Elite rule


Pure elite rule definition
The system is pure elite rule if the ruling elite is fully in charge. In addition each member of the ruling elite having the formal full power should have more than 0.1% but less than 3/13 of the voting power (or exactly 3 of 13 without having the deciding vote in the case of a draw).

It's still pure elite rule even if other people have significant informal power or power outside the government itself (such ownership over a private company). In the case of individual businesses they could still be overruled by the government for any reason if they operate within the borders.

Lower courts and advisors would likely get significant power but they are still there to please the ones who have the formal power.


The Robinson Risk
The ruling elite could of course vote to get rid of some senators, that would require just ordinary majority in the senate.

But the senator(s) removed/replaced would naturally vote no (unless they really like the successor(s) chosen). And since the senate always has absolute power with ordinary majority you can do whatever you want without replacing them since they will just get outvoted. It might not actually be in your interest to get rid of them of you belong to the majority coalition since then they will no longer need your vote to pass various things and you might find yourself excluded instead.

Let's take the following system with 9 senators

Ruling faction: A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Opposition: A6 A7 A8

Here the ruling faction can have just one defection or the proposal will not go through the senate.

But what if they vote to remove A8 from the senate (not replacing him/her with anyone).

Now A0 would be able to case the potentially deciding vote (in the case of a draw) so you could end up with the following

Ruling faction: A0 A3 A4 A5
Opposition: A1 A2 A6 A7

It's probably not in the interest of A1 A2 A3 A6 A7 A8 to approve this change since then they will end up with a lot less power and these currently hold the majority.


Types of elite rule
There are 5 types of pure elite rule

Tiny: 5 to 14 senators
small: 15 to 48 senators
medium: 49 to 189 senators
large: 190 to 999 senators
gradual: a single person can have multiple senate seats


Why you don't want an adversarial legal system
Having people sue each other and pay for lawyers will result in a lot of resources being used for legal matters instead of actually making society as a whole better, this is especially the case if the loser is likely to have to pay for the legal fees of the winner.

So while lawyers benefit from the US system pretty much everyone else loses.

You also do not want an adversarial system for criminal trials, you do not want prosecuters to do everything they can to convict someone, you want the state to instead focus on finding out what's actually happened and what the best remedy for the situation is.

It's also very important that legal issues get quickly resolved and the current court system in most countries is very bad at that.