"Hobbies are what you have when you don't have obsessions."


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Hobbies are what you try and accomplish. A hobby is manufactured just to have something to do. A hobby is a time-killer in between obsessions.
Yeah, I just realized, I don't really have any obsessions anymore. And hobbies bore me. I was gonna learn Latin or something but it would just be a hobby, not an obsession, because I don't really give all that much of a shit about it.

Some stuff is halfway between a hobby and an obsession, though. I guess being here is halfway between; like if I weren't here, I would have to find some other place to write about stuff, maybe.

Idk, I do a lot less writing these days because it's so hard to find suitable platforms anymore. I could go to the darkweb or something, but what's the point.
Nathan "Bald and Determined" Larson has a point, that you need hobbies if you don't have obsessions (I mean, that's presumably his point; I only glossed over his post), but better than hobbies are pastimes - for instance, watching soccer on television. I like the Spanish League that's going on, for instance. It's unfortunate that American sports is all "our niggers vs. their niggers," because ball games are pretty fine if you can identify with the players. I love Lionel Messi. I also watch MMA matches such as Bellator and UFC.