B6622    B6623    B6624    B6625    B6626    B6627    B6628    B6629
443       B6630    B6631    B6632    B6633    B6634    B6635    B6636    B6637    B6638    B6639    B6640    B6641    B6642    B6643    B6644
444       B6645    B6646    B6647    B6648    B6649    B6650    B6651    B6652    B6653    B6654    B6655    B6656    B6657    B6658    B6659
445       B6660    B6661    B6662    B6663    B6664    B6665    B6666    B6667    B6668    B6669    B6670    B6671    B6672    B6673    B6674
446       B6675    B6676    B6677    B6678    B6679    B6680    B6681    B6682    B6683    B6684    B6685    B6686    B6687    B6688    B6689
447       B6690    B6691    B6692    B6693    B6694    B6695    B6696    B6697    B6698    B6699    B6700    B6701    B6702    B6703    B6704
448       B6705    B6706    B6707    B6708    B6709    B6710    B6711    B6712    B6713    B6714    B6715    B6716    B6717    B6718    B6719
449       B6720    B6721    B6722    B6723    B6724    B6725    B6726    B6727    B6728    B6729    B6730    B6731    B6732    B6733    B6734
450       B6735    B6736    B6737    B6738    B6739    B6740    B6741    B6742    B6743    B6744    B6745    B6746    B6747    B6748    B6749
451       B6750    B6751    B6752    B6753    B6754    B6755    B6756    B6757    B6758    B6759    B6760    B6761    B6762    B6763    B6764
452       B6765    B6766    B6767    B6768    B6769    B6770    B6771    B6772    B6773    B6774    B6775    B6776    B6777    B6778    B6779
453       B6780    B6781    B6782    B6783    B6784    B6785    B6786    B6787    B6788    B6789    B6790    B6791    B6792    B6793    B6794
454       B6795    B6796    B6797    B6798    B6799    B6800    B6801    B6802    B6803    B6804    B6805    B6806    B6807    B6808    B6809
455       B6810    B6811    B6812    B6813    B6814    B6815    B6816    B6817    B6818    B6819    B6820    B6821    B6822    B6823    B6824
456       B6825    B6826    B6827    B6828    B6829    B6830    B6831    B6832    B6833    B6834    B6835    B6836    B6837    B6838    B6839
457       B6840    B6841    B6842    B6843    B6844    B6845    B6846    B6847    B6848    B6849    B6850    B6851    B6852    B6853    B6854
458       B6855    B6856    B6857    B6858    B6859    B6860    B6861    B6862    B6863    B6864    B6865    B6866    B6867    B6868    B6869
459       B6870    B6871    B6872    B6873    B6874    B6875    B6876    B6877    B6878    B6879    B6880    B6881    B6882    B6883    B6884
460       B6885    B6886    B6887    B6888    B6889    B6890    B6891    B6892    B6893    B6894    B6895    B6896    B6897    B6898    B6899
461       B6900    B6901    B6902    B6903    B6904    B6905    B6906    B6907    B6908    B6909    B6910    B6911    B6912    B6913    B6914
462       B6915    B6916    B6917    B6918    B6919    B6920    B6921    B6922    B6923    B6924    B6925    B6926    B6927    B6928    B6929
463       B6930    B6931    B6932    B6933    B6934    B6935    B6936    B6937    B6938    B6939    B6940    B6941    B6942    B6943    B6944
464       B6945    B6946    B6947    B6948    B6949    B6950    B6951    B6952    B6953    B6954    B6955    B6956    B6957    B6958    B6959
465       B6960    B6961    B6962    B6963    B6964    B6965    B6966    B6967    B6968    B6969    B6970    B6971    B6972    B6973    B6974
466       B6975    B6976    B6977    B6978    B6979    B6980    B6981    B6982    B6983    B6984    B6985    B6986    B6987    B6988    B6989
467       B6990    B6991    B6992    B6993    B6994    B6995    B6996    B6997    B6998    B6999    B7000    B7001    B7002    B7003    B7004
468       B7005    B7006    B7007    B7008    B7009    B7010    B7011    B7012    B7013    B7014    B7015    B7016    B7017    B7018    B7019
469       B7020    B7021    B7022    B7023    B7024    B7025    B7026    B7027    B7028    B7029    B7030    B7031    B7032    B7033    B7034
470       B7035    B7036    B7037    B7038    B7039    B7040    B7041    B7042    B7043    B7044    B7045    B7046    B7047    B7048    B7049
471       B7050    B7051    B7052    B7053    B7054    B7055    B7056    B7057    B7058    B7059    B7060    B7061    B7062    B7063    B7064
472       B7065    B7066    B7067    B7068    B7069    B7070    B7071    B7072    B7073    B7074    B7075    B7076    B7077    B7078    B7079
473       B7080    B7081    B7082    B7083    B7084    B7085    B7086    B7087    B7088    B7089    B7090    B7091    B7092    B7093    B7094
474       B7095    B7096    B7097    B7098    B7099    B7100    B7101    B7102    B7103    B7104    B7105    B7106    B7107    B7108    B7109
475       B7110    B7111    B7112    B7113    B7114    B7115    B7116    B7117    B7118    B7119    B7120    B7121    B7122    B7123    B7124
476       B7125    B7126    B7127    B7128    B7129    B7130    B7131    B7132    B7133    B7134    B7135    B7136    B7137    B7138    B7139
477       B7140    B7141    B7142    B7143    B7144    B7145    B7146    B7147    B7148    B7149    B7150    B7151    B7152    B7153    B7154
478       B7155    B7156    B7157    B7158    B7159    B7160    B7161    B7162    B7163    B7164    B7165    B7166    B7167    B7168    B7169
479       B7170    B7171    B7172    B7173    B7174    B7175    B7176    B7177    B7178    B7179    B7180    B7181    B7182    B7183    B7184
480       B7185    B7186    B7187    B7188    B7189    B7190    B7191    B7192    B7193    B7194    B7195    B7196    B7197    B7198    B7199
481       B7200    B7201    B7202    B7203    B7204    B7205    B7206    B7207    B7208    B7209    B7210    B7211    B7212    B7213    B7214
482       B7215    B7216    B7217    B7218    B7219    B7220    B7221    B7222    B7223    B7224    B7225    B7226    B7227    B7228    B7229
483       B7230    B7231    B7232    B7233    B7234    B7235    B7236    B7237    B7238    B7239    B7240    B7241    B7242    B7243    B7244
484       B7245    B7246    B7247    B7248    B7249    B7250    B7251    B7252    B7253    B7254    B7255    B7256    B7257    B7258    B7259
485       B7260    B7261    B7262    B7263    B7264    B7265    B7266    B7267    B7268    B7269    B7270    B7271    B7272    B7273    B7274
486       B7275    B7276    B7277    B7278    B7279    B7280    B7281    B7282    B7283    B7284    B7285    B7286    B7287    B7288    B7289
487       B7290    B7291    B7292    B7293    B7294    B7295    B7296    B7297    B7298    B7299    B7300    B7301    B7302    B7303    B7304
488       B7305    B7306    B7307    B7308    B7309    B7310    B7311    B7312    B7313    B7314    B7315    B7316    B7317    B7318    B7319
489       B7320    B7321    B7322    B7323    B7324    B7325    B7326    B7327    B7328    B7329    B7330    B7331    B7332    B7333    B7334
490       B7335    B7336    B7337    B7338    B7339    B7340    B7341    B7342    B7343    B7344    B7345    B7346    B7347    B7348    B7349
491       B7350    B7351    B7352    B7353    B7354    B7355    B7356    B7357    B7358    B7359    B7360    B7361    B7362    B7363    B7364
492       B7365    B7366    B7367    B7368    B7369    B7370    B7371    B7372    B7373    B7374    B7375    B7376    B7377    B7378    B7379
493       B7380    B7381    B7382    B7383    B7384    B7385    B7386    B7387    B7388    B7389    B7390    B7391    B7392    B7393    B7394
494       B7395    B7396    B7397    B7398    B7399    B7400    B7401    B7402    B7403    B7404    B7405    B7406    B7407    B7408    B7409
495       B7410    B7411    B7412    B7413    B7414    B7415    B7416    B7417    B7418    B7419    B7420    B7421    B7422    B7423    B7424
496       B7425    B7426    B7427    B7428    B7429    B7430    B7431    B7432    B7433    B7434    B7435    B7436    B7437    B7438    B7439
497       B7440    B7441    B7442    B7443    B7444    B7445    B7446    B7447    B7448    B7449    B7450    B7451    B7452    B7453    B7454
498       B7455    B7456    B7457    B7458    B7459    B7460    B7461    B7462    B7463    B7464    B7465    B7466    B7467    B7468    B7469
499       B7470    B7471    B7472    B7473    B7474    B7475    B7476    B7477    B7478    B7479    B7480    B7481    B7482    B7483    B7484
500       B7485    B7486    B7487    B7488    B7489    B7490    B7491    B7492    B7493    B7494    B7495    B7496    B7497    B7498    B7499
501       B7500    B7501    B7502    B7503    B7504    B7505    B7506    B7507    B7508    B7509    B7510    B7511    B7512    B7513    B7514
502       B7515    B7516    B7517    B7518    B7519    B7520    B7521    B7522    B7523    B7524    B7525    B7526    B7527    B7528    B7529
503       B7530    B7531    B7532    B7533    B7534    B7535    B7536    B7537    B7538    B7539    B7540    B7541    B7542    B7543    B7544
504       B7545    B7546    B7547    B7548    B7549    B7550    B7551    B7552    B7553    B7554    B7555    B7556    B7557    B7558    B7559
505       B7560    B7561    B7562    B7563    B7564    B7565    B7566    B7567    B7568    B7569    B7570    B7571    B7572    B7573    B7574
506       B7575    B7576    B7577    B7578    B7579    B7580    B7581    B7582    B7583    B7584    B7585    B7586    B7587    B7588    B7589
507       B7590    B7591    B7592    B7593    B7594    B7595    B7596    B7597    B7598    B7599    B7600    B7601    B7602    B7603    B7604
508       B7605    B7606    B7607    B7608    B7609    B7610    B7611    B7612    B7613    B7614    B7615    B7616    B7617    B7618    B7619
509       B7620    B7621    B7622    B7623    B7624    B7625    B7626    B7627    B7628    B7629    B7630    B7631    B7632    B7633    B7634
510       B7635    B7636    B7637    B7638    B7639    B7640    B7641    B7642    B7643    B7644    B7645    B7646    B7647    B7648    B7649
511       B7650    B7651    B7652    B7653    B7654    B7655    B7656    B7657    B7658    B7659    B7660    B7661    B7662    B7663    B7664
512       B7665    B7666    B7667    B7668    B7669    B7670    B7671    B7672    B7673    B7674    B7675    B7676    B7677    B7678    B7679
513       B7680    B7681    B7682    B7683    B7684    B7685    B7686    B7687    B7688    B7689    B7690    B7691    B7692    B7693    B7694
514       B7695    B7696    B7697    B7698    B7699    B7700    B7701    B7702    B7703    B7704    B7705    B7706    B7707    B7708    B7709
515       B7710    B7711    B7712    B7713    B7714    B7715    B7716    B7717    B7718    B7719    B7720    B7721    B7722    B7723    B7724
516       B7725    B7726    B7727    B7728    B7729    B7730    B7731    B7732    B7733    B7734    B7735    B7736    B7737    B7738    B7739
517       B7740    B7741    B7742    B7743    B7744    B7745    B7746    B7747    B7748    B7749    B7750    B7751    B7752    B7753    B7754
518       B7755    B7756    B7757    B7758    B7759    B7760    B7761    B7762    B7763    B7764    B7765    B7766    B7767    B7768    B7769
519       B7770    B7771    B7772    B7773    B7774    B7775    B7776    B7777    B7778    B7779    B7780    B7781    B7782    B7783    B7784
520       B7785    B7786    B7787    B7788    B7789    B7790    B7791    B7792    B7793    B7794    B7795    B7796    B7797    B7798    B7799
521       B7800    B7801    B7802    B7803    B7804    B7805    B7806    B7807    B7808    B7809    B7810    B7811    B7812    B7813    B7814
522       B7815    B7816    B7817    B7818    B7819    B7820    B7821    B7822    B7823    B7824    B7825    B7826    B7827    B7828    B7829
523       B7830    B7831    B7832    B7833    B7834    B7835    B7836    B7837    B7838    B7839    B7840    B7841    B7842    B7843    B7844
524       B7845    B7846    B7847    B7848    B7849    B7850    B7851    B7852    B7853    B7854    B7855    B7856    B7857    B7858    B7859
525       B7860    B7861    B7862    B7863    B7864    B7865    B7866    B7867    B7868    B7869    B7870    B7871    B7872    B7873    B7874
526       B7875    B7876    B7877    B7878    B7879    B7880    B7881    B7882    B7883    B7884    B7885    B7886    B7887    B7888    B7889
527       B7890    B7891    B7892    B7893    B7894    B7895    B7896    B7897    B7898    B7899    B7900    B7901    B7902    B7903    B7904
528       B7905    B7906    B7907    B7908    B7909    B7910    B7911    B7912    B7913    B7914    B7915    B7916    B7917    B7918    B7919
529       B7920    B7921    B7922    B7923    B7924    B7925    B7926    B7927    B7928    B7929    B7930    B7931    B7932    B7933    B7934
530       B7935    B7936    B7937    B7938    B7939    B7940    B7941    B7942    B7943    B7944    B7945    B7946    B7947    B7948    B7949
531       B7950    B7951    B7952    B7953    B7954    B7955    B7956    B7957    B7958    B7959    B7960    B7961    B7962    B7963    B7964
532       B7965    B7966    B7967    B7968    B7969    B7970    B7971    B7972    B7973    B7974    B7975    B7976    B7977    B7978    B7979
533       B7980    B7981    B7982    B7983    B7984    B7985    B7986    B7987    B7988    B7989    B7990    B7991    B7992    B7993    B7994
534       B7995    B7996    B7997    B7998    B7999    B8000    B8001    B8002    B8003    B8004    B8005    B8006    B8007    B8008    B8009
535       B8010    B8011    B8012    B8013    B8014    B8015    B8016    B8017    B8018    B8019    B8020    B8021    B8022    B8023    B8024
536       B8025    B8026    B8027    B8028    B8029    B8030    B8031    B8032    B8033    B8034    B8035    B8036    B8037    B8038    B8039
537       B8040    B8041    B8042    B8043    B8044    B8045    B8046    B8047    B8048    B8049    B8050    B8051    B8052    B8053    B8054
538       B8055    B8056    B8057    B8058    B8059    B8060    B8061    B8062    B8063    B8064    B8065    B8066    B8067    B8068    B8069
539       B8070    B8071    B8072    B8073    B8074    B8075    B8076    B8077    B8078    B8079    B8080    B8081    B8082    B8083    B8084
540       B8085    B8086    B8087    B8088    B8089    B8090    B8091    B8092    B8093    B8094    B8095    B8096    B8097    B8098    B8099
541       B8100    B8101    B8102    B8103    B8104    B8105    B8106    B8107    B8108    B8109    B8110    B8111    B8112    B8113    B8114
542       B8115    B8116    B8117    B8118    B8119    B8120    B8121    B8122    B8123    B8124    B8125    B8126    B8127    B8128    B8129
543       B8130    B8131    B8132    B8133    B8134    B8135    B8136    B8137    B8138    B8139    B8140    B8141    B8142    B8143    B8144
544       B8145    B8146    B8147    B8148    B8149    B8150    B8151    B8152    B8153    B8154    B8155    B8156    B8157    B8158    B8159
545       B8160    B8161    B8162    B8163    B8164    B8165    B8166    B8167    B8168    B8169    B8170    B8171    B8172    B8173    B8174
546       B8175    B8176    B8177    B8178    B8179    B8180    B8181    B8182    B8183    B8184    B8185    B8186    B8187    B8188    B8189
547       B8190    B8191    B8192    B8193    B8194    B8195    B8196    B8197    B8198    B8199    B8200    B8201    B8202    B8203    B8204
548       B8205    B8206    B8207    B8208    B8209    B8210    B8211    B8212    B8213    B8214    B8215    B8216    B8217    B8218    B8219
549       B8220    B8221    B8222    B8223    B8224    B8225    B8226    B8227    B8228    B8229    B8230    B8231    B8232    B8233    B8234
550       B8235    B8236    B8237    B8238    B8239    B8240    B8241    B8242    B8243    B8244    B8245    B8246    B8247    B8248    B8249
551       B8250    B8251    B8252    B8253    B8254    B8255    B8256    B8257    B8258    B8259    B8260    B8261    B8262    B8263    B8264
552       B8265    B8266    B8267    B8268    B8269    B8270    B8271    B8272    B8273    B8274    B8275    B8276    B8277    B8278    B8279
553       B8280    B8281    B8282    B8283    B8284    B8285    B8286    B8287    B8288    B8289    B8290    B8291    B8292    B8293    B8294
554       B8295    B8296    B8297    B8298    B8299    B8300    B8301    B8302    B8303    B8304    B8305    B8306    B8307    B8308    B8309
555       B8310    B8311    B8312    B8313    B8314    B8315    B8316    B8317    B8318    B8319    B8320    B8321    B8322    B8323    B8324
556       B8325    B8326    B8327    B8328    B8329    B8330    B8331    B8332    B8333    B8334    B8335    B8336    B8337    B8338    B8339
557       B8340    B8341    B8342    B8343    B8344    B8345    B8346    B8347    B8348    B8349    B8350    B8351    B8352    B8353    B8354
558       B8355    B8356    B8357    B8358    B8359    B8360    B8361    B8362    B8363    B8364    B8365    B8366    B8367    B8368    B8369
559       B8370    B8371    B8372    B8373    B8374    B8375    B8376    B8377    B8378    B8379    B8380    B8381    B8382    B8383    B8384
560       B8385    B8386    B8387    B8388    B8389    B8390    B8391    B8392    B8393    B8394    B8395    B8396    B8397    B8398    B8399
561       B8400    B8401    B8402    B8403    B8404    B8405    B8406    B8407    B8408    B8409    B8410    B8411    B8412    B8413    B8414
562       B8415    B8416    B8417    B8418    B8419    B8420    B8421    B8422    B8423    B8424    B8425    B8426    B8427    B8428    B8429
563       B8430    B8431    B8432    B8433    B8434    B8435    B8436    B8437    B8438    B8439    B8440    B8441    B8442    B8443    B8444
564       B8445    B8446    B8447    B8448    B8449    B8450    B8451    B8452    B8453    B8454    B8455    B8456    B8457    B8458    B8459
565       B8460    B8461    B8462    B8463    B8464    B8465    B8466    B8467    B8468    B8469    B8470    B8471    B8472    B8473    B8474
566       B8475    B8476    B8477    B8478    B8479    B8480    B8481    B8482    B8483    B8484    B8485    B8486    B8487    B8488    B8489
567       B8490    B8491    B8492    B8493    B8494    B8495    B8496    B8497    B8498    B8499    B8500    B8501    B8502    B8503    B8504
568       B8505    B8506    B8507    B8508    B8509    B8510    B8511    B8512    B8513    B8514    B8515    B8516    B8517    B8518    B8519
569       B8520    B8521    B8522    B8523    B8524    B8525    B8526    B8527    B8528    B8529    B8530    B8531    B8532    B8533    B8534
570       B8535    B8536    B8537    B8538    B8539    B8540    B8541    B8542    B8543    B8544    B8545    B8546    B8547    B8548    B8549
571       B8550    B8551    B8552    B8553    B8554    B8555    B8556    B8557    B8558    B8559    B8560    B8561    B8562    B8563    B8564
572       B8565    B8566    B8567    B8568    B8569    B8570    B8571    B8572    B8573    B8574    B8575    B8576    B8577    B8578    B8579
573       B8580    B8581    B8582    B8583    B8584    B8585    B8586    B8587    B8588    B8589    B8590    B8591    B8592    B8593    B8594
574       B8595    B8596    B8597    B8598    B8599    B8600    B8601    B8602    B8603    B8604    B8605    B8606    B8607    B8608    B8609
575       B8610    B8611    B8612    B8613    B8614    B8615    B8616    B8617    B8618    B8619    B8620    B8621    B8622    B8623    B8624
576       B8625    B8626    B8627    B8628    B8629    B8630    B8631    B8632    B8633    B8634    B8635    B8636    B8637    B8638    B8639
577       B8640    B8641    B8642    B8643    B8644    B8645    B8646    B8647    B8648    B8649    B8650    B8651    B8652    B8653    B8654
578       B8655    B8656    B8657    B8658    B8659    B8660    B8661    B8662    B8663    B8664    B8665    B8666    B8667    B8668    B8669
579       B8670    B8671    B8672    B8673    B8674    B8675    B8676    B8677    B8678    B8679    B8680    B8681    B8682    B8683    B8684
580       B8685    B8686    B8687    B8688    B8689    B8690    B8691    B8692    B8693    B8694    B8695    B8696    B8697    B8698    B8699
581       B8700    B8701    B8702    B8703    B8704    B8705    B8706    B8707    B8708    B8709    B8710    B8711    B8712    B8713    B8714
582       B8715    B8716    B8717    B8718    B8719    B8720    B8721    B8722    B8723    B8724    B8725    B8726    B8727    B8728    B8729
583       B8730    B8731    B8732    B8733    B8734    B8735    B8736    B8737    B8738    B8739    B8740    B8741    B8742    B8743    B8744
584       B8745    B8746    B8747    B8748    B8749    B8750    B8751    B8752    B8753    B8754    B8755    B8756    B8757    B8758    B8759
585       B8760    B8761    B8762    B8763    B8764    B8765    B8766    B8767    B8768    B8769    B8770    B8771    B8772    B8773    B8774
586       B8775    B8776    B8777    B8778    B8779    B8780    B8781    B8782    B8783    B8784    B8785    B8786    B8787    B8788    B8789
587       B8790    B8791    B8792    B8793    B8794    B8795    B8796    B8797    B8798    B8799    B8800    B8801    B8802    B8803    B8804
588       B8805    B8806    B8807    B8808    B8809    B8810    B8811    B8812    B8813    B8814    B8815    B8816    B8817    B8818    B8819
589       B8820    B8821    B8822    B8823    B8824    B8825    B8826    B8827    B8828    B8829    B8830    B8831    B8832    B8833    B8834
590       B8835    B8836    B8837    B8838    B8839    B8840    B8841    B8842    B8843    B8844    B8845    B8846    B8847    B8848    B8849
591       B8850    B8851    B8852    B8853    B8854    B8855    B8856    B8857    B8858    B8859    B8860    B8861    B8862    B8863    B8864
592       B8865    B8866    B8867    B8868    B8869    B8870    B8871    B8872    B8873    B8874    B8875    B8876    B8877    B8878    B8879
593       B8880    B8881    B8882    B8883    B8884    B8885    B8886    B8887    B8888    B8889    B8890    B8891    B8892    B8893    B8894
594       B8895    B8896    B8897    B8898    B8899    B8900    B8901    B8902    B8903    B8904    B8905    B8906    B8907    B8908    B8909
595       B8910    B8911    B8912    B8913    B8914    B8915    B8916    B8917    B8918    B8919    B8920    B8921    B8922    B8923    B8924
596       B8925    B8926    B8927    B8928    B8929    B8930    B8931    B8932    B8933    B8934    B8935    B8936    B8937    B8938    B8939
597       B8940    B8941    B8942    B8943    B8944    B8945    B8946    B8947    B8948    B8949    B8950    B8951    B8952    B8953    B8954
598       B8955    B8956    B8957    B8958    B8959    B8960    B8961    B8962    B8963    B8964    B8965    B8966    B8967    B8968    B8969
599       B8970    B8971    B8972    B8973    B8974    B8975    B8976    B8977    B8978    B8979    B8980    B8981    B8982    B8983    B8984
600       B8985    B8986    B8987    B8988    B8989    B8990    B8991    B8992    B8993    B8994    B8995    B8996    B8997    B8998    B8999
601       B9000    B9001    B9002    B9003    B9004    B9005    B9006    B9007    B9008    B9009    B9010    B9011    B9012    B9013    B9014
602       B9015    B9016    B9017    B9018    B9019    B9020    B9021    B9022    B9023    B9024    B9025    B9026    B9027    B9028    B9029
603       B9030    B9031    B9032    B9033    B9034    B9035    B9036    B9037    B9038    B9039    B9040    B9041    B9042    B9043    B9044
604       B9045    B9046    B9047    B9048    B9049    B9050    B9051    B9052    B9053    B9054    B9055    B9056    B9057    B9058    B9059
605       B9060    B9061    B9062    B9063    B9064    B9065    B9066    B9067    B9068    B9069    B9070    B9071    B9072    B9073    B9074
606       B9075    B9076    B9077    B9078    B9079    B9080    B9081    B9082    B9083    B9084    B9085    B9086    B9087    B9088    B9089
607       B9090    B9091    B9092    B9093    B9094    B9095    B9096    B9097    B9098    B9099    B9100    B9101    B9102    B9103    B9104
608       B9105    B9106    B9107    B9108    B9109    B9110    B9111    B9112    B9113    B9114    B9115    B9116    B9117    B9118    B9119
609       B9120    B9121    B9122    B9123    B9124    B9125    B9126    B9127    B9128    B9129    B9130    B9131    B9132    B9133    B9134
610       B9135    B9136    B9137    B9138    B9139    B9140    B9141    B9142    B9143    B9144    B9145    B9146    B9147    B9148    B9149
611       B9150    B9151    B9152    B9153    B9154    B9155    B9156    B9157    B9158    B9159    B9160    B9161    B9162    B9163    B9164
612       B9165    B9166    B9167    B9168    B9169    B9170    B9171    B9172    B9173    B9174    B9175    B9176    B9177    B9178    B9179
613       B9180    B9181    B9182    B9183    B9184    B9185    B9186    B9187    B9188    B9189    B9190    B9191    B9192    B9193    B9194
614       B9195    B9196    B9197    B9198    B9199    B9200    B9201    B9202    B9203    B9204    B9205    B9206    B9207    B9208    B9209
615       B9210    B9211    B9212    B9213    B9214    B9215    B9216    B9217    B9218    B9219    B9220    B9221    B9222    B9223    B9224
616       B9225    B9226    B9227    B9228    B9229    B9230    B9231    B9232    B9233    B9234    B9235    B9236    B9237    B9238    B9239
617       B9240    B9241    B9242    B9243    B9244    B9245    B9246    B9247    B9248    B9249    B9250    B9251    B9252    B9253    B9254
618       B9255    B9256    B9257    B9258    B9259    B9260    B9261    B9262    B9263    B9264    B9265    B9266    B9267    B9268    B9269
619       B9270    B9271    B9272    B9273    B9274    B9275    B9276    B9277    B9278    B9279    B9280    B9281    B9282    B9283    B9284
620       B9285    B9286    B9287    B9288    B9289    B9290    B9291    B9292    B9293    B9294    B9295    B9296    B9297    B9298    B9299
621       B9300    B9301    B9302    B9303    B9304    B9305    B9306    B9307    B9308    B9309    B9310    B9311    B9312    B9313    B9314
622       B9315    B9316    B9317    B9318    B9319    B9320    B9321    B9322    B9323    B9324    B9325    B9326    B9327    B9328    B9329
623       B9330    B9331    B9332    B9333    B9334    B9335    B9336    B9337    B9338    B9339    B9340    B9341    B9342    B9343    B9344
624       B9345    B9346    B9347    B9348    B9349    B9350    B9351    B9352    B9353    B9354    B9355    B9356    B9357    B9358    B9359
625       B9360    B9361    B9362    B9363    B9364    B9365    B9366    B9367    B9368    B9369    B9370    B9371    B9372    B9373    B9374
626       B9375    B9376    B9377    B9378    B9379    B9380    B9381    B9382    B9383    B9384    B9385    B9386    B9387    B9388    B9389
627       B9390    B9391    B9392    B9393    B9394    B9395    B9396    B9397    B9398    B9399    B9400    B9401    B9402    B9403    B9404
628       B9405    B9406    B9407    B9408    B9409    B9410    B9411    B9412    B9413    B9414    B9415    B9416    B9417    B9418    B9419
629       B9420    B9421    B9422    B9423    B9424    B9425    B9426    B9427    B9428    B9429    B9430    B9431    B9432    B9433    B9434
630       B9435    B9436    B9437    B9438    B9439    B9440    B9441    B9442    B9443    B9444    B9445    B9446    B9447    B9448    B9449
631       B9450    B9451    B9452    B9453    B9454    B9455    B9456    B9457    B9458    B9459    B9460    B9461    B9462    B9463    B9464
632       B9465    B9466    B9467    B9468    B9469    B9470    B9471    B9472    B9473    B9474    B9475    B9476    B9477    B9478    B9479
633       B9480    B9481    B9482    B9483    B9484    B9485    B9486    B9487    B9488    B9489    B9490    B9491    B9492    B9493    B9494
634       B9495    B9496    B9497    B9498    B9499    B9500    B9501    B9502    B9503    B9504    B9505    B9506    B9507    B9508    B9509
635       B9510    B9511    B9512    B9513    B9514    B9515    B9516    B9517    B9518    B9519    B9520    B9521    B9522    B9523    B9524
636       B9525    B9526    B9527    B9528    B9529    B9530    B9531    B9532    B9533    B9534    B9535    B9536    B9537    B9538    B9539
637       B9540    B9541    B9542    B9543    B9544    B9545    B9546    B9547    B9548    B9549    B9550    B9551    B9552    B9553    B9554
638       B9555    B9556    B9557    B9558    B9559    B9560    B9561    B9562    B9563    B9564    B9565    B9566    B9567    B9568    B9569
639       B9570    B9571    B9572    B9573    B9574    B9575    B9576    B9577    B9578    B9579    B9580    B9581    B9582    B9583    B9584
640       B9585    B9586    B9587    B9588    B9589    B9590    B9591    B9592    B9593    B9594    B9595    B9596    B9597    B9598    B9599
641       B9600    B9601    B9602    B9603    B9604    B9605    B9606    B9607    B9608    B9609    B9610    B9611    B9612    B9613    B9614
642       B9615    B9616    B9617    B9618    B9619    B9620    B9621    B9622    B9623    B9624    B9625    B9626    B9627    B9628    B9629
643       B9630    B9631    B9632    B9633    B9634    B9635    B9636    B9637    B9638    B9639    B9640    B9641    B9642    B9643    B9644
644       B9645    B9646    B9647    B9648    B9649    B9650    B9651    B9652    B9653    B9654    B9655    B9656    B9657    B9658    B9659
645       B9660    B9661    B9662    B9663    B9664    B9665    B9666    B9667    B9668    B9669    B9670    B9671    B9672    B9673    B9674
646       B9675    B9676    B9677    B9678    B9679    B9680    B9681    B9682    B9683    B9684    B9685    B9686    B9687    B9688    B9689
647       B9690    B9691    B9692    B9693    B9694    B9695    B9696    B9697    B9698    B9699    B9700    B9701    B9702    B9703    B9704
648       B9705    B9706    B9707    B9708    B9709    B9710    B9711    B9712    B9713    B9714    B9715    B9716    B9717    B9718    B9719
649       B9720    B9721    B9722    B9723    B9724    B9725    B9726    B9727    B9728    B9729    B9730    B9731    B9732    B9733    B9734
650       B9735    B9736    B9737    B9738    B9739    B9740    B9741    B9742    B9743    B9744    B9745    B9746    B9747    B9748    B9749
651       B9750    B9751    B9752    B9753    B9754    B9755    B9756    B9757    B9758    B9759    B9760    B9761    B9762    B9763    B9764
652       B9765    B9766    B9767    B9768    B9769    B9770    B9771    B9772    B9773    B9774    B9775    B9776    B9777    B9778    B9779
653       B9780    B9781    B9782    B9783    B9784    B9785    B9786    B9787    B9788    B9789    B9790    B9791    B9792    B9793    B9794
654       B9795    B9796    B9797    B9798    B9799    B9800    B9801    B9802    B9803    B9804    B9805    B9806    B9807    B9808    B9809
655       B9810    B9811    B9812    B9813    B9814    B9815    B9816    B9817    B9818    B9819    B9820    B9821    B9822    B9823    B9824
656       B9825    B9826    B9827    B9828    B9829    B9830    B9831    B9832    B9833    B9834    B9835    B9836    B9837    B9838    B9839
657       B9840    B9841    B9842    B9843    B9844    B9845    B9846    B9847    B9848    B9849    B9850    B9851    B9852    B9853    B9854
658       B9855    B9856    B9857    B9858    B9859    B9860    B9861    B9862    B9863    B9864    B9865    B9866    B9867    B9868    B9869
659       B9870    B9871    B9872    B9873    B9874    B9875    B9876    B9877    B9878    B9879    B9880    B9881    B9882    B9883    B9884
660       B9885    B9886    B9887    B9888    B9889    B9890    B9891    B9892    B9893    B9894    B9895    B9896    B9897    B9898    B9899
661       B9900    B9901    B9902    B9903    B9904    B9905    B9906    B9907    B9908    B9909    B9910    B9911    B9912    B9913    B9914
662       B9915    B9916    B9917    B9918    B9919    B9920    B9921    B9922    B9923    B9924    B9925    B9926    B9927    B9928    B9929
663       B9930    B9931    B9932    B9933    B9934    B9935    B9936    B9937    B9938    B9939    B9940    B9941    B9942    B9943    B9944
664       B9945    B9946    B9947    B9948    B9949    B9950    B9951    B9952    B9953    B9954    B9955    B9956    B9957    B9958    B9959
665       B9960    B9961    B9962    B9963    B9964    B9965    B9966    B9967    B9968    B9969    B9970    B9971    B9972    B9973    B9974
666       B9975    B9976    B9977    B9978    B9979    B9980    B9981    B9982    B9983    B9984    B9985    B9986    B9987    B9988    B9989
667       B9990    B9991    B9992    B9993    B9994    B9995    B9996    B9997    B9998    B9999    B10000    B10001    B10002    B10003    B10004
668       B10005   B10006   B10007   B10008   B10009   B10010   B10011   B10012    B10013    B10014    B10015    B10016    B10017    B10018    B10019
669       B10020   B10021   B10022   B10023   B10024   B10025   B10026   B10027    B10028    B10029    B10030    B10031    B10032    B10033    B10034
670       B10035   B10036   B10037   B10038   B10039   B10040   B10041   B10042    B10043    B10044    B10045    B10046    B10047    B10048    B10049
671       B10050   B10051   B10052   B10053   B10054   B10055   B10056   B10057    B10058    B10059    B10060    B10061    B10062    B10063    B10064
672       B10065   B10066   B10067   B10068   B10069   B10070   B10071   B10072    B10073    B10074    B10075    B10076    B10077    B10078    B10079
673       B10080   B10081   B10082   B10083   B10084   B10085   B10086   B10087    B10088    B10089    B10090    B10091    B10092    B10093    B10094
674       B10095   B10096   B10097   B10098   B10099   B10100   B10101   B10102    B10103    B10104    B10105    B10106    B10107    B10108    B10109
675       B10110   B10111   B10112   B10113   B10114   B10115   B10116   B10117    B10118    B10119    B10120    B10121    B10122    B10123    B10124
676       B10125   B10126   B10127   B10128   B10129   B10130   B10131   B10132    B10133    B10134    B10135    B10136    B10137    B10138    B10139
677       B10140   B10141   B10142   B10143   B10144   B10145   B10146   B10147    B10148    B10149    B10150    B10151    B10152    B10153    B10154
678       B10155   B10156   B10157   B10158   B10159   B10160   B10161   B10162    B10163    B10164    B10165    B10166    B10167    B10168    B10169
679       B10170   B10171   B10172   B10173   B10174   B10175   B10176   B10177    B10178    B10179    B10180    B10181    B10182    B10183    B10184
680       B10185   B10186   B10187   B10188   B10189   B10190   B10191   B10192    B10193    B10194    B10195    B10196    B10197    B10198    B10199
681       B10200   B10201   B10202   B10203   B10204   B10205   B10206   B10207    B10208    B10209    B10210    B10211    B10212    B10213    B10214
682       B10215   B10216   B10217   B10218   B10219   B10220   B10221   B10222    B10223    B10224    B10225    B10226    B10227    B10228    B10229
683       B10230   B10231   B10232   B10233   B10234   B10235   B10236   B10237    B10238    B10239    B10240    B10241    B10242    B10243    B10244
684       B10245   B10246   B10247   B10248   B10249   B10250   B10251   B10252    B10253    B10254    B10255    B10256    B10257    B10258    B10259
685       B10260   B10261   B10262   B10263   B10264   B10265   B10266   B10267    B10268    B10269    B10270    B10271    B10272    B10273    B10274
686       B10275   B10276   B10277   B10278   B10279   B10280   B10281   B10282    B10283    B10284    B10285    B10286    B10287    B10288    B10289
687       B10290   B10291   B10292   B10293   B10294   B10295   B10296   B10297    B10298    B10299    B10300    B10301    B10302    B10303    B10304
688       B10305   B10306   B10307   B10308   B10309   B10310   B10311   B10312    B10313    B10314    B10315    B10316    B10317    B10318    B10319
689       B10320   B10321   B10322   B10323   B10324   B10325   B10326   B10327    B10328    B10329    B10330    B10331    B10332    B10333    B10334
690       B10335   B10336   B10337   B10338   B10339   B10340   B10341   B10342    B10343    B10344    B10345    B10346    B10347    B10348    B10349
691       B10350   B10351   B10352   B10353   B10354   B10355   B10356   B10357    B10358    B10359    B10360    B10361    B10362    B10363    B10364
692       B10365   B10366   B10367   B10368   B10369   B10370   B10371   B10372    B10373    B10374    B10375    B10376    B10377    B10378    B10379
693       B10380   B10381   B10382   B10383   B10384   B10385   B10386   B10387    B10388    B10389    B10390    B10391    B10392    B10393    B10394
694       B10395   B10396   B10397   B10398   B10399   B10400   B10401   B10402    B10403    B10404    B10405    B10406    B10407    B10408    B10409
695       B10410   B10411   B10412   B10413   B10414   B10415   B10416   B10417    B10418    B10419    B10420    B10421    B10422    B10423    B10424
696       B10425   B10426   B10427   B10428   B10429   B10430   B10431   B10432    B10433    B10434    B10435    B10436    B10437    B10438    B10439
697       B10440   B10441   B10442   B10443   B10444   B10445   B10446   B10447    B10448    B10449    B10450    B10451    B10452    B10453    B10454
698       B10455   B10456   B10457   B10458   B10459   B10460   B10461   B10462    B10463    B10464    B10465    B10466    B10467    B10468    B10469
699       B10470   B10471   B10472   B10473   B10474   B10475   B10476   B10477    B10478    B10479    B10480    B10481    B10482    B10483    B10484
700       B10485   B10486   B10487   B10488   B10489   B10490   B10491   B10492    B10493    B10494    B10495    B10496    B10497    B10498    B10499
701       B10500   B10501   B10502   B10503   B10504   B10505   B10506   B10507    B10508    B10509    B10510    B10511    B10512    B10513    B10514
702       B10515   B10516   B10517   B10518   B10519   B10520   B10521   B10522    B10523    B10524    B10525    B10526    B10527    B10528    B10529
703       B10530   B10531   B10532   B10533   B10534   B10535   B10536   B10537    B10538    B10539    B10540    B10541    B10542    B10543    B10544
704       B10545   B10546   B10547   B10548   B10549   B10550   B10551   B10552    B10553    B10554    B10555    B10556    B10557    B10558    B10559
705       B10560   B10561   B10562   B10563   B10564   B10565   B10566   B10567    B10568    B10569    B10570    B10571    B10572    B10573    B10574
706       B10575   B10576   B10577   B10578   B10579   B10580   B10581   B10582    B10583    B10584    B10585    B10586    B10587    B10588    B10589
707       B10590   B10591   B10592   B10593   B10594   B10595   B10596   B10597    B10598    B10599    B10600    B10601    B10602    B10603    B10604
708       B10605   B10606   B10607   B10608   B10609   B10610   B10611   B10612    B10613    B10614    B10615    B10616    B10617    B10618    B10619
709       B10620   B10621   B10622   B10623   B10624   B10625   B10626   B10627    B10628    B10629    B10630    B10631    B10632    B10633    B10634
710       B10635   B10636   B10637   B10638   B10639   B10640   B10641   B10642    B10643    B10644    B10645    B10646    B10647    B10648    B10649
711       B10650   B10651   B10652   B10653   B10654   B10655   B10656   B10657    B10658    B10659    B10660    B10661    B10662    B10663    B10664
712       B10665   B10666   B10667   B10668   B10669   B10670   B10671   B10672    B10673    B10674    B10675    B10676    B10677    B10678    B10679
713       B10680   B10681   B10682   B10683   B10684   B10685   B10686   B10687    B10688    B10689    B10690    B10691    B10692    B10693    B10694
714       B10695   B10696   B10697   B10698   B10699   B10700   B10701   B10702    B10703    B10704    B10705    B10706    B10707    B10708    B10709
715       B10710   B10711   B10712   B10713   B10714   B10715   B10716   B10717    B10718    B10719    B10720    B10721    B10722    B10723    B10724
716       B10725   B10726   B10727   B10728   B10729   B10730   B10731   B10732    B10733    B10734    B10735    B10736    B10737    B10738    B10739
717       B10740   B10741   B10742   B10743   B10744   B10745   B10746   B10747    B10748    B10749    B10750    B10751    B10752    B10753    B10754
718       B10755   B10756   B10757   B10758   B10759   B10760   B10761   B10762    B10763    B10764    B10765    B10766    B10767    B10768    B10769
719       B10770   B10771   B10772   B10773   B10774   B10775   B10776   B10777    B10778    B10779    B10780    B10781    B10782    B10783    B10784
720       B10785   B10786   B10787   B10788   B10789   B10790   B10791   B10792    B10793    B10794    B10795    B10796    B10797    B10798    B10799
721       B10800   B10801   B10802   B10803   B10804   B10805   B10806   B10807    B10808    B10809    B10810    B10811    B10812    B10813    B10814
722       B10815   B10816   B10817   B10818   B10819   B10820   B10821   B10822    B10823    B10824    B10825    B10826    B10827    B10828    B10829
723       B10830   B10831   B10832   B10833   B10834   B10835   B10836   B10837    B10838    B10839    B10840    B10841    B10842    B10843    B10844
724       B10845   B10846   B10847   B10848   B10849   B10850   B10851   B10852    B10853    B10854    B10855    B10856    B10857    B10858    B10859
725       B10860   B10861   B10862   B10863   B10864   B10865   B10866   B10867    B10868    B10869    B10870    B10871    B10872    B10873    B10874
726       B10875   B10876   B10877   B10878   B10879   B10880   B10881   B10882    B10883    B10884    B10885    B10886    B10887    B10888    B1088
727       B10890   B10891   B10892   B10893   B10894   B10895   B10896    B10897    B10898    B10899    B10900    B10901    B10902    B10903    B1090
728       B10905   B10906   B10907   B10908   B10909   B10910   B10911    B10912    B10913    B10914    B10915    B10916    B10917    B10918    B10919
729       B10920   B10921   B10922   B10923   B10924   B10925   B10926   B10927    B10928    B10929    B10930    B10931    B10932    B10933    B10934
730       B10935   B10936   B10937   B10938   B10939   B10940   B10941   B10942    B10943    B10944    B10945    B10946    B10947    B10948    B10949
731       B10950   B10951   B10952   B10953   B10954   B10955   B10956   B10957    B10958    B10959    B10960    B10961    B10962    B10963    B10964
732       B10965   B10966   B10967   B10968   B10969   B10970   B10971   B10972    B10973    B10974    B10975    B10976    B10977    B10978    B10979
733       B10980   B10981   B10982   B10983   B10984   B10985   B10986   B10987    B10988    B10989    B10990    B10991    B10992    B10993    B10994
734       B10995   B10996   B10997   B10998   B10999   B11000   B11001   B11002    B11003    B11004    B11005    B11006    B11007    B11008    B11009
735       B11010   B11011   B11012   B11013   B11014   B11015   B11016   B11017    B11018    B11019    B11020    B11021    B11022    B11023    B11024
736       B11025   B11026   B11027   B11028   B11029   B11030   B11031   B11032    B11033    B11034    B11035    B11036    B11037    B11038    B11039
737       B11040   B11041   B11042   B11043   B11044   B11045   B11046   B11047    B11048    B11049    B11050    B11051    B11052    B11053    B11054
738       B11055   B11056   B11057   B11058   B11059   B11060   B11061   B11062    B11063    B11064    B11065    B11066    B11067    B11068    B11069
739       B11070   B11071   B11072   B11073   B11074   B11075   B11076   B11077    B11078    B11079    B11080    B11081    B11082    B11083    B11084
740       B11085   B11086   B11087   B11088   B11089   B11090   B11091   B11092    B11093    B11094    B11095    B11096    B11097    B11098    B11099
741       B11100   B11101   B11102   B11103   B11104   B11105   B11106   B11107    B11108    B11109    B11110    B11111    B11112    B11113    B11114
742       B11115   B11116   B11117   B11118   B11119   B11120   B11121   B11122    B11123    B11124    B11125    B11126    B11127    B11128    B11129
743       B11130   B11131   B11132   B11133   B11134   B11135   B11136   B11137    B11138    B11139    B11140    B11141    B11142    B11143    B11144
744       B11145   B11146   B11147   B11148   B11149   B11150   B11151   B11152    B11153    B11154    B11155    B11156    B11157    B11158    B11159
745       B11160   B11161   B11162   B11163   B11164   B11165   B11166   B11167    B11168    B11169    B11170    B11171    B11172    B11173    B11174
746       B11175   B11176   B11177   B11178   B11179   B11180   B11181   B11182    B11183    B11184    B11185    B11186    B11187    B11188    B11189
747       B11190   B11191   B11192   B11193   B11194   B11195   B11196   B11197    B11198    B11199    B11200    B11201    B11202    B11203    B11204
748       B11205   B11206   B11207   B11208   B11209   B11210   B11211   B11212    B11213    B11214    B11215    B11216    B11217    B11218    B11219
749       B11220   B11221   B11222   B11223   B11224   B11225   B11226   B11227    B11228    B11229    B11230    B11231    B11232    B11233    B11234
750       B11235   B11236   B11237   B11238   B11239   B11240   B11241   B11242    B11243    B11244    B11245    B11246    B11247    B11248    B11249
751       B11250   B11251   B11252   B11253   B11254   B11255   B11256   B11257    B11258    B11259    B11260    B11261    B11262    B11263    B11264
752       B11265   B11266   B11267   B11268   B11269   B11270   B11271   B11272    B11273    B11274    B11275    B11276    B11277    B11278    B11279
753       B11280   B11281   B11282   B11283   B11284   B11285   B11286   B11287    B11288    B11289    B11290    B11291    B11292    B11293    B11294
754       B11295   B11296   B11297   B11298   B11299   B11300   B11301   B11302    B11303    B11304    B11305    B11306    B11307    B11308    B11309
755       B11310   B11311   B11312   B11313   B11314   B11315   B11316   B11317    B11318    B11319    B11320    B11321    B11322    B11323    B11324
756       B11325   B11326   B11327   B11328   B11329   B11330   B11331   B11332    B11333    B11334    B11335    B11336    B11337    B11338    B11339
757       B11340   B11341   B11342   B11343   B11344   B11345   B11346   B11347    B11348    B11349    B11350    B11351    B11352    B11353    B11354
758       B11355   B11356   B11357   B11358   B11359   B11360   B11361   B11362    B11363    B11364    B11365    B11366    B11367    B11368    B11369
759       B11370   B11371   B11372   B11373   B11374   B11375   B11376   B11377    B11378    B11379    B11380    B11381    B11382    B11383    B11384
760       B11385   B11386   B11387   B11388   B11389   B11390   B11391   B11392    B11393    B11394    B11395    B11396    B11397    B11398    B11399
761       B11400   B11401   B11402   B11403   B11404   B11405   B11406   B11407    B11408    B11409    B11410    B11411    B11412    B11413    B11414
762       B11415   B11416   B11417   B11418   B11419   B11420   B11421   B11422    B11423    B11424    B11425    B11426    B11427    B11428    B11429
763       B11430   B11431   B11432   B11433   B11434   B11435   B11436   B11437    B11438    B11439    B11440    B11441    B11442    B11443    B11444
764       B11445   B11446   B11447   B11448   B11449   B11450   B11451   B11452    B11453    B11454    B11455    B11456    B11457    B11458    B11459
765       B11460   B11461   B11462   B11463   B11464   B11465   B11466   B11467    B11468    B11469    B11470    B11471    B11472    B11473    B11474
766       B11475   B11476   B11477   B11478   B11479   B11480   B11481   B11482    B11483    B11484    B11485    B11486    B11487    B11488    B11489
767       B11490   B11491   B11492   B11493   B11494   B11495   B11496   B11497    B11498    B11499    B11500    B11501    B11502    B11503    B11504
768       B11505   B11506   B11507   B11508   B11509   B11510   B11511   B11512    B11513    B11514    B11515    B11516    B11517    B11518    B11519
769       B11520   B11521   B11522   B11523   B11524   B11525   B11526   B11527    B11528    B11529    B11530    B11531    B11532    B11533    B11534
770       B11535   B11536   B11537   B11538   B11539   B11540   B11541   B11542    B11543    B11544    B11545    B11546    B11547    B11548    B11549
771       B11550   B11551   B11552   B11553   B11554   B11555   B11556   B11557    B11558    B11559    B11560    B11561    B11562    B11563    B11564
772       B11565   B11566   B11567   B11568   B11569   B11570   B11571   B11572    B11573    B11574    B11575    B11576    B11577    B11578    B11579
773       B11580   B11581   B11582   B11583   B11584   B11585   B11586   B11587    B11588    B11589    B11590    B11591    B11592    B11593    B11594
774       B11595   B11596   B11597   B11598   B11599   B11600   B11601   B11602    B11603    B11604    B11605    B11606    B11607    B11608    B11609
775       B11610   B11611   B11612   B11613   B11614   B11615   B11616   B11617    B11618    B11619    B11620    B11621    B11622    B11623    B11624
776       B11625   B11626   B11627   B11628   B11629   B11630   B11631   B11632    B11633    B11634    B11635    B11636    B11637    B11638    B11639
777       B11640   B11641   B11642   B11643   B11644   B11645   B11646   B11647    B11648    B11649    B11650    B11651    B11652    B11653    B11654
778       B11655   B11656   B11657   B11658   B11659   B11660   B11661   B11662    B11663    B11664    B11665    B11666    B11667    B11668    B11669
779       B11670   B11671   B11672   B11673   B11674   B11675   B11676   B11677    B11678    B11679    B11680    B11681    B11682    B11683    B11684
780       B11685   B11686   B11687   B11688   B11689   B11690   B11691   B11692    B11693    B11694    B11695    B11696    B11697    B11698    B11699
781       B11700   B11701   B11702   B11703   B11704   B11705   B11706   B11707    B11708    B11709    B11710    B11711    B11712    B11713    B11714
782       B11715   B11716   B11717   B11718   B11719   B11720   B11721   B11722    B11723    B11724    B11725    B11726    B11727    B11728    B11729
783       B11730   B11731   B11732   B11733   B11734   B11735   B11736   B11737    B11738    B11739    B11740    B11741    B11742    B11743    B11744
784       B11745   B11746   B11747   B11748   B11749   B11750   B11751   B11752    B11753    B11754    B11755    B11756    B11757    B11758    B11759
785       B11760   B11761   B11762   B11763   B11764   B11765   B11766   B11767    B11768    B11769    B11770    B11771    B11772    B11773    B11774
786       B11775   B11776   B11777   B11778   B11779   B11780   B11781   B11782    B11783    B11784    B11785    B11786    B11787    B11788    B11789
787       B11790   B11791   B11792   B11793   B11794   B11795   B11796   B11797    B11798    B11799    B11800    B11801    B11802    B11803    B11804
788       B11805   B11806   B11807   B11808   B11809   B11810   B11811   B11812    B11813    B11814    B11815    B11816    B11817    B11818    B11819
789       B11820   B11821   B11822   B11823   B11824   B11825   B11826   B11827    B11828    B11829    B11830    B11831    B11832    B11833    B11834
790       B11835   B11836   B11837   B11838   B11839   B11840   B11841   B11842    B11843    B11844    B11845    B11846    B11847    B11848    B11849
791       B11850   B11851   B11852   B11853   B11854   B11855   B11856   B11857    B11858    B11859    B11860    B11861    B11862    B11863    B11864
792       B11865   B11866   B11867   B11868   B11869   B11870   B11871   B11872    B11873    B11874    B11875    B11876    B11877    B11878    B11879
793       B11880   B11881   B11882   B11883   B11884   B11885   B11886   B11887    B11888    B11889    B11890    B11891    B11892    B11893    B11894
794       B11895   B11896   B11897   B11898   B11899   B11900   B11901   B11902    B11903    B11904    B11905    B11906    B11907    B11908    B11909
795       B11910   B11911   B11912   B11913   B11914   B11915   B11916   B11917    B11918    B11919    B11920    B11921    B11922    B11923    B11924
796       B11925   B11926   B11927   B11928   B11929   B11930   B11931   B11932    B11933    B11934    B11935    B11936    B11937    B11938    B11939
797       B11940   B11941   B11942   B11943   B11944   B11945   B11946   B11947    B11948    B11949    B11950    B11951    B11952    B11953    B11954
798       B11955   B11956   B11957   B11958   B11959   B11960   B11961   B11962    B11963    B11964    B11965    B11966    B11967    B11968    B11969
799       B11970   B11971   B11972   B11973   B11974   B11975   B11976   B11977    B11978    B11979    B11980    B11981    B11982    B11983    B11984
800       B11985   B11986   B11987   B11988   B11989   B11990   B11991   B11992    B11993    B11994    B11995    B11996    B11997    B11998    B11999
801       B12000   B12001   B12002   B12003   B12004   B12005   B12006   B12007    B12008    B12009    B12010    B12011    B12012    B12013    B12014
802       B12015   B12016   B12017   B12018   B12019   B12020    B12021   B12022    B12023    B12024    B12025    B12026    B12027    B12028    B12029
803       B12030   B12031   B12032   B12033   B12034   B12035   B12036   B12037    B12038    B12039    B12040    B12041    B12042    B12043    B12044
804       B12045   B12046   B12047   B12048   B12049   B12050   B12051   B12052    B12053    B12054    B12055    B12056    B12057    B12058    B12059
805       B12060   B12061   B12062   B12063   B12064   B12065   B12066   B12067    B12068    B12069    B12070    B12071    B12072    B12073    B12074
806       B12075   B12076   B12077   B12078   B12079   B12080   B12081   B12082    B12083    B12084    B12085    B12086    B12087    B12088    B12089
807       B12090   B12091   B12092   B12093   B12094   B12095   B12096   B12097    B12098    B12099    B12100    B12101    B12102    B12103    B12104
808       B12105   B12106   B12107   B12108   B12109   B12110   B12111   B12112    B12113    B12114    B12115    B12116    B12117    B12118    B12119
809       B12120   B12121   B12122   B12123   B12124   B12125   B12126   B12127    B12128    B12129    B12130    B12131    B12132    B12133    B12134
810       B12135   B12136   B12137   B12138   B12139   B12140   B12141   B12142    B12143    B12144    B12145    B12146    B12147    B12148    B12149
811       B12150   B12151   B12152   B12153   B12154   B12155   B12156   B12157    B12158    B12159    B12160    B12161    B12162    B12163    B12164
812       B12165   B12166   B12167   B12168   B12169   B12170   B12171   B12172    B12173    B12174    B12175    B12176    B12177    B12178    B12179
813       B12180   B12181   B12182   B12183   B12184   B12185   B12186   B12187    B12188    B12189    B12190    B12191    B12192    B12193    B12194
814       B12195   B12196   B12197   B12198   B12199   B12200   B12201   B12202    B12203    B12204    B12205    B12206    B12207    B12208    B1229
815       B12210   B12211   B12212   B12213   B12214   B12215   B12216   B12217    B12218    B12219    B12220    B12221    B12222    B12223    B12224
816       B12225   B12226   B12227   B12228   B12229   B12230   B12231   B12232    B12233    B12234    B12235    B12236    B12237    B12238    B12239
817       B12240   B12241   B12242   B12243   B12244   B12245   B12246   B12247    B12248    B12249    B12250    B12251    B12252    B12253    B12254
818       B12255   B12256   B12257   B12258   B12259   B12260   B12261   B12262    B12263    B12264    B12265    B12266    B12267    B12268    B12269
819       B12270   B12271   B12272   B12273   B12274   B12275   B12276   B12277    B12278    B12279    B12280    B12281    B12282    B12283    B12284
820       B12285   B12286   B12287   B12288   B12289   B12290   B12291   B12292    B12293    B12294    B12295    B12296    B12297    B12298    B12299
821       B12300   B12301   B12302   B12303   B12304   B12305   B12306   B12307    B12308    B12309    B12310    B12311    B12312    B12313    B12314
822       B12315   B12316   B12317   B12318   B12319   B12320   B12321   B12322    B12323    B12324    B12325    B12326    B12327    B12328    B12329
823       B12330   B12331   B12332   B12333   B12334   B12335   B12336   B12337    B12338    B12339    B12340    B12341    B12342    B12343    B12344
824       B12345   B12346   B12347   B12348   B12349   B12350   B12351   B12352    B12353    B12354    B12355    B12356    B12357    B12358    B12359
825       B12360   B12361   B12362   B12363   B12364   B12365   B12366   B12367    B12368    B12369    B12370    B12371    B12372    B12373    B12374
826       B12375   B12376   B12377   B12378   B12379   B12380   B12381   B12382    B12383    B12384    B12385    B12386    B12387    B12388    B12389
827       B12390   B12391   B12392   B12393   B12394   B12395   B12396   B12397    B12398    B12399    B12400    B12401    B12402    B12403    B12404
828       B12405   B12406   B12407   B12408   B12409   B12410   B12411   B12412    B12413    B12414    B12415    B12416    B12417    B12418    B12419
829       B12420   B12421   B12422   B12423   B12424   B12425   B12426   B12427    B12428    B12429    B12430    B12431    B12432    B12433    B12434
830       B12435   B12436   B12437   B12438   B12439   B12440   B12441   B12442    B12443    B12444    B12445    B12446    B12447    B12448    B12449
831       B12450   B12451   B12452   B12453   B12454   B12455   B12456   B12457    B12458    B12459    B12460    B12461    B12462    B12463    B12464
832       B12465   B12466   B12467   B12468   B12469   B12470   B12471   B12472    B12473    B12474    B12475    B12476    B12477    B12478    B12479
833       B12480   B12481   B12482   B12483   B12484   B12485   B12486   B12487    B12488    B12489    B12490    B12491    B12492    B12493    B12494
834       B12495   B12496   B12497   B12498   B12499   B12500   B12501   B12502    B12503    B12504    B12505    B12506    B12507    B12508    B12509
835       B12510   B12511   B12512   B12513   B12514   B12515   B12516   B12517    B12518    B12519    B12520    B12521    B12522    B12523    B12524
836       B12525   B12526   B12527   B12528   B12529   B12530   B12531   B12532    B12533    B12534    B12535    B12536    B12537    B12538    B12539
837       B12540   B12541   B12542   B12543   B12544   B12545   B12546   B12547    B12548    B12549    B12550    B12551    B12552    B12553    B12554
838       B12555   B12556   B12557   B12558   B12559   B12560   B12561   B12562    B12563    B12564    B12565    B12566    B12567    B12568    B12569
839       B12570   B12571   B12572   B12573   B12574   B12575   B12576   B12577    B12578    B12579    B12580    B12581    B12582    B12583    B12584
840       B12585   B12586   B12587   B12588   B12589   B12590   B12591   B12592    B12593    B12594    B12595    B12596    B12597    B12598    B12599
841       B12600   B12601   B12602   B12603   B12604   B12605   B12606   B12607    B12608    B12609    B12610    B12611    B12612    B12613    B12614
842       B12615   B12616   B12617   B12618   B12619   B12620   B12621   B12622    B12623    B12624    B12625    B12626    B12627    B12628    B12629
843       B12630   B12631   B12632   B12633   B12634   B12635   B12636   B12637    B12638    B12639    B12640    B12641    B12642    B12643    B12644
844       B12645   B12646   B12647   B12648   B12649   B12650   B12651   B12652    B12653    B12654    B12655    B12656    B12657    B12658    B12659
845       B12660   B12661   B12662   B12663   B12664   B12665   B12666   B12667    B12668    B12669    B12670    B12671    B12672    B12673    B12674
846       B12675   B12676   B12677   B12678   B12679   B12680   B12681   B12682    B12683    B12684    B12685    B12686    B12687    B12688    B12689
847       B12690   B12691   B12692   B12693   B12694   B12695   B12696   B12697    B12698    B12699    B12700    B12701    B12702    B12703    B12704
848       B12705   B12706   B12707   B12708   B12709   B12710   B12711   B12712    B12713    B12714    B12715    B12716    B12717    B12718    B12719
849       B12720   B12721   B12722   B12723   B12724   B12725   B12726   B12727    B12728    B12729    B12730    B12731    B12732    B12733    B12734
850       B12735   B12736   B12737   B12738   B12739   B12740   B12741   B12742    B12743    B12744    B12745    B12746    B12747    B12748    B12749
851       B12750   B12751   B12752   B12753   B12754   B12755   B12756   B12757    B12758    B12759    B12760    B12761    B12762    B12763    B12764
852       B12765   B12766   B12767   B12768   B12769   B12770   B12771   B12772    B12773    B12774    B12775    B12776    B12777    B12778    B12779
853       B12780   B12781   B12782   B12783   B12784   B12785   B12786   B12787    B12788    B12789    B12790    B12791    B12792    B12793    B12794
854       B12795   B12796   B12797   B12798   B12799   B12800   B12801   B12802    B12803    B12804    B12805    B12806    B12807    B12808    B12809
855       B12810   B12811   B12812   B12813   B12814   B12815   B12816   B12817    B12818    B12819    B12820    B12821    B12822    B12823    B12824
856       B12825   B12826   B12827   B12828   B12829   B12830   B12831   B12832    B12833    B12834    B12835    B12836    B12837    B12838    B12839
857       B12840   B12841   B12842   B12843   B12844   B12845   B12846   B12847    B12848    B12849    B12850    B12851    B12852    B12853    B12854
858       B12855   B12856   B12857   B12858   B12859   B12860   B12861   B12862    B12863    B12864    B12865    B12866    B12867    B12868    B12869
859       B12870   B12871   B12872   B12873   B12874   B12875   B12876   B12877    B12878    B12879    B12880    B12881    B12882    B12883    B12884
860       B12885   B12886   B12887   B12888   B12889   B12890   B12891   B12892    B12893    B12894    B12895    B12896    B12897    B12898    B12899
861       B12900   B12901   B12902   B12903   B12904   B12905   B12906   B12907    B12908    B12909    B12910    B12911    B12912    B12913    B12914
862       B12915   B12916   B12917   B12918   B12919   B12920   B12921   B12922    B12923    B12924    B12925    B12926    B12927    B12928    B12929
863       B12930   B12931   B12932   B12933   B12934   B12935   B12936   B12937    B12938    B12939    B12940    B12941    B12942    B12943    B12944
864       B12945   B12946   B12947   B12948   B12949   B12950   B12951   B12952    B12953    B12954    B12955    B12956    B12957    B12958    B12959
865       B12960   B12961   B12962   B12963   B12964   B12965   B12966   B12967    B12968    B12969    B12970    B12971    B12972    B12973    B12974
866       B12975   B12976   B12977   B12978   B12979   B12980   B12981   B12982    B12983    B12984    B12985    B12986    B12987    B12988    B12989
867       B12990   B12991   B12992   B12993   B12994   B12995   B12996   B12997    B12998    B12999    B13000    B13001    B13002    B13003    B13004
868       B13005   B13006   B13007   B13008   B13009   B13010   B13011   B13012    B13013    B13014    B13015    B13016    B13017    B13018    B13019
869       B13020   B13021   B13022   B13023   B13024   B13025   B13026   B13027    B13028    B13029    B13030    B13031    B13032    B13033    B13034
870       B13035   B13036   B13037   B13038   B13039   B13040   B13041   B13042    B13043    B13044    B13045    B13046    B13047    B13048    B13049
871       B13050   B13051   B13052   B13053   B13054   B13055   B13056   B13057    B13058    B13059    B13060    B13061    B13062    B13063    B13064
872       B13065   B13066   B13067   B13068   B13069   B13070   B13071   B13072    B13073    B13074    B13075    B13076    B13077    B13078    B1309
873       B13080   B13081   B13082   B13083   B13084   B13085   B13086   B13087    B13088    B13089    B13090    B13091    B13092    B13093    B1304
874       B13095   B13096   B13097   B13098   B13099   B13100   B13101   B13102    B13103    B13104    B13105    B13106    B13107    B13108    B1319
875       B13110   B13111   B13112   B13113   B13114   B13115   B13116   B13117    B13118    B13119    B13120    B13121    B13122    B13123    B1314
876       B13125   B13126   B13127   B13128   B13129   B13130   B13131   B13132    B13133    B13134    B13135    B13136    B13137    B13138    B1319
877       B13140   B13141   B13142   B13143   B13144   B13145   B13146   B13147    B13148    B13149    B13150    B13151    B13152    B13153    B1314
878       B13155   B13156   B13157   B13158   B13159   B13160   B13161   B13162    B13163    B13164    B13165    B13166    B13167    B13168    B1319
879       B13170   B13171   B13172   B13173   B13174   B13175   B13176   B13177    B13178    B13179    B13180    B13181    B13182    B13183    B1314
880       B13185   B13186   B13187   B13188   B13189   B13190   B13191   B13192    B13193    B13194    B13195    B13196    B13197    B13198    B13199
881       B13200   B13201   B13202   B13203   B13204   B13205   B13206   B13207    B13208    B13209    B13210    B13211    B13212    B13213    B13214
882       B13215   B13216   B13217   B13218   B13219   B13220   B13221   B13222    B13223    B13224    B13225    B13226    B13227    B13228    B13229
883       B13230   B13231   B13232   B13233   B13234   B13235   B13236   B13237    B13238    B13239    B13240    B13241    B13242    B13243    B13244
884       B13245   B13246   B13247   B13248   B13249   B13250   B13251   B13252    B13253    B13254    B13255    B13256    B13257    B13258    B1329
885       B13260   B13261   B13262   B13263   B13264   B13265   B13266   B13267    B13268    B13269    B13270    B13271    B13272    B13273    B13274
886       B13275   B13276   B13277   B13278   B13279   B13280   B13281   B13282    B13283    B13284    B13285    B13286    B13287    B13288    B13289
887       B13290   B13291   B13292   B13293   B13294   B13295   B13296   B13297    B13298    B13299    B13300    B13301    B13302    B13303    B13304
888       B13305   B13306   B13307   B13308   B13309   B13310   B13311   B13312    B13313    B13314    B13315    B13316    B13317    B13318    B13319
889       B13320   B13321   B13322   B13323   B13324   B13325   B13326   B13327    B13328    B13329    B13330    B13331    B13332    B13333    B13334
890       B13335   B13336   B13337   B13338   B13339   B13340   B13341   B13342    B13343    B13344    B13345    B13346    B13347    B13348    B13349
891       B13350   B13351   B13352   B13353   B13354   B13355   B13356   B13357    B13358    B13359    B13360    B13361    B13362    B13363    B13364
892       B13365   B13366   B13367   B13368   B13369   B13370   B13371   B13372    B13373    B13374    B13375    B13376    B13377    B13378    B13379
893       B13380   B13381   B13382   B13383   B13384   B13385   B13386   B13387    B13388    B13389    B13390    B13391    B13392    B13393    B13394
894       B13395   B13396   B13397   B13398   B13399   B13400   B13401   B13402    B13403    B13404    B13405    B13406    B13407    B13408    B13409
895       B13410   B13411   B13412   B13413   B13414   B13415   B13416   B13417    B13418    B13419    B13420    B13421    B13422    B13423    B13424
896       B13425   B13426   B13427   B13428   B13429   B13430   B13431   B13432    B13433    B13434    B13435    B13436    B13437    B13438    B13439
897       B13440   B13441   B13442   B13443   B13444   B13445   B13446   B13447    B13448    B13449    B13450    B13451    B13452    B13453    B13454
898       B13455   B13456   B13457   B13458   B13459   B13460   B13461   B13462    B13463    B13464    B13465    B13466    B13467    B13468    B13469
899       B13470   B13471   B13472   B13473   B13474   B13475   B13476   B13477    B13478    B13479    B13480    B13481    B13482    B13483    B13484
900       B13485   B13486   B13487   B13488   B13489   B13490   B13491   B13492    B13493    B13494    B13495    B13496    B13497    B13498    B13499
901       B13500   B13501   B13502   B13503   B13504   B13505   B13506   B13507    B13508    B13509    B13510    B13511    B13512    B13513    B13514
902       B13515   B13516   B13517   B13518   B13519   B13520   B13521   B13522    B13523    B13524    B13525    B13526    B13527    B13528    B13529
903       B13530   B13531   B13532   B13533   B13534   B13535   B13536   B13537    B13538    B13539    B13540    B13541    B13542    B13543    B13544
904       B13545   B13546   B13547   B13548   B13549   B13550   B13551   B13552    B13553    B13554    B13555    B13556    B13557    B13558    B13559
905       B13560   B13561   B13562   B13563   B13564   B13565   B13566   B13567    B13568    B13569    B13570    B13571    B13572    B13573    B13574
906       B13575   B13576   B13577   B13578   B13579   B13580   B13581   B13582    B13583    B13584    B13585    B13586    B13587    B13588    B13589
907       B13590   B13591   B13592   B13593   B13594   B13595   B13596   B13597    B13598    B13599    B13600    B13601    B13602    B13603    B13604
908       B13605   B13606   B13607   B13608   B13609   B13610   B13611   B13612    B13613    B13614    B13615    B13616    B13617    B13618    B13619
909       B13620   B13621   B13622   B13623   B13624   B13625   B13626   B13627    B13628    B13629    B13630    B13631    B13632    B13633    B13634
910       B13635   B13636   B13637   B13638   B13639   B13640   B13641   B13642    B13643    B13644    B13645    B13646    B13647    B13648    B13649
911       B13650   B13651   B13652   B13653   B13654   B13655   B13656   B13657    B13658    B13659    B13660    B13661    B13662    B13663    B13664
912       B13665   B13666   B13667   B13668   B13669   B13670   B13671   B13672    B13673    B13674    B13675    B13676    B13677    B13678    B13679
913       B13680   B13681   B13682   B13683   B13684   B13685   B13686   B13687    B13688    B13689    B13690    B13691    B13692    B13693    B13694
914       B13695   B13696   B13697   B13698   B13699   B13700   B13701   B13702    B13703    B13704    B13705    B13706    B13707    B13708    B13709
915       B13710   B13711   B13712   B13713   B13714   B13715   B13716   B13717    B13718    B13719    B13720    B13721    B13722    B13723    B13724
916       B13725   B13726   B13727   B13728   B13729   B13730   B13731   B13732    B13733    B13734    B13735    B13736    B13737    B13738    B13739
917       B13740   B13741   B13742   B13743   B13744   B13745   B13746   B13747    B13748    B13749    B13750    B13751    B13752    B13753    B13754
918       B13755   B13756   B13757   B13758   B13759   B13760   B13761   B13762    B13763    B13764    B13765    B13766    B13767    B13768    B13769
919       B13770   B13771   B13772   B13773   B13774   B13775   B13776   B13777    B13778    B13779    B13780    B13781    B13782    B13783    B13784
920       B13785   B13786   B13787   B13788   B13789   B13790   B13791   B13792    B13793    B13794    B13795    B13796    B13797    B13798    B13799
921       B13800   B13801   B13802   B13803   B13804   B13805   B13806   B13807    B13808    B13809    B13810    B13811    B13812    B13813    B13814
922       B13815   B13816   B13817   B13818   B13819   B13820   B13821   B13822    B13823    B13824    B13825    B13826    B13827    B13828    B13829
923       B13830   B13831   B13832   B13833   B13834   B13835   B13836   B13837    B13838    B13839    B13840    B13841    B13842    B13843    B13844
924       B13845   B13846   B13847   B13848   B13849   B13850   B13851   B13852    B13853    B13854    B13855    B13856    B13857    B13858    B13859
925       B13860   B13861   B13862   B13863   B13864   B13865   B13866   B13867    B13868    B13869    B13870    B13871    B13872    B13873    B13874
926       B13875   B13876   B13877   B13878   B13879   B13880   B13881   B13882    B13883    B13884    B13885    B13886    B13887    B13888    B13889
927       B13890   B13891   B13892   B13893   B13894   B13895   B13896   B13897    B13898    B13899    B13900    B13901    B13902    B13903    B13904
928       B13905   B13906   B13907   B13908   B13909   B13910   B13911   B13912    B13913    B13914    B13915    B13916    B13917    B13918    B13919
929       B13920   B13921   B13922   B13923   B13924   B13925   B13926   B13927    B13928    B13929    B13930    B13931    B13932    B13933    B13934
930       B13935   B13936   B13937   B13938   B13939   B13940   B13941   B13942    B13943    B13944    B13945    B13946    B13947    B13948    B13949
931       B13950   B13951   B13952   B13953   B13954   B13955   B13956   B13957    B13958    B13959    B13960    B13961    B13962    B13963    B13964
932       B13965   B13966   B13967   B13968   B13969   B13970   B13971   B13972    B13973    B13974    B13975    B13976    B13977    B13978    B13979
933       B13980   B13981   B13982   B13983   B13984   B13985   B13986   B13987    B13988    B13989    B13990    B13991    B13992    B13993    B13994
934       B13995   B13996   B13997   B13998   B13999   B14000   B14001   B14002    B14003    B14004    B14005    B14006    B14007    B14008    B14009
935       B14010   B14011   B14012   B14013   B14014   B14015   B14016   B14017    B14018    B14019    B14020    B14021    B14022    B14023    B14024
936       B14025   B14026   B14027   B14028   B14029   B14030   B14031   B14032    B14033    B14034    B14035    B14036    B14037    B14038    B14039
937       B14040   B14041   B14042   B14043   B14044   B14045   B14046   B14047    B14048    B14049    B14050    B14051    B14052    B14053    B14054
938       B14055   B14056   B14057   B14058   B14059   B14060   B14061   B14062    B14063    B14064    B14065    B14066    B14067    B14068    B14069
939       B14070   B14071   B14072   B14073   B14074   B14075   B14076   B14077    B14078    B14079    B14080    B14081    B14082    B14083    B14084
940       B14085   B14086   B14087   B14088   B14089   B14090   B14091   B14092    B14093    B14094    B14095    B14096    B14097    B14098    B14099
941       B14100   B14101   B14102   B14103   B14104   B14105   B14106   B14107    B14108    B14109    B14110    B14111    B14112    B14113    B14114
942       B14115   B14116   B14117   B14118   B14119   B14120   B14121   B14122    B14123    B14124    B14125    B14126    B14127    B14128    B14129
943       B14130   B14131   B14132   B14133   B14134   B14135   B14136   B14137    B14138    B14139    B14140    B14141    B14142    B14143    B14144
944       B14145   B14146   B14147   B14148   B14149   B14150   B14151   B14152    B14153    B14154    B14155    B14156    B14157    B14158    B14159
945       B14160   B14161   B14162   B14163   B14164   B14165   B14166   B14167    B14168    B14169    B14170    B14171    B14172    B14173    B14174
946       B14175   B14176   B14177   B14178   B14179   B14180   B14181   B14182    B14183    B14184    B14185    B14186    B14187    B14188    B14189
947       B14190   B14191   B14192   B14193   B14194   B14195   B14196   B14197    B14198    B14199    B14200    B14201    B14202    B14203    B14204
948       B14205   B14206   B14207   B14208   B14209   B14210   B14211   B14212    B14213    B14214    B14215    B14216    B14217    B14218    B14219
949       B14220   B14221   B14222   B14223   B14224   B14225   B14226   B14227    B14228    B14229    B14230    B14231    B14232    B14233    B14234
950       B14235   B14236   B14237   B14238   B14239   B14240   B14241   B14242    B14243    B14244    B14245    B14246    B14247    B14248    B14249
951       B14250   B14251   B14252   B14253   B14254   B14255   B14256   B14257    B14258    B14259    B14260    B14261    B14262    B14263    B14264
952       B14265   B14266   B14267   B14268   B14269   B14270   B14271   B14272    B14273    B14274    B14275    B14276    B14277    B14278    B14279
953       B14280   B14281   B14282   B14283   B14284   B14285   B14286   B14287    B14288    B14289    B14290    B14291    B14292    B14293    B14294
954       B14295   B14296   B14297   B14298   B14299   B14300   B14301   B14302    B14303    B14304    B14305    B14306    B14307    B14308    B14309
955       B14310   B14311   B14312   B14313   B14314   B14315   B14316   B14317    B14318    B14319    B14320    B14321    B14322    B14323    B14324
956       B14325   B14326   B14327   B14328   B14329   B14330   B14331   B14332    B14333    B14334    B14335    B14336    B14337    B14338    B14339
957       B14340   B14341   B14342   B14343   B14344   B14345   B14346   B14347    B14348    B14349    B14350    B14351    B14352    B14353    B14354
958       B14355   B14356   B14357   B14358   B14359   B14360   B14361   B14362    B14363    B14364    B14365    B14366    B14367    B14368    B14369
959       B14370   B14371   B14372   B14373   B14374   B14375   B14376   B14377    B14378    B14379    B14380    B14381    B14382    B14383    B14384
960       B14385   B14386   B14387   B14388   B14389   B14390   B14391   B14392    B14393    B14394    B14395    B14396    B14397    B14398    B14399
961       B14400   B14401   B14402   B14403   B14404   B14405   B14406   B14407    B14408    B14409    B14410    B14411    B14412    B14413    B14414
962       B14415   B14416   B14417   B14418   B14419   B14420   B14421   B14422    B14423    B14424    B14425    B14426    B14427    B14428    B14429
963       B14430   B14431   B14432   B14433   B14434   B14435   B14436   B14437    B14438    B14439    B14440    B14441    B14442    B14443    B14444
964       B14445   B14446   B14447   B14448   B14449   B14450   B14451   B14452    B14453    B14454    B14455    B14456    B14457    B14458    B14459
965       B14460   B14461   B14462   B14463   B14464   B14465   B14466   B14467    B14468    B14469    B14470    B14471    B14472    B14473    B14474
966       B14475   B14476   B14477   B14478   B14479   B14480   B14481   B14482    B14483    B14484    B14485    B14486    B14487    B14488    B14489
967       B14490   B14491   B14492   B14493   B14494   B14495   B14496   B14497    B14498    B14499    B14500    B14501    B14502    B14503    B14504
968       B14505   B14506   B14507   B14508   B14509   B14510   B14511   B14512    B14513    B14514    B14515    B14516    B14517    B14518    B14519
969       B14520   B14521   B14522   B14523   B14524   B14525   B14526   B14527    B14528    B14529    B14530    B14531    B14532    B14533    B14534
970       B14535   B14536   B14537   B14538   B14539   B14540   B14541   B14542    B14543    B14544    B14545    B14546    B14547    B14548    B14549
971       B14550   B14551   B14552   B14553   B14554   B14555   B14556   B14557    B14558    B14559    B14560    B14561    B14562    B14563    B14564
972       B14565   B14566   B14567   B14568   B14569   B14570   B14571   B14572    B14573    B14574    B14575    B14576    B14577    B14578    B14579
973       B14580   B14581   B14582   B14583   B14584   B14585   B14586   B14587    B14588    B14589    B14590    B14591    B14592    B14593    B14594
974       B14595   B14596   B14597   B14598   B14599   B14600   B14601   B14602    B14603    B14604    B14605    B14606    B14607    B14608    B14609
975       B14610   B14611   B14612   B14613   B14614   B14615   B14616   B14617    B14618    B14619    B14620    B14621    B14622    B14623    B14624
976       B14625   B14626   B14627   B14628   B14629   B14630   B14631   B14632    B14633    B14634    B14635    B14636    B14637    B14638    B14639
977       B14640   B14641   B14642   B14643   B14644   B14645   B14646   B14647    B14648    B14649    B14650    B14651    B14652    B14653    B14654
978       B14655   B14656   B14657   B14658   B14659   B14660   B14661   B14662    B14663    B14664    B14665    B14666    B14667    B14668    B14669
979       B14670   B14671   B14672   B14673   B14674   B14675   B14676   B14677    B14678    B14679    B14680    B14681    B14682    B14683    B14684
980       B14685   B14686   B14687   B14688   B14689   B14690   B14691   B14692    B14693    B14694    B14695    B14696    B14697    B14698    B14699
981       B14700   B14701   B14702   B14703   B14704   B14705   B14706   B14707    B14708    B14709    B14710    B14711    B14712    B14713    B14714
982       B14715   B14716   B14717   B14718   B14719   B14720   B14721   B14722    B14723    B14724    B14725    B14726    B14727    B14728    B14729
983       B14730   B14731   B14732   B14733   B14734   B14735   B14736   B14737    B14738    B14739    B14740    B14741    B14742    B14743    B14744
984       B14745   B14746   B14747   B14748   B14749   B14750   B14751   B14752    B14753    B14754    B14755    B14756    B14757    B14758    B14759
985       B14760   B14761   B14762   B14763   B14764   B14765   B14766   B14767    B14768    B14769    B14770    B14771    B14772    B14773    B14774
986       B14775   B14776   B14777   B14778   B14779   B14780   B14781   B14782    B14783    B14784    B14785    B14786    B14787    B14788    B14789
987       B14790   B14791   B14792   B14793   B14794   B14795   B14796   B14797    B14798    B14799    B14800    B14801    B14802    B14803    B14804
988       B14805   B14806   B14807   B14808   B14809   B14810   B14811   B14812    B14813    B14814    B14815    B14816    B14817    B14818    B14819
989       B14820   B14821   B14822   B14823   B14824   B14825   B14826   B14827    B14828    B14829    B14830    B14831    B14832    B14833    B14834
990       B14835   B14836   B14837   B14838   B14839   B14840   B14841   B14842    B14843    B14844    B14845    B14846    B14847    B14848    B14849
991       B14850   B14851   B14852   B14853   B14854   B14855   B14856   B14857    B14858    B14859    B14860    B14861    B14862    B14863    B14864
992       B14865   B14866   B14867   B14868   B14869   B14870   B14871   B14872    B14873    B14874    B14875    B14876    B14877    B14878    B14879
993       B14880   B14881   B14882   B14883   B14884   B14885   B14886   B14887    B14888    B14889    B14890    B14891    B14892    B14893    B14894
994       B14895   B14896   B14897   B14898   B14899   B14900   B14901   B14902    B14903    B14904    B14905    B14906    B14907    B14908    B14909
995       B14910   B14911   B14912   B14913   B14914   B14915   B14916   B14917    B14918    B14919    B14920    B14921    B14922    B14923    B14924
996       B14925   B14926   B14927   B14928   B14929   B14930   B14931   B14932    B14933    B14934    B14935    B14936    B14937    B14938    B14939
997       B14940   B14941   B14942   B14943   B14944   B14945   B14946   B14947    B14948    B14949    B14950    B14951    B14952    B14953    B14954
998       B14955   B14956   B14957   B14958   B14959   B14960   B14961   B14962    B14963    B14964    B14965    B14966    B14967    B14968    B14969
999       B14970   B14971   B14972   B14973   B14974   B14975   B14976   B14977    B14978    B14979    B14980    B14981    B14982    B14983    B14984
1000      B14985   B14986   B14987   B14988   B14989   B14990   B14991   B14992    B14993    B14994    B14995    B14996    B14997    B14998    B14999
1001      B15000   B15001   B15002   B15003   B15004   B15005   B15006   B15007    B15008    B15009    B15010    B15011    B15012    B15013    B15014
1002      B15015   B15016   B15017   B15018   B15019   B15020   B15021   B15022    B15023    B15024    B15025    B15026    B15027    B15028    B15029
1003      B15030   B15031   B15032   B15033   B15034   B15035   B15036   B15037    B15038    B15039    B15040    B15041    B15042    B15043    B15044
1004      B15045   B15046   B15047   B15048   B15049   B15050   B15051   B15052    B15053    B15054    B15055    B15056    B15057    B15058    B15059
1005      B15060   B15061   B15062   B15063   B15064   B15065   B15066   B15067    B15068    B15069    B15070    B15071    B15072    B15073    B15074
1006      B15075   B15076   B15077   B15078   B15079   B15080   B15081   B15082    B15083    B15084    B15085    B15086    B15087    B15088    B15089
1007      B15090   B15091   B15092   B15093   B15094   B15095   B15096   B15097    B15098    B15099    B15100    B15101    B15102    B15103    B15104
1008      B15105   B15106   B15107   B15108   B15109   B15110   B15111   B15112    B15113    B15114    B15115    B15116    B15117    B15118    B15119
1009      B15120   B15121   B15122   B15123   B15124   B15125   B15126   B15127    B15128    B15129    B15130    B15131    B15132    B15133    B15134
1010      B15135   B15136   B15137   B15138   B15139   B15140   B15141   B15142    B15143    B15144    B15145    B15146    B15147    B15148    B15149
1011      B15150   B15151   B15152   B15153   B15154   B15155   B15156   B15157    B15158    B15159    B15160    B15161    B15162    B15163    B15164
1012      B15165   B15166   B15167   B15168   B15169   B15170   B15171   B15172    B15173    B15174    B15175    B15176    B15177    B15178    B15179
1013      B15180   B15181   B15182   B15183   B15184   B15185   B15186   B15187    B15188    B15189    B15190    B15191    B15192    B15193    B15194
1014      B15195   B15196   B15197   B15198   B15199   B15200   B15201   B15202    B15203    B15204    B15205    B15206    B15207    B15208    B15209
1015      B15210   B15211   B15212   B15213   B15214   B15215   B15216   B15217    B15218    B15219    B15220    B15221    B15222    B15223    B15224
1016      B15225   B15226   B15227   B15228   B15229   B15230   B15231   B15232    B15233    B15234    B15235    B15236    B15237    B15238    B15239
1017      B15240   B15241   B15242   B15243   B15244   B15245   B15246   B15247    B15248    B15249    B15250    B15251    B15252    B15253    B15254
1018      B15255   B15256   B15257   B15258   B15259   B15260   B15261   B15262    B15263    B15264    B15265    B15266    B15267    B15268    B15269
1019      B15270   B15271   B15272   B15273   B15274   B15275   B15276   B15277    B15278    B15279    B15280    B15281    B15282    B15283    B15284
1020      B15285   B15286   B15287   B15288   B15289   B15290   B15291   B15292    B15293    B15294    B15295    B15296    B15297    B15298    B15299
1021      B15300   B15301   B15302   B15303   B15304   B15305   B15306   B15307    B15308    B15309    B15310    B15311    B15312    B15313    B15314
1022      B15315   B15316   B15317   B15318   B15319   B15320   B15321   B15322    B15323    B15324    B15325    B15326    B15327    B15328    B15329
1023      B15330   B15331   B15332   B15333   B15334   B15335   B15336   B15337    B15338    B15339    B15340    B15341    B15342    B15343    B15344
1024      B15345   B15346   B15347   B15348   B15349   B15350   B15351   B15352    B15353    B15354    B15355    B15356    B15357    B15358    B15359
1025      B15360   B15361   B15362   B15363   B15364   B15365   B15366   B15367    B15368    B15369    B15370    B15371    B15372    B15373    B15374
1026      B15375   B15376   B15377   B15378   B15379   B15380   B15381   B15382    B15383    B15384    B15385    B15386    B15387    B15388    B15389
1027      B15390   B15391   B15392   B15393   B15394   B15395   B15396   B15397    B15398    B15399    B15400    B15401    B15402    B15403    B15404
1028      B15405   B15406   B15407   B15408   B15409   B15410   B15411   B15412    B15413    B15414    B15415    B15416    B15417    B15418    B15419
1029      B15420   B15421   B15422   B15423   B15424   B15425   B15426   B15427    B15428    B15429    B15430    B15431    B15432    B15433    B15434
1030      B15435   B15436   B15437   B15438   B15439   B15440   B15441   B15442    B15443    B15444    B15445    B15446    B15447    B15448    B15449
1031      B15450   B15451   B15452   B15453   B15454   B15455   B15456   B15457    B15458    B15459    B15460    B15461    B15462    B15463    B15464
1032      B15465   B15466   B15467   B15468   B15469   B15470   B15471   B15472    B15473    B15474    B15475    B15476    B15477    B15478    B15479
1033      B15480   B15481   B15482   B15483   B15484   B15485   B15486   B15487    B15488    B15489    B15490    B15491    B15492    B15493    B15494
1034      B15495   B15496   B15497   B15498   B15499   B15500   B15501   B15502    B15503    B15504    B15505    B15506    B15507    B15508    B15509
1035      B15510   B15511   B15512   B15513   B15514   B15515   B15516   B15517    B15518    B15519    B15520    B15521    B15522    B15523    B15524
1036      B15525   B15526   B15527   B15528   B15529   B15530   B15531   B15532    B15533    B15534    B15535    B15536    B15537    B15538    B15539
1037      B15540   B15541   B15542   B15543   B15544   B15545   B15546   B15547    B15548    B15549    B15550    B15551    B15552    B15553    B15554
1038      B15555   B15556   B15557   B15558   B15559   B15560   B15561   B15562    B15563    B15564    B15565    B15566    B15567    B15568    B15569
1039      B15570   B15571   B15572   B15573   B15574   B15575   B15576   B15577    B15578    B15579    B15580    B15581    B15582    B15583    B15584
1040      B15585   B15586   B15587   B15588   B15589   B15590   B15591   B15592    B15593    B15594    B15595    B15596    B15597    B15598    B15599
1041      B15600   B15601   B15602   B15603   B15604   B15605   B15606   B15607    B15608    B15609    B15610    B15611    B15612    B15613    B15614
1042      B15615   B15616   B15617   B15618   B15619   B15620   B15621   B15622    B15623    B15624    B15625    B15626    B15627    B15628    B15629
1043      B15630   B15631   B15632   B15633   B15634   B15635   B15636   B15637    B15638    B15639    B15640    B15641    B15642    B15643    B15644
1044      B15645   B15646   B15647   B15648   B15649   B15650   B15651   B15652    B15653    B15654    B15655    B15656    B15657    B15658    B15659
1045      B15660   B15661   B15662   B15663   B15664   B15665   B15666   B15667    B15668    B15669    B15670    B15671    B15672    B15673    B15674
1046      B15675   B15676   B15677   B15678   B15679   B15680   B15681   B15682    B15683    B15684    B15685    B15686    B15687    B15688    B15689
1047      B15690   B15691   B15692   B15693   B15694   B15695   B15696   B15697    B15698    B15699    B15700    B15701    B15702    B15703    B15704
1048      B15705   B15706   B15707   B15708   B15709   B15710   B15711   B15712    B15713    B15714    B15715    B15716    B15717    B15718    B15719
1049      B15720   B15721   B15722   B15723   B15724   B15725   B15726   B15727    B15728    B15729    B15730    B15731    B15732    B15733    B15734
1050      B15735   B15736   B15737   B15738   B15739   B15740   B15741   B15742    B15743    B15744    B15745    B15746    B15747    B15748    B15749
1051      B15750   B15751   B15752   B15753   B15754   B15755   B15756   B15757    B15758    B15759    B15760    B15761    B15762    B15763    B15764
1052      B15765   B15766   B15767   B15768   B15769   B15770   B15771   B15772    B15773    B15774    B15775    B15776    B15777    B15778    B15779
1053      B15780   B15781   B15782   B15783   B15784   B15785   B15786   B15787    B15788    B15789    B15790    B15791    B15792    B15793    B15794
1054      B15795   B15796   B15797   B15798   B15799   B15800   B15801   B15802    B15803    B15804    B15805    B15806    B15807    B15808    B15809
1055      B15810   B15811   B15812   B15813   B15814   B15815   B15816   B15817    B15818    B15819    B15820    B15821    B15822    B15823    B15824
1056      B15825   B15826   B15827   B15828   B15829   B15830   B15831   B15832    B15833    B15834    B15835    B15836    B15837    B15838    B15839
1057      B15840   B15841   B15842   B15843   B15844   B15845   B15846   B15847    B15848    B15849    B15850    B15851    B15852    B15853    B15854
1058      B15855   B15856   B15857   B15858   B15859   B15860   B15861   B15862    B15863    B15864    B15865    B15866    B15867    B15868    B15869
1059      B15870   B15871   B15872   B15873   B15874   B15875   B15876   B15877    B15878    B15879    B15880    B15881    B15882    B15883    B15884
1060      B15885   B15886   B15887   B15888   B15889   B15890   B15891   B15892    B15893    B15894    B15895    B15896    B15897    B15898    B15899
1061      B15900   B15901   B15902   B15903   B15904   B15905   B15906   B15907    B15908    B15909    B15910    B15911    B15912    B15913    B15914
1062      B15915   B15916   B15917   B15918   B15919   B15920   B15921   B15922    B15923    B15924    B15925    B15926    B15927    B15928    B15929
1063      B15930   B15931   B15932   B15933   B15934   B15935   B15936   B15937    B15938    B15939    B15940    B15941    B15942    B15943    B15944
1064      B15945   B15946   B15947   B15948   B15949   B15950   B15951   B15952    B15953    B15954    B15955    B15956    B15957    B15958    B15959
1065      B15960   B15961   B15962   B15963   B15964   B15965   B15966   B15967    B15968    B15969    B15970    B15971    B15972    B15973    B15974
1066      B15975   B15976   B15977   B15978   B15979   B15980   B15981   B15982    B15983    B15984    B15985    B15986    B15987    B15988    B15989
1067      B15990   B15991   B15992   B15993   B15994   B15995   B15996   B15997    B15998    B15999    B16000    B16001    B16002    B16003    B16004
1068      B16005   B16006   B16007   B16008   B16009   B16010   B16011   B16012    B16013    B16014    B16015    B16016    B16017    B16018    B16019
1069      B16020   B16021   B16022   B16023   B16024   B16025   B16026   B16027    B16028    B16029    B16030    B16031    B16032    B16033    B16034
1070      B16035   B16036   B16037   B16038   B16039   B16040   B16041   B16042    B16043    B16044    B16045    B16046    B16047    B16048    B16049
1071      B16050   B16051   B16052   B16053   B16054   B16055   B16056   B16057    B16058    B16059    B16060    B16061    B16062    B16063    B16064
1072      B16065   B16066   B16067   B16068   B16069   B16070   B16071   B16072    B16073    B16074    B16075    B16076    B16077    B16078    B16079
1073      B16080   B16081   B16082   B16083   B16084   B16085   B16086   B16087    B16088    B16089    B16090    B16091    B16092    B16093    B16094
1074      B16095   B16096   B16097   B16098   B16099   B16100   B16101   B16102    B16103    B16104    B16105    B16106    B16107    B16108    B16109
1075      B16110   B16111   B16112   B16113   B16114   B16115   B16116   B16117    B16118    B16119    B16120    B16121    B16122    B16123    B16124
1076      B16125   B16126   B16127   B16128   B16129   B16130   B16131   B16132    B16133    B16134    B16135    B16136    B16137    B16138    B16139
1077      B16140   B16141   B16142   B16143   B16144   B16145   B16146   B16147    B16148    B16149    B16150    B16151    B16152    B16153    B16154
1078      B16155   B16156   B16157   B16158   B16159   B16160   B16161   B16162    B16163    B16164    B16165    B16166    B16167    B16168    B16169
1079      B16170   B16171   B16172   B16173   B16174   B16175   B16176   B16177    B16178    B16179    B16180    B16181    B16182    B16183    B16184
1080      B16185   B16186   B16187   B16188   B16189   B16190   B16191   B16192    B16193    B16194    B16195    B16196    B16197    B16198    B16199
1081      B16200   B16201   B16202   B16203   B16204   B16205   B16206   B16207    B16208    B16209    B16210    B16211    B16212    B16213    B16214
1082      B16215   B16216   B16217   B16218   B16219   B16220   B16221   B16222    B16223    B16224    B16225    B16226    B16227    B16228    B16229
1083      B16230   B16231   B16232   B16233   B16234   B16235   B16236   B16237    B16238    B16239    B16240    B16241    B16242    B16243    B16244
1084      B16245   B16246   B16247   B16248   B16249   B16250   B16251   B16252    B16253    B16254    B16255    B16256    B16257    B16258    B16259
1085      B16260   B16261   B16262   B16263   B16264   B16265   B16266   B16267    B16268    B16269    B16270    B16271    B16272    B16273    B16274
1086      B16275   B16276   B16277   B16278   B16279   B16280   B16281   B16282    B16283    B16284    B16285    B16286    B16287    B16288    B16289
1087      B16290   B16291   B16292   B16293   B16294   B16295   B16296   B16297    B16298    B16299    B16300    B16301    B16302    B16303    B16304
1088      B16305   B16306   B16307   B16308   B16309   B16310   B16311   B16312    B16313    B16314    B16315    B16316    B16317    B16318    B16319
1089      B16320   B16321   B16322   B16323   B16324   B16325   B16326   B16327    B16328    B16329    B16330    B16331    B16332    B16333    B16334
1090      B16335   B16336   B16337   B16338   B16339   B16340   B16341   B16342    B16343    B16344    B16345    B16346    B16347    B16348    B16349
1091      B16350   B16351   B16352   B16353   B16354   B16355   B16356   B16357    B16358    B16359    B16360    B16361    B16362    B16363    B16364
1092      B16365   B16366   B16367   B16368   B16369   B16370   B16371   B16372    B16373    B16374    B16375    B16376    B16377    B16378    B16379
1093      B16380   B16381   B16382   B16383   B16384   B16385   B16386   B16387    B16388    B16389    B16390    B16391    B16392    B16393    B16394
1094      B16395   B16396   B16397   B16398   B16399   B16400   B16401   B16402    B16403    B16404    B16405    B16406    B16407    B16408    B16409
1095      B16410   B16411   B16412   B16413   B16414   B16415    B16416   B16417    B16418    B16419    B16420    B16421    B16422    B16423    B16424
1096      B16425   B16426   B16427   B16428   B16429   B16430   B16431   B16432    B16433    B16434    B16435    B16436    B16437    B16438    B16439
1097      B16440   B16441   B16442   B16443   B16444   B16445   B16446   B16447    B16448    B16449    B16450    B16451    B16452    B16453    B16454
1098      B16455   B16456   B16457   B16458   B16459   B16460   B16461   B16462    B16463    B16464    B16465    B16466    B16467    B16468    B16469
1099      B16470   B16471   B16472   B16473   B16474   B16475   B16476   B16477    B16478    B16479    B16480    B16481    B16482    B16483    B16484
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Withholding your vote
A senator may decide to withhold his vote, that can potentially cause trouble by making the senate inconclusive.

So how to you operate when you cannot get to a proper conclusive majority decision?

Well already with a lot of decisions it will not actually be made by senators, instead it will be made by some lower government body or individual.


Real-world testing in the transmaxxing discord
7 people were selected for the politburo standing committee which were given power over the server. For better or worse however discord does not actually allow shared ownership of the server so the administrators will still have unlimited power which they can abuse very badly since a lot things they can do would be irreversible (such as deleting messages).

I used my vintologi account (not politburo member) to add one reaction for each vote option, A = abstain.

Here the politburo voted to give the individual admins more authority to ban people (without first holding a vote).

One issue with this system is that the members of the politburo will often not be available for the vote so it can sometimes take some time to get to a decision. Therefore the admins will sometimes have to act before the vote is finished (especially when not everyone voted the same).

At first when we voted we didn't have a formal abstain option which was a big mistake since then we were sometimes waiting for someone who didn't even intend to vote, unfortunately the abstain option did not fully resolve that issue. In a lot of cases however a decision can be reached with just 4 votes allowing quick politburo decision even though several members were offline (sometimes less than 30 minutes).

There is an hierarchy within the politburo that will decide the outcome of a draw vote, this means that 4 votes can be enough even if one of there 4 was an abstain vote

Since the potentially deciding vote was already casted as "Yes" the vote is already conclusive.


The server is still governed by the 7 members of the politburo, the system does seem to work better than just letting one administrator make all decisions. Having a private channel specifically for moderators is also important in order to prevent the mob from influensing administrative decisions and allow moderators to share valuable information between each others privately (important against malicious actors who otherwise could take advantage of said conversations if publicly shared) it also takes the heat of individual politburo members since the individual votes are not disclosed publicly.

Of course you could let a broader set of users vote on some issues (where the outcome isn't important) but so far we have not tried to do that, might not be a great idea since it may cause controversy and people might get the idea that they are entitled to have a say in server politics, it's probably better just to let the politburo decide everything.


The system has kept working. Recently the politburo size was expanded to 9 again and we had a vote that was decided by a margin of just one vote



The transmaxxing discord experiment finally had a failure
I did the mistake of trusting the wrong person with admin rights. She had years of ner perfect track-record when it came to mod actions so i didn't really want to replace her.


What may have caused this to go badly was that over time she lost allies in the politburo and this may have caused her to give up on doing her job properly and instead pursue some great cleansing of the server by deleting all channels and banning all or almost all users who hadn't been assigned any role.

The discord server is still alive and and currently sits at 575 811 members (after gaining over 100), the server did not get completely nuked. Later we got more people to boost the server unlucking this custom invite link:


It is worth noting that the issue of having to grant dangerous admin roles is a general issue with discord. Sometimes people do need to get quickly banned so they cannot mess up the chat by deleting their own messages (or hide evidence) and sometimes problematic messages will need to be quickly deleted.

Unfortunately bans are hard to reverse since the individual will not return automatically to the server after you remove the ban. There also isn't any discord feature for reversing the deletion of a message. This can be compared to reddit where all mod-decisions are reversible.


This is a great example of how idiotic discord is set up. The permission to delete a channel (which will also delete any associated invite) should obviously be separate.


Execution delay
Having dome delay from conclusive vote to the execution of it can be valuable since then if a mistake was made during the vote it can be reversed in time. There is however situations where quick execution is necessary, in a nuclear war scenario you might have to very quickly take action and then the execution delay might have to be limited to a few seconds if even that.

You can implement a system where besides the yes vote will not be counted until some time has passed. Technically this is implemented by having the countdown start (for that senator) once a majority has voted Y counting all Y votes with the same execution delay or less.

The minimum execution delay when the first successor votes in place of a senator should be 20 to 60 seconds (enough so the senator can be woken up and potentially vote differently).

Each senator can have several different buttons to press depending on the desired execution delay

Yes (instant)
Yes (1 second)
Yes (5 seconds)
Yes (30 seconds)
Yes (5 minutes)
Yes (60 minutes)
Yes (24 hours)
yes (720 hours)




The brexit disaster
This illustrates why letting people vote on this important matters is a terrible idea if there is a significant risk of them voting the wrong way and the government then implementing that insanity.


Technically having irelend as a whole also leave the costums union is also an option but that's not going to happen. What's going to happen is britain negotiating a 'special' deal with EU that is in effect the same as them rejoining the customs union.


Why pure elite rule is the ideal form of government
All countries without exception will always have to rely on a small number of people making the correct decision. If you include too many people in the decision-making process you will increase the risk of classified information being leaked unless you deprive people able to vote from knowing important information relevant for the decision they are going to make. In addition when you involve too many people in the decision-making process it will become hard to maintain good quality among the ones able to vote (due to running out of competent people) and people will be less motivated to vote for the good of the country when their vote is unlikely to actually change the outcome.


Adding more people to the ruling elite can decrease the risk of a bad decision being made since then when an individual senator makes a bad decision in a vote the others will probably not vote with him, at least not enough for majority. In addition by having rule by an elite you can have a sleep schedule such that a majority will always be able to make a quick decision (such as pre-emptive nuclear strike).

But why not democratically elect people to govern for us?

The obvious issue is that if we cannot trust people to govern directly how are we supposed to trust them to make the right decisions on our behalf? politicians will be expected to please their voters.

One common misconception is that politicians tend to get elected telling people what they want to hear only to then lose popularity once elected, while a drop in popularity can follow elections what's often happen is the opposite, it's rare for a sitting president not to get re-elected, in general politicians already elected actually have an advantage showing that generally people are satisfied with the ones they voted for, it's the minority who didn't vote for them who are unhappy with them doing what they said they would do.


Of course you could try to use some 'merit based' voting system such basing it on the amount of tax paid by each individual, the obvious issue with that is that you could then increase your own power by giving yourself a valuable government contract (resulting in you paying even more in taxes) or having the government go after all your competitors. You still end up having to trust a small number of people to govern well in addition to having a functional election/sortition process.

In order for elections to work effectively as a check to government power people must be able to instantly or very quickly remove the ones in power before too much irreversible damage has been done, in nuclear war scenarios this can be less than 10 minutes, people might have to be woken up in the middle of the night to approve/deny launching nukes against russia.

So you need to rely on a small number of people (7 to 999) and have some mechanism to reach a conclusive outcome. One simple solution is to just give everyone one vote and then let the best ranked of them that voted have the deciding vote in the case of a draw.

You could also have a system where some people have more power than others (such as 10 senators with 10 votes each, 99 senators with 1 vote each) but then the senators with less votes will be less motivated to vote correctly and it's not clear that they would even increase the probability of a correct decision being reached (especially if the ones with 10 votes each are the most competent). In addition since the senators with 10 votes each would have a massive impact on the vote (such as 70 yes and 30 no) the senators with 1 vote each would be unlikely to even change the outcome in the first place.

It's better to empower a smaller number of senators (7 to 99) and let each senator have strong support from staff/advisors/successors (picked by the senator). Each senator could then get full access to classified information which might result in the senator having to ignore his/her ignorant advisors/staff/successors.

You could of course construct some complicated system involving multiple boards and mechanisms for having one board overrule another board but what that is at best equivalent to just letting everyone vote as a single group (such as having 100 senators have 2 votes and 99 senators having 1 vote). You could for example have 15 boards with 15 people each in them where you instead of going by what a majority voted for you go what most boards voted potentially letting the minority win, there is of course no advantage of that, then how much power someone has in a given vote will depend on which board that senator belongs to and this will be hard to predict in advance. If you go on what most boards voted for instead of going by what most senators voted for the number of votes required for a decision is reduced from 113 to 64 increasing the risk of a bad decision being made since less people have to vote incorrectly for the wrong decision to be made.

By introducing elections not controlled by the ruling elite you introduce a point of failure for the system, even if the ruling elite is doing a good job they will risk losing power to someone who is better at manipulating the voters.


Many people in the US (especially conservatives) think it's a good idea to divide the authority in many different branches (judiciary, executive power, courts, governors, state legislatures, federal courts, state courts, etc) the obvious issue with that is that then you introduce many points of failure in the system. Even if you have a good federal government you may get screwed over due to a bad state government, you might have introduced a good law only to have the legal system strike it down or misinterpret it.

The more independent different branches of government are the bigger the risk is that one of these branches will go rouge wrecking the entire system. In addition it will be harder to coordinate the different branches to work effectively together.



The UK and why the democracy index is bullshit
While the UK does have a relatively democratic chamber of parliament "the house of commons" they themselves cannot pass any laws and it's the very undemocratic "house of lords" who have the highest judicial power. The house of lords does have the power to delay legislation (suggestion amendments) and any legislation proposed has to be approved by the queen.

Even if the parliament ignored the house of lords passing legislation (after their time has ran out) it can still be stopped effectively via legal procedures since the house of lords has the highest judicial power.

You may have heard that the queen never actually use her royal ascent, the reason for that isn't that she just gave up all her power, the real reason is that legislation she wouldn't approve isn't submitted to her in the first place. They are just hiding her power.


The highest executive power still belongs to the queen, she is just giving most of that power away to the government elected by the house of commons.

Still despite all these severe restrictions on democracy the uk is rated 8.54 on the democracy index


The UK doesn't use a proportional system for representation for elections making the house of common undemocratic too, still the UK somewhat got a perfect democracy score in "Electoral process and pluralism".


From autocracy to elite rule
It's very unlikely that a very capable group of people are able to somehow grab power, instead what is likely to happen is that power is grabbed by a single individual, that will not be a very reliable system of government since that leader can die or become incapacitated at any time, in addition a single leader cannot stay awake 24/7.

The first step in the transition to elite rule is to construct a private advisory board where their advice and discussions with the dictator is not public, then over time these people can be given more power and responsibilities.


Lessons from eve online
Various forms of democratic governance was tried but it just never worked out and instead "The Mittani" is growing increasingly strong recently defeating a massive alliance in the largest war so far in the game. The mittani is infamous for behaving like a psychopath in the game and people kinda like that, it deters other people from messing with him since if they do bad things will happen to them.


The reason why democracy can be common today is because of lack of competition, there are hardly any major wars anymore and this allows dysfunctional democracies to survive. In eve online instead there is constant conflict weeding out dysfunctional governments similar to how worker coops struggle to meaningfully compete in the market.

When i asked about how much power the members of "The imperium" has over governance i got mostly sarcastic comments as answers


Wade_Ambraelle wrote:

It's the purest form of democracy. One man, one vote.

Edit: Mittens is the man, and he has the vote.

Freeake wrote:

We have the freedom to vote exactly how the state says we should.

Josharrino wrote:

The state is gracious enough to remove stress out of the democratic process by telling us who to vote for and what to do.

thermalman2 wrote:

It is a pure dictatorship in that Mittens has final say if needed, however a lot of authority is delegated downward and individual leaders have a lot of freedom to make decisions. At this level promotions and responsibilities are merit based.

It’s actually a very “Lean” and efficient leadership structure.

Also, within goonswarm there is a stronger focus on sigs and squads that pull from any member corporation rather than a strict corporation identity.

Prodiq wrote:

There are no real democracies in EVE corp/alliance field. Some have tried it before, but it doesn't really work.

Virtually all major corps/alliances have some form of authoritarian rule. Sure, leadership changes from time to time when people leave, split up or maybe quit eve, but in general most things are agreed upon by very few inside the alliance/corp.

The only difference with real life is that in EVE it's easy to leave a corp/alliance that has terrible leadership. These alliances eventually die. In real life, leaving such a country may not be possible.


Legislation and litigation in pure elite rule
Since the the higher judicial power and higher legislative power would all be the same it would be harder to convict the more senators who disagree with the law itself.

If 5 of 15 senators disagree with the law itself 80% of the remaining senators would have to think that the individual is guilty for conviction if all 5 senators who disagree with the law vote against giving out a punishment.

Thus some laws would be stronger than others since it would be easier to convict the more senators who agrees with a particular law, this is especially true if each senator gets to appoint a member of each court.

Theoretically that means that you could be punished even though you never did anything a majority of the senate is against because you pissed off enough senators but for different reasons, it is however likely that the senators and lower judges will vote against convicting in these cases since they view it as wrong to do that.

Trials would be dominated by judges appointed by the senators, there would be no outside prosecutor or defence attorney, instead everyone would be expecter to cooperate with the judges to figure out the best course of action. The judges would have many different options for people violating laws, it could just be an official notice that they have violated the law or it could be a very severe punishment. It could be having the individual reduced to property of someone else, it could be using the individual for a medical trial for societal good.