Fast fashion - The shady world of cheap clothing


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I watched this documentary on fast fashion recently and it was very insightful into the exploitive practices present in the fashion industry. While I don't buy many of these brands, I've begun to think further into the supply chain of fashion that I buy and it's possible that many of them aren't ethically produced. Before buying anything in the future, I want to look carefully into the production process, from the labor conditions to the types of materials.

For a while I've wanted to start my own fashion company, and I want to make sure everything is ethically sourced. Living in Los Angeles, I found that there is a local garment facility near me that pays well and uses environmentally friendly production processes, so I may end up buying wholesale from them:

Overall I'm thinking a lot more about the products that I buy, as often that process is obscured from us in the first world, yet the process of creating these products often involves exploitation of third world laborers. It may be difficult to always fully understand what is going on, but I would like to do better and understand as much of the supply chain process of what I purchase.