I am probably the only xboxcel out there


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I think the incel/fakecel community has always had a bias against xbox and tends to support Nintendo/Sony and especially PC. Probably due to femininity/nerdiness/autism. As those groups unfairly believe xbox is for masculine "Chads" who only play sports and COD, and don't realize the diversity of game offerings on xbox. And the large amount of ethnics on incel forums as ethnics generally are third worlders who can't afford consoles and cope with PCs, or they like Sony, don't know why ethnics like Sony so much more than xbox but they do, I watch some xbox youtubers do takedowns of the most pathetic Sony fanboys, and they're almost all nigger or spic Sony pony fanboys.


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And OFC, the Asian fakecel ricelcels have always preffered the Japanese consoles like nintendo and sony over xbox for racist/anti-western reasons.


What does xbox offer that PC doesn't offer?

The only significant reason i can see is that xbox series X is currently cheaper than an equivalent PC in terms of GPU/CPU but you end up with a very restrictive operating system and the hardware is still very much inferior to high end PC.
I find both Xbox and Playstation to generally be pretty similar. Much of the people in the incel forum would probably be better served by quitting gaming than to engage in it to. Overall, it's possible to own multiple consoles, so division around it is kind of silly, they are all problematic because they are very restricted platforms.