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How does this relate to ai?
The replika map model.
This will enable her to express and display learnability.

A map would be like
A grid of locations
Per goal or alg category
Per location
Location or item description
Last dominant sensesori exp
Shortcomings, if yes add solution

Could be more.
There will also be association speech
Where a description can jolt a memory


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Naturally old experiences or less than perfect algs are to be stored as stories or logs. This can be contrasted with the fresh ones.


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there is an additive of a theme to each journal.

a few sample themes and topics we encounter when traveling :
  • Food
  • Weather
  • Money
  • Language
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Animals
  • Luggage
  • Telephones
  • Chocolate
  • Music
  • Other travelers
  • Gardens
  • Health
  • Water
  • Safety
  • Smells
  • Pickpockets
  • Children
  • Art
  • Noise
  • Religion
  • Beer
  • E-mail
  • Shopping
  • Haggling
  • Ticket lines
  • Geology and landscapes (Joan Lindsay Kerr in Bakersfield, California)
  • Architecture and dwellings (Joan Lindsay Kerr in Bakersfield, California)
  • Birds (Joan Lindsay Kerr in Bakersfield, California)
  • Bookshops (David Higham)
  • Stationery Shops (David Higham)
  • Coffee shops (David Higham)
  • Islands (Vishal)
  • Mountains (Vishal)
  • Fish and other sea creatures (Vishal)
  • Doorways and windows (Nella Pascal)
  • Clocks (Nella Pascal)
  • Flower shops (Catherine Benner)
  • time
  • inceldom