How much would it change society if 13-year-old girls were allowed to marry older men?


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I think that already was allowed till just recently. If an older guy could find some way to be alone with a 13-yo girl and impregnate her, then with the permission of her parents they could get married. A lot of those marriages didn't last, perhaps because the girl's parents weren't really vetting this guy before they had sex to find out whether he was really prepared for the responsibilities of marriage.

If the option were available for them to get married before having sex, I'm still not sure that the option would be widely used, given our culture, which says that teenage girls are supposed to be in school. Heck, it's already allowed for 18-yo girls to get married and become housewives, but people still send them to college. This is despite the fact that people know college girls are at elevated risk of getting raped compared to if they weren't in college. So that shows you the power of culture.

Nonetheless, there were a few cults, like the Mormons, that encouraged 18-year-old girls to get married. But even in their case, they were not totally against 18-yo girls', say, going to BYU. How degenerate is BYU, btw? I see some videos where they interview a bunch of people at BYU who are saying stuff like "Modest is hottest" with regard to girls' outfits, but I don't know that this translates into these girls' not being thots when they're away from parents.

What about the Mormon girls who become missionaries; do they remain chaste virgins, or do they sneak away sometimes to get banged by exotic guys where they're traveling?
It wouldn't make much of a difference, few parents would allow their 13 year old daughter to get married.

It would be useful if you had a cult mostly.