I asked the travel course guide about escorts and some foid butted in the convo


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Hey, I was reading this discussion because I'm actually interested in what to do if I got my money and documents stolen. But beside that I read your last answer and I found it highly inappropriate. First of all it seems like you didn't get the point of the whole class, is a generic class for backpackers around the world, despite the destination so all the questions about Greece are a bit off the path. Second, from a woman stand point I think that go in a place with the thought of getting escorts there (because what?are they cheaper there?) Is a very slimy thing to do. Is not my place to judge and I don't want to but I read that and I just couldn't stay silent.

I'm sure that you'll find so many other reasons of going to Greece beside escorts. I also hope, but not too sure about it, that you'll learn how to respect a woman in any country and situation you're in. Sex tourism is shit.
it's my money bitch, now if I do go Ill ask the rentahole to cry during and put on twintails