Haha, I Never Bothered Registering at IAMS 2.0

Male Sexualism was a dumb idea that I invented because I am a dumb, stupid, irresponsible person. My wife divorced me in February 2019 because of my internet trolls (e.g. pretending to be a Nazi on Renegade Tribune and accusing myself of being the worldwide leader of the "Pedophile Movement"), and I have not had sex since August 2018. I'm now a gymcel, can confirm that I'm getting buff. I may post pics to prove it, like that time I posted those dick pics that everyone loved so much.

In fact, the incel movement is itself Totally 'Tarded, and all of us incels and incels-in-denial probably deserve having blue balls, because let's face it, we are humanity's most worthless detritus. Just look at me; I identified as a "Nazi pedophile" to scare off Einat's (the ex-wife's) family, without being either of those things. See? I'm a dipshit, and everything I touch eventually, inevitably turns into s**t; it's like the opposite of Midas' Touch of Gold. The concept of "Incels and Male Sexualists" has always been fundamentally flawed; we don't need a forum, we need to get a grip and get a life.

I also think that Phil Collins is a talented musician.
Yes. Using his old pics doesn't help your claim at all.
It's not an old pic; I've taken it a few minutes ago. I'd post some more, but then I've just fapped (to this video, if you were wondering) so now I'd rather go to sleep.

P. S. I've always maintained that "incel forums" that are merely designed as a pressure-release valve to vent one's silly girl-related frustrations are pointless and idiotic, and now let me add that I hope the FBI and Antifa take down all the incel forums, so that incels will finally be forced to get a life outside the internet, or commit suicide.

Also P. S., I really need to hit the gym harder and more often, because I want to gain some dramatic gains and look way better than I looked in late 2018, which is when I posted the old pics. I do believe that my abs are now more defined, and if you look closely, you can see that my shoulders, biceps, and triceps have grown too (the rest of the body parts have also significantly improved, but you can't really see that in the pic I posted), but I want to look like Biff Bulkington... if you know what I mean.
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As I was saying, not TG.
I'm not letting you get away with it, bitch boy; when are you going to prove that you're the real Caamib? I posted a recent pic of myself and my burgeoning gym gains here; now it's your turn to validate your identity by posting your shirtless body.

I guess you're just butthurt that I'd rather spend my time on Vintologi than on your useless and defunct "incel forum."