Evolutionary purposes of pedophilia thread


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One theory I've often had is that pedophilia exists so that adults will have a reason to want to keep kids around. Let's suppose we live in caveman days, and your wife and you have a young girl. The girl can't hunt or help out on the farm or anything; she's kinda useless. So, why even bother keeping her around?

If she's a sexual object, though, then that's a whole 'nother story. Then you can either fuck her, or give her up for adoption to someone else who will fuck her. In that way, she's not just useless dead weight during her prepubescent years.

I think deep down, women are aware of how useless girls are except for sex, which is why they don't even hold it against men all that much when men express a desire to fuck little girls. It's more that other men would have a problem with that, because men are in competition to fuck girls. Yeah, girls compete with one another for the available men and so will get jealous of younger girls, but jealousy is not normally a dealbreaker for women the way it would be for men; when push comes to shove, chicks will often accept polygyny if that's what's required for them to be with a high-quality guy, especially if society condones it.


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What's interesting about pedophilia is that even in modern society, it finds its uses. For example, let's suppose you have a career woman as a wife, and she thinks she's being clever by saying, "Hey hon, I gotta work till 8 PM tonight; we have mandatory overtime" while actually she's getting banged out by Chad. Guess what, that's just more unsupervised time for you to spend with your young daughters.
Bad example, going for kids instead of sex with fertile female is not a good thing. Pedophilia is maladaptive in our modern society.


One evolutionary purpose of it may have been to pair-bond with young girls making it more likely you will reproduce with them later "just be first" doesn't work out too well today since you just end up in jail.


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Because foids hit the wall at 30.
It would make sense for young girls to bond with say a 30yo stable guy. He can squeeze 40years of fucking b4 she turns ugly.

Also the father could squeeze some pimp bucks by selling foot sessions with her to
Man of culture.


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A little bit of my thinking on why some men prefer little girls is that possibly some men don't see them really as little girls but more like a special form of woman with some very appealing characteristics that a normal woman doesn't have.

Because for those males, in passing up the child female, they are actually passing up females in which some of the characteristics that they like are actually better. They are more cute, more innocent. And they usually seem more fun and less jaded. Skin and body usually in far better shape, and more.

The child male doesn't outdo the child female in lots of important characteristics to females, like the child female does in characteristics that males care about. That's part of why we see way more pedophilia in males. Female child is way more similar to adult female, and also outdoes the adult female in some ways. Much less true with the male child and adult. I think this is actually pretty logical thinking. That is to say, pedophilia is actually pretty rational.


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Also the father could squeeze some pimp bucks by selling foot sessions with her to
Man of culture.
You can do much more. For example, if you are Miley Cyrus’s father you can sell the cuteness of your foid and then profit. Or if you are Beyoncé’s father, you can build the success of your daughter and then teach other men how to achieve the same goal.