Good PC games


There is a lot of fun games you can play on PC, often for free.

Requirements to be on this list are
0. Its a game where you can just jump in and play.
1. It must be a native PC title (windows 7, windows 10 or linux) emulation shouldn't be required.
2. Support at least 120fps refresh rate (with good CPU).
3. The actual gameplay has to be solid, give people an actual challenge.
4. No predatory micro-transactions.


It's a rather simplistic multiplayer first person shooter game. It's really old so it's easy to max out the game (framerate, graphics resolution).

The game still hava a few active servers (typically around 3) but you cannot always get into a TOSOK match (my preferred format).

It's one of the better 3d free open source software games.
This is a fun strategy game similar to "worms" but it's more polished and free open source software.

This game has excellent support for local multiplayer so if you want to have fun with someone IRL this game allows for that.


This is a nice linux game that include an editor, you can set the refresh rate to 100hz or unlimited. This game playes really well on a high refresh-rate monitor.


You can make a hard level by filling it with green and indestructible blocks, so far nobody has beaten the level above.


This game can be installed on arch linux via "pacman -S lbreakout2" (terminal)


Is rapelay good?
Rapelay is a rape simulator, unfortunately it's rather old by now but at least it runs really well (1440p165). In the game your goal is to sexually abuse (including full rape) a mother and her 2 daughters. This game was banned in Australia due to feminists being upset.

One issue is that this concept really isn't ideal for mouse and keyboard, VR controls like the valve index would be far better. Still the game was somewhat enjoyable to play despite frustrating controls.

You need to download the attached file and put it into the ILLUSION/rapelay folder to play it on windows 10 with acceptable framerate.



Far cry 2
This is an old game where you do missions and collect diamonds. There are various ways to play the game including ways not intended by ubisoft

Unfortunatily once you realize what the good strategies are it becomes to easy even on "infamous" once you get the good (overpowered) sniper.


Star citizen
This is a controversial project famous for insane macrotransactions and milking backers for money, it's a really ambitious goal but currently they have only achieved a small fraction of the promised game, still the game does show some promise.

One concern i had was that maybe it would be about having the best ship rather than actually being a good pilot, i did however get surprising responses

concrete333 wrote:

Its definitely pay to win, but even so a good pilot in a cheap ship can take out pretty much any other ship if they know what they're doing.
Saw it first hand last night, guy in an arrow ($75) was trolling the chat, he took out challengers in khartu'als ($170), constellations ($225-305), harbingers ($260-280), ect.

I tried him in my gladius ($90), managed to hit his shields once. I'm no pro, but I'm also not new.
Ended up dying to a fully crewed carrack ($600).

Point being, the pay to win aspect is there, but theres also also a system that rewards mastery. No ship is obviously at a disadvantage, until you get to match-ups that frankly wouldn't make sense anyway

This is actually really impressive since it's a lot more difficult to make a space battle game heavily skill based than it is to make a first person shooter skill-based. In games like csGO you can win alone against 5 professionals despite having a worse weapon, this may require some luck but it's also really important to be be a good player and this isn't just about aiming.

There are question marks regarding piracy, it's unclear if that will even be viable or if the ships will quickly be returned to the original owner no matter what.

This is however old and they may have already changed that, still it is a remaining issue that even if you lose with a superior ship you just get it back via insurance (sometimes lifetime). The issue here is that CIG have sold all these ships for large amounts of money and now they are pressured to give value to these people, they are unwilling to go the eve online route where ships get lost for real and then it will be expensive or time consuming to get a new one.

Given the current no-refund policy and the lack of proper legal rights for backers i cannot recommend that you invest any more than the base 45$ and even that is questionable given all the bugs that have still not been fixed

Star citizen have had "free fly" events in the past allowing you to try the game for free, i recommend that you wait for that.


Elite dangerous
This is a competitor to star citizen and in some ways it's already way better. Elite dangerous allows you to expkore the entire milky way galazy instead of just a few planets. They are now working on a significant update that will improve the game and take away many of the advantages star-citizen had

TheChaosGrinder wrote:

Elite Dangerous is what SC spaceflight would like to be. Crisp, clean, full of variety, possibilities, it rewards good aim, throttle control, knowledge of your ship and of your enemies ship to an extend, the right setup of weaponry and utility and using said setup to the max. Sure, your Anaconda will dish out a lot more damage and take a lot more shooty before it folds than your poorly fitted eagle, but all the money in the bubble won't buy you the skill to beat a competent player. In Elite you can (If we exclude engineers) tweak your ship, change it up the way you like, progress to better modules and loadouts, but the quintessential deciding factor in any kind of engagement or activity, be that head to head combat, mining or racing, is your skill in the pilot seat. Money (in-game money that is) will make many things quicker and easier, enemies will die with less bullets because the bullets will go more boom, your ship will go faste cuz itz red an everyun knows red'z da fastest! or your cargohold will enable you to make much bigger deliveries, but the man or woman in the pilot seat is the deciding factor.



This is a really cool racing games where you need to pass through all checkpoints as fast as possible, order doesn't matter, feel free to take crazy shortcuts.

I had to set shader quality to low to reach 1440p165 with gtx 1060 3GB, i also had to make sure other processes didn't eat to much Vram.

Trackmania also include a level editor so you can make your own tracks or edit existing ones

Unfortunatily they have locked the advanced editor behind a paywall and thus a lot of people will be deprived of the opportunity of making great maps to play on, this includes people who actually paid for the subscription.