Gustavo Rol


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During his life, no scientific check has been carried out, for the opposition of Rol himself, who claimed that his "wonders" are not repeated or executable on command.

Since I live in he black city, I know of people who believe now that the cheap magic tricks used by Rol were the result of his occult powers.

There are people, some even with high level degrees, that think even Julius Evola (the guy your dear alt-right cels are worshipping) was in contact with the occult world. The only difference here is that Evola was a very gifted guy, and not a cheap magician.

Abute Rol: people tell he had a strange magnetic aura. What’s interesting abute him is that he used entry level tricks and his believers are still worshipping him now even if he is dead.

I think that Vintologi should consider the option of creating a spectacular scientific show, because that is what catch people’s attention.

The doctrines of such gurus are usually irrelevant TL;DRs. No one read the shit books produced by cult leaders. But if you are a good showman you must act upon the crowd with rapid suggestions. Then, contagion will do the trick, the crowd will believe in you.

Every cult leader exert his power with the help of a crowd, no truth is reached through dialogue. The cult leader is an authority and must never confront people using reason. That’s what cult leaders always did and still do today.

Here is a pic of the clownish gaze of Rol: