I used to think that having a party of two white mages and two black mages in Final Fantasy would suck


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After all, it means you have basically no physical attack power, right?

Wrong; actually, the white mage is pretty good at physical attacks early in the game. His hammer can lay waste to those imps.

I also found, even against tougher foes, what's good about the white mage is that he can just use ruse and dodge everything, so then you just prolong the battle as long as needed, till you hit the enemy with that hammer enough to bludgeon him to death.

Also, you get to wear this cool Klan outfit. https://francels.com/w/images/f/f8/Whitemage.PNG

Not only that, the party of two white mages and two black mages is nicely balanced. I had a party last game of two black belts and two thieves, and sometimes it just didn't feel balanced because you have two guys nuking everyone and two guys using physical attacks. With four wizards, if you encounter the undead, all of your guys are going to be using attack spells, probably, such as HARM or whatever.

I realized, it's kinda like celibacy (and not just because of the "wizard" aspect). Celibacy seems like it sucks, but once you get into it, it's not that bad. Right now I'm growing a "fuck you" beard because I just don't care that much anymore. I might even wear that to court, idk. Probably not, I guess. I'll probably shave it off and get a haircut before I go. But then after that I'll probably just grow it out for a year or something, because why not? I have nowhere to go; no social events to attend or anything like that.

I think Roosh got to be the same way. After he went blackpill, he just let that shit grow out, and even did YouTube vids like that. http://www.wehuntedthemammoth.com/2...atriarchy-and-ban-talking-to-women-in-public/


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I plan on getting mk11 dlc pack
Cassie cage is the hottest 3d hole out there
I might even study 3d animation for her.


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It's time to head down to the Sea Shrine now.

I just wanna send a message out to the GrSharks and and NAGAs and whatnot, I'm not here to kill KRAKEN; I'm just here for the SLAB. I don't want any trouble, but if there's gonna be trouble, I'm ready for it, so be warned. That goes for you too, GHOSTs. I got some HRM3 spells and pretty soon I'll have a Mage Staff and some Light Axes, so don't fuck with me.